Zombie Shape Shifter SCP-069 Second Chance (SCP Animation)

Apr 1, 2021
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Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Safe Class object, SCP-069 Second Chance Animation.
SCP-069 is a presumed humanoid entity of variable appearance and gender. Through an unknown ability, whenever SCP 069 is left alone with a recently deceased human body, the body will disappear and SCP069 will take on the appearance, mannerisms, and knowledge of the recently dead individual.
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This video, being derived from scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-069 written by Aelanna, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0. creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson
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  • 69?NICE

    Pump And skidPump And skid22 minutes ago
  • Nice

    M2C2M2C2Hour ago
  • Do I count as an scp ._.

    Tricky fnfTricky fnf4 hours ago
  • This scp does not seem to be very bad

  • Nice

    Joshua PateJoshua Pate7 hours ago
  • SCP-069? nice

    burntChannelburntChannel9 hours ago
  • My question is how do they all know all of this secret information if it's classified this literally doesn't make sense so this has to be fake

    Just_a_ fan_0_oJust_a_ fan_0_o9 hours ago
    • 🤔

      burntChannelburntChannel9 hours ago
  • Safe hmm... Idk it's scary

    Haven AlitoHaven Alito10 hours ago
    • ''Safe'' doesn't mean it isn't scary, it means that the foundation understands it. :)

      drai vardrai var10 hours ago
  • I like how mad this guy looks when it fails xD 8:02

    Marlon MooreMarlon Moore12 hours ago
  • Tried to save a girl. Died as a hero. Witnessed a girl dying. Thats a true hero.

    Marlon MooreMarlon Moore12 hours ago
  • A good SCP? Haven't heard of one since the tickle monster and the water nymph

    Faine BenderFaine Bender13 hours ago
  • 12:03 "Call Dr. Mom" Hold up.

    Beluffi MaxnBeluffi Maxn13 hours ago
    • Lol

      burntChannelburntChannel9 hours ago
  • nice

    ʇǝǝɟ sᴉɥ ɯoɹɟ ƃuᴉƃuɐɥ ʎnƃ ǝɯosʇǝǝɟ sᴉɥ ɯoɹɟ ƃuᴉƃuɐɥ ʎnƃ ǝɯos14 hours ago
  • 7:50 B O N K

    Glenn ariesko f.KGlenn ariesko f.K16 hours ago
  • Nice

    i_wanna_diei_wanna_die17 hours ago
  • Need to get my life in order

    fulcrum 29fulcrum 2917 hours ago
  • Gyguuguyg

    Sorcha MackaySorcha Mackay18 hours ago
  • 069 is not a sexual thing ? disappointment.........holding scp-420-j

    Alice YagamiAlice Yagami20 hours ago
  • funi numero

    LunarPxylsLunarPxyls21 hour ago

    Togos BTogos BDay ago
    • Among us edition

      Togos BTogos BDay ago
  • So an SCP that helps with your last moments and past regrets before it dies itself? That's a wonderful SCP. Let it out!

    Katsuki BakugouKatsuki BakugouDay ago
  • Nice Dr. Bob!

    KnightwormKnightwormDay ago
  • I wonder if this SCP can jump to other SCP's or animals.

    Jane GenieJane GenieDay ago
  • 5:33 Wait what,why that man has my country's flag(indonesia)? Is he from indonesia??? I mean theres a lot black people here-

    CallMeRedCallMeRedDay ago
  • Does what makes us "us" our bodies and brains or something else?

    Dolfan 2Dolfan 2Day ago
  • Scp-096 is the shy guy a different SCP

    Andrew NorrisAndrew NorrisDay ago
  • (Heavy breathing)... (Deep inhale)... N I C E

    Nample DampNample DampDay ago
  • Hey dude your family thinks your dead we assume you won't go insane

    Joseph HolmesJoseph HolmesDay ago
  • 69 Nice 96 oh NO

    Michael TorresMichael TorresDay ago
  • I just came across this channel can someone give me a brief explanation on the numbers and what's pcs? I love the channel tho

    5purplecups Hood5purplecups HoodDay ago
  • haha funny number

    connie.connie.Day ago
  • 69

    Sand StormSand StormDay ago
  • I read the tittle and said out loud “nice”

    Du other 1Du other 1Day ago
  • BOI IS DR.BOB THIS SCP?! i know he is not but i thought that would be funny

    gacha_flamegacha_flameDay ago
  • 69 nice

    Boss_ PlayBrBoss_ PlayBrDay ago
  • I still dont understand why they contained this one, it does not cause any harm in fact, it give a second chance to a deceased person.

    Blue DaylightBlue DaylightDay ago
  • Oh just another safe class anomaly being imprisoned

    Vin CorVin CorDay ago
  • Nice

    Vin CorVin CorDay ago
  • 🙀😱

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    Louis SwitzerLouis Switzer2 days ago
  • nice

    tweezerzstweezerzs2 days ago
  • Nice

    Jaxon campbellJaxon campbell2 days ago
  • Okay that one scp that Deserves not to be in contained if doing thing like say it could be very helpful to people who need to finish the life goal

    Pat ByjoePat Byjoe2 days ago
  • heh SCP-069, nice

    Justagamer1018Justagamer10182 days ago
  • nice

    Daan LeggeDaan Legge2 days ago
  • I have a question, though. So let’s say I was SCP-069 and I’m chillin with a “real” friend of mine and both of us die almost at the same, let’s say we get shanked but the real person dies first. I, the SCP, would have to re-emerge as my deceased friend, but would I have any knowledge of what killed me since I technically witnessed not only my friends death but my own? 🤔 On a sad note, imagine being in that scenario. You practically reincarnated as your recently deceased friend not realizing the pile of ashes was your friend, but is now...you. You’d have to wonder whatever happened to them, they just disappeared after witnessing your own murder.

    so fartfetchedso fartfetched2 days ago
  • Why even contain it, it litterally puts Thier life together when they die, I would like this scp to become me when I die, having someone to put more comfort in my friends or family when I die would be great.

    mr gamer cool dudemr gamer cool dude2 days ago
  • nice

    tristan newmantristan newman2 days ago
  • Second chance to life? Can I be his friend so he can revive me

    That PomeranianThat Pomeranian2 days ago
  • Nice

    WOT NateWOT Nate2 days ago
  • Imagine if they manage to kill 682 and 069 turns into the big lizard, and then a few weeks later, he starts to ignore humans and gets his life in order

    MoonMoon2 days ago
  • hehe funny number

    tom de regttom de regt2 days ago
  • Ok, first, nice. Second, lol what if I wanted to pretend to be 069 to like, I dunno... get contained? And third, April first. Nice.

    The Cheese ManThe Cheese Man2 days ago
  • Haha 69

    Classic SonicPlaysClassic SonicPlays2 days ago
  • Scp 069 is basicly AMOGUS

    accountalwayscantlogaccountalwayscantlog2 days ago
  • Can some one help me pay off my debts

    Ryan WhiteRyan White2 days ago
  • 11:20 looks a bit lethal.

    Sketch With AaronSketch With Aaron2 days ago
  • 6:23 this room seems familiar with rick and morty

    FreezearlFreezearl2 days ago
  • Huh i thingk dist scp is good

  • Immortality or Death choose...

    Katherine LamKatherine Lam2 days ago
  • Can I tell u about A Unknown SCP?

    MatiasGriefMatiasGrief2 days ago
  • 69, nice

    Shiroi KuShiroi Ku2 days ago
  • 069 XD

    Fatima jitrudeeFatima jitrudee2 days ago
  • 😱 scp 096

    Carrie OrtegaCarrie Ortega2 days ago
  • 69...nice

    PuroPuro3 days ago
  • 5:33 that’s a bit sus there

    chen alexchen alex3 days ago
  • nice

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  • Make more scps!!!! Plzzzz I wanna see what Is next!! :D

    shaun yongshaun yong3 days ago
  • 69

    Taylor RedboyTaylor Redboy3 days ago
  • FBI?!?!

    Zyon CoxZyon Cox3 days ago
  • Is this real I want to know

    Dark VoidDark Void3 days ago
  • 69696969696969

    Grumpy _Grumpy _3 days ago
  • Idk why but I feel bad for the teddy bear that fell in the fire

    Emmanuel WinstonEmmanuel Winston3 days ago
  • why are you smiling?

    LittenLitten3 days ago
  • Hi I’m doctor Bob

    Henry MohanHenry Mohan3 days ago
  • Scp-069 seems like infinite lives actually and for gamers it's spawn killing

    Victorino BravoVictorino Bravo3 days ago
  • Nice

    ShookwaveShookwave3 days ago
  • **zombie shape shifter bites someone** **new zombie shape shifter appears with no brain** **the new one recreates it’s known information and brain, while instantly becomes human again**

    Avery ZielnickiAvery Zielnicki3 days ago
  • I confused SCP-069 with SCP-096

    AT6 WolverineAT6 Wolverine3 days ago
  • 1st april... -069? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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  • Nice number

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  • N I C E

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  • 69 what a nice number 😏

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  • Ditto used transform!

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  • His not in law

    M. Haidar AqshoM. Haidar Aqsho3 days ago
  • Scp-069 "Better than the original"

    yiddersshinderbinsyiddersshinderbins3 days ago
  • The Calculator has 69 on it

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  • 069!!! YEAH BOI

    Fishboy664 GamingFishboy664 Gaming3 days ago
  • I was just watching this and my sister ran into my room and threw a waffle at me lol😂

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  • 69...

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  • Funny number

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  • I searched for this cause *funny* *number*

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  • 069? MORE LIKE 69 SE#

    TristancarlgamingTristancarlgaming3 days ago
  • Scp 069 nice

    kerainiru iserukerainiru iseru3 days ago
  • a SCP that only mission is too fix everything the original failed too do with his life

    Robert ChanRobert Chan3 days ago
  • so basically,a useful scp to get your shit together if you kick the bucket too soon

    Serpentar9000Serpentar90003 days ago
  • What happened when dr. Bright die near scp 069

    Elijuha KellyElijuha Kelly4 days ago
  • 5:56 indonesia??

  • 69

    Ismael EsperonIsmael Esperon4 days ago