Zola | Official Trailer HD | A24

Mar 31, 2021
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From writer/director Janicza Bravo and based on #TheStory by A’Ziah “Zola” King. Starring Taylour Paige, Riley Keough, Nicholas Braun, and Colman Domingo. ZOLA - In Theaters This Summer. #Zola

RELEASE DATE: In Theaters This Summer
DIRECTED BY: Janicza Bravo
WRITTEN BY: Janicza Bravo and Jeremy O. Harris
CAST: Taylour Paige, Riley Keough, Nicholas Braun, and Colman Domingo

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Coming Soon: The Green Knight

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  • Anyone else see this trailer without ever hearing of the twitter thread, have to go find the original thread and read it, and then came back to watch the trailer again?

    Andrea S.Andrea S.6 hours ago
  • Ok can somebody tell me what was the Twitter thread ?

    Keshav BhanuKeshav Bhanu21 hour ago
  • TS MADISON! I'm in.

    Amanda RiveraAmanda RiveraDay ago
  • song title?

    Barnabas KathindiBarnabas Kathindi2 days ago
    • my nene - mykki blanco

      J GJ GDay ago
  • I cannnnnot wait 😭!!!

    julissa villegasjulissa villegas2 days ago
  • Wonderful

    Wow movies2Wow movies22 days ago
  • Elvis grand daughter

    leon wallaceleon wallace2 days ago
  • I can already tell this movie is going to have a very decent soundtrack.

    Sarah ASarah A2 days ago
  • i cant wait for marvels arnim zola

    DoragonhīrōドラゴンヒーローDoragonhīrōドラゴンヒーロー3 days ago
  • “I ain’t do nothing rwoung.” ICONIC

    kidneythief91kidneythief913 days ago
  • A24 is like a sewer.

    Sammy SxkSammy Sxk3 days ago
  • I lived in the keys, and all of this is true

    Amethi AlexandriteAmethi Alexandrite3 days ago

    Rayna JohnsonRayna Johnson3 days ago
  • does anybody know the song's title that starts at 0:30?

    neptunian chameleonneptunian chameleon3 days ago
    • Thank you so much!

      neptunian chameleonneptunian chameleonDay ago
    • mykki blanco - my nene

      J GJ GDay ago
  • 😱 OMG I remember reading this on Twitter and saying “damn this need to be a movie” 😂😂 im so ready 😭

    Tori FromFloridaTori FromFlorida3 days ago
  • Hi

    amu yayamu yay3 days ago
  • 1:52 oh jesus that's the fiance

    ThisIsAChannelThisIsAChannel4 days ago
  • A24 is getting worse

    tiredoftomorrow 01tiredoftomorrow 014 days ago
    • To you ...

      ZymirZymirDay ago
  • what are the songs from this trailer?

    Amrita VenkatramanAmrita Venkatraman4 days ago
  • Don’t want to see anything with Madison TS sorry

    Black CarbonBlack Carbon4 days ago
  • Am I the only one that thought this was a Sean Baker film😂

    Alex PantojaAlex Pantoja5 days ago
  • I’m Geeeeked I Alwys Said Ts Needed To Be A Movie. & I Can Tell By The Trailer It’s How I Imagined It, Good Job Already 👏🏽

    Vibez In Lala LandVibez In Lala Land5 days ago
  • The second song?

    AngieBAngieB5 days ago

    Asya NicoleAsya Nicole5 days ago
  • A24 on it again!

    Dan DraperDan Draper6 days ago
  • so is the movie called "Zola" or "@Zola"?

    OrangeflavaOrangeflava6 days ago
  • OMG I remember reading this on Twitter wishing it was a movie YAAAAAASSSSSSS finally lol 🤣

    Licie StrongLicie Strong6 days ago
  • When people make films like this it really helps that they understand how our generation communicates

    bocoy noiubocoy noiu6 days ago
  • Why do you continue to work with Scott Rudin even after the all publicized stories of his abusive behavior? Be brave, take a stand

    johnofsocaljohnofsocal6 days ago
  • Looks trashy. I'm in.

    Sewer TapesSewer Tapes6 days ago
  • I still haven't read the twitter thread man

    • thread that’s now getting the film adaption treatment. I hope they’re doing well.

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu6 days ago
  • Looks awesome

    Logan ReviewsLogan Reviews7 days ago
  • Shut the front door no way

    Oscar HernandezOscar Hernandez7 days ago
  • Man this looks WILD af

    Saif Mahmud Ishtiak ShushaanSaif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan7 days ago
  • What is that song

    thecatspajamasxthecatspajamasx7 days ago
    • My nene by mykki

      ZymirZymir6 days ago
  • Hold up, hold up, hold up... this ain't Hazbin Hotel.

    PurpleShirt910PurpleShirt9107 days ago
  • Thats the american honey ❤️

    StyleFactoryStyleFactory7 days ago
  • This literally shows A24 can make anything great 😎

  • 6 years later and I literally have a daughter named zola... I remember reading and RT’ing the story thread on twitter lol also this main actress I loved her in hit the floor. can’t wait to see this I hope I’m not disappointed!

    maya w.maya w.7 days ago
  • All this and Zola herself is the executive producer 😍

    JamJamJamJam7 days ago
  • YAS sis 😚

    Mariol MMariol M7 days ago
  • I can't believe thats Elvis Presley's granddaughter....

    Mellow YellowMellow Yellow8 days ago
    • why lol? she’s a great actress

      S RS RDay ago

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon8 days ago
  • omg nicholas braun hahahaha perfect

    AlAl8 days ago
  • AUDIENCE: porn just win oscar

    Anonno RuddhoAnonno Ruddho8 days ago
  • ‘Why you want my Facebook, why you want my Twitter, why you want my tumblr?!’ IM LAUGHING😂 THEY REALLY SAID THAT. oh my gosh i really love how this trailer nails the insanity of the original Twitter thread. That was how long ago? On Halloween too I think? Yeah it’s been a while and honestly I’m so happy for the person who made the original thread that’s now getting the film adaption treatment. I hope they’re doing well.

    Shallow HoundShallow Hound8 days ago
    • Why Tf did they drive past my old house in this video

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnon8 days ago
  • Wow Christine Reade really should've gotten her law degree to fall back... 😂

    Jeehan AbdullahJeehan Abdullah8 days ago
  • song ID?

    Oded MichaeliOded Michaeli9 days ago
  • Sis, sis, sis. SIS

    João VictorJoão Victor9 days ago
  • The manga was better

    jaakoppijaakoppi9 days ago
  • I read the original Twitter thread years ago and never thought _A24 arthaus film._

    Mild MisanthropeMild Misanthrope9 days ago
  • A24 should release an animated film

    Arthur's Unfortunate TuberculosisArthur's Unfortunate Tuberculosis9 days ago
  • Victor from fear the walking dead as the pimp did not see that coming lol

    Miles FrazierMiles Frazier10 days ago
  • I'm so excited!!

    Camila BelénCamila Belén10 days ago
  • Florida is a weird place

    Duno ADuno A10 days ago
  • 1:23 SUS!!!

    Grabriel LisaGrabriel Lisa10 days ago
  • 1:26-1:31 can someone make this into a gif please

  • I can’t wait! This looks like a well done wild ride. ⏰

    Thomas GladdersThomas Gladders10 days ago
  • I love that 6,694,059 ppl have read the book. 10 more ppl to make it perfection

    benben10 days ago
  • Oh wow, finally

    Anthony Donnell BlairAnthony Donnell Blair10 days ago
  • Why Tf did they drive past my old house in this video

    werecoolkids100werecoolkids10010 days ago
    • Lol where ?

      CamilleCamille10 days ago
  • Cousin Greg you're doing amazing sweetie

    Eliza BayroffEliza Bayroff10 days ago
  • lmao i still remember the twitter thread that inspired this. looks fabulous

    J GJ G10 days ago
  • Blonde girl giving off Harley Quinn vibes

    Grant WoodinGrant Woodin10 days ago
  • Greg the Egg

    RandomU5erNameRandomU5erName10 days ago
  • Omg!! I been waiting for this!!!!!

    Vee VeeVee Vee10 days ago
  • I’m that bitch thats all hyped over this movie around my friends cause I’m the only 1 that read the original story lmao 😂.... oh 💩 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    Kemiesha RosadoKemiesha Rosado11 days ago
  • It's The Hangover, but with strippers. LOL XD

    lonelysith66lonelysith6611 days ago
  • What a garbage concept for a movie! Depravity on full display!

    M DM D11 days ago
  • yeah this is gonna be sick. a24 don’t miss.

    JupiterDropsJupiterDrops11 days ago
  • I remember this shit! 😂😂😂😂

    keith Jacksonkeith Jackson11 days ago
  • What’s the song in the trailer, any leads?

    Udbhav AgarwalUdbhav Agarwal11 days ago
    • my nene - mykki blanko

      isis11 days ago
  • Taylor's face 😭😭😭😭

    Mo nMo n11 days ago
  • The book is better 😒🤚🏼

    ItsmejrItsmejr11 days ago
  • Riley Keough(Not the character-her performance) looks so annoying and that voice seems super exaggerated.

    MrGMovieReviewsMrGMovieReviews11 days ago
  • who is the real z i’m so curious !!

    BB11 days ago
  • shit this looks like another level somethin special shit

    Sundae GookbapSundae Gookbap11 days ago
  • riley keough really channeled bhad bhabie here

    matsumatsu11 days ago
  • Can’t believe it finally happened 🙃

    12345 5432112345 5432111 days ago
  • Where is the green night?

    citizentuckcitizentuck11 days ago
  • Y'all they made a twitter thread into a movie top 5 historical moments for sure

    Azza SiddiquiAzza Siddiqui11 days ago
  • *Hey, to you reading* .... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    AaronAaron11 days ago
  • This better be the best movie based on a Twitter thread I've ever seen.🤞

    Breanna PerkinsBreanna Perkins11 days ago
  • FOr the record, I would still date Nicholas Braun

    LindsayIsNotOfThisEarthLindsayIsNotOfThisEarth11 days ago
  • the story that started twitter threads. iconic. I hope you're paying the real Zola well

    Queen ZeyQueen Zey11 days ago
  • TS Madison!!!! I'm watching!

    Sebastian RomeroSebastian Romero12 days ago
  • Cousin Greg after stroll with Kendall

    Francisco NogueiraFrancisco Nogueira12 days ago
  • sis?.....Siis?....SiS?....YEAH SIS!?😅

    Jay YanJay Yan12 days ago
  • I was living under a rock. What is the story behind this movie?

    José Ribamar JrJosé Ribamar Jr12 days ago
  • Omg yessss, can't wait

    Amal AliAmal Ali12 days ago
  • This looks really bad

    Sommer HSommer H12 days ago
  • A24??? they fell off. A movie glorifying sex work and exploiting black women, appropriation by some skinny wht grl.... Im shocked this is A24. Just....gross....

    Jenny LeeJenny Lee12 days ago
    • then don't watch it why even bother

      Sundae GookbapSundae Gookbap11 days ago
    • @Jesus E. I know....doesnt mean it should be a movie. Is this where cinema is headed? Fcking twitter threads about tweakers and sex workers are movie worthy?

      Jenny LeeJenny Lee12 days ago
    • It’s adapted from a wind Twitter thread years ago and all these people are real and this actually happened.

      Jesus E.Jesus E.12 days ago
  • FINALLY, so excited to see this.

    Norine BuenoNorine Bueno12 days ago
  • Black Twitter really made it to a film adaptation

    PizzaHutDemoPizzaHutDemo12 days ago
  • Riley Keough is talented

    22zooley22zooley12 days ago
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    T-Virus TerranceT-Virus Terrance12 days ago
  • I read the book first. Ima be in them theaters this summer! Can’t wait!!!

    Amber MatthewsAmber Matthews12 days ago
  • I don't know what this is about but *DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMN!*

    wiinterflowerswiinterflowers12 days ago
  • A24 is going to fucking save us from all of those terrible reboots and remakes that the other evil movie studios gave us!

    Abe HoffmanAbe Hoffman12 days ago
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    • @Eric Schwartz You’re welcome brother keep pushing

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    • Thank you for the kind words. I was not expecting to find this under a trailer but I will take this as a sign to continue worshiping Jesus my lord and savior

      Eric SchwartzEric Schwartz11 days ago
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