Yung Gravy - oops! (Official Video)

Feb 11, 2021
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Video Credits:
Tracy: Ariana Madix
Bird: DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip
Directed & Shot by: Adriaan Kirchner
Produced by: Sean Lyness
Editor: Jesse Ray Diamond
Colorist: Kinan Chabani
Steadicam op: Quaid Cde Baca
Art Direction: Cory Bailey
Stylist: JOurdan Kadow
Make up: Mary Kendall
Camera Assistant: Alex Fauver
Gaffer: Shawn Anderson
Key Grip: Chris Hartsell
Best boy: Glenn McDonald
Best boy: Jaan Kristjan Utno
Covid Officer: Noah Spindle
Ayy, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Supercalifragilis- MY EX BE ON SOME HOE SHIT
Superman, I get them bands but ain't gon buy you roses
Super-duper, get them cougars, took my wrist and froze it
Super-duper hoes
Y'all got Oompa Loompa hoes
I ain't never knew ya hoes
Prolly still ran through em though
Oh, wait wait wait, I, I do know your hoe?
You talkin' bout, you talkin' bout Tracy?
Nah nah nah nah nah,
You mean, like, like, Tracy with the ass?
Tracy with the, with the Honda?
Shit... WELL
Oops! baby
Fuck up on your bitch, like oopsie daisy
Never knew that was your boo, baby
Hit it five times in the coupe Mercedes, whoopsie daisy, yeah
Oops! baby
“Gravy hit my bitch”
Yeah, whoopsie daisy
I just had to hit, it's my duty, baby
Sippin' on the goose like Boosie baby
Yeah, I said oops! baby
Fuck up on your bitch, like oopsy daisy
Never knew that was your boo, baby
Hit it five times in the coupe Mercedes, whoopsie daisy, yeah
Oops! baby
“Gravy hit my bitch”
Yeah, whoopsie daisy
I just had to hit, it's my duty, baby
Sippin' on the goose like Boosie baby
Lil bitch, I'm happy and I know it so I clap them fuckin' cheeks, yeah
I'm happy and I show it to your mama in the sheets
And I'm happy she's a freak hoe,
Happy so my teeth glow
Yeah, my bitch elite, I be clapping every week
My neck, my back, got your mama on my sack
My checks, my racks, it's the return of the motherfuckin' mack
And I stay with the pack, though
Clap, clap, then I'm out the backdoor
Lil' Pillsbury, I stack dough
Walkin' with a limp like a crack hoe
Oops! baby
Fuck up on your bitch, like oopsie daisy
Never knew that was your boo, baby
Hit it five times in the coupe Mercedes, whoopsie daisy, yeah
Oops! baby
“Gravy hit my bitch”
Yeah, whoopsie daisy
I just had to hit, it's my duty, baby
Sippin' on the goose like Boosie baby
Yeah, I said oops! baby
Fuck up on your bitch, like oopsy daisy
Never knew that was your boo, baby
Hit it five times in the coupe Mercedes, whoopsie daisy, yeah
Oops! baby
“Gravy hit my bitch”
Yeah, whoopsie daisy
I just had to hit, it's my duty, baby
Sippin' on the goose like Boosie baby
#YungGravy #Oops #GASANOVA

  • Yung Gravy ans Bbno$ are unmatched

    lujayn migdadilujayn migdadi11 minutes ago
  • its so damn catchy earworm for sure!!!!

    Alysia's AtticAlysia's Attic24 minutes ago
  • Yung Gravy ft. Mashed potatoes

    # 9# 931 minute ago
  • Love this friggin song... beat is the same as Peaches, Fuck the Pain Away, another great song

    Tina ByrneTina ByrneHour ago
  • Sm leo vibes

    Sarah RachelSarah RachelHour ago
  • we talking tracy this tracy mom that dude is taller than a person in one of those massive headed mascot costumes and i still can’t get over mr 6’6

    A Basil PlantA Basil Plant2 hours ago
  • My jaw just kept dropping 🤣🤣🤣 I was not expecting this❣❣❣

    Banana Hana PieBanana Hana Pie4 hours ago
  • So no one is talking how this is the beat from "fuck the pain away" don't believe me look it up

    Steven HoehlerSteven Hoehler4 hours ago
    • Thisssssssssss

      Tina ByrneTina ByrneHour ago
  • I can't stop watching this🙂

    Aditi GuptaAditi Gupta4 hours ago
  • you want to be the new 69 boyz? this song is my pet peeve

    AirheadMachineAirheadMachine4 hours ago
  • This the beat from F The Pain Away by Peaches?

    EcstractEcstract5 hours ago
  • Is that a wig?

    fiftyfivefiftyfive6 hours ago
  • All this to the tune of fuck the pain away. Glorious.

    SareGateSareGate6 hours ago
  • Is this real?

    John LombardoJohn Lombardo6 hours ago
  • That “Fuck the Pain Away” sample is genius

    ScrumptiousgamesScrumptiousgames7 hours ago
  • This guy gives me that 70’s show vibes 🤣🤣

    dixiegracebrownrhec4Life 01dixiegracebrownrhec4Life 017 hours ago
  • Oops baby 🔥

    nguyen Duongnguyen Duong7 hours ago
  • he cute

    Davids GuarcasDavids Guarcas8 hours ago
  • Saw this was playin at the gym i work at nd knew i found the right career path

    Marvelle SaulsberryMarvelle Saulsberry8 hours ago
  • This guy looks like exactly how he sounds

    BaslerBasler8 hours ago
  • Never forget on Twitter someone asked him how his hair looks so lush and this man said “Coochie juice and conditioner”

    Emily Lorraine JonesEmily Lorraine Jones10 hours ago
  • I listen to this song an uncomfortable amount of times. Like it’s way to good of a bop I swear

    Jenn BelairJenn Belair10 hours ago
  • Random reminder: God loves yall 🏋‍♀️🏋‍♀️🏋‍♀️🏋‍♀️

    naenaekillua Sisonnaenaekillua Sison10 hours ago
  • I thought I was having a fever dream when the fucking duck was chasing him

    FereNFereN11 hours ago
  • Am I the only one that sees this guy and get Austin powers feeling like if they was to remake it this guy would be alsome

    kayla baileykayla bailey11 hours ago
  • that's bad .. gosh

    Lucas Peixoto RodriguesLucas Peixoto Rodrigues11 hours ago
  • sounds like he sampled fuck the pain away by Peaches great song

    Mae’ree Mae’dynMae’ree Mae’dyn12 hours ago
  • Oops I love the song😆

    Mya BrownMya Brown14 hours ago
  • Peaches fuck the pain away

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  • Everytime i search yung you come up. I WANT YUNGBLUD

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  • Congrats on making it to the radio

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  • Well my name is Daisy :>>>>>>>>

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  • Huh Wow really

    Thomas PitcoxThomas Pitcox15 hours ago
  • 100 gecs could sing this better

    Zoen FunkZoen Funk15 hours ago
  • Why does this give me 2017 Logan Paul vibes

    Outflow Epic MusicOutflow Epic Music16 hours ago
  • Kidz bop been real quiet since this dropped

    KawalskiKawalski17 hours ago
  • Lil Wayne is about to obliterate this ‼️🔥

    TnizianTnizian18 hours ago
  • he finna do an oopsie daisy and be my dad

    saned anikasemsaned anikasem18 hours ago
  • Literally on repeeeeeat

    uhmanduh88uhmanduh8818 hours ago

    uhmanduh88uhmanduh8818 hours ago
  • yung gravy made the "i heart hot moms" shirt popular

    Shane MilesShane Miles19 hours ago
  • 1st listen - Gravy, bruh.. what you doing? 4th listen - Damn, Gravy!? What you doing!?

    Joe KinsellaJoe Kinsella19 hours ago
  • Is this what shaggy is doing nowadays????

    Xander FlynnXander Flynn20 hours ago
  • Too bad it’s stolen beats lol

    Donovan HolsingerDonovan Holsinger20 hours ago
    • He sampled it from Peaches. Sampling happens all the time. Now, if he pulled a JuiceWorld and did it without asking. That's another story.

      R LR L17 hours ago
  • this is literally me during the zombie apocalypse if i started looting rich ppls houses

    Weesp Shoop asmrWeesp Shoop asmr20 hours ago
  • gravy rapping over super bunny man music

    Gaming BRUHGaming BRUH20 hours ago
  • WTF lol this foo is 'OFF THE WALL"

    Christopher YardmanChristopher Yardman21 hour ago
  • MOM?!

  • This guy looks like what king Midas would look like if he was in 2021

    NorridonNorridon22 hours ago
  • He looks like he from the 80s and he using that wayy to well

    Wario JudahWario Judah23 hours ago
  • I fuck wit it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Brandon BeaulieuBrandon Beaulieu23 hours ago
  • You're probably only here for this.. 0:47

    a random persona random person23 hours ago
  • What else is in the teaches of peaches?

    DirtyOldSnakeDirtyOldSnake23 hours ago
  • yung gravy doesn't sound white

    xeefiixeefiiDay ago
  • I think this video is trying to tell us that gravy is a furry lmao

    Hyper MaxisHyper MaxisDay ago
  • This dude missed his calling by being in 90s rock bands. Kindo sounds like a bunch of those bands haha

    GiantGrowth420GiantGrowth420Day ago
  • when theyre dancing near the end of the video she lowkey looks like the freestyle dance instructor

    carrotcarrotDay ago
  • I was like "ok" and then the chorus came up and I was like "damn ok I love this"

    Finnian Tyler MoreyFinnian Tyler MoreyDay ago
  • bruh why i thought u shaggy xDD

    OctopusOctopusDay ago
  • Isn’t this the Peaches “Fuck the pain away” beat??!? I’m sure it is tho.

    Nathaniel BurnsNathaniel BurnsDay ago
    • Yea, he sampled it.

      R LR L17 hours ago
  • He's got the fucking Johnny Cage drip

    zach gomboskyzach gomboskyDay ago

  • id be so happy to see my mom in one of his videos on g

    DXRKI3DXRKI3Day ago
  • The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. (Psalms 34:18 [KJV]) When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17 [KJV]) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13 [KJV]) And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Heb 9:27 [KJV])

    John McDonaldJohn McDonaldDay ago
  • Fuck this has some GROOOVEEE

    Jeremy NovoaJeremy NovoaDay ago
  • acquired a new man to thirst over

    Delaney K.Delaney K.Day ago
  • yung gravy has the best grandma sunglasses collection

    John BJohn BDay ago
  • Por alguna razón este tipo de cámara frontal tiene mucho estilo

    Lelo aLelo aDay ago
  • I thought she was G Hannelius

    Gracie BargasGracie BargasDay ago
  • bye cause why does my dad have the same car

    min yoongi y e s.min yoongi y e s.Day ago
  • Why is this good? Lmao

    Sarah ShannonSarah ShannonDay ago
  • update: i am now collabing with someone in the diss track

    Mandom is Best standMandom is Best standDay ago
  • 507 507 507 507

    Dick RichardsDick RichardsDay ago
  • What a plot twist that Gravy was also the blue bird all along

    DanaDanaDay ago
  • 👎💩💩💩💩💩💩

    Yuma DrakeYuma DrakeDay ago
  • Is no one noticing that he stole the beat from peaches- fuck the pain away ?

    The Drunk MangaThe Drunk MangaDay ago
    • Stolen implies he didn't ask lol. Artist sample all the time. I mean unless he literally didn't bother to obtain permission.

      R LR L17 hours ago
  • Ed Sheeran be lookin different since the start of quarantine ,,,

    Mark Jay GamaloMark Jay GamaloDay ago
  • Is nobody gonna talk about that fire Versace(looks just like it) robe?

    Sid theSlothSid theSlothDay ago
  • Started with a garage 54 video. How did I get here...

    brendan berrybrendan berryDay ago
  • Just can’t miss

    Landon HairrLandon HairrDay ago
  • I can not believe that I forgot about this man I'm so ashamed

    FreckleFreckleDay ago
  • How tall is this guy

    Mojo MystiqueMojo MystiqueDay ago
  • Ariana from Vanderpump Rules!! 👏🏼👏🏼

    Danni DDanni DDay ago
  • Lowkey looks like Lucas Till merged with Ed Sheeran

    Lisa CarrLisa CarrDay ago
  • Logan Paul mixed this Austin power

    ilXliZero TwoilXliilXliZero TwoilXliDay ago
  • i respect women but yung gravy goes hard

    Division YoutubeDivision YoutubeDay ago
  • 0:21 you got games on yo phone?

    lil Glizzylil GlizzyDay ago
  • He said Tracy with the ass......looked like a flat tire

    Samantha Jean MooreSamantha Jean MooreDay ago
  • Wait....Hold up if he is the bird does that mean he slept with himself ????

    skelly laddskelly laddDay ago
  • (No Offense) you look oldddd

    Layla KayLayla KayDay ago
  • Last time something this hot dropped, it killed the dinosaurs

    Eli WatsonEli WatsonDay ago
  • hah! got the vanderpump rules chick in the vid! nice.

    mickjaggmickjaggDay ago
  • this man is so attractive idc

    Lindsey WLindsey WDay ago
  • Yung Gravy is one of the best rappers alive

    Scroll of Town PortalScroll of Town PortalDay ago
  • Who’s here because of TikTok

    Kai_On_YTKai_On_YTDay ago
  • Whose the chick in the video

    Michael UmphletteeMichael UmphletteeDay ago
  • this deserves more hype

    joy loljoy lolDay ago
  • was I the only one who came here to hear the whole song after it went on Snapchat- just me- ok.

    Lauren MacaroonLauren MacaroonDay ago
  • Nice of his mom to be in his video... somebody had to co-sign.

    Mr BroMr BroDay ago
  • Uh...Peaches?

    ralusekralusekDay ago