Young Buck On 50 Cent & G-Unit, Transgender Scandals, History With Cash Money & More | Big Facts

Apr 6, 2021
310 709 Views

#YoungBuck makes an appearance on #BIGFACTS with Drumma Boy to discuss his history with CASH MONEY RECORDS, karma, fatherhood, writing records for #50Cent, his new 'BOMBS 3' project & more.
Buck also addresses rumors surrounding his transgender scandal, as well as his ru- ins with Nashville rappers Cub and All Star.
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  • Ayo, this is my first time watching a interview on this channel but homie in the red?? 😂 He real af! Had me cracking up the whole interview. He ain't let my dawg Buck get away from shit! He made him stand on everything he was saying. Yall just picked up a new sub SOLEY based on Big Bank.

    Mr.1derful 305Mr.1derful 3054 days ago
    • @Star all of em!! He dropping jewels on all of them no 🧢

      Sprite TysonSprite TysonDay ago
    • @J No Cap Mac simp shit

      D JayD JayDay ago
    • Bank a real stand up dude

      North EuroNorth EuroDay ago
    • Been done watched this 3 times, once a day. Solid salute. Queensbridge NY 🗽 2 Sydney Aus@Big Facts/Young Buck & Drumma thunn!

      Ali Po 1984Ali Po 19842 days ago
    • He is the best interviewer I have ever seen. Not letting any bullshit pass. Salute

      Dean DavisDean Davis2 days ago
  • Bank a Big Gangsta

    sho shottsho shottHour ago
  • He ain’t lying about CMB back then

    CB 50cal GunnerCB 50cal GunnerHour ago
  • I realized buck still tryna prove himself to other people, and be accepted by other “street niggas”. He still is in a teenage mentality. Grow up buck we like your raps

    m geem geeHour ago
  • Someone is breathing like a mummy waking up from a 3000 year long sleep. hit the gym, homie!

    freshramsesfreshramses2 hours ago
  • Bank was all on Bucc top 😭😂 Bucc was goin out bad all interview long . He nervously laughing wit them & whole time they laughing at his goofy ass 🤣

  • Big Bank ah fool Bruh 😆 🤣 😂

    Anthony GIBBSAnthony GIBBS8 hours ago
  • Drumma boy a real one. I like how he kept his kool while the host were laughin at buck pain. Big salute

    twentyfourseven promotwentyfourseven promo8 hours ago
  • Why bank laughing so much.. Interview was wack.

    TwoSix 7odbodyTwoSix 7odbody12 hours ago
  • They playing with buck

    TwoSix 7odbodyTwoSix 7odbody12 hours ago
  • One thing is that Sha Money was president of G-Unit and knew about the checks from 07-15 Im sure and he chose sha side so duck it after that. 50 recording albums and doing shows as well on a higher level I’m sure he wasn’t on his accounting shit back then like how he handles business now.

    G LavG Lav16 hours ago
  • 50 aint respond yet..

    Augustus MooreAugustus Moore17 hours ago
  • I like big guy in the red (no homo) lol

    St1ccz DiamondeyezSt1ccz Diamondeyez18 hours ago
  • Hes letting homegirl lead his story smh...

    St1ccz DiamondeyezSt1ccz Diamondeyez18 hours ago
  • Yoooooooooo they clown buck the whole interview.

    Snypa VSnypa V18 hours ago
  • Fake smile stop it buck.

    Ramone YelderRamone Yelder19 hours ago
  • 😂😂😂😂 y’all must have had fun there. I still support Buck 💯

    Lionel ItuLionel Itu19 hours ago
  • Buck is the truth.

    Obi CharlesObi Charles20 hours ago
  • They make in him look like a real dum ass just look at him.

    Ramone YelderRamone Yelder21 hour ago
  • Is it me or does it seem like 50 text da questions to Blk to ask Bucc? Cuz He's Having a field day wit dis interview? 🤔😂😂😂

    WS FDHGCWS FDHGC21 hour ago
  • Drink champs , million dollars worth of game , flex and fat Joe could learn something from these guys , let the guest speak and stop interrupting them!

  • I wonder how his family son's and daughter's feel.he made his self look real bed just look at his face and as a black man he can't look his self in the merrier shit said.

    Ramone YelderRamone Yelder21 hour ago
  • That nigga Buck lying 🤣🤣🤣🤣... Its way more to that Lady Boy Story

    Ja DoeJa Doe22 hours ago
  • JADE BUILT LIKE AN SIBERIAN HUSKY and got the audacity to laugh in someone's face regardless of their issues.

    Tim StephensTim Stephens23 hours ago
  • The worst interview y’all did how y’all gone bring a guest on just to laugh at him shit garbage

    Coolshit VonCoolshit Von23 hours ago
  • Man Buck just made a video talking about he and 50 played the fans to the left and it was all a hoax.. But then he shows up on this show and 50 bash all over again.

    DjBlackCharm MusicDjBlackCharm Music23 hours ago
    • No one on the comments seem to catch that !

      Conrad MurrayConrad Murray14 hours ago
  • Black sound like he got both them shots💀

    Track Season EntertainmentTrack Season EntertainmentDay ago
  • Duct tape Dave off in the cut.....Buck didn’t stand a chance.

    Sexi BabySexi BabyDay ago
  • This was interview was a bad choice...... they laughed at him the whole time

    Raging Abe ProductionsRaging Abe ProductionsDay ago
  • So now all of a sudden, Buck don't fuck with D-Tay! Buck a whole phony.

    Brandon OatsBrandon OatsDay ago
  • Buck is a Real Dude.

    You KnowYou KnowDay ago
  • 2 things I peeped from this interview 1. You know you fat when you bounce when you laugh lol 2. A woman can make a situation worst or she can make a worst situation better .

    Al PiperAl PiperDay ago
  • 😂man shout out buck man 💯

    Jae FreemanJae FreemanDay ago
  • @ 2:00 after as many times Young Buck has said ( so he clams ) he’s done speaking on this shit.. but then continues annoyingly speaking about their look shit!!

    Amie MitchellAmie MitchellDay ago
  • 32:00 buck said he kicked the door in because he thought his girl had a dude in the house.. on another interview he said he kicked the door in because she had a bag of his money in the house & wouldn’t let him in.. that boy be lying too much 🤣🤣🤣

    Nellz ColeyNellz ColeyDay ago
    • Constantly lies

      Conrad MurrayConrad Murray14 hours ago
  • He hit 50 wit that Tape Conversation track. One of the Bess Diss tracks in my opinion 🎤

    pal2134pal2134Day ago
  • Yeap, Young Buck @ 34:17 - 34:36 that’s bout the only thing you’ve said was truthful, ( you went back to prison for the 3rd time and that’s when your mental changed ) You STOPPED liking women and experimented around with guys and liked it .

    Amie MitchellAmie MitchellDay ago
  • 50 took advantage of Buck loyalty and slowness

    King AceKing AceDay ago
  • I REALLY DON’T EVEN SEE HOW 50 CENTS, WAS EVER HANGING AROUND THIS NIGGA Young Buck, he’s like a real BIT(H , he can’t even sit up there with other flawed adults and have a truthful conversation. He’s even having a hard time articulating himself. Allowing everyone else to finish his sentences and then agreeing with whatever they put on the end of it. SAD!! Man YOUNG BUCK you just need to DROP ALL OF YOUR PRIDE AND BE TRUTHFUL WITH YOURSELF, THEN IT WOULDN’T BE SO HARD TO TELL YOUR LIFE EVENTS (w/o lying), and one’s listening wouldn’t try to help finish your sentences. MAN YOU LOOKING BAD UP THERE!!!

    Amie MitchellAmie MitchellDay ago
    • It’s obvious why 50 had him around, buck had enough talent to abuse and take advantage of, duh

      D JayD Jay12 hours ago
  • At the end of the day, Buck can spit!

    dinner_thiefdinner_thiefDay ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣Buck acting real bitter. 50 been said a few times he ain't wanna meet Meech so what was Buck tryna accomplish by saying it🤔

    D ManD ManDay ago
  • 45:14 Transgender part, your welcome

    Michael DixonMichael DixonDay ago
    • @m gee you're mother, lol

      Michael DixonMichael Dixon3 hours ago
    • You’re

      m geem gee3 hours ago
  • One thing I don’t like about interviewers they ask sneaky questions my playing the other side of the field clearly the guy with the red Hoodie Trying to play my man Young buck clearly he’s a 50 Cent Groupie

  • @46:42 the lie keep going

    Ole Fu Maaja!Ole Fu Maaja!Day ago
  • Buck never cleared up the ME AND 50 PLAYED A JOKE ON YALL...she asked..but he skipped over it, some type of way

    Ole Fu Maaja!Ole Fu Maaja!Day ago
  • Big Bank hell 😭😂😂😂

    Jae FreemanJae FreemanDay ago
  • “The shit funny, I laugh at the shit now. No bullshit” “that shit ain’t funny” 😂 😂 😂 “Nigga that what I’m trying to make u realize ain’t a got damn thing funny” 😂 😂 😂 These niggas funny as hell boi!! 😂 😆

    BlacJesuzBlacJesuzDay ago
  • Dave in the cut

    Jae FreemanJae FreemanDay ago
    • Dave who

      D JayD Jay12 hours ago
  • I wonder who took future verse off?

    Shaquile HShaquile HDay ago
  • This nigga Buck picked the wrong show for sympathy hahaha 🤣

    FearhumansFearhumansDay ago
  • Talking bout Transgender 45:34 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    JusJus FamJusJus FamDay ago
  • As a Nashvillian this nigga embarrasses our city man

    Kïng AmestrisKïng AmestrisDay ago
    • So he lied about all that "catfish" stuff?

      BrianBrianDay ago
  • This is thee longest interview that I had to start and stop to watch. Geeesshhh 🙄

    Seasoned SettlersSeasoned SettlersDay ago
  • Back on my buckshit 1 was so banging

    Slick LloydSlick LloydDay ago
  • Young Buck know damn Well he was Fucking with dat Boy...Till he tell the Truth can't respect you.

    kingguwopkingguwopDay ago
  • Buck needed to tell these niggaz to put some respect on his name & walk out like baby did! Period! 😎 yawl finished or ya done?

  • If a nigga sent a 100 shots at me we doing no song at all

    shaq 2realshaq 2realDay ago
  • Buck is definitely slow. No questions about it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Tiffany LeeTiffany LeeDay ago
  • its akward when every interview you do you have to answer questions about other niggas . when they won't even take questions about you.

    Hood HandymanHood HandymanDay ago
  • Buck still fear 50 a lil bit

    2A MANE2A MANEDay ago
  • Rip x

    CodedKingTvCodedKingTvDay ago
  • Life isn’t fair, it is what it is. No pity here

    Waves On SwimWaves On SwimDay ago
  • I hope this isn't 2hours of talking about 50 2 hours of dame dash talking about jayz 😆

    Sir WalSir WalDay ago
  • To be a street nigga young buck was looking hella green in this interview

    YNG TraumaYNG TraumaDay ago
    • He’s a fraud

      m geem gee3 hours ago
  • didnt understand half the stuff dude in red was saying, and it's his show>??? tf

  • Lol buck sounding like mike Epps and shit lying 😂

    Qua TruckingQua TruckingDay ago
  • 42:57 “that shit ant funny” 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 bruh BANK YOU A FOOOL ‼️ Lmao

    bigwilly955bigwilly955Day ago
  • Buck proves 50’s point and didn’t even know it. The example he gave about 50 telling him not to bring out Jeezy and T.I. when 50 brought out Lebron James just shows Buck doesn’t understand the science of business. T.I. and Jeezy were benefiting by being on that stage with G-Unit and with Lebron James G-Unit was benefiting.

    David GoldDavid GoldDay ago
  • Dat nixxa bank be breathing hard af😂

    Gino ValentinoGino ValentinoDay ago
    • Dead ass😂😂

      Willie WardlowWillie Wardlow17 hours ago
  • I love Bank and Jade’s relationship 💪🏾✊🏾. Both of them are game’d all the way up and that leads to big bags.

    David GoldDavid GoldDay ago
  • Why is USworlds sending me this bullshit🤦🏽‍♂️💯

    Chicken KingChicken King2 days ago
  • They disrespected Buck laughing at em the whole Interview Thought y'all was better than that smh

    Relly 567Relly 5672 days ago
  • *shit still don't add up...& I'm not listening 2 shit dude say*

    Gregory NewtonGregory Newton2 days ago
  • @20:40 When you go into the bedroom and you see a watch, thinkin it's a rolex, but it's a geneva 🤣 ... todays rappers are spoiled rotten. lol

    Levi DiazLevi Diaz2 days ago
  • And we're forgetting that Buck keeps saying that he was a teenager when he signed on with G Unit. Of course he doesn't have a business savvy mind at that age being a kid from the hood. They straight took advantage of him which the industry usually does take advantage of ignorant and the hungry

    shameka jacksonshameka jackson2 days ago
  • They stopped laughing when he brought up 50 having skeletons in his closet 😂😂 like we have not heard about 50

    shameka jacksonshameka jackson2 days ago
  • That shit ain’t funny 😂😂😂 -BANK

    jonte chaneyjonte chaney2 days ago
  • Y’all was on some weird shit in this interview

    Jordan TuckerJordan Tucker2 days ago
  • I commend Buck for laughing shit off and remaining calm or perhaps he didn't realize they were laughing at him not with him. He told too much just for them to keep laughing at him.

    shameka jacksonshameka jackson2 days ago
    • He better remained calm, this Atlanta. It’s not his home.

      Sexi BabySexi BabyDay ago
  • I feel like Buck's story is one big Chappelle skit and Buck is Charlie Murphy and 50 is Dave Chappelle

    DeQuentin YoungbloodDeQuentin Youngblood2 days ago
  • Big dog in red made the interview solid. Super hilarious. Buck got some lil nas x in him.

    DigiWaveStream ENTDigiWaveStream ENT2 days ago
  • Man Buck acting surprised at 50 actions and trying to seem like he the victim but when he chose his manager over 50 he chose his side. Ain’t no coming back. 50 got shot 9x he probably only want the most loyal ppl around him and I don’t blame him.

    Brandon WadeBrandon Wade2 days ago
  • Buck liked g..y male porn pictures on Twitter bruh. And deleted his likes after people found out

    Lil' DezzaLil' Dezza2 days ago
  • Dude in the red ruined this for me. This my first time here for an interview I thought would be interesting. But this guy is unprofessional and ruins the production value here. 1st and last time here ✌🏽

    Juan santosJuan santos2 days ago
  • Worst interviewers ever !!!!!

    Run ApparelRun Apparel2 days ago
  • I’m hollering!!!!! He said what y’all was talking bout Buck hahahahaha

    Chad RoB GAINZChad RoB GAINZ2 days ago
  • Damn 50 cut throat

    December VeryownDecember Veryown2 days ago
  • Nobody: Drumma Boy: Yeah they call me all the time....

    Alisha McCannAlisha McCann2 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Mel BrownMel Brown2 days ago
  • 50 paid for this. Disrespectful interview.

    Billionaire Brand UniversityBillionaire Brand University2 days ago
  • I like Buck, but 50 will have a nigga looking crazy 🤣🤣🤣🤣 50 a master mind

    tnbadboytnbadboy2 days ago
  • Karma poked you 😳 That Transformer poked you 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂5️⃣5️⃣♿

    Monke Sosa BmoreO.G.Monke Sosa BmoreO.G.2 days ago
  • 🤣Bank say;Dat shit sound Fishy🤣😂🤣.. Shout-out to #CookUpBoss 🦾💯

    Monke Sosa BmoreO.G.Monke Sosa BmoreO.G.2 days ago
  • Bank is so fuckin funny bra lol

    Mya WilliamsMya Williams2 days ago
  • Buck definitely a spitter and a stepper..50 know that buck definitely was the nigga that would go in for G unit

    Mekail JohnsonMekail Johnson2 days ago
  • This GOT to be the most embarrassing shit I've ever seen in my damn life smh lmfao.

    Follow my I.G JRodJonessFollow my I.G JRodJoness2 days ago
  • Buck: It wasn’t like I was.... Jade: It wasn’t like you was trying to lie on purpose but u lied Buck: It wasn’t like I was trying to lie on purpose but I lied. Facts.

    TateTate2 days ago
    • 😂 she was finishing all his sentences

      D JayD JayDay ago
  • Bank don't understand what buck is saying he to ignorant n wanna be funny but buck will beat the sleeves off him all that playing

    27SSENT27SSENT2 days ago
  • There’s a bunch of dick riding in these comments. Big bank was super unprofessional. He was too busy trying to make a joke. The lady was phenomenal. She actually carried the interview. He can hold buck accountable but there’s a thing call tact. But it was comedy hour for him.

  • They clowing him a lil bit

    Sixx-SixxSixx-Sixx2 days ago