“ YOU THREATENING ME ?? “- DALLAS TEXAS POST OFFICE - First Amendment Audit - Amagansett Press

Apr 6, 2021
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“ YOU THREATENING ME ?? “- DALLAS TEXAS POST OFFICE - First Amendment Audit - Amagansett Press
Mary Gomez - Supervisor
Cachena McMillan - Clerk
401 TOM LANDRY HWY DALLAS, TX 75260 - 9996
Phone 214-760-4545
Fax 214-760-4387
TTY 877-889-2457
U.S. Constitution NOT void where prohibited by law !!
We believe that many of our rights and civil liberties as American citizens on American soil are at great risk and that a simple act of civil disobedience has the power to effect great change. While we have no interest or intention in breaking any law, we are willing to stand up for freedom and the constitution at any time and at any place and do so in a responsible and productive manner. It is our goal to create free and open discussion whenever possible in an effort to educate both ourselves and anyone with a desire to learn. A well known rule of government is that ignorance is no excuse for the law. It is our stand that we as Americans have been either uninformed or misinformed regarding our laws and rights for far too long. We are not attorneys or scholars, however we have been involved in professional photography for over 30 years and have had our rights and freedoms challenged more times than we can remember. No one group or person has the ability to effect change across the board, however we are committed to doing our part by continuing to stand up for our constitutional right to free press and the right to take photographs and video in public. All donations will be used exclusively to further this cause. We want to thank you in advance for your support of what we do and want you to know that we are committed to working harder than ever to defend our rights, your rights and the Freedom to Film in Public!!
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  • The hardest stamp purchase I've seen you have. How pointless their refusal to serve you for a different reason each time you attempted your purchase.

    DG 1DG 14 days ago
    • @Joe Niekamp so you expect me to list the exemptions based on what, your so called feelings? Get real. Still Privacy, still THE LAW, and no a mandate IS NOT a law, but as AP has said many many times, a request that legally we CAN refuse. So why would I list the exemptions which there are exemptions, my wife and I have 3 each to be exact, and yes I'm exempt due to my military service, my wife is also exempt due to some things as well, but per THE LAW, which you confidently and conviently ignored based on your unfound feelings I DO NOT have to tell you nor list the exemptions. Thats the law, not your wittle feelings. Last time pal, keep up and get sued, which I have full legal authority to do exactly that for you pushing the issue which legally you are not permitted to do.

      darthvader43609darthvader436095 hours ago
    • Fire every single one of these IDIOT POST OFFICE EMPLOYEES. Too many others needing work. You don't have to be a genius to work their jobs.

      kathynorris08kathynorris0813 hours ago
    • @Joe Niekamp . Nobody is stopping you from wearing a mask. Yet you wish to impose your will upon others based on failed models after fail prediction & actual fact showing masks are useless! But Liberals often wish to impose their will on others based on their feelings rather than any of those pesky ol facts!

      We All So BadWe All So Bad15 hours ago
    • @We All So Bad Sadly your diatribe proves that you know nothing and are impervious to facts you don't understand.

      Joe NiekampJoe Niekamp23 hours ago
    • @Joe Niekamp, since when are their talking points news at all?

      interestedpartyinterestedpartyDay ago
  • As bad as it is for me to say this some people should not have a job that puts them in contact with the people

    Stephen WixStephen Wix16 minutes ago
  • what a disgrace...close this post office now...

    thebeezerguythebeezerguy25 minutes ago
  • So easy to violate your civil liberties after fighting so hard to gain theirs.

    Eric RognebyEric Rogneby45 minutes ago
  • Woman who refused to do what her supervisor asked her to do should have been suspended by her supervisor for not following a fair and reasonable request.

    The FELLAThe FELLAHour ago
  • They all should be Fired , uneducated useless Garbage .

    Thomas DellarosaThomas DellarosaHour ago
  • Did the employee only wearing a face shield have an exception too?

    Robert StalnakerRobert Stalnaker2 hours ago
  • I dont mean to bash the postal cop, but he shouldnt be a cop, his eyes constantly twitching, hands shaking looks like he has parkinsons.

    Realism GamingRealism Gaming5 hours ago
  • Wow the whole mask thing in general is a fucking joke!!!! It's a complete joke!!!!! Its amazing how these people are acting when I was watching this I thought I was in the twilight zone. That bitch that was talking about having to wear a mask with her mask not on but shes steadily running her mouth unfucking believable!!!!!!

    Mark HarrissMark Harriss7 hours ago
  • Drill a few holes in the front of your mask, just in front of the mouth and nose, to prevent future respiratory problems.

    Ken ThomsonKen Thomson8 hours ago
  • That old bald man said “I’ll sell you mine [mask]”. That’s how kind people are these days.

    Ken ThomsonKen Thomson8 hours ago
  • Disgusting behavior from these postal employees! I hope all of these employees get fired!

    Aeonoldus Artemis DezaftlesAeonoldus Artemis Dezaftles9 hours ago
  • This was epic. Painful and beautiful all at once. I swear you think you're gonna get used to these and then you have a surprise like this. If there's one thing i've learned in life it's that people are strange.

    Zz SpeaksZz Speaks9 hours ago
  • AWESOME!!!😁🎈😁🎈😁🎈😁🎈😁🎈😁🎈😁🎈😁🎈😁🎈😁

    bluehappyscrapbluehappyscrap10 hours ago
  • Stick it up their ass!!!! LMAO 🤣🤣🤣 classic.

    Mark greeneMark greene11 hours ago
  • It sounds like that door could use some major WD-40 xD

    Leifr BLeifr B12 hours ago
  • Totally ignored lmao!

    Kim FriesenKim Friesen13 hours ago
  • Did that guy put enough tape on that box?

    Colin MoffatColin Moffat15 hours ago
  • How many stamps have you collected over all of these videos???

    Dalton RaineyDalton Rainey15 hours ago
  • Johnson 7633’s Brain really started to lock up when Real reasonable laws and postal rules started to be discussed. All admitted willingly ignorant dumb on purpose.

    Hickory & OaksHickory & Oaks16 hours ago
  • notice how many times people get within 2-3 feet of each other

    You're being played lemmingYou're being played lemming16 hours ago
  • maybe one day, sheep will see manufactured dystopia for what it is

    You're being played lemmingYou're being played lemming16 hours ago
  • I can't take the postal officers high pitched annoying voice lol "I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW" Nails of the FN chalk board.

    Luis NunezLuis Nunez17 hours ago
  • Like why? Who’s life sucks this bad to waste your time like this . White people kill me

    Laura SalinasLaura Salinas19 hours ago
  • Will be calling in to complain

  • that ELDERLY officer has nerve dmg. u can clearly see hes having hard time keeping his eyes even open, they are twitching closed

    ben Mben M20 hours ago
  • Why isn't there any White tellers

    John LombardiJohn Lombardi20 hours ago
  • 1:07 what is washing the watch man?

    Shiner ShawnShiner Shawn20 hours ago
  • This is how socialist starts

    John LombardiJohn Lombardi20 hours ago
  • What country is this?

    John LombardiJohn Lombardi20 hours ago
  • The inmates are running the insilum, omg

    John LombardiJohn Lombardi20 hours ago
  • It's about time the dam postal workers earn that big paycheck. .

    Timothy DeanTimothy Dean20 hours ago
  • These postal employees should all be fired, immediately

    John LombardiJohn Lombardi20 hours ago
  • Its because you are white

    mike langemike lange21 hour ago
  • I wonder what medical 🏥 conditions you guys have??? 🤔..

    crazyboyemyzcrazyboyemyz21 hour ago
  • You guys did a great job in this video, I wish I could've said the same for our postal employees.

    Schubox ProductionsSchubox Productions22 hours ago
  • Not even employees at Burger King are as bad as these guys.

    Rene MaciasRene Macias23 hours ago
  • This pissed me off every employee in that facility needs to be replaced with all new staff

    Ernest NormilErnest NormilDay ago
  • What's wrong with black people?

    Chris SerfasChris SerfasDay ago
  • Damm she came right over and hated right before you get the stamp . Plus we know people don't read the laws even when it's right on the wall. Smh!!!!

    Maurice WomackMaurice WomackDay ago
  • That lady in line was a sweetheart!

    RickRickDay ago
  • This is what happens when you have government employees who don't care about their jobs.... As for the customers, this is the result of California residents moving to Texas and bringing their liberal karen mentality with them...WE ARE TRULY IN TROUBLE IN THIS COUNTRY IF THIS IS ALLOWED TO STAND!!! WHAT A FREAKIN' MESS WE LIVE IN NOW!!!

    HDPro66HDPro66Day ago
  • Unbelievable professionalism at that post office! No mask no service, then you put a face shield on then still get denied service for a camera, um no that's not the way it works, their feelings don't Trump your rights for a constitutionally protected activity. 😒

    LoNe ReBeLLoNe ReBeLDay ago
  • Lack of common courtesy, I shall not elaborate. Discrimination of the handicap and rudeness just come naturally for some people.

    Junk ManJunk ManDay ago
  • How much tape do you need man ?

    Rob The SlobRob The SlobDay ago
  • postal police don't have any B====

    casinoman59casinoman59Day ago
  • I would like to thank that girl in white towards the end who “doesn’t feel like talking” for wearing a mask, otherwise, that face underneath would have made me throw up 🤮

    J PJ PDay ago
  • That officer was tweaking

    BreadBuggzBreadBuggzDay ago
  • USPS should be shut down for good....I don’t care if people working there have to live on the streets. I caught my mailman deliberately skipping mailboxes on our street on many occasions. They always lose packages. Anytime there is a certified mail requiring signature, they simply lose that mail always. Shittiest mail service on the face of the earth.

    J PJ PDay ago
    • Yea there's been many times mine ends up at other houses.

      LoNe ReBeLLoNe ReBeLDay ago
  • Texas is worse than California.

  • Jesus Christ how long does it take to tape up a box?? That guy on the end....lol! Or is he trying to hang out to watch the drama?

    Anthony MartinezAnthony MartinezDay ago
    • He probably was taping up his hands then untaping them just to waste his tape 😂 good thing he wasn't using duck tape.

      LoNe ReBeLLoNe ReBeLDay ago
  • just plain hate and ignorance they are definitely an equal opportunity employer no education required

    ann rann rDay ago
  • Didn't the TX governor drop the mask mandate??? Why is everyone there walking around with one?? Outside too?? It looks like you woke up the postal police person from his nap. Was the sun very bright? He keeps squinting.

    Anthony MartinezAnthony MartinezDay ago
  • witch doesnt care if you breathe or die

    ann rann rDay ago
  • This Postal Facility acts and runs their operations as professional as the BIDEN/HARRIS ADMINISTRATION.

    Wayne WebingerWayne WebingerDay ago
  • Notice at 27:42 how the female (without a mask) was called over to the counter 🤔😉

    Don Davo from Down UnderDon Davo from Down UnderDay ago
  • Absolutely love the way they all conspired to boycott you. Hilarious!!!!

    Piotr markiewiczPiotr markiewiczDay ago
  • WOW! Thats TEXAS!!

    Dannyg73 GDannyg73 GDay ago
  • Some body or something rammed that gate.. whomp!

    DVincentWDVincentWDay ago
  • A big o fart for this texas p.o.

  • It isn't tape .. do you see a VHS camcorder in my hand?

    DVincentWDVincentWDay ago
  • You complain about not being able to breathe but it hasn’t stopped you from talking. Did Watchman catch or inherit your medical condition, which if l remember was the result of an injury.

    Airdrie FarrarAirdrie FarrarDay ago
  • Never tell a person to calm down, you will always get the opposite. Try the old , in this day and age.......

    rolbackrolbackDay ago
  • That cop is on the cusp of not being able to communicate whatsoever.

    Mixer Man Bear.Mixer Man Bear.Day ago
  • There's a lot of lard asses in Dallas

    JezDavisJezDavisDay ago
  • More and more its starting to look like RACISM, Every time ? NFSE. 🤔🙄😬

    Darrell HughsDarrell HughsDay ago
  • So what exactly is your point? I would rather see a military base or the FBI headquarters. Now that would be pretty good.

    Oh No JoeOh No JoeDay ago
  • What's your medical condition?

    Greg MessnerGreg MessnerDay ago
  • can you audit tyler post office?

    Ivan ClairIvan ClairDay ago
  • no more wanted poster in po? fbi 10 most wanted list?

    s Buzzs BuzzDay ago
  • This right here is going to cause war

    Gi-me-the-game NERD!Gi-me-the-game NERD!Day ago
  • Can u say idiot boys & girls

    Baby GrayBaby GrayDay ago
  • people needed FIRED at that Post Office. Does the USPS recruit ignorant rude people ? That supervisor has lost control of her employees, no wonder USPS is losing billions if this office is an example.

    El Gato GrandeEl Gato GrandeDay ago
  • Like I said, I'm not going to repeat myself

    mk mcnmk mcnDay ago
  • ... they are completely wrong. Fact. But seriously, tone down the "frail old man" shtick. Your healthy, you just want to assert your rights. Nothing wrong with it. Its the right thing to do, but the frail old man stuff... It's obvious thats not the case, and there is no issue with breathing co2. You do it everyday. If you were that unhealthy, you'd need an oxygen tank 24/7

    Obediens EveObediens EveDay ago
  • "I have a medical condition.". Yeah it's called being an asshole. Gets kicked out of New York. Wonder how long before CO gives u the boot too. God damn sov cit leprechaun

    j jamesj jamesDay ago
  • For the past few years you would think everyone working for the post office would finally get all this straightened out,WTF will it take??? And how the ones in charge don’t know their own policy WTF

    John W Gross IIIJohn W Gross IIIDay ago
  • start wearing a tshirt with 'onlyFans talent scout' on it.

    corona viruscorona virusDay ago
  • explains what 'goin postal' means.

    corona viruscorona virusDay ago
  • They really are obsessed with masks aren’t they.

    Tara L ClarkeTara L ClarkeDay ago
  • imagine if he was in the selling side they would claim racism on him

    franklin ordonezfranklin ordonezDay ago
  • Why couldn’t he just concede about exemptions for health reasons. He was fixated on “just letting you know what they say”.

    Tara L ClarkeTara L ClarkeDay ago
  • Hello this is Rodger Monette. I will tell you what this the mask business is all about. First of all. it’s an assault against the constitution. Second of all. It’s very unhealthy to be wearing them all the time. You’re breathing in more carbon monoxide than you are good air. You are weakening your immune system. It’s all about control. It’s actually making people sick. then they can turn around and say oh you got Covid! Mask wearing also takes away your identity. Social distancing is a part of the communist movement. I visit communist countries all the time and I take note on the attributes of communism and they are the removal of identity and social distancing and nobody owns anything. It’s a very bad time that we’re living in and I really appreciate people like you standing up for our rights. Just like you said if you don’t exercise them you’ll lose them just like you lose muscle.

  • This is the most abuse that this guy has ever tolerated and I kind get the feeling that its because the Clerks are black and female at the same time I think that's why he took it easy on them.

    Abdulhakim osmanAbdulhakim osmanDay ago
  • Legend has it that guy at the counter is still taping his package

    Cee SudyCee SudyDay ago
    • ironically, he was shipping tape

      duassmanduassmanHour ago
    • 🤣😂

      Jose CentenoJose Centeno17 hours ago
  • I totally disagree with the whole facemask compliance crap.

    Brick MudgeBrick MudgeDay ago
  • Then they wonder why they get shot

    Miley CyrusMiley CyrusDay ago
  • That quota hire summed it up perfectly. She said, "If i gotta wear one, then you gotta wear one." These people don't care about the mask. They only care because they are miserable wearing the mask, which is their company policy, and they wanna be sure that you are miserable as well. In other words, "If i gotta be miserable all day wearing a mask like a sheep, then you gotta be miserable also." These people are demented freaks and deserve that boot on their face forever.

    Hold the Line PatriotsHold the Line PatriotsDay ago
  • I used to go and actually delivered to this office, and oh my God, they are horrible, lazy and arrogant! Talk about helping people and serving the public... right 🤣 just a disgrace !!! Just do your job or quit !

    tolikz05tolikz05Day ago
  • 22:25 looks like he's having a seizure

    Miley CyrusMiley CyrusDay ago
  • You can't have a civil conversation with uncivilized people.

    Hold the Line PatriotsHold the Line PatriotsDay ago
  • Disgusting behaviour from the post office

    Eileen DeblingEileen DeblingDay ago
  • Government welfare recipients wonder why people burst into government officers and start shooting the shit out of the place it's from pushing people to far and fobbed them off

    jcmatejcmateDay ago
  • I just hope this guy isn't armed

    jcmatejcmateDay ago
  • Sounds like elmer fudd this postat cop needs to give the crack a miss but. Im just letting you know i went for an interview at postal masters head office and they gave me this nice car and a uniform to wear suite and said drive around and park at these post offices for 40 min at a time and i heard someone say you cam film in a post office

    jcmatejcmateDay ago
  • That cop in the car reminds me of barney!!!🤣😂

    Deano RobertsDeano RobertsDay ago
  • Who else is calling? And is there another number?

    Yo ThereYo ThereDay ago
  • Medical excemption is bullshit. The only valid ones are to do with trauma or post traumatic stress. There is NO medical condition which precludes you wearing a mask even COPD.

    Robert HoldenRobert HoldenDay ago
  • What do you know, they are now refusing to answer their phone, and their mailbox is full

    suzukipmpinsuzukipmpinDay ago
  • Anyone that puts on a mask is the problem that’s killing America....postal police my ass NWO pledged po lice

    EC CWEC CWDay ago