Feb 21, 2021
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If you laugh you lose, good luck. #meme #memes #MemeReview
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  • New podcast this week on the podcast channel!

    ZeducationZeducation11 days ago
    • i actually worked with a guy named MIKE HUNT..and he was real creepy...i was workin on a car and he just stands behind me....then he says i should paint my nails the color of the car(red) 2. he crapped his pants, 3 he would try to make his own tools with pieces of scrap metal lol

      autogirl53208autogirl532083 days ago
    • 15:05 worked in a grocery store 4 years now. It's worse when they leave their cart in a place that blocks everyone. With zero self-awareness, how do these genes keep being perpetuated by natural selection. That's right, natural selection is based more on luck than intelligence.

      InfamousDBZInfamousDBZ4 days ago
    • I'm 38, I txtd my brother telling him to watch Zeducation. He never texted me back. No matter who you supported in the election, this channel identifies the hypocracy in politics and the media. Hope he uses it for this reason, but am not going to press him further. As an older brother, I have to let him form his own views. He's 32 afterall.

      InfamousDBZInfamousDBZ6 days ago
    • @Frank Brislin🤣

      Glenda OlsenGlenda Olsen6 days ago
    • @Richard Garowski. I had to ask awhile back myself...Social Justice Warriors.

      Glenda OlsenGlenda Olsen6 days ago
  • So I just saw a spongebob trailer using kickstart my heart by Motley Crue for the backing track. I'm ready for the end times now.

    Chris MaherChris Maher10 hours ago
  • 7:09 It's a 40 year old showing you his room in Mommy's basement. Plus the Cro Magnon forehead tells you he voted for Joe without telling you he voted for Joe.

    Thomas DailyThomas Daily11 hours ago
  • Stupid DOES hurt, usually. Just ask all the people who voted for Biden and now regret it!

    Thomas DailyThomas Daily11 hours ago
  • I CAN'T translate Biden's town hall. I'm nowhere near dumb enough to speak Biden.

    Thomas DailyThomas Daily11 hours ago
  • Nancy Pelosi as the Tellytubby Sun had me laughing immediately. I can see Biden as a televangelist.

    James 3113James 311315 hours ago
  • I love your videos. With love from Nigeria 🇳🇬

    godwinobasgodwinobas21 hour ago
  • I had to relate the old ladies sitting in the aisle to everyone at the MN state fair, people will be in a huge group then spread out and stop dead in the middle of the road. Either that or walk directly at you with no effort made to avoid you.

    buzzedlightbeerbuzzedlightbeer21 hour ago
  • What if YOU laugh?

    Balapynhun KharsatiBalapynhun KharsatiDay ago
  • 2:37 Admit it. We all lost.

    InfamousDBZInfamousDBZDay ago
  • .............I didn't get the cold outside meme with the black guy. I am OLD now.

    Lawrence MorkebergLawrence MorkebergDay ago
  • Zed: You can't really do anything while playing Mario Kart MK Wii speedrunners streaming: *Tells stream chat about random life event while doing shroomless ultras.*

    Fox LordFox LordDay ago
  • Cheese and rice Pansy nolosi is sfukn scary

    West TWest TDay ago
  • Barry !!

    Diego HortonDiego HortonDay ago
  • Not gonna lie coach they had ne in the first and last half 😂😂 The video where it says "show me you voted for joe without telling me" n the guy shows a book shelf that is clearly for display n isnt used

    RaW VoicesRaW VoicesDay ago
  • I live in Texas, I lived in Germany for a couple years where it snows pretty good. My best advice for driving on roads is a lightweight vehicle with AWD or 4x4, I’ve driven trucks my whole life but my wife got a Nissan Rogue when we got married and that thing could not get stuck. I had to intentionally gas it around corners to even half-ass start drifting (as you should do when the roads are icy.)

    Doc NastyDoc Nasty2 days ago
  • That silly we all know coke is white to begin with, processed of course , green naturally

    Daniel RodriguezDaniel Rodriguez2 days ago
  • I lost as soon as i saw the dude with his laptop

    D RileyD Riley2 days ago
  • Shit, I laughed at Nancy Pee Pants Pelosi.

    lee gibsonlee gibson2 days ago
  • 1:56 "I know how much you Southerners love sweet tea" With all due No, you don't. You cannot even fathom. And don't even start on my grits. We might have to fight.

    Michael CostlowMichael Costlow2 days ago
  • I was totally looking at the Ammo.....

    Vajrahaha ShunyataVajrahaha Shunyata2 days ago
  • Did anybody actually watch this whole video? nothing in the 8 mins I watched was even remotely funny man... Cringe

    Shao KahnShao Kahn2 days ago
  • The red truck is parked by a lady lol.

    Patricia AndersenPatricia Andersen2 days ago
  • Y'all keep talking about Nazis while the Commies take you over. Wanna talk about Actual Russian Collusion???

    Dennis HimebaughDennis Himebaugh2 days ago
  • and D. It is a felony to buy votes

    dance gxydance gxy2 days ago

    stgiles15stgiles152 days ago
  • just a note, i was born and raised in the deep south. i DETEST sweet tea and even the smell makes me sick. my daughter is the same way. granted, most like it but not all of us

    stgiles15stgiles152 days ago
  • Joe is a liar and always has been no surprise!

    Blaine BerkowitzBlaine Berkowitz2 days ago
  • Aren't you glad black people can't use a computer or get online? Imagine how offended they would be...

    snaz27snaz272 days ago
  • Yeah, 15:06 got me real good.

    Danny DDanny D2 days ago
  • Zed now in my 70's+&drive an 87standard Land cruiser&if I parked like that my40yr old+kids would have an eye&brain check up scheduled

    Rita GeorgeRita George3 days ago
  • that guy that took the pic of the boy starving in africa with a vulture near by... he committed s u i cide

    autogirl53208autogirl532083 days ago
  • the big man by that from the movie seven??

    autogirl53208autogirl532083 days ago
  • y r they trying to shovel a centimeter of snow??? lol

    autogirl53208autogirl532083 days ago
  • When some douche parks cock-eyed, taking up two spots, so their precious vehicle won't get scratched, I try to recognize their efforts and go out of my way to key their car, SUV, pick up or whatever.

    Robert RiemerRobert Riemer3 days ago
  • Gender Neutral? I thought that was a Barry Gibb emoji!!!!!

    Captain JasonCaptain Jason3 days ago
  • 8:36 Oh god i felt this. Normies have no idea how much of hard work it is to be a really devoted shitposter.

  • I love these videos they funny as shyt I always wait paitienly for stupid pelosis. GOOD MORNING SUNDAY MORNING!!!! Lol

    Alex nonnyaAlex nonnya3 days ago
  • I'm interested in the pen pal group

    Sofi OlaverrySofi Olaverry3 days ago
  • I already have dementia that's why I get all your post and love them. Your hilarious.

    Teresia DianeTeresia Diane3 days ago
  • sharing this channel to AOC...I epic failed today... :D

    Tall Paul HuebnerTall Paul Huebner3 days ago
  • Nice flag. Where did you get it?

    Kenneth AllenKenneth Allen4 days ago
  • No its not once in a century, Texas will be Bombarded for the next +10 years. This is not some random event, we've entered into the Grand Solar Minimum. Its only going to progressively get worse, the homeless and the "stupid" will annually die during these winters.

    DOWSETTDOWSETT4 days ago
  • not Dr. Jill should be arrested for Elder Abuse.

    tekay44tekay444 days ago
  • Can someone explain the meme at 10:07?

    Shalem PoriahShalem Poriah4 days ago
  • Sweet tea gang

    juan greysonjuan greyson4 days ago
  • Why did I get another notification for this 7 hours ago but I watched this a week ago?

    Sinaloa CartelSinaloa Cartel4 days ago
  • The guy with the computer OMG🤣. His expressions are 👌. And it boggles the mind how many people just voted for this toaster because they got promised a bribe, (whoops sorry stimulus check). At least they really got one from Trump. The guy with the books? BFD. For all we know, they’re all bodice rippers, or gardening books. And they’re all paperbacks. The truck parker? Maybe the person next to them had parked that way first. He leaves, and then the truck looks like that’s how he parked on purpose. Maybe I’m 🌈, but that happens to me all the time, and then I look like the dick.

    Mango TMango T4 days ago
  • I thought that Joe was trying to speak in tongues.

    Lois OLearyLois OLeary4 days ago
  • *"Màkunt Izichi"*

    Hydrogen OneHydrogen One4 days ago
  • 6:10 Lol

    Dave FoxDave Fox4 days ago
  • Walk the talk and get out of screwtube. There are free-speech alternatives, like Rumble.

    Bubushki IkhsububBubushki Ikhsubub4 days ago
  • @17:15 I was focused on the right hand. Gun safety always!

    Patriot @ heartPatriot @ heart5 days ago
  • He proved he voted for joe by showing all his CHILDRENS toy collections, He like kids as much as ol sniffy joe

    jetegtmeier71jetegtmeier715 days ago
  • Gorilla glue needs to start making hair care products if you can't beat idiots make money off them

    Pablo YeePablo Yee5 days ago
  • 1:50 Really?!! Who posted that?! $#%@! lol

    AccountWasHackedAccountWasHacked5 days ago
  • How do we upload memes to Discord? Has something changed? Do we need to upload somewhere else?

    mjohnson007mjohnson0075 days ago
  • My grandmother taught me when I was 4/5 that fire was hit by turning an oven burner and would put my hand over it guess what I REMEMBERED fire was hot

    John SmithJohn Smith5 days ago
  • I find it highly puzzling that many movies about Texas as well as many of the old novels that write their stories in Texas have these huge snow drifts that people have to fight through and pull the cattle out of. These folks are acting like a bunch of simps. I've spent most of my life in Pennsylvania. That's a place where we have weather. Now the Winter's may not be as rough as Maine, but we do have severe Winters. We also have very hot summers as I can attest to having worked in the middle of those.

    Roger SheddyRoger Sheddy5 days ago
  • Can someone link the actual video of the lady saying idiots

    Betny2010Betny20105 days ago
  • Biden is a ridiculous puppet handled by dark groups with dark purposes.

    Miguel SalasMiguel Salas5 days ago
  • You Failed Your Own Challenge. You Laughed. Sooooooo. Love You Buddy!!!! Carry On Sir. I refer to You As SIR, Because You Deserve KNIGHTHOOD!!!!

    Susan KrumwiedeSusan Krumwiede5 days ago
  • CA sucks tbh lived here my whole life and would rather call NV home.

    Michael LongMichael Long5 days ago
  • Can you imagine the field day the media would have if this statement was made by ANYONE in the Trump administration?!

    Amandie PannellAmandie Pannell5 days ago
  • Right now in history is one of the only times I agree with using the purge for these dumb lefties

    Britt JBritt J5 days ago

    Tasteful AsthmaTasteful Asthma5 days ago
  • The southern accent is way to exaggerated. Work on that. Georgia girl here. Otherwise, love your videos.

    Deanna MerrittDeanna Merritt5 days ago
  • Finally got the 'reading a book' one. Wish I hadn't! Gross.

    J FeltonJ Felton5 days ago
  • Man, where’s the good memes? This series is starting to get pretty weak. I actually didn’t even laugh a little bit. Bring back that fire Zed! 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Grant MillerGrant Miller5 days ago
  • I agree with Tyler... STOP PROMOTING IDIOCY! Don't put them on TV, don't give them views, and stop telling me not to have a bath while making toast and drying my hair -_-

    SierraSierra5 days ago
  • Being a hoarder who also has a messy bookshelf with books doesn't mean you are intelligent.

    YouTube WantsToSilenceMeYouTube WantsToSilenceMe5 days ago
  • Sorry but that opening with Pelosi makes me want to throw up.

    YouTube WantsToSilenceMeYouTube WantsToSilenceMe5 days ago
  • Hey Mr T... subscribed and always watching.. old guy 68... showed your vids to my family... they are now fans!!

  • Yeah, I moved from VA in December and it followed me to Houston 🤦‍♀️ 2 days without electricity in that weather, it was like being in a freezer 🥶

    Julie Turcios-AvilaJulie Turcios-Avila6 days ago
  • I wouldnt expect a USAF guy to be able to appreciate a Dodge Ram.

    Po WoodworkerPo Woodworker6 days ago
  • Actually, that advice for Southerners to drive like there's a bowl of gravy in grandma's lap is seriously excellent advice that I wish people would heed. In other words, slow down, but Southerners think a couple of inches of ICE on the damn road is no reason to not drive 70 mph as usual. This time, though, the advice was moot. Nobody was driving anywhere because Southerners don't have snow chains for their tires & southern stores don't even sell them.

    AJ CarrAJ Carr6 days ago
  • The closest one to me laughing was your reaction to the Izichi tweet.

    Vercalos al'CorlinVercalos al'Corlin6 days ago
  • I laughed, but I could not translate Biden's town hall. Double fail on my part( doggone).

    phil pthegphil ptheg6 days ago
  • I used to really like Hannibal Buress too until I found out he donates money to an organization called "Assante's Daughters". It's a terrorist training school for little girls. It's named after a woman wanted but the FBI that escaped prison and went to Cuba. She was a member of the "Black Liberation Army".

    Laura SedorisLaura Sedoris6 days ago
  • Pro tip for fixing the those blinds. You'll need a pencil and a razor blade. Bend the top of the blind to the bottom of the blind and make sure both ends are square. Trace the old broken hole and cut it out with the razor. Be careful you don't crease the middle. Clip that sucker back in upside down and you're good to go!

    Ryan FoxRyan Fox6 days ago
  • 6:15 got me.....

    Jimmy WrayJimmy Wray6 days ago
  • Yeah, I don't think even Babbel has a way to learn Bidenese...

    DHStellarDHStellar6 days ago
  • Ur vids are hysterical and informative...keep them coming!!

    Kal ElKal El6 days ago
  • I’ve never seen you without a cap

    jose De La Torrejose De La Torre6 days ago
  • How can I send you a meme

    Shannon BrackettShannon Brackett6 days ago
  • Oh the punishment is too much

    GoldGold6 days ago
  • Don't settle that kind of punishments. For my sanity's sake, I didn't laugh once.

    (M)aggoT(M)aggoT6 days ago
  • I got dementia..

    WebbsongsWebbsongs6 days ago
  • 9:55 I dont get it

    RiotShieldRiotShield6 days ago
  • We used to say "If you can't take a joke, you ARE a joke". don't worry , I'm joking.

    michael wilsonmichael wilson6 days ago
  • Uugh. Fewer. Millions and millions of fewer Americans will be receiving checks. There is a plot in America to discriminate against the word "fewer"!

    Kimberly BoswellKimberly Boswell6 days ago
  • Is that emoji Andy Gibb?

    B'nai YahuahB'nai Yahuah6 days ago
  • Don’t be a maskhole

    Donald FrankeDonald Franke6 days ago
  • 4:11 thing is stupid DOES hurt... ...all the sjw woketards acting the way they do...their stupidity makes MY brain hurt...

    TrayolphiaTrayolphia6 days ago
  • This is all I hurd from biden at his town hall speach and I quote.....I AM BRAIN DEAD.

    Aaron HaneyAaron Haney6 days ago
  • Didn't laugh, however all loans matter 👍👍

    Eddie FurnissEddie Furniss6 days ago
  • Mask Nazis kick puppies.

    kronik dennykronik denny6 days ago
  • In all fairness, she was told Gorilla Glue is made of meth and crack...

    kronik dennykronik denny6 days ago
  • @6:05 They got that from Burnistoun. Myfanwy Izichi. ( my fanny ) Fanny is pussy.

    kronik dennykronik denny6 days ago
  • I’m late. But I already lost at the first one.

    Privileged White MalePrivileged White Male6 days ago