you can't "accidentally” break the law 8 times, James

Apr 4, 2021
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  • lets just point out how much he tries to vvictimize himself and saids its an "accident" when it happened 8 times!! At this point hes just embarrassing himself

    JocelynJocelyn40 minutes ago
  • Everything about James charles is gross

    rigby walkerrigby walker56 minutes ago
  • I hope the parents press charges. This is so saddening.

    Dovahkiin ChickenNuggetDovahkiin ChickenNugget56 minutes ago
  • That bullshit she talked about in the first is part of why I use AdBlock.

    Ꮪꭵꮮꮙꭼꭱ ᏰꭹꭲꭼꮓᏚꭵꮮꮙꭼꭱ Ᏸꭹꭲꭼꮓ2 hours ago
  • Honestly, James Charles always rubbed me the wrong way. I think its unfair how many celebs get cancelled for no good reason, but the ones that really need to be get to keep using their platform. He needs to be taken off USworlds.

    Sam PoierSam Poier2 hours ago
  • It’s James stans victim blaming CHILDREN for what James did like bro he groomed them like he’s literally a criminal GROOMING children isn’t a mistake that was a choice you made and an abuse of power it’s disgusting people are defending him and beyond that what he did was literally illegal and should be in JAIL, an apology video doesn’t excuse a crime. Those victims deserve justice but it’s up to the victims because at the end of the day it’s their story and not ours.

    minzis_ sugaminzis_ suga3 hours ago
  • Oh wow. You finally say something?

    gooby dolansgooby dolans3 hours ago
  • I'm gonna borrow inspiration from James Charles when I go on trial for murder of 8 people. "You honor. I have come to a conclusion. Its so so embarrassing to admit this. The truth is.... I'm desperate."

    Kaede AkamatsuKaede Akamatsu3 hours ago
  • I used to be a big fan of James, it hurt extremely bad to let go because he was a comfort and I genuinely believed he was a good person. I was in denial and kept excusing it as stupid mistakes and he's just naive until I saw more people talking about it and I listened and realized that this really is a bigger problem than "a misunderstanding" Or "mistake" So with that being said I hope the victims are doing alright.

    LetaLeta4 hours ago
  • Shane, Jeffree, David, and now James Charles?! Who’s next, Mr beast?!

    Appy FunAppy Fun4 hours ago
  • As someone who was groomed, seeing people straight up victim-blaming these kids just to protect James boils my blood. THESE ARE FUCKING KIDS! They didn't need to be exploited like that! Wake the fuck up!

    Elian PerezElian Perez4 hours ago
  • james is a whole joke lol

    SokazesSokazes4 hours ago
  • I love how because he's famous he's not in jail.

    Misha.Misha.5 hours ago
  • Okay- I really hate people like James. As someone who was in the same situation as the victims, it hurts more that someone so big is using their influence to take advantage of his fans.

    SourSpaceSourSpace5 hours ago
  • Im happy were focusing on someone other than people who made smalll sort of but not really offensive jokes. This is wrong

    Stereo_RobloxStereo_Roblox5 hours ago
  • new name: unlocked! *_james chagroomer_*

    noobツnoobツ5 hours ago
  • 1. accident 2. coincidence 3. pattern 4. jail 5. long time in jail 6+ death or life sentence

    rаpunzel bbyrаpunzel bby5 hours ago
  • James make me throw up in 8 different languages

    y/n chany/n chan5 hours ago
  • Isn't pedophilia legal in California now? Like the pedos can be within 10 years of age of the child, and it's legal? I'm pretty sure that happened In 2020 but please tell me I'm wrong, because this would explain him not being arrested by now... 😕

    Kicu ShionKicu Shion6 hours ago
    • @Kicu Shion No problem, I'm happy to help!

      CamilleCamille5 hours ago
    • @Camille Thanks! I saw USworlds videos about it, and a couple articles, so it was hard to tell.

      Kicu ShionKicu Shion5 hours ago
    • Nope according to google "The age of consent for sexual intercourse in California is 18. Accordingly, any sex act with a person younger than 18 is a crime, though whether it is a misdemeanor or felony depends on the age of the people involved, according to the California Penal Code."

      CamilleCamille5 hours ago
  • this is just g r e a t for convincing people that gays aren’t predators. i swear we aren’t all like this (in fact, most of us aren’t like this), mainly celebs who have a few screws loose that clawed their way to the top by hurting and putting people down.

    ringo the cockatielringo the cockatiel7 hours ago
  • I’m glad I was never a fan of him. He is disgusting and should be in JAIL!

    Dania CruzDania Cruz7 hours ago
  • I've been trying to figure out if people like tommyinnit and them have found out. Like the people he's played games with, if they know yet.

    lupus et matremlupus et matrem7 hours ago
  • wonder why I hate James Charles -_-

    Nuala and friendsNuala and friends8 hours ago
  • Someone on discord tried to get me to send inappropriate pictures or else they will hack my account All I said was “my dad is a cop” my dad isn’t actually one but if you feel like someone is being weird to you on the internet then just respond to that. They will end up leaving you alone and blocking you. Sometimes it’s okay to lie if your in something like this, and it’s not just the internet. If you feel threatened or have a weird feeling with someone talking to you, you can always say something like “my parents are cops” or “my phone is always being tracked”. Just some advice

    Supreme Leader AriSupreme Leader Ari8 hours ago
  • Just to put to things into context all of the victims lied about their age not that it makes it right but just take that into you’re opinions

    ethan schlacterethan schlacter9 hours ago
  • I'm never supporting him or saying hey sisters or using his makeup ever again! cus I was a victim of this kind of thing for years sadly and it's not right.

    Rainbow MoonRainbow Moon9 hours ago
  • As someone who's been wrongfully accused of doing things like that it really irks me when someone keeps on with this sickening act of being sexual with a minor.

    LordsOfAnimeLordsOfAnime9 hours ago
  • This was described so perfectly

    Shannon MarieShannon Marie9 hours ago
  • I’m in no way trying to defend him, he’s a creep and should face a court and a sentencing. But if he got tricked into believing someone was of legal age then it’s not on him, but that happening 8 times? Don’t seem even close to reasonable

    Emma NybergEmma Nyberg10 hours ago
  • Double it, girl. I hope this monster gets persecuted

    Jule MühleggerJule Mühlegger10 hours ago
  • I love how respectful she was with the disclaimer in the beginning of the video

    k ck c10 hours ago
  • I still don't understand how people still support this despicable person~

    Axis BoiseAxis Boise10 hours ago
  • There’s been 10 minors 💀💀

    Laura CrowtherLaura Crowther10 hours ago
  • Well James managed yo do it 💀💀🤣🤣

    Laura CrowtherLaura Crowther10 hours ago
  • thank you for speaking up about this!! i feel like so many people are not saying anything for "fear of losing or" and its just sad.

    julianne mariejulianne marie10 hours ago
  • I got no adds. I use Yt Vanced✌🏻 and u should too 😊

    Cezara NekoCezara Neko11 hours ago
  • OK but are you gonna apologize for defending him in the past? Your little disclaimer is just saving face. How about before when you talked about how that one tik toker was just baiting him for clout? It's good you're keeping the same energy... now... but it's unfortunate you felt the need to crap on other creators before and defend him.

    M KM K11 hours ago
  • And he still has 25.5m subscribers...

    Lewis CopeLewis Cope12 hours ago
  • Can't youtubers get more creative with their crimes or something? I got so tired of groomers, can't you all do something more interesting please? Boo boo, someone is a groomer because they said pee pee in a kid's dms, the most boring thing ever. Please rob a bank or something.

    mirandu !mirandu !12 hours ago
  • If aren’t ready for this don’t watch. Dam girl tell us how you really feel.

    CrazyMink 21CrazyMink 2112 hours ago
  • Maybe Jeffree was right about him being a danger :’/

    Serena KSerena K12 hours ago
  • I’m just enjoying u draw this face lol

    Frida SkinnerFrida Skinner12 hours ago
  • Ive seen james butt and now im traumatized. And im over 18

    keep uwu-ingkeep uwu-ing12 hours ago
  • Put age aside for a second and think about how James shouldn't have had any sexual conversations with anyone he knew was a fan. DON'T GROOM FANS. DON'T CONNECT WITH FANS LIKE THAT, IT'S INAPPROPRIATE. Point blank simple. Please maintain boundaries if you have fans, keep them in check too. Of course, we know in this situation he was grooming intentionally but in cases where you are genuinely trying to look for different relationships, do it outside your platform, and in spaces made for it. Stay safe everyone. edit: I'm gonna try and summarise this better, my English is wack.

    sanasaleem1sanasaleem112 hours ago
  • LMAO why did this show up in my feed?? I can't stand this guy, his voice is too annoying to take seriously! That's probably why he turned towards babies since they can relate and no one over the age of 25 wants him.

    It's Baby bitchIt's Baby bitch13 hours ago
  • He should be in prison

  • I clicked ENTIRELY for the title

    HollandHolland13 hours ago
  • yes!

    lily baxterlily baxter13 hours ago
  • not to mention the SAME law eight times.

    samantha shermansamantha sherman13 hours ago
  • to help raise awarness about this i will be sure to tell mention all of this on my own channel and give full credits to you even though i have not got many view i want to fo whatever it takes to help the community understand that what Charles has been doing is wrong, his actions have disgusted me so much that i can't bear to even say his first name

    xX_Riley_The_Craxy_XxxX_Riley_The_Craxy_Xx13 hours ago
  • In his video I think he isn’t upset that he did it I think he is upset that he got busted

    cameron arbourcameron arbour13 hours ago
  • YES THIS! I hate when influencers go on a video to 'apologize' when its not even our apology to accept. He needs to talk DIRECTLY to the victims, not us!

    Ella ExclusiveElla Exclusive13 hours ago
  • If you go to his most recent “Taking Accountability” video, notice how the video has more likes than dislikes, yet the comments are entirely full of hate. Sounds to me like these James stans only feel like they can support the situation without giving a coherent reason as to why he wasn’t responsible for what he did these minors. It doesn’t even make sense to them, yet they’re so blinded by their love for him that they are willing to look past such a crime just to watch his videos.

    Layla DeClaireLayla DeClaire14 hours ago
  • Once is a mistake twice is a decision

    iilxvelyiilxvely14 hours ago
  • Finally someone taking about him like an ADULT and not a poor guy that "got caught up" and "made a mistake". He has to take responsibilities for his actions. Plain and simple.

    Jess AhmadJess Ahmad14 hours ago

    Gacha CatsGacha Cats15 hours ago
  • Even if they were 18, it’s still questionable because they’re barely legal and mentally aren’t any different from 16/17 year olds.

    ZoeZoe15 hours ago
  • Hey sisters! I’m currently in my cell with my inmates!😍 Today we are going to to their makeup to get ready to roll call!

    beauleafbeauleaf15 hours ago

      keakea15 hours ago
  • I think this video was great I think the only thing you got on record that could be considered incorrect is that you called the people that came forward men when they are very much boys they are children but other than that the video was great

    Lilly SpencerLilly Spencer15 hours ago
  • using your fames to run away from a crime?!?!!!!!! yikes. totally. disgusting.

    Justin IvannJustin Ivann16 hours ago
  • I agree. I really liked his content but thats the final straw... Im unsubbing and dont wanna associate with this man anymore.

    MILIMILI16 hours ago
    • Why do I have the feeling that you use twitter.

      mirandu !mirandu !12 hours ago
  • I can’t believe I was so naive and stupid to believe him when he denied that he groomed a CHILD. Disgusting and then he still tries making excuses

    Liana Villariny-GeganLiana Villariny-Gegan16 hours ago
    • You're a woman, it's fine.

      mirandu !mirandu !12 hours ago
  • like i watch james but i cant keep defending him tbh its like he wants more from us but im done now

    telzcam8TORtelzcam8TOR16 hours ago
  • Just YES

    Dominika StraussDominika Strauss22 hours ago
  • I dont get how so many people don't seem to care that he BROKE THE LAW WITH CHILDREN ... thanks for covering this the way it should be covered!

    147salsa147salsa23 hours ago
  • lucky for you i have adblock

    KetchipKetchip23 hours ago
  • We cannot let this criminal back on the platform. Someone please convince the twelve year olds of this.

    KelsynKelsynDay ago
  • The fact that videos come with a trigger warning is a testament to how far we've fallen as a society, and how weak these new generations are both mentally and emotionally.

    Bryan HarrisonBryan HarrisonDay ago
  • "Oh sorry I commited 32 war crimes in syria and bombed iran on accident, My bad"

    Sarin LelSarin LelDay ago
  • lol who is this lady?

    blue skyblue skyDay ago
  • ‼️🙋‍♀️ok but noone is going to cancel him & aren't going to do shit except run their mouths & nothing more... I wish this shit talking would just stop everyone still stans him...

    Bitter TopangaBitter TopangaDay ago
  • Omg u had the longest ass intro in the world we don’t care stfu

    KerebooKerebooDay ago
    • playback exists

      E McleodE Mcleod22 hours ago
  • you should do a video on "That Vegan Teacher"

    BrandyBrandyDay ago
  • This is so random and of topic but you are very talented 🟢

    The AppleThe AppleDay ago
  • The saddest part about this is that throughout the entirety of this story I was genuinely uncertain about what to think because there is so much mysticism surrounding cancel culture these days and I'm never certain who is actually in the wrong. The fact that I now have to be 100% sure of who is a horrible person and who isn't is not a particularly pleasant thought.

    GoatFriendGoatFriendDay ago
  • I BrOkE thE lAw eIght TiMes On AccIdeNt Bitch no you didn’t-

    •Pure Insanity••Pure Insanity•Day ago
  • I don’t understand why these USworldsrs confess to a crime on camera and think a USworlds apology is punishment enough when a regular person would be arrest and taken to court.

    Majestic KanekiMajestic KanekiDay ago
  • James Charles is just... lunatic.

    PrettyKittieCandiePrettyKittieCandieDay ago
  • maybe tati was onto something after all

    no one for president 2020!no one for president 2020!Day ago
  • the fact that some people still defend him is utterly terrifying

    Ian but not AnimatedIan but not AnimatedDay ago
  • Is being a normal non-problematic person for one month too hard for these influencers

    I edited my life so the replies don't make senseI edited my life so the replies don't make senseDay ago
  • The teens lied about their age though. They said they were 18

    Emma BaxleyEmma BaxleyDay ago
    • He knew they weren't.

      yes no maybeyes no maybeDay ago
  • How many To Catch A Predator suspects say: I was desperate. I just go over a break up. 😡

    Myishen HainesMyishen HainesDay ago
  • officer I KNOW i DID kill all 10 of those people BUT IT ISNT MY FAULT! the knife slipped from my HAND directly into THEIR HEART each TIME!

    summonersummonerDay ago
  • i agree but how else could he have apologized, or he couldve not brought this up and stopped lol smh james

    iirisiirisDay ago
  • He needs to register as a sex offender. Period.

    Potterhead00394Potterhead00394Day ago
  • The beauty community is # fucked up lol

    Daixen SorestDaixen SorestDay ago
  • I literally said and talked about how James was a predator on your defending James video and your whole fan base attacked me a refused to believe it and tried to call me a homophone it’s hilarious seeing all these comments of people who literally sent me death threats last year now being anit James.

    Jake from state farmJake from state farmDay ago
  • When you accidentally break the law 8 times 😃🔫

    starayustarayuDay ago
  • People are mad that they see the “amount of people supporting him”. The amount of people supporting James Charles are also not able to consent. Are not able to pass a credit check. Are not able to live alone. Because they are in the legal sense of the word, minors. That is his demographic, and that is who his target audience is.

    Amanda Grayce LamkeAmanda Grayce LamkeDay ago
  • tax fraud

    Aureolin_IngioAureolin_IngioDay ago
  • You see through bullshit and I love it. This video completely made everything more clear to me. Thank you for that 🙏🏻

    R.E.M.R.E.M.Day ago
  • where there’s smoke there’s fire...

    mumuberrymumuberryDay ago
  • Ok but... he was desperate! ^this is a JOKE! It’s ridiculous that he would say that and SICKENING!! He needs jail!

    Haley gallagherHaley gallagherDay ago
  • I am so, so ashamed that I used to follow him. I have been through this kind of situation and though I don't know all of the facts I 100% agree with you. It is UNACCEPTABLE

    mac the idiotmac the idiotDay ago
  • CallMeJamesCharles

    norbnorbDay ago
  • I stopped watching and paying attention to him the first time. I wasn't aware he did it seven more times. I am disgusted.

    Weirdo But Cool ̧ ̧.•* ̈*•.Weirdo But Cool ̧ ̧.•* ̈*•.Day ago
  • so well spoken!

    billie RHbillie RHDay ago