YONEX Thailand Open | Day 6: Kititharakul/Prajongjai (THA) [7] vs. Polii/Rahayu (INA) [5]

Jan 17, 2021
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HSBC BWF World Tour | Super 1000
YONEX Thailand Open
Women's Doubles | Finals
Kititharakul/Prajongjai (THA) [7] vs. Polii/Rahayu (INA) [5]
#HSBCbadminton #BWFWorldTour #YonexThailandOpen
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    Brandon BarrowsBrandon BarrowsMonth ago
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  • The hand and eye coordination is amazing.

    PC GeekPC GeekMonth ago
  • What the fuck are these comments

    Grace PGrace PMonth ago
  • I miss badminton so much🥺

    NasimNasimMonth ago
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  • I know why Polli cried.....be strong Polli and congratulations! You did well.

    nguyen terrynguyen terryMonth ago
  • Udah jelas wasit ini disogok sama tuan rumah pas di poin 2 buat greyap wasit malah ngasih ke Thailand padahal tu si apriani ga ngelewatin net pas dia mau smash trus pas waktu dapetin poin 20 juga dicurangin juga

    ANDOANDOMonth ago
  • They're gay for each other right??

    Stephanie YungStephanie YungMonth ago
    • Polii is married woman tho

      Niken Dewi NirmalaNiken Dewi NirmalaMonth ago
  • Love u greys dan apri 💚💚. Selamat buat kalian..

    Na isanaNa isanaMonth ago
  • Good game

    Luxury Dream Homes Luxury HousesLuxury Dream Homes Luxury HousesMonth ago
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  • emosional sekali. antara senang karena bangga menjadi juara disaat yang bersamaan juga sedih karena berduka kehilangan anggota keluarga serta menghadapi keluarganya yang sedang berjuang karena corona.

    Muhammad RosidMuhammad RosidMonth ago
  • This is biggest game of no u ever

    FadedFadedMonth ago
  • this is the pinnacle of world sport

    MegaYoulucasMegaYoulucasMonth ago
  • I went for a walk yesterday and one of my hands was freezing. Probably a bad mitten.

    Jo PoJo PoMonth ago
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  • 17:00 Amazing power!

    David Wushuang ZhaoDavid Wushuang ZhaoMonth ago
  • 👀👀


    quron Gilmorequron GilmoreMonth ago
  • Happy new year y'all Please repent because Jesus is coming soon Like so more people can see this

    NotafratdudeNotafratdudeMonth ago
  • Two questions. 1. Why is this trending? I'm really glad, badminton is intense. 2. Who the hell keeps screaming for no reason?? So horrible.

    fegufeguMonth ago
    • This isn't even screaming, You should watch Carolina Marin, it'll redefine your tolerance for screaming.

      Andrew BurnAndrew BurnMonth ago
  • Bravo!!!

    Big Head BobBig Head BobMonth ago
  • Why is this trending ?!

    anthony Romeroanthony RomeroMonth ago
    • The reason is-

      Ruben GalanRuben GalanMonth ago
  • These announcers need energy

    Randy GravelRandy GravelMonth ago

    Eric LoyalEric LoyalMonth ago
  • great skill, i love badminton

    HwaWoon KimHwaWoon KimMonth ago
  • Di awal 2021 sukses full

    ابو إسفانابو إسفانMonth ago
  • Apriani is Muslim? Why she has tattoos

    Shaddy HicksShaddy HicksMonth ago
  • greys hebat.. ikut terharu.. semangat terus bawa apri ampe olympic..

    PendiPendiMonth ago
  • both player respect each other👍

    Hardi MawanHardi MawanMonth ago
  • Mantap jiwa Greys dan Apri

    Elfrida SinagaElfrida SinagaMonth ago
  • 58:16 apriyani ngucap hehehe


    Floriana BoiFloriana BoiMonth ago
  • Mantap madep sang juara, selamat buat greyap

    betas pisanbetas pisanMonth ago

    Asep SodikinAsep SodikinMonth ago
  • salut dengan Giliian Clark, ditengah pertandingan dia sempat membahas gempa bumi di Sulawesi karena tau Greysia dan Apriani adalah orang Sulawesi. Terus, karena Morten belajar sejarah di universitas, dia sempat bahas tulisan cap tangan di gua yang ditemukan di Sulawesi, yang usianya lebih tua daripada Pyramid di Mesir. Salut Gill. Big Thanks. Wonderful knowledge.

    ilmu kitailmu kitaMonth ago
    • Menit berapa gan?

      Hellothere 12Hellothere 12Month ago
    • @Adam Cullen betul, komentator TVRI gak ada yang berbobot. Bahasanya diulang ulang. Cuma Yuni Kartika yang agak lebih bagus daripada yang lain.

      ilmu kitailmu kitaMonth ago
    • Tuh enaknya denger Komentator dri Luar Negri Yah Berbobat yg diBahas . Coba Bung Selalu Happy itu. pening Sndiri gua liat di Jdi Komentator wkwkwk Gak penting bgt. Yah Penting sih sbnernya cuma Garing bgt hahaha

      Adam CullenAdam CullenMonth ago
  • Congratz duo manja manado jawa

    Captain AmericaCaptain AmericaMonth ago
    • @AWAN KONAWE mantol keren

      Captain AmericaCaptain AmericaMonth ago
    • Bukan manja tapi mantol (manado tolaki)

    • Apryani bukan org jawa, dia org sulawesi tepatnya suku tolaki

  • Kok poli nangis ya. Apa karena mau gantung raket

    Samsung A20sSamsung A20sMonth ago
    • @Frost QQ bukan karena itu alasan utamanya, tapi krn mempersembahkan gelar untuk kakak kandungnya yg baru meninggal, bisa dibaca di link di atas.

      anandawisnuanandawisnuMonth ago
    • Juara di super 1000 untuk pertama kalinya sepanjang karir dia di badminton, jadi wajar aja terharu

      Frost QQFrost QQMonth ago
  • so proud of you girls !!congratulations GreyAp you make history...especially to Grey's...you Rock girls !!😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏🤲🤲🤲

    Pujangga JalananPujangga JalananMonth ago
  • Saya dengar: Rahayu : sori - sori kak. 48:50 Poli: nah ambil 49:54

    Samsung A20sSamsung A20sMonth ago
    • 50.03 yang benar

      ilmu kitailmu kitaMonth ago
  • The trophies were too small for the winners. It should be better and bigger next time so that they could proudly show it to audience as a Champions..

    Muhammad Kashif KhattakMuhammad Kashif KhattakMonth ago
  • Mantul ..

    Samsung A20sSamsung A20sMonth ago
  • the umpire must be blind or daydreaming at 9:42

    Marwan LMarwan LMonth ago
  • siapa ini yang taruh bawang sih ,, jadi ikutan mewek aing.

    Rahman FarmRahman FarmMonth ago
    • @Pujangga Jalanan kwkkw iy bawang

      Rahman FarmRahman FarmMonth ago
    • bawang kali yakkk😁😁🤭

      Pujangga JalananPujangga JalananMonth ago
  • Kok pemain Thai nya mirip Jenny Cortez yak

    wancoetwancoetMonth ago
  • Murag cipanon aing teh ...duh,, Gusti ...teu wasa..

    Arriyawan Love OfficialArriyawan Love OfficialMonth ago
  • 40.16 is should be POD

    Satrian nasriSatrian nasriMonth ago
  • I don't give a fuck ..... congrats

    Gudigers Studio OfficialGudigers Studio OfficialMonth ago
  • i am simpLy touched by the emotions of poLii.. i Love as weLL how GREYAP putting each other medaLs on.. keep it up.. :)

    ceppy_minions**ceppy_minions**Month ago
    • 1

      Ndicunguye JeancloudeNdicunguye JeancloudeMonth ago
  • Defense nya mantullll

    anisa octavianianisa octavianiMonth ago
  • ลูกตบสาวไทยทั้งคู่ไม่ได้เจาะลงเท่าที่ควรเพราะไม่ได้ใช้การตะหวัดข้อ ใช้แต่แขนฟาดลงท่าเดียวจะหนักได้แค่ไหน ? สังเกตุดูมาหลายครั้งแล้ว, ควรรีบฝึกใช้ข้อมือตะหวัดตบถึงจะทำแต้มได้ง่ายขึ้นนะ !!! เสียดายทั้งคู่ไม่ได้หัดกระโดดตบ !!! แถมโยนลูก 70--80% รับลูกตบได้ 1, ได้ 2, ลูก 3 จอด ! ? ถูกกดดันมากกว่าการโจมตี, เขา score ครั้งละ 2-4 แต้ม, เรากว่าจะได้ score แต่ละแต้มหืดแทบขึ้นคอ ! แล้วจะชนะอย่างไร ??? ตั้งแต่ดู matches กับคู่อื่นมาเป็นสิบๆครั้ง match นี้ตีแย่มากกว่าเพื่อน!!! ถ้าจำได้ไม่ผิดรู้สึกว่าไม่เคยชนะเขามาก่อนเลยใช่ไหม ?! ไม่ใช่ว่าไม่เชียร์เรานะ ! แต่มันเชียร์หไม่ชื้นจริงๆนะ !!!

    FlibbertigibbetFlibbertigibbetMonth ago
  • sumpah air mata gua deres bgt ini liat ka gel nangisssss 😭🎉

    Tiomothy AndTiomothy AndMonth ago
  • Alhamdulillaaah,GresAp menyelatkn muka Indonesia 👍👍👍

    Abdulfatah FatahAbdulfatah FatahMonth ago
  • Keren

    Bale BaleBale BaleMonth ago
  • 58:14 dat astaghfirullahaladzim 😂

    Jo MarchJo MarchMonth ago
  • Menyelamatkan Indonesia dari pulang tanpa gelar. Kebetulan di nomor lain rontok: Ganda putra Tunggal putra Tunggal putri Ganda campuran Namun ganda putri berbuah manis. Selamat buat kalian Selamat buat Indonesia Semoga thailand open 2 lbih bnyk lagi dari kita yg juara. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

    rahman glisang patarahman glisang pataMonth ago
    • Tunggal putri jangan disebut

      Arriyawan Love OfficialArriyawan Love OfficialMonth ago
    • Jika ginting berhasil menghancurkan axelsen si pramel menang mungkin Indonesia dapet 3 gelar

      ANDOANDOMonth ago
  • Polii became the first married woman to win the Super 1000 title in history. a very meaningful wedding gift.

    erwan putraerwan putraMonth ago
    • What a wonderful fun fact

      ilmu kitailmu kitaMonth ago
  • Semangat juang kalian luar biasa sangat menginspirasi banyak org salut utk poly& Rahayu 👍👍👍👍

    Rian ArdiansyahRian ArdiansyahMonth ago
  • Daddy Felix is proud of Mommy Greysia

    IkerinaIkerinaMonth ago
    • @faith in his blood true

      T TyT TyMonth ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Daud Toraja79Daud Toraja79Month ago
    • God gave His Son so we can live through Him and have everlasting life. God loves you! Believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be saved! This is the Gospel of your salvation 1 Corinthians 15: 1-4 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: You can give your life to God right now. Repent for your sins, trust Jesus, and God will give you eternal life. Have faith and say this prayer. "Jesus Lord I know you shed your blood and died for my sins. I know you were buried, and you rose again on the third day. Please forgive me for my sins. I give my life to you Lord. Thank you Jesus for saving me. Amen."

      faith in his bloodfaith in his bloodMonth ago
  • Kenapa jadi ikutan nangis guaa?!

    Lindie Citra prabaLindie Citra prabaMonth ago
  • Polii gue ikut nangis

    VEVO AsiaVEVO AsiaMonth ago
  • Terimaksh buat grey n apri sdh membawa kebanggaan Indonesia.sehat2 slu bt berdua.Gbu

    Maria Konstantina Ceme moiMaria Konstantina Ceme moiMonth ago
  • Alhmdulillah menang greyap...

    Alvin SaputraAlvin SaputraMonth ago
  • Nicee

    Wafiq TasmaraWafiq TasmaraMonth ago
  • Alhamdulillah greyap juaranya

    Har berkahHar berkahMonth ago
  • Keren greysia polii & apriani rahayu..good job..smart

    Perantau Batavia ChannelPerantau Batavia ChannelMonth ago