YNW Melly - Na Na Na Boo Boo [Lyric Video]

Mar 25, 2021
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The official lyric video for YNW Melly's "Na Na Na Boo Boo" - Out Now!
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  • I love this new song

    Gianna WeberGianna WeberMinute ago
  • Haha nanana boo boo

    endis hereendis here3 hours ago
  • Free melly!!!

    BanditBandit3 hours ago


  • after 2 years :O

    Tanisha NealTanisha Neal10 hours ago
  • Tiktokers just knowing this song now

    UxxxaUxxxa10 hours ago
  • damnnnn

    TRev101TRev10110 hours ago
  • Free melly

    am I really that selfisham I really that selfish10 hours ago
  • Ynw is back

    Ngoan NguyenNgoan Nguyen11 hours ago
  • Now when kids go to daycare they going to be like let’s play the Lego song and this pop up🤣🤣

    Isis DeanIsis Dean11 hours ago
  • Melly is out of jail

    silas beast1silas beast113 hours ago
  • arent you dead tho-

    Y/N OfficialY/N Official14 hours ago
    • since when? ☠️

      synticsyntic10 hours ago
  • i think to myself every day "what is this man saying?"

    Jacqueline LolikJacqueline Lolik14 hours ago
  • melly your music gets me through I life my parents died your music is helping it thanks #freemelly

    Hype ControlledHype Controlled14 hours ago
  • Only ynw melly fans keep up to date wit his music #FREEMELLY

    Tyrese MoretzTyrese Moretz15 hours ago
  • Ynw Melly u can probably help me start rapping

    Zitorious ThompsonZitorious Thompson17 hours ago
  • I love you song I bin listening to this for live 😜

    Virginia SanchezVirginia Sanchez17 hours ago
  • He recording this in jail that’s crazy the audio is good

    ttv hydradev13ttv hydradev1317 hours ago
  • 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💧🔥🔥🔥

    Destine ReynoldsDestine Reynolds17 hours ago
  • 🐐

    Josh JonesJosh Jones18 hours ago
  • Hate this so fuckin much, damn we ain’t heard from nelly in over a year & he brings us this🧐

    Tj McbeanTj Mcbean18 hours ago
  • They’re running out of melly songs

    NaturalBallersNaturalBallers18 hours ago
  • #Freemelly

    Ubejd MiftariUbejd Miftari19 hours ago
  • I need 8k

    Yannick HarperYannick Harper19 hours ago
  • i thought he died'

    Promise SamuelPromise Samuel19 hours ago
    • He never died he just in jail

      Cnf NazeerCnf Nazeer19 hours ago
  • I thought this song was new 😐

    YbnycYbnyc20 hours ago
    • Nah came out 3 years ago on SoundCloud and yt happy birthday bslime opps wrong person lmao

      Cnf NazeerCnf Nazeer19 hours ago
  • Wait... he's out of jail?

    Gacha_bobaGacha_boba22 hours ago
    • No this song came out 3 years ago on SoundCloud and yt he just posting the lyric vid now cause this song is trending 3 years later on TikTok

      Cnf NazeerCnf Nazeer19 hours ago
  • Lit

    Jaydin ScottJaydin Scott22 hours ago

    HamHam22 hours ago
  • Why this just getting released? 😩

    Tanya Petty2.0Tanya Petty2.022 hours ago
    • Because it’s started trending 3 years later in TikTok

      Cnf NazeerCnf Nazeer19 hours ago
  • 0:15 my big brother when I'm crying

    JahQuavieon OwensJahQuavieon Owens23 hours ago
  • free melly

    agq71h adopt meagq71h adopt meDay ago
  • this go hard

    agq71h adopt meagq71h adopt meDay ago
  • Na na na boo boo 👻

    Nataelie JordanNataelie JordanDay ago
  • Very nice my son

    Juraj NemčíkJuraj NemčíkDay ago
  • Na na na boo boo

    YNW ShadowYNW ShadowDay ago
  • My fav song

    FaZe RoseyFaZe RoseyDay ago
  • Don’t f with me

    Giuseppe GonzagaGiuseppe GonzagaDay ago
  • Fye 🔥 free melly till its backwards 🌍

    PrettyluhhkiidkayPrettyluhhkiidkayDay ago
  • Na na na boo boo YNW MELLY is a god 😏😈

    Jaiden HandsJaiden HandsDay ago
  • Uzi should of been on this 🔥

    Quan YayoQuan YayoDay ago
  • 😂

    Elelyon LualeElelyon LualeDay ago
  • 1 mil???

    Outpost SupremeOutpost SupremeDay ago
    • Yeah he getting 1 mill views today

      Cnf NazeerCnf NazeerDay ago
  • I love this song 😁

    Zariah HarrisZariah HarrisDay ago
  • Wait is he out of jail?

    nyxianyxiaDay ago
    • @Cnf Nazeer ohh

      nyxianyxiaDay ago
    • No he been had this out for 3 years now this is just the lyric video

      Cnf NazeerCnf NazeerDay ago
  • omg thank god your not dead i thought u were

    Sam blackout2116Sam blackout2116Day ago
    • He not gonna die they just don’t talk about him or say any updates about him all we know is that he has a court hearing may 21

      Cnf NazeerCnf NazeerDay ago
  • This 🔥 I did not know he was not out of jail did the flock just shoot a gummy bear wow 👀

    anita weatherspoonanita weatherspoonDay ago
  • Free ynw melly

    jokerkilljoker washingtonjokerkilljoker washingtonDay ago
  • This ain't it

    ZurestZurestDay ago
    • @Cnf Nazeer take a hike bro😐

      ZurestZurestDay ago
    • This song been how for 3 years he was just starting off it’s not it but it got like 5 million views on yt and SoundCloud

      Cnf NazeerCnf NazeerDay ago
  • Free melly

    B23animeB23animeDay ago
  • This was made 2 years ago wtf?

    PhantomPhantomDay ago
    • No it was made 3 years ago on SoundCloud it just this song is poppin on TikTok 3 years later so he dropped the lyric video

      Cnf NazeerCnf NazeerDay ago
  • stick

    maculee jeanmaculee jeanDay ago
  • ❤❤👌🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

    Jean FaustinJean FaustinDay ago
  • Yassss

    Jean FaustinJean FaustinDay ago
  • hopefully tik tok don’t find us he...... wait f*cc, they already found us😭

    lyannlyannDay ago
  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩✊✊✊

    Infernal Hippo 27Infernal Hippo 27Day ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Fyro-_- KFyro-_- KDay ago
  • #freemelly

    roblox & minecraft pro gamerroblox & minecraft pro gamerDay ago
  • Is melly out of jail

    • No he is not

      Cnf NazeerCnf NazeerDay ago
  • My hands: scrolling through the comments My ears: listening to the song My mouth: singing the lyrics My eyes: looking at the comments Me: I’m busy can’t talk Also me: acting like a gangster or a roadmen

    Dixie D’amelioDixie D’amelioDay ago
  • bruhh i love this songggg 😭.

    Isabel CarmanIsabel CarmanDay ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🥶🥶🔥🔥🥶🥶🥶🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Barbara LesaneBarbara LesaneDay ago
  • who ever did this is insane

    Joti UbhiJoti UbhiDay ago
  • Ha he ha ha ha 😂🔥

    lilstanley Gaminglilstanley GamingDay ago
  • some people really gonna be hearing this for the first time

    BongoBaseBongoBase2 days ago
    • Fax’s this came out 3 years ago on SoundCloud and on yt

      Cnf NazeerCnf NazeerDay ago
  • ki ggt 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Flow officialFlow official2 days ago
  • I shouldn't like this childish jibberish 🔥🔥

    Rodney DavisRodney Davis2 days ago
  • Ynw melly idol talaga kita Sana malabas kaba ng mga kanta kahit na hindi ako marunong mag English naiintihan ko naman🙏😅

    Mike DagamiMike Dagami2 days ago
  • Intro Tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    SF KingninjaSF Kingninja2 days ago
  • Legends ynw melly

    Robert StratonieRobert Stratonie2 days ago
  • where u at?

    Symon Pros ManluluSymon Pros Manlulu2 days ago
  • Did someone bring Ynw Melly a studio in jail?

    Magnificent PotatoMagnificent Potato2 days ago
  • i wish you were free to make more music

    Alisaac FloresAlisaac Flores2 days ago
  • Free MELLY

    Gamer18 1Gamer18 12 days ago
  • Fire

    Ay'Dien PerryAy'Dien Perry2 days ago
  • Nobody : Mickey 1:21 :

    Givenchy CartiGivenchy Carti2 days ago
  • I ain’t gon lie this is fire but if I heard the hehe haha part behind me I’m running for my life

    MoonlightMoonlight2 days ago
    • same that shit weird but fire at the same time

      elanzelanzDay ago
  • I though YWN Melly was dead

    Katarzyna Eydís RigallKatarzyna Eydís Rigall2 days ago
  • Before 1mill check like here

    Sam MugushSam Mugush2 days ago
  • umm is the king back???

    EthanhhhEthanhhh2 days ago
  • 1:20 he makes me crazy🤪🤙🏿🔥

    Nura MartinezNura Martinez2 days ago
  • My favorite song by ynw melly is murder on my mind

    Savannah BryantSavannah Bryant2 days ago
  • Is this song new

    princess Diamondprincess Diamond2 days ago
  • This song is crazy but it get stuck in my head

    princess Diamondprincess Diamond2 days ago
  • #freemelly

    enzo criccaenzo cricca2 days ago
  • Where demn tiktokers at ?😡

    Ephraim AwardEphraim Award2 days ago
  • Na na boo📞

    Ephraim AwardEphraim Award2 days ago
  • Meh It’s so hard to like his songs 🤔. They usually just suck 🤷🏼 he has some great ones though I really like melly vs Melvin the song not the album

    Optimus PrimalOptimus Primal2 days ago
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Why The Hell They Re-Releasing A Song That Was Officially Released 2 Years Ago i Been Listening To This

  • Zzuuhh

    Eshawnta D.Eshawnta D.2 days ago
  • 나는~어부

    Bann ComehereBann Comehere2 days ago
  • Bruh I fucking love him

    Ky'elle WallaceKy'elle Wallace2 days ago
  • Iam here from little queen forever

    chege maureenchege maureen2 days ago
  • Naanananan

    Betty delgadoBetty delgado3 days ago
  • Free melly💚🙏

    Ghost boy GhostGhost boy Ghost3 days ago
    • no lol

      CathammerCathammer2 days ago
  • HAHAHA🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Monica JacksonMonica Jackson3 days ago
  • Im confuse beacouse I thought Melly was In Prison now Is Melly in prison?

    Mort Baluca LaguidaoMort Baluca Laguidao3 days ago
  • 😍🧡🔥

    Thug Nine AlkThug Nine Alk3 days ago