"Yall Were Raised By KARENS, I Was Raised By...." | Reaction

Apr 3, 2021
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"Yall Were Raised By KARENS, I Was Raised By...." | Reaction

  • It's the "You're an accountant, not a stripper goddamnit" for me 😂

    Deanna BurkDeanna Burk18 minutes ago
  • Darcey from 90 day fiancé 😂

    KrystelKrystel10 hours ago
  • I remember your hood rich story and how that changed. I guess Ive been subscribed for a lil minute.

    kissy0k8kissy0k811 hours ago
  • Jill still a Karen. Jeni is still a Karen. She was Karening in the video.

    kissy0k8kissy0k811 hours ago
  • Wasn't the hippies brawdwin mum from housewives

    psalm Humphreypsalm Humphrey20 hours ago
  • Some of these people are karens...

    Tamarra SmithTamarra SmithDay ago
  • I actually love what you're trying to do but it's moving too fast and it's really small I can't read it

    Eric CarterEric CarterDay ago
  • "Oh no marylin got me fucked up "

    Do not touchDo not touchDay ago
  • Lesbians can DEFINITELY be Karens

    Butcher PeeteButcher PeeteDay ago
  • Fr scared by cats I'm sleep lol

    DDDD2 days ago
  • When Women let "themselves go" it could be many reason. Lots have to do with post partum depression, stress amoung other things... It's not an excuse it's reality real life.. most mom's don't have fitness bodies some stomachs are destroyed don't talk about what you don't know about..

    Get BentGet Bent2 days ago
  • This video had me weak 👀🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂

  • I’m so jenie !!!

    Girl mom 3xGirl mom 3x2 days ago
  • It's the "oh no Marylynne would have me fckd up" for me ☠️.

    The Classic BeautyThe Classic Beauty3 days ago
  • "like, damn why y'all so broke" got me choking on my water. Was not expecting that.... I needed that laugh!

    No NameNo Name3 days ago
  • Yeah. . . I was raised by an angry Karenzilla.

    Mint TeaMint Tea3 days ago

    btbzzz 2276btbzzz 22763 days ago
  • Rachel look like the mum from Bob's Burgers

    E SE S3 days ago
  • About the weed thing, people would say the same thing about Tobacco back in the day. “I have never heard of that” “...well it doesn’t give me problems” or “o well”. 😂😂 y’all all doing the same got damn thing, wait till the future.

    Honeyyy YosHoneyyy Yos3 days ago
  • You was raised by Karen? .... I was raised by Karen also compliation.

    Alee BeaAlee Bea3 days ago
  • 2:08 I know she was not seasoning the cat food 😭💀

    Karmell MurphyKarmell Murphy3 days ago
  • I loved this video. I'm an essential oils mom.

    foryourjoyforyourjoy3 days ago
  • Girlll!! That stomach thing in weed is soooo true but I think it’s low quality weed tho😂it’s called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.... Before my friend found her plug at the despensary she was getting it off the street faithfully, every week a new 8th and she got so sick she had to go to the er! The vomiting and stomach pain was sooooo real.. and warm showers were literally the only thing that was soothing.... now with that good stuff, haven’t had no issues at all... but be aware of products from street pharmacist! It don’t always be right🥴😂😂😂😂

    LeeleeLeelee3 days ago
  • “Okay, I see where you get it from.” ☠️ Took Me out !!

    Samina LaShawnSamina LaShawn4 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣The suspicious look on your face every time Robin came on!! 😂😂😂💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣

    Ixchel SkyfeatherIxchel Skyfeather4 days ago
  • I See Some As Karens With Their Family But🤷🏿‍♀️

    Solesha JosephSolesha Joseph4 days ago
  • I Got Tired Of Seeing Robin

    Solesha JosephSolesha Joseph4 days ago
  • Sharkboy Tarzan Mowgli Megamind ... 😗

    Solesha JosephSolesha Joseph4 days ago
  • Darcey is a 90 Day Fiance star

    Truth SeekerTruth Seeker4 days ago
  • The controlling Sister who thinks she's my mom hurt my feelings 😭😭😭

    Laila BrownLaila Brown4 days ago
  • I loved this...... ❤️This is how my 18 yr old is....bc everyone swears I’m her sister...She’s like NO, that’s my MOM 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Lovely BellsLovely Bells4 days ago

    BonnBonn4 days ago
  • i feel like most of these parents got their kid on accident

    Blooper_DooperBlooper_Dooper4 days ago
  • wth did i just watch

    DND teddyDND teddy4 days ago
  • “If you smoke weed too much weed it can cause stomach disorders” Me at 5:54am packing my 4th bowl: 👁👄👁

    Moonchild Joon-ahMoonchild Joon-ah4 days ago
  • Oh so y’all were raised by Georgias if you know you know stream Ginny and Georgia on Netflix

    Heaven McgriffHeaven Mcgriff5 days ago
  • The whole comment section: 😂😂

    DariusDarius5 days ago
  • I was raised by good Karens.My parents are strict and uptight af

    Lisa AntonioLisa Antonio5 days ago
  • You walking in with yo friend seeing yo mom shooting dice with her friends is a hilarious visual! 😂😂😂

    ShortyMack TVShortyMack TV5 days ago
  • “That ain’t it though Jill”

    Serena MoniqueSerena Monique5 days ago
  • "I won't get into that" please DO get into that sis

    PoseidonPoseidon5 days ago
  • As a lesbian I love Marilyn

    Brianna :3Brianna :36 days ago
  • This was cute ig but ytpipo of all walks of life can be Karen’s ... this isn’t how they’re not problematic to black people or non black poc

    Taylor JordanTaylor Jordan6 days ago
  • Fun fact- my step dad had major stomach issues bc he smoked too much pot.

    Miranda xoxoxoMiranda xoxoxo6 days ago
  • I noticed that *all these children have the EXACT same aesthetic/style and looks as their parents,* I like that! Guess that's what comes out of having a good relationship with your parents.😔

    PinkPink6 days ago
  • Lmao “alrighty i see where you get it from” shady as hell

    HYMHYM6 days ago
  • Why all these people acting like it's impossible for their parents to be Karens? I could picture both he gay dads and lesbian moms being Karen. Just because they're LGBTQ doesn't mean Karenhood is impossible lol. I could see a lot of potential Karens in this video.

    That's RichThat's Rich6 days ago
  • Why does Jeni's life seem so great? She seems cool as hell

    That's RichThat's Rich6 days ago
  • "Oh, no. Marilyn would have me fucked up. I'm good." And _I'm_ wiping my tears 😂

    VBVB6 days ago
  • We need a black version of this...lol.

    James JohnsonJames Johnson6 days ago
  • 3:30 weed can cause stomach disorders been battling chs for two years now wouldnt wish this type of pain on my worse enemy

    jakendria jenkinsjakendria jenkins6 days ago
  • Dees reactions be funny asf just because of what she be saying 😭😭

    Tommy -_-Tommy -_-6 days ago
  • a couple of these i’m not too sure aren’t Karen’s either tbh but i loved this.

    gigga143gigga1436 days ago
  • yall had parents?

    MythicScriptsMythicScripts6 days ago
  • Why you so afraid of cats..... oh it's coz of weird cats .... watch the cute cats ....seriously

    Zero D.Zero D.7 days ago
  • Oh dayum, I can not unsee that cat mom extraordinaire!

    komeonkomeon7 days ago
  • ......🤔.....Robin was the imposter

    Jasmine GonzalesJasmine Gonzales7 days ago
  • "Cool parent" usually means "my kid is someone else's problem".

    Some NameSome Name7 days ago
    • On me can't be too cool with ur kids

      Daniel JonesDaniel Jones7 days ago
  • Jill reminded me of the mom in mean girls. "I'm a cool mom, I do the twerk and tiktocs" 😅

    C P-ZC P-Z7 days ago
  • "I wanna speak to the manager of racial injustice" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Relaxing NoiseRelaxing Noise7 days ago
  • Karen be used by White people out of it's intented purpose. Karen = entitled, possiby racially biased lady that's not young in age. Becky is generic term for younger white gals, Becky does have A sexual inference but doesn't need to apply with use since it's A very common name. Being always angry or cool has nothing to do with being A Karen or having A Karen moment. If you live A very white people only life odds are mom/An aunt is A Karen (most in this clip here were). White washing is not cool at all.

    Hkm Shw2Hkm Shw27 days ago
  • i live in new york. imma tell you right now. jenni is worse than karen. i see a lot of jenni's. if you see one, leave the bar. especially if you are a guy.

    Micro SoftMicro Soft7 days ago
  • 10:24 Dee we better get a story time with your sister in it 😤😂

    Alfredo OAlfredo O7 days ago
  • My parents aren't boring, but they're anxiety-inducing each for different reasons.😵

    PinkPink7 days ago
  • Some people shouldnt have/raise kids 🥴

    Anbu GrimmAnbu Grimm7 days ago
  • Sorry but when frankie popped up and said she raised 2 stars I laughed

    Tauryan CouchTauryan Couch7 days ago
  • Fredrik seems mad chill😂

    Cameron CooleyCameron Cooley7 days ago
  • I like Deb and brian's pics looks like they lived an interesting life

    arsen world123arsen world1237 days ago
  • Those lip injections do “Darcey” wrong

    SloothmanSloothman7 days ago
  • I was raised by karens😢

    Onyinyechi MaduomaOnyinyechi Maduoma7 days ago
  • Karens’ real names

    King JordanKing Jordan7 days ago
  • Sister reveal ?😩😩

    ChoCho7 days ago
  • 2:03 🤣🤣

    Kamren CampbellKamren Campbell7 days ago
  • Huh

    Lovenson PierreLovenson Pierre7 days ago
  • A bunch of these still looked like Karens..js

    Willie KingWillie King7 days ago
  • darcy from 90 day fiancee??? loool

    A. AhmedA. Ahmed7 days ago
  • Jeni is a Karen

    שי כהןשי כהן7 days ago
  • “ I was like damn , why y’all so broke “ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Franklyn WhiteFranklyn White7 days ago
  • Dee react to KSI Try not to laugh GTA V edition!

  • You thought it was Karen but it was I, DIO

    An Unamused GodAn Unamused God7 days ago
  • not white people trying to distance themselves from whiteness. must be confused what karen means.

    ninja turtleninja turtle7 days ago
  • The hippie lady is from housewives of Orange County, her daughter is on the show

    April EvansApril Evans7 days ago
  • I think i prefer 'Karen' parents over 'I'm one of the girls/boys parents' they fukn cringe tf out of me😂🤣

    SirDinoSirDino7 days ago
  • Darcy is a damn bird brain. I’d take a Karen

    SamanthaSamantha7 days ago
  • A lot of them just got some annoying ass parents having a midlife crisis

    John WagnerJohn Wagner7 days ago
    • Yeah a few we’re definitely having a midlife crisis

      TheyCallMeKingzTheyCallMeKingz3 days ago
  • I can confirm weed causes stomach disorders. It hard for me to eat when I’m not high

    TwinkieTwinkie7 days ago
  • Not Dee shading her own parents😂

    Nasir WilliamsNasir Williams7 days ago
  • "okay did it work though"🤣🤣🤣🤣

    conqueror xconqueror x7 days ago
  • One thing about Dee, she’s gonna shade everybody. Strangers, family members, herself. Nobody is left behind.

    i mean, whateveri mean, whatever7 days ago
    • Lmao

      PSyCH_ShoCKPSyCH_ShoCK7 days ago
    • She even shade herself😭

      StanAnnabelleForClearSkinStanAnnabelleForClearSkin7 days ago
  • Some of these moms were still giving off Karen vibes...

    lahdeedah358lahdeedah3587 days ago
  • Can u please react to jay nedaj on youtube

    Joshua HambiraJoshua Hambira7 days ago
  • Zack from where? Can't quite make out what she is saying there 7:14

    Ser FranklinSer Franklin7 days ago
    • Zack from "Saved by the Bell," a sitcom from the late 1980s.

      Chris BChris B7 days ago
  • Damn why yall so broke 🤣

    CrisCris7 days ago
    • That sent me 😭😭😭😩

      Eric SmithEric Smith7 days ago
  • Dee you look well-rested 😍🤝🏽

    The DeadmanThe Deadman7 days ago
  • marilyn honey are you okay?

    kai h.kai h.7 days ago
  • 3:25 my step dad was throwing up for 3 days straight cuz of that. Nigga couldn’t even walk downstairs he was sick as shit.

    prod. xaphanprod. xaphan7 days ago
  • Be honest Jenny looks like a Karen

    Michel DickMichel Dick7 days ago
  • Jill was a party girl😭

    prod. xaphanprod. xaphan7 days ago
  • It was good until cat lady and essential oil mom. NOPE

    Alexandro RoccaAlexandro Rocca7 days ago
  • Not Darcey from 90 day fiance 😭😭😭

    Og WizOg Wiz7 days ago