Worlds Strongest 18 Year Old vs FaZe Clan - Strength Test

Nov 6, 2020
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Worlds Strongest 18 Year Old vs FaZe Clan - Strength Test ft @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Teeqo
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  • Jarvis didn’t even do one he half repped all of them

  • Not hating but there form on the curls is every 13 year old 😂

    Stanly GunterStanly Gunter13 hours ago
  • That guy doing 8 leg reps he was using he’s arms he should be disqualified

    Andreas MolinAndreas Molin13 hours ago
  • bro this shit fake as fuck

    SilentWraith - OFFICIALSilentWraith - OFFICIAL16 hours ago
  • Come to south Africa lol there are 15 year old afrikaans guys that are stronger than all of you lol.

    Cameron BranfordCameron BranfordDay ago
  • Yo who remembers sid?

    LuckiezLuckiez3 days ago
  • being 18 and look like 12 but looks kinda like 29 cus he got big arms but useless cus he cnt reach to ppl who is taller

    kawaiii_YTkawaiii_YT4 days ago
  • Jarvis didn’t do one rep on the leg press

    Conor SweeneyConor Sweeney4 days ago
  • That dude is definitely not the world's strongest 18 year old. Don't get me wrong, he looks way more swole than most of us here, but he's also an absolute midget. Like dude, I don't train at all, but because I'm a foot taller than this dude, I weigh more than him even though I'm skinny af. I guarantee you there are so many people over a foot taller than him who could easily beat him up in a fight if they train even a little bit.

    Dawn RipperDawn Ripper4 days ago
  • Yooo that was sick how tiki did 60

    ZlesPenthoZlesPentho4 days ago
  • Let me see when all of the round he's so strong

    Rahel BasazenewRahel Basazenew5 days ago
  • jarvis was not doing full reps on leg press cant cap

    JzqilJzqil5 days ago
  • Tiko did the best pushups

    MJ LouwMJ Louw6 days ago
  • Jump cuts, cheat curls, middle aged mom “strength” tests.... quality content

    JacobJacob6 days ago
  • strongest 18 yo my ass

    El ement1155El ement11556 days ago
  • Great video. The author is great. On my channel you can see Fail moments in the gym and a lot of things about sports...

    Sports Planet TVSports Planet TV6 days ago
  • Chris kogias

  • Goo scaring me with the leg locks Jesus man

    Cardi GreenCardi Green7 days ago
  • 11:16 snap city every rep

    100KG Natty100KG Natty7 days ago
  • My lower back, knees, and elbows hurt from seeing this

    TarzanJSTarzanJS9 days ago
  • I guarantee there is some genetically gifted giant who is naturally stronger.

    Noah Vander KlokNoah Vander Klok10 days ago
  • Lmao he showed that bunch of nerds up

    JackoJacko10 days ago
  • What is with the jump cuts. 😂

    Ryan HendersonRyan Henderson10 days ago
  • First dude so weak he had to do chest push ups

    bendadick clonebendadick clone11 days ago
  • 9:37 watching them spot makes it very obvious who actually goes to the gym and who just kinda exercises. On the right is full on squatting with the weight, prepared to take it all on. On the left is kinda just hoping it all goes well and hovering his hand near the machine

    RackedoodleRackedoodle11 days ago
  • How is that Tristan can lift weights but Jarvis hits harder on the punching machine lmfao

    Junior HJunior H12 days ago
  • If he’s 18 now he’s not special just saying

    Flr Dark_yaboisiFlr Dark_yaboisi12 days ago
  • Tristyn is a beast

    Jayden LoveJayden Love12 days ago
  • No hate but trystin has t-Rex fore arms but he is a beast

    Jasiah TompsonJasiah Tompson12 days ago
  • LMAO this video is a joke. First of all the bicep curls are horrid they fling their back to help get up the dumbbell which for those kids under the age of 13 who can't go to the gym assuming that's still the required age, that is nowhere near the correct form. They also just drop the dumbbell back down instead of dropping it slowly which makes the workout even more difficult *you're supposed to do it anyways*. Secondly I love the pushups, they do 2 then it cuts to like 90. They are 100% faking the numbers and for those faze fuck boys who are going to suck my cock in comment explain why they just don't speed up the push ups instead of completely cutting it out same for the plank. They just skip until everyone drops out. The only workout they actually have correct form on is the leg press because it's literally the most difficult thing in the world to fuck up. I love how they think they are strong, like don't @ me until they learn to actually do the workouts shown in the video properly.

    BigBoi JizzBigBoi Jizz13 days ago
  • Sick kid Im only 20 And I can only lift with one hand 50 pounds

    Harrison LamontHarrison Lamont13 days ago
  • I like your gut g c

    Moustafa El shenawyMoustafa El shenawy14 days ago
  • A nice weight room and these jabronis have no muscle as someone who loves working out I hate seeing a weight room and they don't lift shit

    Nicholas SortoNicholas Sorto15 days ago
  • My motivation is starting to rise at rapid pace.

    Sun Jin wooSun Jin woo17 days ago
  • tristyn couldve gone more than 100

    FuwonFuwon19 days ago
  • dude he fucked himself up he didnt get to hit puberty thats all sarms

    Quaid NofilQuaid Nofil19 days ago
  • why do i feel like adapt smells bad

    juke43saljuke43sal20 days ago
  • 5 fully grown man dude tristyn os the best always

    baalaji baalajibaalaji baalaji21 day ago
  • 💉💉💉💉

    DoginhalerDoginhaler23 days ago
  • You should try 18 years old vs faze security

    Alen LitiAlen Liti23 days ago
  • nice growth dude

    EZ-TOPIAEZ-TOPIA24 days ago
  • A moment of silence for all the damages to the lumbar spines that day. And the form. Oh for the love of god the form.

    elran123elran12325 days ago
  • Teeqo Was the only one with decent form..

    InfamousK _InfamousK _27 days ago
  • wow

    Kosta KostadinovKosta Kostadinov27 days ago
  • He is not the strongest 18 year old why, just to get more view?

    GaMinG NorDGaMinG NorD28 days ago
  • It seems that they just got 17 push ups like wtf🤣🤣

    GaMinG NorDGaMinG NorD28 days ago
  • 9:00 500+lbs and he is just chilling w hands behind head? Gtfoh!!! Fake weights

    Brandon FergusonBrandon Ferguson28 days ago
  • bro i was so scared for the leg press machine when they were kinda locking their legs

    Christopher SolisChristopher Solis29 days ago
  • Super bro 👌🏻👌🏻 India

    Shyam ChunadeShyam Chunade29 days ago
  • Super bro

    Shyam ChunadeShyam Chunade29 days ago
  • Jarvis was doing half reps on leg press

    Jack MellerickJack Mellerick29 days ago
  • jarvis did 15 bad form pushups

    im just a nobodyim just a nobodyMonth ago
  • Jarvis was cheating doing push-ups he did not go all the way down

    Austen KalaAusten KalaMonth ago
  • Teeko is a beast

    Hishaam AhmedHishaam AhmedMonth ago
  • Why do y’all even have a gym

    Legit NameLegit NameMonth ago
  • Bro he is cool

    FW GamingFW GamingMonth ago
  • Do the body shot change

    Anvil LIVEAnvil LIVEMonth ago
  • "This kid is 18 years old" LMFAO

    TechnoHammerTechnoHammerMonth ago
  • You know that the "Worlds strongest 18 year old" takes HGH to help with his growth right? Therefore he is not natural and has a huge advantage over the faze clan, DISQUALIFIED.

    TechnoHammerTechnoHammerMonth ago
    • @Bud that kid ain't natural buddy

      boi hboi h6 days ago
    • @Dominic Blair What are you a therapist, yeah no so shut up

      BudBud16 days ago
    • @Bud You need to get off the internet man, stop being so fucking invested lol.

      Dominic BlairDominic Blair16 days ago
    • What are you a doctor, yeah no so shut up

      BudBudMonth ago
  • alex is doing 3 reps of legs and the camera says 5

    Yannick AhlersYannick AhlersMonth ago
  • 10:12 mans nikan dead said 5 when alex was on the 3rd press im weakkkk

    Chris GuevaraChris GuevaraMonth ago
  • Yee 500 press yee okkk buddy shits fake no way

    Chris GuevaraChris GuevaraMonth ago
  • Anyone else stressed when they did leg press 😂 straight knees 💀💀

    Fabian HDFabian HDMonth ago
  • At 1:47 his form was nice 👍🏼

    James MartinezJames MartinezMonth ago
  • hh not STRONGEST 18. maybe shreddest but not strongest

    Viktor HubáčekViktor HubáčekMonth ago
  • What height of this kid? I think 5'3?

    A AA AMonth ago
    • Yep he's 5'3

      BudBudMonth ago
  • 1.-Push ups: yeah I doubt any of them did more than 30 maybe Tristinyn did more, but he does bodybuilding, not calisthenics so nowhere 100 I can guarantee it, and the one doing military push ups made it harder on himself. 2.-Wall sit: that is more of an endurance test than a strength one and faze adapt was using his hands for support. 3.- Cheat bicep curls: wtf why tf would someone think cheat curling is a form of strength¿?, now we are going to see 16 year olds cheat curling heavy weights and tearing their biceps thinking they are strong. 4.-Plank: again, endurance instead of strength. 5.- Leg press: most of them did half reps or used their arms for extra strength, and also locked their knees, Trystan seeing that and not saying anything makes me think that he secretly hates them as that may cause an accident. However, I didn’t expect this people to know much about fitness as their careers are based in video games, but if you have a home gym you should use it. Or donate it to somewhere they could do more with it.

    luis cavazosluis cavazosMonth ago
  • Look at that kid hes 18 and look at him

    josephjosephMonth ago
  • Do you know going all the way

    Michelle KonwickMichelle KonwickMonth ago
  • Not to mention horrible form

    Yung CitrusYung CitrusMonth ago
  • That’s cheating No hands on leggies for leg press

    Yung CitrusYung CitrusMonth ago
  • Jarvis is a puss he has to bend thos knees 9:30

    Pedro ChavezPedro ChavezMonth ago
  • Camara man sounds like Ben alazar

  • Whoever that kid is he barely was even moving the leg bench like he sucks

    Elijah SegoviaElijah SegoviaMonth ago
  • اعتقد ماكو عربي اهنا 🤣🤣🤣

    عقيل الفتلاويعقيل الفتلاويMonth ago
  • Why does Jarvis allwase wear slides

    Joe O'MalleyJoe O'MalleyMonth ago
  • I actually thought he'll be 16 for 3 more years

    Fazil ManafFazil ManafMonth ago
  • Jarvis totally didn’t do full reps on the leg press. Didn’t even do it right

    Rylan CoatesRylan CoatesMonth ago
  • Tiko’s push up form was way better

    Aaron goodrichAaron goodrichMonth ago
  • how do you make over 6 figures, go to the gym, but don't look like you lift at all?

    ramiramiMonth ago
  • Ho decided the world strong 18 year old ? 🤣🤣🤣

    Mouhamed salah chourfiMouhamed salah chourfiMonth ago
  • Bruh he ain’t the worlds strongest 18 year old😂😂

    Liam MarkhamLiam MarkhamMonth ago
  • *ok*

    Ride the GamerRide the GamerMonth ago
  • The kid looks like 12 years old

    Magdalena OkwietMagdalena OkwietMonth ago
  • Ur busted

    Senycal VibeszySenycal VibeszyMonth ago
  • believe me i can push up 70

    Harish JoshiHarish JoshiMonth ago
  • Don’t lock your knees on the leg press you could fuck your self up

    Jaden SallingerJaden SallingerMonth ago
  • be honest we all know the cameraman won

    06 Fishing06 FishingMonth ago
  • Jarvis on the wall sits look like he’s just sitting on a chair

    JuicetheKiddJuicetheKiddMonth ago
  • Damn Tristyn hella short ngl

    Taft RamTaft RamMonth ago
    • A lot of faze members are jarvis , teeqo and that other guy

      BudBudMonth ago
  • He should join faze and help them to get as ripped as he is

    Kayla BoutinKayla BoutinMonth ago
  • Ngl these type of vids help me get ready for my up coming fitness gram at school

    Dark Shadow GachaDark Shadow GachaMonth ago
  • Lol non of them would do 40 or 50 lmao love fakes

    KzI_HerminoxKzI_HerminoxMonth ago
  • I can easily hit 40 push-ups and I’m 13

    Aidan O'RourkeAidan O'RourkeMonth ago
  • Adapts face is pink but his body is white 10:10

    MinecraftbrosLTU janMinecraftbrosLTU janMonth ago
  • Literally says 50 on the dumbbell in the thumbnail, you ain’t fooling no one

    Mason GouinMason GouinMonth ago
  • Everyone was cheating LOL

    Jon DoeJon DoeMonth ago
  • This is such an insult to the fitness industry bruh like they did not do that many push ups in a row. That’s obvious. Instead of curling the dumbbell they cleaned it. They were locking their legs when doing the leg press. I’m surprised none of them blew their knees out. Stick to gaming guys y’all r a joke. Ur channels are tailored to 6 year old kids who don’t know wtf their looking at.

    Pranav JoshiPranav JoshiMonth ago
  • Adapt look in his shirt and tells next is 65 are the notes there

    PsychoPsychoMonth ago
  • jarvis "do you know a leg press?"

    james lowejames loweMonth ago