World’s Most IMPOSSIBLE Magic (Omegle) - #Shorts

Feb 16, 2021
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One of the World’s Most IMPOSSIBLE Magic Tricks on Omegle- enjoy!
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    SeanDoesMagicSeanDoesMagic19 days ago
    • so well n clean the magic done, mind to guide us. @SeanDoesMagic

      jm stylejm style2 days ago
    • 😇

      劉政熙劉政熙6 days ago
    • U drew 4 of heart while talking.

      Rajat Ranjan JhaRajat Ranjan Jha6 days ago
    • Plz do a tutorial on this plz

      JeffTheBlockOfCheeseJeffTheBlockOfCheese9 days ago
    • Hi guys my name is Jeff Tv and do you know my number

      Maria MooreMaria Moore12 days ago
  • simple he just took that last card and drew the 4 of diamonds real quick

    Michael JordanMichael Jordan16 hours ago
  • Maybe he just drew that la st poc with all 52 on 52 different cards and chair that one :o

    10PercentMilk Mmmm10PercentMilk MmmmDay ago
  • If your wondering, the rest of the ending pages are of the other cards, thats why theres so much unflipped, cause its a low number

    Jimmy HiJimmy HiDay ago

    Lit bannanasLit bannanas2 days ago
  • Yo! I have that

    ZeroPancake9759ZeroPancake97592 days ago
  • My jaw actually dropped

    Ghost 117Ghost 1172 days ago
  • There is another USworldsr that did this exact trick

    APEXAPEX2 days ago
  • Is it just me or the drawing in the card seems dirty to others...

    DBLegends ZDBLegends Z3 days ago
  • Imagine how many old men with ducks out he saw just to get a nice person

    I DunnoI Dunno3 days ago
  • What is life

    yeet kingyeet king3 days ago
  • Correct me if im wrong, or sorry if im guessing this right and blow the trick. You show the card deck and hold it with 4 fingers, and tilt the deck to a diamond shape. So when the girl see your deck and hand she unaware but absorb that information and says 4 of diamond.

    Hirza Ahmad MutahariHirza Ahmad Mutahari3 days ago
  • We know you turned on hacks

    ladingo nladingo n4 days ago
  • He put all type of cards and then whatever card they pick he switches bc he has tons of cards of the end if u know what I mean

    xDarkUnknownxDarkUnknown4 days ago
  • Strange how there's like 50 cuts...

    ReigndersonReignderson4 days ago
  • Hey i know what do you do

    Nima AminiNima Amini4 days ago
  • I know how you do that ;)

    DonyDony4 days ago
  • 🤕TikTok is banned in India

    Paglami 24Paglami 244 days ago
  • Nice

    Duro DemonteDuro Demonte5 days ago
  • plot twist: the magician's design is actually a fourth level demon who can travel in ultra-temporal space

    this name was supposed to be a poemthis name was supposed to be a poem5 days ago
  • You know how many times it took him to find someone that said 4 of diamonds

    IsaiahIsaiah5 days ago

    Cloudyx GatchaCloudyx Gatcha5 days ago
  • What's the song playing?

    Gundam WarriorGundam Warrior5 days ago
  • And the deck was cards lol

    Mirai KariMirai Kari5 days ago
  • Bro do you even skate poser🤮

    Fabio BückingFabio Bücking5 days ago
  • Hmm, Sean. Do YOu SkATe?

    Petty' Much NothingPetty' Much Nothing5 days ago
  • I know the tricks its very easy

    Steve HarrisSteve Harris5 days ago
  • No you are not.You should say one of the world's greatest artists instead.You are not the greatest after all.

    hein sathein sat6 days ago
  • I wonder if he has a gem instead of a belly button?

    Guess My NameGuess My Name6 days ago
  • My brain hurts

    Captain 4EVACaptain 4EVA6 days ago
  • Copied from America’s got talent

    SaintSaint6 days ago
  • Sean: god it's been over 8 hours trying to get someone to say the four of diamonds

    MOGMOG7 days ago
  • I got to admit, you are a pretty good artist!

    Casey PakCasey Pak7 days ago
  • Omg

    techytechy7 days ago
  • Imagine accidentally dropping that deck of cards

    HurshilHurshil7 days ago
  • plot twist: he made flip books with all the cards and picked the one that she had

    EndativeEndative7 days ago
  • Beautiful Girl😁

    Thet Phyo AungThet Phyo Aung8 days ago
  • You deal with her

    Legender SkillzLegender Skillz8 days ago
  • Poor kid

    DovanelliDovanelli8 days ago
  • babababababa

    JDGJDG8 days ago
  • Bruh this trick was in Agt before many years.

    slwzz Legendaryslwzz Legendary8 days ago
  • If you asked my to name a card, i would legit say "Blue eyes white dragon" Without hesitation.

    KolbaltSayian GamingKolbaltSayian Gaming8 days ago
  • Im not trying to accuse him of faking things but it might’ve been staged if it wasn’t I’m impressed

    Saul RasconSaul Rascon8 days ago
  • Plot twist: he made one for each card and put a sticky note on it so he knows which one to show them 😉

    Caden MillerCaden Miller8 days ago
  • I think I know what he did he have so many cards at the end so he switch it so that look like 4 dims

    candy-corn Kingcandy-corn King8 days ago
  • POV: he's made a flip book for every card so when someone says a card he just finds the flip book with that card✌

    EliEli8 days ago
  • All you gotta do is switch the last card off camera after she says it

    Hamza ShakerHamza Shaker8 days ago
  • he should try American gots talent

    phat a. boy with 1k lbsphat a. boy with 1k lbs8 days ago
  • Plot twost for the last card he did all of the cards then gpt into an angle and took the four of diamonds that he drew and put ot behing the stack of cards

    anousha and shirmaine vlogsanousha and shirmaine vlogs9 days ago
  • Yo so cool dude. Plz teach us 😎😎

    dr physcodr physco9 days ago
  • Imagine if he wrote the 4 of diamonds on the last card when he put his hands out of view

    OutOfThePlanet YTOutOfThePlanet YT9 days ago
  • Did you tell her before

    Dhanashri EkawadeDhanashri Ekawade9 days ago
  • Why don't you show magic trick to boys ?🤣🤣🤣

    Om EnterprisesOm Enterprises9 days ago
  • How the trick was done. Last car is blank, then the magician uses slight of hand to write the prediction then play the flip book and make it look like it was pre predicted

    A IA I9 days ago
  • Oh I see when Sean put the cards down when she said the four of diamonds we switched the cards at the end

    Luis VeraLuis Vera9 days ago
  • Where can I buy this

    MalGames 2010MalGames 20109 days ago
  • My dad has that

    MalGames 2010MalGames 20109 days ago
  • Do a nother one

    Susan CrawfordSusan Crawford9 days ago
  • Fakeeee lol

    Youssef ElerakiYoussef Eleraki9 days ago
  • Fakeeee lol

    Youssef ElerakiYoussef Eleraki9 days ago
  • ok how

    Grover DogGrover Dog9 days ago
  • Isnt this Dasha?

    LunaLu666 LucifugeLunaLu666 Lucifuge9 days ago
  • Just have a different last card for every option and put the one they pick on the bottom that’s easy.

    Lemon DealerLemon Dealer9 days ago
  • Oh I wanna learn this one, my nephew would be flipping

    frenchiverutifrenchiveruti9 days ago
  • He made one of those for each card... Nah, he's just magical and no one can explain what happened... Yeah, he's just magic

    MrM3llowMrM3llow9 days ago
  • guess what she said she said WHAT THE F***

    Melody RealMelody Real9 days ago
  • Dude, you are literally Tricking yourself out for followers.

    Theodore SharpeTheodore Sharpe9 days ago
  • Just wait till you get some diehard Penn & Teller fan on Omegle. 😂

    Sam LyonsSam Lyons9 days ago
  • Why is this card trick _so_ familiar?

    Serena HunjanSerena Hunjan10 days ago
  • Hey 👋

    Joanna RuizJoanna Ruiz10 days ago
  • This is how he does it: because the part where the card is revealed is only 1 frame of the flip book, he has a card with each type of card on it and when they say their card he just picks up the one that has their card on it and puts it on the bottom of the deck

    CargerF1CargerF110 days ago
  • Like por la remera de Argentina

    ndrs38ndrs3810 days ago
  • I know the trick

    Ava shawAva shaw10 days ago
  • I would make a flip book for every card then switch the last few ones depending on what they say

    JetHockeyE44JetHockeyE4410 days ago
  • “yo pick a card” “uhhh 3 of clubs” *ends call*

    DeepSeaDeepSea10 days ago
  • He should've also said "did u know that I'm the greatest magician too.."

    Muneera mohammed aliMuneera mohammed ali10 days ago
  • U know that creepy people on Omegle can track ur location

    Alayna AndersonAlayna Anderson10 days ago
  • im pretty sure theres actually something else behind his card

    RioNotHereRioNotHere10 days ago
  • Ya he find someone to say 4 dimonds

    Michael GaravdemberelMichael Garavdemberel10 days ago
  • How does he do this

    juduzijuduzi10 days ago
  • almost stole her heart with that one

    AustralienAustralien10 days ago
  • This was on america's got talent a few years back.

    AwdiwaAwdiwa11 days ago
  • To be honest... That girl sounds like Kiera from Caylus/Infinite- 0.0

    KobyD1KobyD111 days ago
  • Woaaaaaat the👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤝🤝 stupid

    Jett MonkeyJett Monkey11 days ago
  • He has cards on the table and puts the card they say as the last card

    Komose idk whyKomose idk why11 days ago
  • I think he had all the cards already done and he just waited until she said the four of ♦️ and he just searched after it Cuz you can see him looking Att the card when she says her card

    Fille boiFille boi11 days ago
  • The last card that showed the 4 of diamonds the 4 of diamonds was not there before while he was asking them for a card he wrote it down without her seeing it

    Dark BlueDark Blue11 days ago
  • O-O

    Mike KenneyMike Kenney11 days ago
  • Oooh i know the trick behind this🤔😏

    Raquel AlmonteRaquel Almonte11 days ago
  • Omg

    Amy MacAmy Mac11 days ago
  • Shes so british i can drown my self in tea

    QueenBBQueenBB11 days ago
  • I can't call it magic cuz you just showed her every card and just flipped it and St f until you get four of diamonds

    Hisham CuadraHisham Cuadra11 days ago
  • She is so beautiful ! What is her name ?

    Lê Nguyên KhaLê Nguyên Kha11 days ago
  • Me out of nowhere: Hey! Did you know brother Sean looks like a big baby when he smiles? If it sounds offending or upsetting, it means brother Sean looks cute when he smiles so I hope brother Sean keeps up his magic tricks with smiles

    Yza MontenegroYza Montenegro11 days ago
  • He must've made the whole flipbook and when she named hr card just written it quickly

  • Omg how did my friend get on here

    Amaya’s StoriesAmaya’s Stories12 days ago
  • I think I know how u did that 😇😇😇😇😇

    Dark__ WolfDark__ Wolf12 days ago
  • I would worth it a follow !

    Elisha SanchezElisha Sanchez12 days ago

    Bruno SavarellaBruno Savarella12 days ago
  • This has to be staged or show me how you did it

    WintrrWintrr12 days ago