Nov 20, 2020
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This Tungsten Cube is pretty much the heaviest 4” cube you can get here on earth. It’s one of the densest elements which makes it insanely weighty for its size. You literally can’t make sense of it when you see it then try to pick it up haha. We’ve been wanting to KO stuff with it at our drop tower for ages so it was epic to finally get it done! We got the cube from here:
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A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
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  • 200,000 likes on this vid and we’ll drop our 300kg solid steel fist on the cube!! 😳🤯

    How RidiculousHow Ridiculous5 days ago
    • Do a cube vs cube:)?!?!

      MrRedshotsMrRedshots3 hours ago
    • 4 000 doller

      ibraheem Shawibraheem Shaw4 hours ago
    • How about making a video that shows how you clean up the area afterwards?

      LudvigdrengLudvigdreng9 hours ago
    • I'd love to see The Cube vs a dummy made of ballistics gel, specifically the head

      pokinsmotpokinsmot10 hours ago

      N ProductionN Production16 hours ago
  • cost prediction $3,400

    icepuppies21icepuppies217 minutes ago
  • Where is that tower?

    Nicolas CabezaNicolas Cabeza15 minutes ago
  • I feel like the cube would have cost around $2000

    T HT H23 minutes ago
  • Hey I think u should make a giant rexy

    NOT ArcherNOT Archer31 minute ago
  • 4000 dollarydoos

    Nicholas AitkenNicholas Aitken42 minutes ago
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    Иван ПротасовИван ПротасовHour ago
  • destruction is what we're here for

    Brayden BitcoBrayden Bitco2 hours ago
  • They need a slide going down

    Brayden BitcoBrayden Bitco2 hours ago
  • Careful breathing around that fine powder.

    Mr. Beat-RollerMr. Beat-Roller2 hours ago
  • 2000$

    Sasha KiwanSasha Kiwan2 hours ago
  • ...and that my friends is how kinetic bombardment works!

    MarcMarc2 hours ago
  • Is this your land

    moti Sunilmoti Sunil2 hours ago
  • You have enough ads? Not to mention the mid video sell-out?

    Wacky The WhaleysaurusWacky The Whaleysaurus3 hours ago
  • Over $500

    Trevor RigsbyTrevor Rigsby3 hours ago
  • 42LBS

    Dawn ObrienDawn Obrien3 hours ago
  • Do a cube vs cube:)?!?!

    MrRedshotsMrRedshots3 hours ago
  • $2,499 USD.

    Kevin MelhornKevin Melhorn4 hours ago
  • Bro imagine if there was no air resistance

    gamer Georgegamer George4 hours ago
  • I was gonna get one of these cubes until I saw the $2,500 price tag lol

    DanKGameplaysDanKGameplays4 hours ago
  • 2000$ us dolleridoos

    Grant-God-Of-GamingGrant-God-Of-Gaming4 hours ago
  • Anybody from the demoRanch video and read their comment and then noticed the days are the same for release date?

    hostage 2004hostage 20045 hours ago
  • Ye they commented on demolition ranches video of him shooting a tungsten block

    jesse osbornejesse osborne5 hours ago
  • The geometric precision of the pressure wave as it bisected the fish tank was incredibly precise!

    Theophilus JedediahTheophilus Jedediah6 hours ago
  • They cost $2,500 USD for the 4 inch tungsten cube

    Justin JonesJustin Jones6 hours ago
  • My estimate is $5700 AUD

    HolgastHolgast6 hours ago
  • Isn't God good? Who would have thought you could become rich and famous dropping things from high places.

    Steve StumbaughSteve Stumbaugh6 hours ago
  • Video starts at 4:14

    MR PoopoMR Poopo6 hours ago
    • Then 9:17

      MR PoopoMR Poopo6 hours ago
    • Then 6:07

      MR PoopoMR Poopo6 hours ago
  • Anything: *breaks* LITERALLY ANYTHING: *BREAKS* My mind: "thats not in one piece anymore"

    TheOneTrueDazBootz916TheOneTrueDazBootz9166 hours ago
  • The cube is being sold on for $2,500.00

    Paul ElliottPaul Elliott6 hours ago
  • Just you wait, in the future sadistic rulers will bring back the death penalty and drop heavy things on people's head to kill them.

    Sheldon CooperSheldon Cooper6 hours ago
  • 269.99 and 30.00 shipping

    GUY PURPSGUY PURPS7 hours ago
  • The cube cost 10,000$

    You’re just like your FatherYou’re just like your Father7 hours ago
  • Im gonna guess the cube was 100 usd

    destroyer 1805destroyer 18057 hours ago
  • Trent Palmer opener @ 5:01 anyone? lol

    UMSLdragonUMSLdragon7 hours ago
  • 2 grand

    Mike & JayLyn ScholesMike & JayLyn Scholes8 hours ago
  • How much power would it take to light up all the light bulbs you could make with that cube Vs what speed would its impact energy be equal?

    T spencerT spencer8 hours ago
  • 500 dollers probobly not 😢

    RaidKonikRaidKonik8 hours ago
  • We need more cube videos!!

    Kiara BKiara B8 hours ago
  • The cube cost $2200

    Sam VeltkampSam Veltkamp8 hours ago
  • $2,500 USD

    Planet zeroPlanet zero8 hours ago
  • $12,000

    GoodGames306GoodGames3068 hours ago
  • You should do a collab series with the slow mo guys if you haven’t already

    Ben MehrBen Mehr8 hours ago
  • it has W as its element because it used to be called Wulfram.

    ArmchairWarriorArmchairWarrior8 hours ago
  • 200k likes here we come!

    Fat3 and F0rtun3Fat3 and F0rtun39 hours ago
  • Osmium is heavier

    Evan HakeEvan Hake9 hours ago
  • $244

    SuchanSuchan9 hours ago
  • Anyone notice tje bug on his hat? Whe he was talking about the shirt

    cow_infantry321cow_infantry3219 hours ago
  • Symbol of "W" for wolframite, which is essentially tungsten ore. Very heavy and very hard material. Frequently used in lots of cutting tools and high wear/heat/high pressure and low shock situations. It does not like to deform, but would rather fracture.

    Tom LiemohnTom Liemohn9 hours ago
  • 1:28 *That's what she said.*

    Ivan BuchhamerIvan Buchhamer9 hours ago
  • $2500 or $2499 to be exact. I work in the metal industry and have seen this product. Tungsten is expensive.

    Cameron BrownCameron Brown9 hours ago
  • 4317.02 dollars

    Calli ModinCalli Modin9 hours ago
  • $2,499.00

    ryan skewesryan skewes9 hours ago
  • Super dense cube vs a barrel of oobleck

    Shawn ConleyShawn Conley9 hours ago
  • I would guess about $2,500 REAL DOLLARS (that's USD for the foreigners, aka future conquered regions of America [Manifest Destiny!!]), which is probably like $10,000 in your puny currency, maybe higher, doesn't matter. It'd have to be $100,000 in Canada's Monopoly Money, again, maybe more. I look forward to receiving my pin.

    Mean Bean ProductionsMean Bean Productions9 hours ago
  • Meh, Osmium is heavier. 😑😒🙄🤷🏼‍♂️

    Mean Bean ProductionsMean Bean Productions9 hours ago
  • Cube vs bullet proof glass

    Dbear 1Dbear 19 hours ago
  • You guys should get a cylinder of steel made to fit in that pipe!!!

    SillyboisteveSillyboisteve9 hours ago
  • Tungsten has got to cost 44 dollars... oh I'm wrong? Well you obviously are for not being 44 gang.

    Matt GalliMatt Galli9 hours ago
  • Would be awesome to see the cube hit a steel barrel full of oobleck or even to see Bruce fist it

    He AreHe Are9 hours ago
  • 4444$ dollars for the comtest

    Keiver 244Keiver 2449 hours ago
  • 2499.99 usd

    steve slavenssteve slavens10 hours ago
  • I like this quote "rexy needs a lady"9:15

    Garrett PlummerGarrett Plummer10 hours ago
  • That's a lot of fun with a $2,500 dollar(US) block!!!

    Richard NeeleyRichard Neeley10 hours ago
  • In fact, a 4” cube of Iridium, Osmium, Platinum, Rhenium, Neptunium, Plutonium, or Gold would be heavier

    chase cahoonchase cahoon10 hours ago
  • Cube vs Car?

    PinnacIeSaintPinnacIeSaint10 hours ago
  • I'd love to see The Cube vs a dummy made of ballistics gel, specifically the head

    pokinsmotpokinsmot10 hours ago
  • You guys should drop it on the roof of a car

    beardedforlifebeardedforlife10 hours ago
  • Lmao all these premises are like "find out what happens this episode when we drop something heavy from a tower onto something else! I bet you'll never guess what happens!"

    George CallenderGeorge Callender10 hours ago
  • F in chat for that aquarium from our fish hobbiest

    Clara ArtsClara Arts10 hours ago
  • You should drop a car on the year 2020 to show just how terrible this year has been.

    Anthony FanchinAnthony Fanchin10 hours ago
  • I wanna see the cube go through a big cube of ballistic gell

    Robert HollandRobert Holland10 hours ago
  • Can u guys do somethin New other than dropping stuff

    Artster artsArtster arts10 hours ago
  • I think that this crew is stoned to the bone. Each and every one of them. Yep.

    125AXer125AXer10 hours ago
  • $2500USD for the 4" Tungsten Cube

    Jf LaBrosseJf LaBrosse10 hours ago
  • 1:24 That's what she said.

    edstar83edstar8310 hours ago
  • 124.32$

    Patricia SwansonPatricia Swanson10 hours ago
  • It costed $6,650.

    Asher GannonAsher Gannon11 hours ago
  • Good vid! All you guys look, sound and act exactly the same.. can't tell you all apart

    Kevin WehleitKevin Wehleit11 hours ago
  • $2,499.00 dollaridoos

    SlylalamanSlylalaman11 hours ago
  • $2500 usd

    Sean LavoieSean Lavoie11 hours ago
  • 470$ for the cube?

    superdooper pooperscoopersuperdooper pooperscooper11 hours ago
  • Good fun. Always entertaining. Well done chaps!

    ElectricCityBronzeElectricCityBronze11 hours ago
  • Can you put your name in the back of the sweatshirts please

    wolf Dragon channelwolf Dragon channel11 hours ago
  • W is for wolfram, which is one of the ores you can get tungsten from

    CegdaCegda11 hours ago
  • You boys should figure out the science behind that greenie bucket bounce and try to max it out! Like the double bowling ball bounce! Get around it!

    ThePvtcapoThePvtcapo11 hours ago
  • Anybody see the birdie on the water bucket one

    Gerald Is BoredGerald Is Bored11 hours ago
  • Sorry. Video has too many ads. Moving on.

    Bryan JohnsonBryan Johnson11 hours ago
  • It looks so fake, even though i know it isn't

    JoshPGAJoshPGA12 hours ago
  • Oof

    Mariah CaldwellMariah Caldwell12 hours ago
  • 2.5 thousandd

    Joseph BridleJoseph Bridle12 hours ago
  • this was rather smashing

    NitroTheFoxNitroTheFox12 hours ago
  • Corona is non-existent in their dimension

    rezzy ._.rezzy ._.12 hours ago
  • Cube vs Oobleck?

    Connor PenceConnor Pence12 hours ago
  • The tungsten cube costs roughly $3,500 based on average cost per kilo and how much a 4×4×4 inch cube weighs

  • 1400 dollars

  • Hacksmith could make one three times heavier. Because it would be made of Osmium.

    serdy ximiserdy ximi12 hours ago
  • If they can't break something, Demolition Ranch is sure too 🤣 Pass it over

    The FreelancerThe Freelancer12 hours ago
  • I’d say the cube was 6,500$

    Waluigi’s Perfect PotatoWaluigi’s Perfect Potato12 hours ago
    • 2499.00 us dollars

      serdy ximiserdy ximi12 hours ago
  • The cube costs $2,499???

    Kenneth RodriguezKenneth Rodriguez12 hours ago