Wood Veneer Manufacturing #shorts

Mar 19, 2021
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Wood veneer manufacturing... #shorts #wood #woodworking

  • Oha ap bu ne lan

    starosie fan #OurRainbowNancystarosie fan #OurRainbowNancy2 minutes ago
  • Que desperdicio

    Mechero SillaMechero Silla6 minutes ago
  • AQUI los que entraron a comertarios a leerlos y se topan con esto jaja

    Mireydi Gisel Garcia orellanaMireydi Gisel Garcia orellana21 minute ago
  • The most wasteful way to get that one stick🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    Garrett PolakGarrett Polak32 minutes ago
  • Con esos palos se podrían hacer 4 de esos en vez de 1

    Jesús Manuel SilvaJesús Manuel Silva46 minutes ago
  • A whole tree to make one fn broom stick wtf!?

    Michael TyreeMichael TyreeHour ago
  • That stick would make a nice bo staff.

    Berzerker GodBerzerker GodHour ago
  • Вы реально дураки !

    kira Ybykeevkira YbykeevHour ago
  • Я ебууу.. столько материала проибать так олени честно

    kira Ybykeevkira YbykeevHour ago
  • What a waist

    Ghanjah Man MusicGhanjah Man MusicHour ago
  • Bă ce plm e asta risipă de lemn bine ca nu faceți scobitori din atâta lemn😠😡🤬

    Schneider GustavSchneider GustavHour ago
  • looks wasteful,,,,,, they could've gotten 3 from one piece of wood

    Jay da TruthJay da TruthHour ago
  • Да, дохера леса на держаки к лопатам идёт...

    РусланРусланHour ago
  • Que desperdició de madera

    Luis Alejandro Albino PachecoLuis Alejandro Albino PachecoHour ago
  • Ummm could u cut the would in half long ways ,and use 2 instead of 1 peices...will save wood???...food for thought

    Mosk8ers420Mosk8ers420Hour ago
  • Waste of tree for this bs stick..

    Son LeSon LeHour ago
  • And people wonder why the earth is dying...... 🤔

    Shannon MJ McCluskeyShannon MJ McCluskeyHour ago
  • Spin boi

    kerem bro8kerem bro8Hour ago
  • Tak rosjanie w latach 70tych robili zapałki........ jedno drzewo jedna zapałka☹️

    Krytyk WszystkiegoKrytyk Wszystkiego2 hours ago
  • Seems like a waste of wood

    Brian MCDougallBrian MCDougall2 hours ago
  • A big tree just for a small peace??

    Uy Cường TrầnUy Cường Trần2 hours ago
  • wasting alot of wood just for that small wood piece

    Pedro QuintanillaPedro Quintanilla3 hours ago
  • People can't read 🤦‍♂️. It's not making sticks. It's making veneer sheets from that log. Think of a giant pencil sharpener.

    24ecko24ecko3 hours ago
  • This is crime!

    ДанилоДанило3 hours ago
  • بس قولو كم مرا مجربين فيا و ماعم طظبط🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mohamed AymanMohamed Ayman3 hours ago
  • Que desperdició solo lo avía mirado en las caricaturas jaja

    Roberto geovanni Lacayo salgadoRoberto geovanni Lacayo salgado3 hours ago
  • Que desperdició solo lo avía mirado en las caricaturas jaja

    Roberto geovanni Lacayo salgadoRoberto geovanni Lacayo salgado3 hours ago
  • Could probably have made at least 6 of them from that one piece 🤣🤣

    Jonny AllanJonny Allan4 hours ago
  • Toda la madera que botan...q mal

    Luis CruzLuis Cruz4 hours ago
  • Pourquoi beaucoup de bois pour peu de résultats

    Thierry GiroudThierry Giroud4 hours ago
  • Que depserdicio de madera

    Nima 69Nima 694 hours ago
  • Least ya get a broom handle every time 🤣😅

    Lee WoodyLee Woody4 hours ago
  • Блин, да шпон это фанерный делают. А черенок это отходы.

    Василий ПоповВасилий Попов5 hours ago
  • And reasons such as this is perhaps why lumber prices are so high... Definitely a waste... 😥...

    Curtis HuffCurtis Huff5 hours ago
  • What a waste

    Burak YıldırımBurak Yıldırım5 hours ago
  • 2 min silence for those who think that big log is used for making a stick😂

    Art Therapy by Yogesh GawadeArt Therapy by Yogesh Gawade5 hours ago
  • Damn never knew it took a log to make a closet pole. Wasted a tree for one pole.fuck.

    Adam VillalobosAdam Villalobos5 hours ago
  • これ勿体無くない?元々のでかいやつを4分の1くらいにしてそれからこれにかければ4本できるよ。それとも木クズが欲しかったのかな?それなら納得

    あいあい6 hours ago
  • kenapa ga dipotong dulu si? biar bisa dibuat beberapa batang?

    rendi djamaludinrendi djamaludin6 hours ago
  • baca komentar dari atas sampek bawah kagak ada bahasa yg se frekuensi 😂

    Pur BowoPur Bowo6 hours ago
  • Mubasir lah msih bisa itu diolah mala di kupas kek gitu bodo

    Luki LukmanLuki Lukman6 hours ago
  • こうやって俺たちが生まれてくるわけね。

    固唾を飲み込む音固唾を飲み込む音6 hours ago
  • what a waste. you could make 3-4 rod

    Philadelfia TimothyPhiladelfia Timothy6 hours ago
  • Это по нашему: после сборки обточить напильником😂

    Павел ОгиенкоПавел Огиенко7 hours ago
  • Capitalismo, humanidad, la muerte del planeta

    Lilia MartinezLilia Martinez7 hours ago
  • Formas de perder excesivamente madera pensando en que es un recurso ilimitado del planeta xd imbeciles

    Matias GutierrezMatias Gutierrez7 hours ago
  • Que desperdício.. uma árvore pra fazer um palito de dente!!

  • Para un palito lo que gastas de tronco

    Edgar ruizEdgar ruiz7 hours ago
  • Why the whole timber?

    Carlo ChuaCarlo Chua8 hours ago
  • Que manera de desperdiciar la madera y así el humano aplasa la ecxiistensia

    calamardo sarjentocalamardo sarjento9 hours ago
  • In the same way they make toothpicks... 😀

    Pietro Di PasqualePietro Di Pasquale9 hours ago
  • Huge loos

    Pradip DasPradip Das9 hours ago
  • All those years are just excess for you?

    Elumba John RickElumba John Rick9 hours ago
  • kuch aur hi bna lete

    Dheeraj KumarDheeraj Kumar10 hours ago
  • Du gâchis !!

  • Bh

    Yahya RaffiYahya Raffi11 hours ago
  • Não destrói a natureza

    Thays LimaThays Lima11 hours ago
  • They are wasting huge wood log to make a thin peice of wood stick , such a stupid act and finally our jungle is being destroyed 😭 by these stupid greedy businessman

    Sudharanjan BiswalSudharanjan Biswal11 hours ago
  • What a waste

    lian haroldlian harold12 hours ago
  • Why wouldn't you show us the finished product ffs?

    Day OneDay One13 hours ago
  • Quel gachis

    lotus bleulotus bleu13 hours ago
  • Totally wastage of wood 😐😐😐

    Paras ShrivasParas Shrivas13 hours ago
  • What a waste of wood big to small how dumb is that.

    Tumeke PapatunkuTumeke Papatunku13 hours ago
  • To much material wasted. Select norrower wood

    thanosdlrthanosdlr13 hours ago
  • Willful waste!

    Mr. NightmareMr. Nightmare14 hours ago
  • Thats the white man for you..ask him about the buffalos..and indians...what happen to them

    gil guzgil guz14 hours ago
  • Que desperdicio de madera

    Ernesto GarciaErnesto Garcia15 hours ago
  • Look up wood veneer you ignorant blokes speaking on wasteful practice. Smh.

    Valdemar DuranValdemar Duran16 hours ago
  • What a waste!

    A True KnightA True Knight16 hours ago
  • why waste all that wood. it could be grained first for mulch an than than smooth

    Alphonso JacksonAlphonso Jackson16 hours ago
  • Wow

    Heart Artedisa PinkacutHeart Artedisa Pinkacut17 hours ago
  • Que pendejad4s

    Jose angel LaborinJose angel Laborin18 hours ago
  • Lakkri ki ziya ho rha hai

    Yaseen GYaseen G18 hours ago
  • Un árbol para sacar un mondadientes parecía broma pero es real ,a este paso estamos próximos a la extinción .

    JP RousJP Rous18 hours ago
  • Que desperdicio de madera

    Juan mineralmaniaJuan mineralmania18 hours ago
  • Imagine a girl being super thick and all you let her do is blow you

    Slave DriverSlave Driver18 hours ago
  • Нерациональное использование древесины.

    АғатаичАғатаич19 hours ago
  • Waste of wood

    Zi MiZi Mi19 hours ago
  • For anybody confused, they are making thin slices of wood veneer, which is where 99% of the wood is going. The leftover stick is the by-product, not what is being produced, and is probably also further used

    • Haha, thanks.

      buntingismbuntingism3 hours ago
    • @MODIFRIED literally read my mind I was thinking wasteful till I read your explanation

      deathbytouchdeathbytouch6 hours ago
    • @InuInugami 3648 no problem! I see most people here think that the wood being cut off is being wasted when in reality the wood being cut off is what's being used!

    • Thank you so much for clarifying!!

      InuInugami 3648InuInugami 364810 hours ago
  • Is so fast😃

    noissouza 2020noissouza 202019 hours ago
  • Que de bueno tiene si todo se desperdicia.. salia como 3 palos si lo partian longitudinalmente >:€

    Gianpaul FloresGianpaul Flores19 hours ago
  • What a waste of wood!

    Jewpsy AltpragerJewpsy Altprager20 hours ago
  • So much waste

    Gary MooreGary Moore20 hours ago
  • Waste

    game bosangame bosan21 hour ago
  • F..k New Generation

    DJ SLEKDJ SLEK21 hour ago
  • que desperdicio um deste da pra fazer 5

    Joel SilvaJoel Silva21 hour ago
  • Waisted alot of wood there lol

    randy goodrandy good21 hour ago
  • Hay que cerrar estás industrias

  • I feel sad after watching this video, I saw how they abused the forest land

    SoLoLo RiderSoLoLo Rider22 hours ago
  • desperdício

    Kátia SousaKátia Sousa22 hours ago
  • And that's how one single tooth pick is manufactured

    Carlton KiddCarlton Kidd22 hours ago
  • Terribly inefficient. You could get 7 or 8 poles out of that log.

    austin robinsonaustin robinson22 hours ago
  • Waste

    Marco RossiMarco Rossi23 hours ago
  • Aja floresta.

    José neto De SouzaJosé neto De Souza23 hours ago
  • Merjo pongase aplantar arboles no me impreciono nada su mamada

    Eder ZavalaEder Zavala23 hours ago
  • Thats why timber has doubled in price since lockdown.

    BornFree DieFreeBornFree DieFreeDay ago
  • Waist of wood..

    BornFree DieFreeBornFree DieFreeDay ago
  • Dipabrik tempat keeja saya Jga Bgtu

    Hasan 135Hasan 135Day ago
  • the all tree for a broom stick... only in China...

    chris konstandinoschris konstandinosDay ago
  • Que desperdicio de madera. Y dañan los bosques

    Diego Londoño quicenoDiego Londoño quicenoDay ago