Will Our Turkey Raise a Chicken Chick?!?!

Feb 20, 2021
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In today's Family Farm Vlog, Ruby our pet turkey, hatched out a chicken chick, but will she actually care for the chicks as if it's her own?
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Broccoli Salad Recipe:
5-6 cups broccoli florets
1 cup sharp cheddar cheese shredded
2/3 cup dried cranberries
1/2 cup crumbled bacon
1/2 cup salted sunflower seeds
1/3 cup red onion diced into small pieces

3/4 cup mayo
1/4 cup sour cream
1 1/2 Tablespoon white wine vinegar
3 Tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
Combine broccoli, cheese, cranberries, bacon, sunflower seeds, and onion in a large bowl.
In a separate, small bowl, whisk together mayo, sour cream, vinegar, sugar, salt, and pepper until smooth and well-combined.
Pour dressing over broccoli combination and toss or stir well.
Broccoli salad may be served immediately, but for best flavor refrigerate for at least one hour before serving.
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Jason, Brooke, MaryCarl, Peaches, & Nugget
Cog Hill Farm & Homestead


    Daniel RodriguesDaniel RodriguesHour ago
  • I always put the date on eggs so I would know when I got them. House eggs I kept in basket on cabinet and used according to date. They last three weeks easily. My turkeys and geese would peep at me while in shell when I talked to them..I loved it. I so enjoy watching you 3 interacting with all your animals,

    Judy JacksonJudy Jackson9 hours ago
  • What a hoot lol

    SunnySlope HomesteadSunnySlope Homestead11 hours ago
  • Adorable love it

    Suburban ChicksSuburban Chicks12 hours ago
  • 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

    Debbie BraggDebbie Bragg18 hours ago
  • Enjoying watching your farm family grow. Would love to see the ducks swimming in your sm river. It's really relaxing to watch them do what they do best, (swim). Great job!

    M GM GDay ago
  • I recently found your channel and it is delightful. Brings a smile to our family. That's amazing farm you have. Thank you for your content, very much enjoying it God bless. Looking forward to many more videos.

    Candy SloanCandy SloanDay ago
  • What a testament to love/nature inn action. Your turkey mama/chick baby is awesome. I’m thinking they’re mirroring back the love they experience from you folks! Awesome!!❤️

    Mar CampMar CampDay ago
  • Carrots are my favorite vegetable. I could tear that patch up. But you can keep them collard greens. I will eat me some spinach though.

    Jaditelady173 MaryJaditelady173 MaryDay ago
  • Y'all inspired me...I sprouted some Delicata Squash seeds! Hee Haw!

    TheDeborillaTheDeborillaDay ago
  • You remind me so much of Sandra Bullock with your talk and all. She's one of my favorite movie stars.

    Sumana T. K. CyrahSumana T. K. CyrahDay ago
  • Yes she will, mine did and razed 3 chicks, one a rooster is still a ma ma' s boy a year later.

    Donna TurnbooDonna TurnbooDay ago
  • You need to hook nugget up to that wagon!!

    Juanita FieldsJuanita FieldsDay ago
  • I use my feed bags for paper trash inside that I burn in my burn barrel.

    Larry ParishLarry ParishDay ago
  • Love your channel! Please feel free to check out my homestead here in Ohio!

    Elizabeth DonnellyElizabeth DonnellyDay ago
  • Emus are very cold hardy they live in the negatives

    Kade SprouseKade SprouseDay ago
  • Love your property well maintained

    Diane SlatteryDiane SlatteryDay ago
  • Call or email your reps and senators to restore live shipments of chicks! The usps got behind, so they decided to embargo live shipments for a week, really messing up all the hatcheries, so, tell them regular packages can wait, baby chicks can’t!

    John CspineJohn CspineDay ago
  • So did I miss it? When did the new white UTV arrive???

    Suzyq SmithSuzyq SmithDay ago
  • 💖🐱‍👤

    SkrtskitSkrtskitDay ago
  • The worms 🐛 are gonna make those veggies huge! 😁

    Kim MurphyKim Murphy2 days ago
  • Something else you can give your worms is grit. They need grit like chickens do. But chicken grit won’t work for the worms. I rinse out my egg shells as I use them, let they dry, and then I give them a blast in the blender so the worms Can digest their food easier. Worms don’t have teeth but they do have gizzards, which is where their food gets ground up. Happy to see you have a worm bin. Love your channel ❤️

    Miss DeeMiss Dee2 days ago
  • This is so sweet.

    Dee ThompsonDee Thompson2 days ago
  • It took my pepper plants around a month to germinate last year. I thought the seed was bad. This year I will try to have more patience.

    Julie HowellJulie Howell2 days ago
  • If you advertise your feed bag, people will take them off your hand to make bags out of.

    Carey FamilyCarey Family2 days ago
  • Hi just wanted to say I sure enjoyed watching this video and all your many animals. I’m going to backtrack and see if I can discover how in the world a Turkey became a mother of a chick? Lol!🙏🏻🥰🇨🇦

    Leanne KnebelLeanne Knebel2 days ago
  • Just ordered my seeds from Hoss and am super excited to try the free yellow zucchini! ❤️❤️❤️

    Trooper TaylorTrooper Taylor2 days ago
  • You don’t eat any of your animals, do you? That’s an awful lot of animals for a hobby farm.

    Sally ChandlerSally Chandler2 days ago
  • Dang, be careful, that avocado MAY start to root!

    Rhonda AlbrechtRhonda Albrecht2 days ago
  • I have a female turkey and i put under 40 chiken eggs an in 3 weeks appeared my babys

    Daniel DaniDaniel Dani3 days ago
  • Good to see y’all we did the did the same with the broccoli it was Awesome

    Reap What You SeauxReap What You Seaux3 days ago
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    Tiffany YoungTiffany Young3 days ago
  • My gracious MaryCarl

    sheabaum20sheabaum203 days ago
  • Yes and a chicken will raise a turkey 😀

    Rebecca BurnsRebecca Burns3 days ago
  • Great looking dinner!

    Terry CarsonTerry Carson3 days ago
  • Jason you are a lucky man . Mrs Coghlan is a foxy lady with an awesome smile

    roger mcneilroger mcneil3 days ago
  • Thanks yu'all's again...!

    steve shoemakersteve shoemaker3 days ago
  • Do you use gmo free corn?

    Elzenia AllisonElzenia Allison3 days ago
  • Be sure that y’all drink the pot liquor from those collard greens and any other greens that you cook. Scientists have found that there are phytonutrients in the pot liquor from cooked greens that prevents and also treats high blood pressure. One of the chemicals is called Potassium Citrate. In the past when most people raised their own food and ate lots of leafy greens high blood pressure was rare but since the migration to the cities and the changes in diet we have had an epidemic of high blood pressure and heart diseases. Now they know that those phytonutrients and Potassium Citrate only comes from leafy green foods. It can’t be manufactured from any other sources. So enjoy!!!

    Tommie Lou RogersTommie Lou Rogers3 days ago
  • I've got to try that casserole. Stay warm!

    BRIDGETT CovellBRIDGETT Covell3 days ago
  • Your food storage barrel's how about rats chewing holes in them to get to the feed

    Randell HendersonRandell Henderson3 days ago
  • Turkey and a chick, so cute💖

    Debra BeamDebra Beam3 days ago
  • Thank you for answering the question about the lids and about the pickle barrels!

    Vineyard ChicksVineyard Chicks3 days ago
  • I love kale salad. I going to try collared greens salad one day.

    yolanda I'm greatyolanda I'm great3 days ago
  • Just another day on the farm and loving it!! Y'all keep up the good work and for sure I'll be watching. God bless!!

    Susan AskueSusan Askue3 days ago
  • My wife told me about your channel and I thanked her. You guys are interesting and informative. We just bought a 71 year old farmhouse in Snead Al. And your tips and ideas will come in handy when we finish redoing it. Keep up the good work.

    james adamsjames adams3 days ago
  • Where do you get your feed from we a farm and only 1/4 of the number of animals that you guys have and spend about 400.00 a month on feed. Unfortunately we have to many predators to let our birds free range.

    Randell HendersonRandell Henderson3 days ago
  • Nice video. Beautiful birds & goats you have 🐔 🐤 🐓 🦃 🦆🐐

    Wily CatWily Cat3 days ago
  • Peaches is the boss lady, she delegates all the work. Smart lady

    Karen BoyettKaren Boyett3 days ago
  • Jason and family - you’ve made a LOT of improvements to your place. Wish we could get a little of your rain here on our place in Northern Arizona.

    BrainStormAcresBrainStormAcres3 days ago
  • Despite the cold in SC my cabbage and collards are still being eaten away by bugs

    Linda WilliamsLinda Williams3 days ago
  • Y’all got content to shoot the moment y’all walked outside 👍🏻

    Andrew LittlefieldAndrew Littlefield4 days ago
    • Hey Jason I was watching the new video then an ad came up , I skipped it then it put me in the middle of your last video 🧐

      Andrew LittlefieldAndrew Littlefield4 days ago
  • Well this is interesting but I think the cats and would ever need attention to so

    Pamela SkwatPamela Skwat4 days ago
  • You know your cat was sitting right by you did you see that

    Pamela SkwatPamela Skwat4 days ago
    • The cats get lots of attention, just remember you only see 20 minutes of a 10 hour day but I will try to rem to put us petting the cats in vids 👍

      Cog Hill Family FarmCog Hill Family Farm4 days ago
  • I had trouble sprouting peppers until I used a heat mat. It takes a. Long time for them to come up too.

    Lisa DavisLisa Davis4 days ago
    • Yes ours are on a heat mat as well 👍👍👍

      Cog Hill Family FarmCog Hill Family Farm4 days ago
  • I have never had collard greens before, what is a great southern recipe for collard greens? I am NOT worried about calories or such. Lol

    mandy vincentmandy vincent4 days ago
  • Your garden always looks so gorgeous!! Those broccoli leaves would be going onto my soup also!! Stir fry the leaves sounds good too!! I hope I can do that well when I can get a full size garden!!

    Not There Yet HomesteadNot There Yet Homestead4 days ago
  • Coghill side business.... "Ruby and Rhonda Day Care for Chicks!" How adorable. Weed 'em and Reap have a broody turkey that LOVES to sit on other "Peeples" eggs too. Nature is always fascinating and entertaining.

    robyn mizerobyn mize4 days ago
  • Nugget is amazing!

    Ruth ChristiansonRuth Christianson4 days ago
  • Hi sir. I come from Vietnamese (asian). That great if your videos have lyrics. I watched them to learn english

    nguyen lamnguyen lam4 days ago
  • They are beautiful but small heads of broc. Once cut do they regrow?

    Julia ShepherdJulia Shepherd4 days ago
  • Look on internet for them barbells try a sire call farmers market bulletin. There all kinds .

    Scott BrownScott Brown4 days ago
    • Barbell should say barrels

      Scott BrownScott Brown4 days ago
  • Yummie vegetables.

    Dorota LenartowskaDorota Lenartowska4 days ago
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    Ohskelily WurarahOhskelily Wurarah4 days ago
  • So funny the little chicken riding the turkey momma. The Broccoli salad looked soooo good. I am going to write those ingredients down. Stay warm and dry. 💖💐💝

    Janet WithersJanet Withers4 days ago
  • That broccoli salad looked delicious, thank you for the recipe.

    Connie MonroeConnie Monroe4 days ago
  • Need to call that turkey with the chick, Big Mama”!

    Betty DantBetty Dant4 days ago
  • hey guys my pea chicks hatched this morning I had 8 eggs but only 3 hatched but that is OK. oh and you forgot the quial

    Robert DunnRobert Dunn4 days ago
  • What a beautiful meal! I am also glad you let us know how much the feed costs is. I was going to ask. Hugs❤️

    Terra RanchTerra Ranch4 days ago
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    Carol YoungCarol Young4 days ago
  • What up Cog Squad.

    Blessed CreationsBlessed Creations4 days ago
  • Ruby could be a mascot for Wendy's Dave Thomas's foundation . They advocate for adoption.

    Margi Mackowski-SeifMargi Mackowski-Seif4 days ago
  • I watched a vet that calms her pot belly pigs with a fork if I did not see it I would not have believed it . I guess it like scratching them put it calms them. Amazing

    Rosemarie GarrisonRosemarie Garrison4 days ago
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  • Love Nugget approved window screen on the brooder house.

    Jenn's AdventuresJenn's Adventures4 days ago
  • Nugget likes his Polar Plunge!! Very healthy! The turkey with the chicken reminds me of the children's book " Are You My Mother?"! You could always germinate your pepper seeds(or any other seeds) between moistened paper towels, and then put them in dirt after they germinate in the paper towels!! You just disturbed Nuggets decorating scheme!! I'm surprised Big Joe has not tried to jump out of the goat pen! Peaches is stealthy while she makes her rounds checking out if her EMPLOYEES are doing their jobs to her satisfaction!! Broccoli gets sweeter when cold weather comes, even some ice! Your veggies look delicious and yes, don't forget the corn bread!! Dinner was top shelf! God Bless!

    LLjean 2857LLjean 28574 days ago
  • Your broccoli salad looked very good. Was that bacon you added?

    Sally BruskaSally Bruska4 days ago
  • Jason, I'm new to vegetable gardening. Your broccoli is just beautiful! When you cut the broccoli heads but leave the plants, do they continue to head up? Thanks!

    Beth MarcomBeth Marcom4 days ago
  • Off subject,after watching y’all and checking out Hoss tools,dang brother! Checked them out,thought way out of my price range,however,think we are going full Hoss. I’m from Ga. originally from farmers,trying to get back,they just make sense. Gonna ease into it,but they sound like my Uncle’s. They just talk my talk. Thanks

    cathy amerinecathy amerine4 days ago
  • Waiting on the cookbook plz. Luv the cog hill farm and family 🥰

    Shannon DixsonShannon Dixson4 days ago
  • I love watching the farm animals. I’m learning about planting too! ❤️🥰👒

    Anne Dale Homestead in the ColonyAnne Dale Homestead in the Colony4 days ago
  • Broccoli cream soup is fantastic on a cold day too!!!!

    Dennis MottDennis Mott4 days ago
  • You have such a well ran farm! Its a beautiful place to visit even online!! God bless

    Morgan's Happy PlaceMorgan's Happy Place4 days ago
  • Those feed bags would make into some cute bunting triangles for a country party. Or maybe a scare'em away bunting around your garden. Probably wouldn't be as quiet as the prayer flags but they're every bit as bright and wouldn't fade. Or make them and put them on Etsy!

    KindafoggyKindafoggy4 days ago
  • Sitting back once again watching your upload, I myself live in Australia and never seen before Emu loving water,so adorable. Plus get a great laugh out of watching Nugget running around your perimeter. Thankyou for the great entertainment Family Gog Hill,cheers from SA🇦🇺👍

    Sherane WrightSherane Wright4 days ago
  • Question your worm tea do you water the tea-down a little before you put on garden?

    Geoff CoxGeoff Cox4 days ago
  • What a beautiful and healthy fresh dinner!! Take care, stay warm, and safe. God bless y'all!! ❤️❤️🙏🙏🤗🤗

    Lana K. from New MexicoLana K. from New Mexico4 days ago
  • pretty impressive february harvest

    Tracy BruringTracy Bruring4 days ago
  • Good crop of broccoli.

    Ron HaworthRon Haworth4 days ago
  • What a great supper ..YUM😋 You sure have such a sweet momma turkey. My husband was loving your garden...our garden is covered with 10-12 in. of snow here in Indiana. Spring can't come soon enough🌷

    Karen WorksKaren Works4 days ago
  • Peaches is looking alot like a girlfriend i had in highschool😂

  • I might not get it out, but you got it in. Bahahaha! 😂 Brooke you say the best stuff!

    Christine SlemonsChristine Slemons4 days ago
  • What’s thatinfront of the trailer

    Animal NationAnimal Nation4 days ago
  • Yay, PipSqueek.

    Daybird AviariesDaybird Aviaries4 days ago
  • I counted yesterday. I currently have 153 chickens.

    Daybird AviariesDaybird Aviaries4 days ago
  • My feed bill is "slightly" higher than that.

    Daybird AviariesDaybird Aviaries4 days ago
  • I really like that brown turkey with the white on it...(Ruby)... 🤗

    Debbie DanielsDebbie Daniels4 days ago
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    Tammy BakerTammy Baker4 days ago
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    DesTheGoat NightmareDesTheGoat Nightmare4 days ago
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