Why There Was No Video Yesterday

Apr 6, 2021
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Here's a few places you can find me while I'm on "hiatus:"
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  • Enjoy the break dude. Do not apologise for it. Take more. Life is short. 😎

    Richard PhillipsRichard Phillips16 minutes ago
  • Joe Scott can we use Volcano to generate energy/electricity ?

    SCARLET NtshangaseSCARLET NtshangaseHour ago
  • Dude you're awesome take a holiday, do some restructuring them go bk to it when you are comfortable. This may be your living and business but don't let it be any more than that, your veiwers your consumers not your overlords you don't owe us your sanity. Live your best dude😁

    nick Burtonnick Burton3 hours ago
  • twitter; I've never been there and feel no loss

    There is No Censorship On RumbleThere is No Censorship On Rumble5 hours ago
  • A holiday is well overdue

    Dan WilmottDan Wilmott8 hours ago
  • Joe, as someone who binges youtube daily for fun, interesting, educational topics, your channel is absolutely at the top of the charts. The way you break down complex topics into bitesize, easily digestible chunks while adding a splash of dry humour (that, as a brit, I love) to the way you pivot and cover dark, emotional and sombre topics, handling them with the respect, empathy and sensitivity that they deserve - thank you. Please always make time to look after yourself. Its something I havent done enough of (working in a highly stressful IT job, and recently having my hairline recede as a result - Im 23) and am actively working on. Its always a difficult balance to strike, wanting to further my career at any cost, has predictably, not been worth the cost. I love your content and I want you to be in the healthiest, best place to ensure this channel and its content continues to flourish. Love ya man, I wish you all the best life can throw at you. X - Jacob Felt like signing my real name as a sign of the authenticity of my little comment. X

    TheDigitalRealmTheDigitalRealm13 hours ago
  • you do you man :D

    amontillado26amontillado2613 hours ago
  • In Australia we get 4 weeks paid leave a year plus 2 week sick leave.. take it easy mate.

    FunMushizzleFunMushizzle14 hours ago

    Cjoker Da BoiCjoker Da Boi14 hours ago
  • Is your taking a break anything like Ross and Rachel taking a break? YOU WERE ON A BREAK. thanks Bob

    Robert McDonnoldRobert McDonnold18 hours ago
  • What happens when dark matter falls into a black hole. Has any type of radiation emitted?

    Herb LeeHerb Lee18 hours ago
  • Dude such a long video just to say "Hi guys, I'll be on a holiday for a couple of weeks see you back in May!" :-) But I get it man, hope everything is okay and enjoy your free time!

    trevorwoodstrevorwoods18 hours ago
  • Dude you shouldn't feel so guilty about taking a break, you do you bro, your content is always better as a creator when you have a good mindset

    Conor DallawayConor Dallaway19 hours ago
  • i first read : 'Why There Was No Yesterday ;)'

    illimited knowledgeillimited knowledge20 hours ago
  • Joe Scott : 'Keep Calm I am Taking a Break ' The Power of Self-Compassion

    illimited knowledgeillimited knowledge20 hours ago
  • Good for you, Joe!

    MeganMegan21 hour ago
  • What fell in 2014?

    Em4gdn1mEm4gdn1m21 hour ago
  • You're a great guy Joe! You deserve some selfcare time! Take a vacation, you deserve it!!

    Chris EdigerChris Ediger22 hours ago

    CJCJ23 hours ago
  • Hey Joe, apologetic about not taking a break for 7 years??! No need for that, obviously. Enjoy April! And if you decide to extend that into May, no problemo, nada, as far as this small corner of the Internet is concerned.

    r vandenr vandenDay ago
  • you guys deserve a break!!

    Michael IglesiasMichael IglesiasDay ago
  • Joe, whatever you come up with screw numbers and stats and try to make it fun for yourself. If you have fun your audience will. You go out there and have an eye opening month. I love your channel, take care.

    Matteo D'EsteMatteo D'EsteDay ago
  • I have been watching your videos since 2017 or 2018? I dont know if your early years were easier but, i enjoyed your earlier videos more. If its easier for you, maybe go back to that. Just saying. Less research, less staff, and more you. I need these videos. You are the only Democrat i subscribe too. That means something.

    Bryan LambBryan LambDay ago
  • Pretty sure I would go nuts, if I went 6 years without a break from my work... have a great month and take care, we will still be here when you get back :)

    TheParasiteDkTheParasiteDkDay ago
  • Health over wealth. Stay well bud!

    KrestKrestDay ago
  • I must say that, even though you say it at the end of every video, this is the first time you maintained eye contact when saying "Love you guys" ...Love you too, dude! Enjoy your rest bro! Anyone who has a problem with it obviously has never worked a day in their life! See ya when you get back...PEACE&LOVE, Brian

    Brian WebberBrian WebberDay ago
  • Hi, Joe. Follow whereever it is that your creativity takes you. I've had 3 major, separate careers in my life. I've regretted none. They were all logical steps. Opportunities popped up out of nowhere. Recognize them. It is called, "Luck". This I have learned in 68 years: When it comes to your passions, there are NO WRONG TURNS. Everything you want to do, need to do are the right thing. Sounds lame, but believe me- Go where your heart takes you. You will NEVER regret it. Be well.

    Art DonovanArt DonovanDay ago
  • dont' worry, i won't abandon you like the algorithm will.

    killswellkillswellDay ago
  • Slacker! :0)

    Leon KaneLeon KaneDay ago
  • Joe, you MORE than deserve to take a holiday from the channel! Recharge your batteries......and then make some more videos about oddball topics. 😉 So, chill out and take time for you, your wife and your house....and the dogs too!

    IntrepidFraidyCatIntrepidFraidyCatDay ago
  • I love your content joe thank you so much for being THE greatest educational science youtuber, you're amazing at mixing comedy and education that's genuinely enjoyable to watch for hours. Stay amazing, Joe!~

    claireclaireDay ago
  • Hey Joe... You're entitled to a life, especially yours!

    Michael FimianMichael FimianDay ago
  • I don't mean to sound insensitive but I was wondering if you ever covered migratory beekeeping and the controversy that surrounds it or its environmental effects

    Elliot AldersonElliot AldersonDay ago
  • Always take time to focus on what matters most to you whether is personal or work related, people will understand you taking time for things. Enjoy your videos and keep up the good work :).

    Trevor ClevelandTrevor ClevelandDay ago
  • Do what you need to Joe. I will always follow your channel.

    Terry KissingerTerry KissingerDay ago
  • Take the time you need. Get some rest and don't worry. Your vids are brilliant!

  • So much for breaking Lou Gehrigs record

    Joe BloggsJoe BloggsDay ago
  • You've been hanging around Tim Dodd too long, obviously.

    Joe BloggsJoe BloggsDay ago
  • I'll miss ya joe, but do you brother. I'll be here when you get back:)

    Jason ReynaldoJason ReynaldoDay ago
  • Thanks for letting us know you're OK. Apart from that, you don't need to explain yourself. Well done. Break well deserved.

    Steve ReinahrtSteve ReinahrtDay ago
  • Joe, fuck off, recharge batteries, come back when you can, miss you but, take care and regards Phil..UK..

    whitesteamer Stephenswhitesteamer StephensDay ago
  • You also look like you need a good cry somehow. Take good care of yourself. We are here for you!!

    Christian StandridgeChristian StandridgeDay ago
  • Him: There was no yesterday (then goes to talking about a crazy time theory)

    Ms. DoggoMs. DoggoDay ago
  • I will be right here when you get back! I LOVE your videos!!!! You're entitled to take a vacation, just don't be gone too long.... 💖 You've earned every single one of those subscribers!!!

    Caroljo 420Caroljo 420Day ago
  • I didn't know that u post on Mondays

    0 10 1Day ago
  • Could you please take a big break every year? And a couple of smaller ones through the year? And without explaining anything?

    bumble beeswaxbumble beeswaxDay ago
  • Coming from a European so I know it's easy for me to say, but: Health #1 Work #2 Take some time off man, 1 million people with 1 million opinions, you simply can't please them all. Everyone subscribed because of you, so the thing most dearest to us, is you. Please take care of you. All the best.

    watdeneukwatdeneukDay ago
  • Hey man enjoy your break. I can catch your reruns. Look forward to the new look.

    Robert WoodRobert WoodDay ago
  • Good for you, you deserve a break! Enjoy the time away and I’m sure you’ll be able to fill the schedule for upcoming Monday’s!

    Andrew TrunkfieldAndrew TrunkfieldDay ago
  • no need to apologize or explain yourself... albeit im not a patreon patron... so i wonder if those paying supporters feel less forgiving?

    David HDavid HDay ago
  • Well done dude. You are appreciated and loved. Your fans will be here when you're ready :)

    Frank DickeyFrank DickeyDay ago
  • Take a break you deserve it

    pip pippip pipDay ago
  • i will just rewatch your other vids, take care.

    gomonkeyflygomonkeyflyDay ago
  • You're abandoning your moneymaker for a month, but feeding a new platform and other channels. Got it!

    Marcelo MeirelesMarcelo MeirelesDay ago
  • You should take a month out every year, maybe a fortnight twice a year, relax a bit, let your brain chill, productivity and quality will go up. We can survive without vids, well temporarily anyway

    eoclleocll2 days ago
  • How DARE you SIR!!! HOW DARE you take time off to take care your yourself!!!! #JoeScott=SelfishBoy/WTF

    Matt WunschMatt Wunsch2 days ago
  • Will you do the mud flood??

    SaraJane MSaraJane M2 days ago
  • 2014 fell?

    Danny unixanalystDanny unixanalyst2 days ago
  • You haven't got anything to worry about Joe. Look after yourself!

    Connell SmithConnell Smith2 days ago
  • yeah dude... get some sleep! 😂

    christotaku B.christotaku B.2 days ago
  • Some people are pretty blunt and judgy in their comments here. Good for you Joe for taking a break! It's important to look after ourselves and those around us. Enjoy! I'll look forward to seeing your future content.

    MFrank LeBlancMFrank LeBlanc2 days ago
  • Joe, i have seen you playing small roles in an episode of the second season of Condor and in the movie Morgan.

    Karl ZaraivaKarl Zaraiva2 days ago
  • take care Joe and enjoy your well earned time and space to decompress and "recharge the batteries"

    Leopold5100Leopold51002 days ago
  • WE JUST GOT TYLER'D!... _SECURE TEAM 10'D!!!_ They hit a million and 'take a break' ... then... zzz... zzz... zzz... They don't come back!

    VR & AR dev.StudioVR & AR dev.Studio2 days ago
  • It's called 'me time' and a very good idea. Enjoy.

    Jim HewlettJim Hewlett2 days ago
  • Having a holiday is not a sin ... have some fun!

    Rory KeeganRory Keegan2 days ago
  • Joe been bit hard by the spring cleaning bug. See you on Friday's in OLF.

    Whirled PeazWhirled Peaz2 days ago
  • It's all good matey, hello from Brisbane Australia ...

    rachel gilmorerachel gilmore2 days ago
  • What an a-hole.... I have to completely organise my calendar to compensate for this self indulging a-hole...... oh... it’s my favourite channel you say?..... and he hasn’t had a break in like.... 6 years...... oh..... a-hole, me, me, me! Self entitled me... the customer is always right, right?... I demand you stop what you are doing and umm......errr.... honestly mate, they say change is as good as a holiday, but you know what else is as good as a holiday??.... yeah, a holiday. Rest up dude, creativity has a price, dedication for so long shouldn’t come at the price of your total invested mental health. Keep up the great work mate, and I look forward to the wealth of knowledge you can help this moron here, understand!! 👌🤙🤙🤙

    DirectionalengineerDirectionalengineer2 days ago
  • I get that. I decided to go off the regular schedule literally four videos in. I see it the way CGP Grey does: focus on doing good stuff. When it's ready, it's ready. Take care, see you whenever you're back.

    Too Many ThingsToo Many Things2 days ago
  • Since when did we need to apologise and or explain taking time off? Look after yourself, bro. The fans will always be here!

    Karl BurnettKarl Burnett2 days ago
  • I hope you're doing well! Take as long as you need mental health is no joke!

    The Bounty Hunter GuildThe Bounty Hunter Guild2 days ago
  • No excuses. The sole purpose of your life to entertain ME! Your personal life makes no difference to ME. Work more. Abandon your family!

    Weltraum AffeWeltraum Affe2 days ago
  • Take care mang and well how easily can we get eh lol

    Subject OR36942Subject OR369422 days ago
  • You log on HAhaHAhaHaAh

    Subject OR36942Subject OR369422 days ago
  • We call this "taking a vacation". Everybody needs that. Even the Late Night guys take regular vacations. No guilt. No long explanations should be necessary.

    C. JacksonC. Jackson2 days ago
  • DUDE do you be healthy I'm sure you'll always want to share but you've got to let yourself be comfortable

    Nothing MattersNothing Matters2 days ago
  • It's a conspiracy!

    MaxamarMaxamar2 days ago
  • Joe: "I'm taking a month off" Fans: "cool, enjoy" ThE AlGoRiThM: *PRIMORDIAL SCREACH*

    shadowreaperjbshadowreaperjb2 days ago
  • I've been following you for years now, & I'd have to say "You Work Too Hard. You deserve a break. Organize & re-evaluate your priorities sounds like a sensible & reasonable idea. REQUEST: More funny, joke videos = I like your humour :-)

    Kerry StevensKerry Stevens2 days ago
  • As always I’ll be here when your video is posted...change is important “new beginning” 👍

    RobboRobbo2 days ago
  • Take a breath🐚

    Johnny MikeJohnny Mike2 days ago
  • I know what its like to be so busy that sleep is a luxury - I have 2 daughters, and one is a teenager! 😳😆 You're too young to burn yourself out.. Get some rest while the rest of us get a life 😉✌

    Elizabeth SullivanElizabeth Sullivan2 days ago
  • We'll keep the lights on for ya!

    Mary TamanoMary Tamano2 days ago
  • nope . no days off. grind 27/4

    xXVignettaXxxXVignettaXx2 days ago
  • Vacations exist for a reason, take a nice worry free break, we'll all still love your content when you get back :)

    Andrew GrasmanAndrew Grasman2 days ago
  • "I want to perform at a level worthy of this channel" Bro! As "ain't broke don't fix it" goes, CLEARLY this ain't broke! Improve what you feel needs improving, but for fucks-sake! Your channel has gotten like this because it is LIKE THIS! Much love and to borrow a familiar phrase: "Good show ole chap!"

    foosblood24foosblood242 days ago
  • I feel bad that we live in a society where you have to explain all that... I hope you get some quality "me time" as well as "family time"!

    Kseniia LeeKseniia Lee2 days ago
  • You're so good, Joe! You deserve a break. Take all the time you need, we all got you. We'll be right here to see what you have next

    OneEngineOnOneEngineOn2 days ago
  • Sir, you deserve a holiday

    So0eSo0e2 days ago
  • It's Spring Studio Cleaning time - YAY!

    KarenMichelle LaneKarenMichelle Lane2 days ago
  • Good for you. I know it is hard.

    Brad WyvrattBrad Wyvratt2 days ago
  • Rest Joe! We'll still be here! And like someone else said, we have plenty of reruns :)

    Dilian HernandezDilian Hernandez2 days ago
  • You have absolutely earned a vacation, bud. Take a sabbatical and get caught up with real life. My subscription notifications will ding me when you get done with holiday.

    Calyo DelphiCalyo Delphi2 days ago
  • The universe is tunnel shaped. More like a cocoon, actually.

    A. Q.A. Q.2 days ago
  • "Don't Panic" Lol... I know where my towel is. XD If time ever constrains you and you get overwhelmed remember: time is irrelevant lunchtime doubly so.

    Styx Dragon CharonStyx Dragon Charon2 days ago
  • Mate! You get to take a break! I can't think of a USworlds channel that doesn't take one at least annually!

    Mik ScheperMik Scheper2 days ago
  • Why you don't put a chroma screen behind you? So you can project whatever you want on it

    Adone BorioneAdone Borione2 days ago
  • Can you atleast sync your videos to LBRY!??!!!

    Melroy van den BergMelroy van den Berg2 days ago
  • Good. Go buddy. Rest, recoup, also I'd rather fewer high quality videos anyway. Thanks for it all bro!

    Aaron AdamsAaron Adams2 days ago