Why the Future Will be Awful

Apr 5, 2021
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Futurama: How does it present an awful version of the future (or our current reality?)
When you think of the future, do you picture a better world? If you just thought "yes," maybe you were born in 1950. Otherwise, chances are you're imagining a techy dystopia not unlike the one we see in Futurama. Come learn how Futurama embodies our worst dreads about the future in this Wisecrack Edition on Futurama: Why the Future Will be Awful.
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00:00 - Intro
02:12 - Populuxe
05:31 - Not Your Daddy's Future
10:08 - The Problem with Mom
15:40 - Outro
Written by Ross McIndoe
Hosted by Greg Edwards
Directed by Michael Luxemburg
Editing by Mark Potts
Video Title Card by Amanda Murphy
Produced by Evan Yee
Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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  • More Greg!!

    Timbo_58Timbo_58Hour ago
  • I think technology can save humanity and Earth, but only if humanity is able to step away from the ideas of "an individual is more important than the group" and "profit is God"

    LittleKittyMine69LittleKittyMine694 hours ago
  • well there goes the hope for the future

    diego muñozdiego muñoz7 hours ago
  • Sometimes, I feel like we already have deep fake hosted/created videos. Every time someone uses a speech to text app to make a list video, I die a little inside. Every time I find a new, nonsensical content farm that shoots up 10 million subscribers over night, I die a little more. Especially when those channels get away with a lot of things that smaller, real people producing videos couldn't even hope of getting away with. It's a constant struggle to keep your head above water, especially when the algorythm just seems to get worse and worse each month. So no, I won't be surprised when my job as a screenwriter is replaced with a plot generating AI. I know that there's no rocket for me when I decide, "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."

    ApplepoisoneerApplepoisoneer16 hours ago
  • I feel dumb because I just realized why in the thumb nails of some of these videos the word is upside-down, it's because they are "turning it on its head".

    E-man SmithE-man SmithDay ago
  • Techno blade optimism

    Martha ElmerMartha ElmerDay ago
  • This is genius. Your critique is devastatingly right on. I wish this could go viral.

    Argus FleibeitArgus FleibeitDay ago
  • David Graeber is based

    IsaacIsaacDay ago
  • Hell yeah hope we get Thug Notes back.

    mugendono23mugendono232 days ago
  • Yes.

    Jem LeavJem Leav2 days ago
  • I kept clearing my throat every 10 seconds... I love this guy

    Entropic PedroEntropic Pedro2 days ago
  • Jesus better come back soon or he won't have a world to come back to !!!

    scott mcfadyenscott mcfadyen2 days ago
  • Ah, I thought I was depressed before...

    Jeremy OwensJeremy Owens2 days ago
  • The collapse of the 20th century socialist experiments where the greatest crimes in human history. Their deaths have trapped us in this hell world of capitalism as we goose step towards techno slavery.

    Demo_the _manDemo_the _man2 days ago
  • always good to see the man himself here on wisecrack

    Tora YujinTora Yujin3 days ago
  • I am here every time for leftist thinkpieces of Futurama with Sparky Sweetz.

    Keld TundrakingKeld Tundraking3 days ago
  • I feel like Diogenes would have loved Futurama.

    Aaron WebbAaron Webb3 days ago
  • 17:07 Ain't it the truth!

    User NameUser Name4 days ago
  • 15:46 Drop kick!

    User NameUser Name4 days ago
  • Worst thing about the future, is that it keeps becoming the present -Bill Waterson

    LizardClone2LizardClone24 days ago
  • 7:13

    User NameUser Name4 days ago
  • 6:33 Did an actual car dealership had to put a sign for people to stop asking about their nonexistent flying cars.

    User NameUser Name4 days ago
  • The future... will it be Futurama or Star Trek? Probably somewhere in the middle.

    Stephen MaserStephen Maser4 days ago
  • It's sad because it's true.

    Greed OwinsGreed Owins4 days ago
  • the most terrifying thing about Futurama is we'll still have capitalism a thousand years from now o_o

    KhaliraKhalira5 days ago
  • best. show. ever.

    KhaliraKhalira5 days ago
  • the day my children were born(yeah plural) i started again thinking about the future...it will suck so hard :(

    human earthlinghuman earthling5 days ago
  • I truly believe that Ronald Reagan signified the death of realistic optimism in USA.

    TaureanbeaverTaureanbeaver5 days ago
  • Biden "won" thats why the future will suck

    Mynameis yrreTMynameis yrreT5 days ago
  • Wow, this is the first Greg video I've seen. He's such a fantastic orator. That's a mighty combination of skill and a natural voice that makes for a wonderful viewing/listening experience.

    XcallionXcallion5 days ago
  • Ummmmmm. You’re smart.

    Jack SlagleJack Slagle5 days ago
  • God. That symore episode. I was so sad after seeing it for the first time in middle school.

    matthew Higgsmatthew Higgs5 days ago
  • The owls were originally released into new-new York to deal with the rat problem, They then quickly became the dominant pest in the city. Hence, the owl exterminators. The lore of this show is wild! (also am I remembering it wrong or did the professor mention they ate orphaned puppies?)

    PinkfluffyantPinkfluffyant5 days ago
  • Dude, you're hilarious. On the upside, I'll likely be dead within 30 years. So I've got that going for me.

    SHODAN ツSHODAN ツ5 days ago
  • I love that he's doing these types of videos ❤ His personality is stunning!

    Grooviest MasterGrooviest Master5 days ago
  • Personally, as far back as my childhood; I’ve been saying that I didn’t want to live in a Star Trek future! 😂

    Rae illtastic ink BurkeRae illtastic ink Burke5 days ago
  • Why would you show us the dog????? What did we do to you?

    Dawn GrimsteadDawn Grimstead5 days ago
  • And people bash me for valuing online privacy.

    Danshaku LawrenceDanshaku Lawrence5 days ago
  • Futurama is my favorite TV show of all time. I world super love to see Wisecrack do a podcast like The Squanch with Futurama

    S JS J5 days ago
  • Oof. Seems like the search algorithm is burying this. "Cracked futurama" doesn't have this five day old video on the first page. 💁

    natslovebugnatslovebug6 days ago
  • Moral of the Story : Ted is right

    Ikenga SpiritIkenga Spirit6 days ago
  • Nooooooo Why not back as Thug notes?

    Ikenga SpiritIkenga Spirit6 days ago
  • Tech will NEVER ever cure the human condition, only humans could do that.

    xXEilonwyXxxXEilonwyXx6 days ago
  • dude, your so cool, take over the channel!

    shahab nedaeishahab nedaei6 days ago
  • Sklavenmoral.

    TheJasekuTheJaseku6 days ago
  • Easily one of the greatest TV shows ever aired, let alone one of the best animated ones from this side of the Pacific

    Antony DrossosAntony Drossos6 days ago
  • Why do they have a black dude telling us why the future is going to be awful, every other video I've watched has been by some form of caucasian

    Jon MajuriJon Majuri6 days ago
  • How does jingles and commercial music works?

    Nemanja TNemanja T6 days ago
  • Now I wanna look at footage of Conway the Machine for hours.

    Schadowization ProductionsSchadowization Productions6 days ago
  • Thats not the future, its the present.

    Jesus420Jesus4206 days ago
  • About that "hosted by a Robot" thing, "Drachinifel" used to have a Robotic voice do his videos. Fans objected, so we get to hear a carbon-based entity narrate the shortcomings of Russia's Baltic fleet and especially the "Kamchatka." (That Czarist navy crew saw more "Japanese torpedo boats" than the Imperial Japanese navy ever had.;)

    Otokichi786Otokichi7866 days ago
  • Dude you should be a voice actor

    Seventh ProdigySeventh Prodigy6 days ago
  • They kinda really.....abandon a lot of the more grim stuff as time goes on more. like the career chips for the most part. at least more into the background. it's still really borked up though.

    Dissonance ParadiddleDissonance Paradiddle6 days ago
  • Now that Greg is back (Yay!) bring back Garrix too!

    Nut MegNut Meg6 days ago
  • Wow... Just found your video by accident. Great work and keep it up!

    Christopher HessChristopher Hess6 days ago
  • My girlfriend and I love your voice!

    EntryNumberFive BandEntryNumberFive Band6 days ago
  • Wisecrack ftw

    modoliefmodolief6 days ago
  • Future will be awful 'cause at some point this planet cancel humanity in form of ice age or something else

    anssi lehtimäkianssi lehtimäki6 days ago
  • "it is easier to imagine an end to the world than an end to capitalism” -mark fisher

    Kilgore TroutKilgore Trout7 days ago
  • I needed a wisecrack on Futurama video in my life. Thank you!

    AlyssaAlyssa7 days ago
  • "Will be." Already is. Always was.

    Pensive ScarletPensive Scarlet7 days ago
  • "... and the single saddest thing ever put on television." Why? Why must you remind me? I'm dropping everything to hug my dog. I'll be back later.

    dc_chadwickdc_chadwick7 days ago
  • The "problem" if you may, is that Futurama still assumes that governments will still exist in the future. But governments are already an outdated and obsolete tool in the present, it's just that they became so big and powerful that it seems almost impossible to get rid of them now. The only source of power is the State, and without states, corporations would have no one to bribe, and business would have to be done via explicit contractual consensus. In a free market anarchist society, no corporation could expand so much as to control the entirety of the planet. Competition would always arise all over the world, and keeping such and enormous network to suppress that would just not be worth it. But other than that, the show is pretty cool, my all time favourite, in fact.

    Diego MuñozDiego Muñoz7 days ago
  • Greg-hosted videos are by far the best Wisecrack videos since Jared left IMO

    Griffin CGriffin C7 days ago
  • Oh snap good to see you in a video Greg! Holding out for thug notes. Get down on some Walden!

    Badbad FishyBadbad Fishy7 days ago
  • Can listen to this guy explain things all day. Hell yeah

    EchoCoinEchoCoin7 days ago
  • All one needs is a glance at history. People sucked then. They suck now. They will suck in the future. Our technology changes, but we all simply commit the oldest sins, in the newest ways. Need a few tens of thousands of years for the human animal to really adapt in any meaningful way. And as the march of technology has continued, we have discovered ever more creative ways of halting that evolutionary process. Humanity will continue to putter along. Though our world population may be nearing its zenith.

    Christopher IngsChristopher Ings7 days ago
  • you talk like a moron

    klingburgerklingburger7 days ago
  • Basically cyberpunk. Lowlife / high tech.

    Ethan HuEthan Hu7 days ago
  • I have to agree, the dog episode was the first time I cryed watching tv

    LucasLucas7 days ago
  • 🖕 For mentioning/showing Seymour.

    CRWCRW7 days ago
  • You're incorrect.. Farnsworth's first crew got ate n the space tetrahedron by a space whale which is a mammal because Leela seen in lactating.. Just saying!

    Corn FedCorn Fed7 days ago
  • Pull up a groove and get fabulous!

    Dingfelder SmurfalotDingfelder Smurfalot7 days ago
  • Technology lets them extend our work day? That's an interesting thought as I put in some overtime at ten thirty at night working from home. At least it's work I can do while listening to USworlds?

    Anthony WestbrookAnthony Westbrook7 days ago
  • I don't think it's about technology itself but rather democracy in companies and then power states have over companies.

    Sassy Gee'Sassy Gee'7 days ago
  • The present sucks and it'll hardly get better lol

    InkLinkInkLink7 days ago
  • Why does wisecrack always refer to the viewer of wisecrack as wisecrack? I'm not wisecrack, im watching wisecrack. You are wisecrack.

    Mike CampbellMike Campbell7 days ago
  • As a child of the 60's I bought into all the hopes and dreams of a bright technology driven future. It's now painful to watch those clips of our glorious science fiction future past. We could have achieved so much. If only our political representatives actually represented us. Curiously, now that more people are skeptically educated about how screwed up things really are, there might be a small chance to achieve something.

    Earwaxfire909Earwaxfire9097 days ago
  • Difference between Star Trek and Futurama: Star Trek abolished money/capitalism and the foundations of private ownership. Futurama did not. Groening is a smart guy, and I'm sure that was the hidden message in Futurama.

    Robert HoopleRobert Hoople7 days ago
  • This got too depressing for me to finish

    Mychael JohnsonMychael Johnson7 days ago
  • I believe in greg supremacy

    ufailowellufailowell7 days ago
  • Capitalism is a technology too, one that's showing its age. Futurama's right unless we invent a better system and figure out how to transition into it. Generally speaking, it would need to be a monetary system that values quality of life over profit. Independent colonies have the best chance since they don't have the built up infrastructure around capitalism that would need to be renovated.

    Nick CombsNick Combs8 days ago
  • So depressing. It's all doom and greed and no way out. Why should we continue?

    Donna SnyderDonna Snyder8 days ago
  • Is that the guy from way back when he would read literature and talk like what one would think of a stereotypical black man? I remember using one of his videos for helping me with a summary of a book for my lit class. I then decided to show that same video to my professor, she nearly had a heart attack Lol I've been wanting more of those videos. They were pretty fun to watch. Its nice to see him still around

    RayanimegirlRayanimegirl8 days ago
  • Capitalism, capitalism is the answer to all your problems. (Which is to say, why said problem even exist in the first place: capitalism)

    e vje vj8 days ago
  • Well, we need a revolution then, right?

    8Robba8Robba8 days ago
  • I for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

    Tyrant-DenTyrant-Den8 days ago
  • I'm sorry, I just don't like this dude

    Ben HacmonBen Hacmon8 days ago
  • Greg makes Wisecrack 200% better. I might subscribe again if he keeps appearing.

    FabledFabled8 days ago
  • GRREEEEEGGGG!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

    orcanerd corcanerd c8 days ago
  • Technology advances, Humans don't.

    WarstubWarstub8 days ago
  • Please bring back Thug notes.

    SomedudeSomedude8 days ago
  • The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them whenever you want. But you will not always have Me.

    TheRomaduceTheRomaduce8 days ago
  • Hell yea, Doc Sweets in the house! Thug Notes has been missing from my life.

    Max CohenMax Cohen8 days ago
  • Simpsons prophesied a lot of things in our time, what's to say Futurama’s any different.

    Ryan NicholsonRyan Nicholson8 days ago
  • I would say: it’s a smarter way to think about the future

    Ming TangMing Tang8 days ago
  • This man's voice belongs to the older wise man I'm a jazz group in a Disney movie

    Mando ManMando Man8 days ago
  • The pandemic is literally last minute solution. We aren't actively preventing future pandemics.

    TheGoldisfunTheGoldisfun8 days ago
  • That dog scene man..shit makes me feel things

    Edward LivingstonEdward Livingston8 days ago
  • Meanwhile in the Fallout universe, the only consolation for being alive is, well, the fact that you're somehow alive. What it and Futurama have in common is how humanity never changes.

    mikitzmikitz8 days ago