Why Hasn't This YouTuber Been Stopped?

Feb 21, 2021
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We have a troll who is stuck in the days of 2008 still thriving by on the principle of brigadier other content creators, the kind of cringe that you just can't even laugh at. Thanks for watching!
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  • boi got rekt hard. he deleted his channel cause he's scared of the feds looking into the many many reports and accusations, lol

    Ant the GordAnt the Gord13 minutes ago
  • maxaimilianmux edge + 5 bleed damage

    Meatloaf 576Meatloaf 576Hour ago
  • Straight up JDC meme energy

    2021 isn't a race2021 isn't a raceHour ago
  • Watching Max comes with the following consequences: Cancer Cringe (Lvl 2) Suicidal Thoughts Wanting to watch Jaystation

    The HunterThe Hunter2 hours ago
  • Because money. USworlds likes money, and controversy brings it, so of course they wont stop him.

    Scorch prime, The walking war crimeScorch prime, The walking war crime2 hours ago
  • first tokyo's revenge now that max guy :(

    4Kチョッパ NGN4Kチョッパ NGN2 hours ago
  • What we have here is a rare opportunity where fans of one creator coordinate chat harassment at a consistent level. If someone of Twitch employs an algorithm that identifies frequently occurring names in 5-or-more unrelated channels that were hit by Max's harassment, you should be able to identify a mass chunk of his followers and ban their IP very easily. This ridiculous level of organization by Max may make it easy to safely mass ban if Twitch decides to go that route.

    Yik Long TayYik Long Tay2 hours ago
  • Judging by his fans in the comments, its like an unholy fusion between metokur and leafy fans.

    New World DisorderNew World Disorder2 hours ago
  • I don't give a damn about people saying mean things, but framing people and getting them cancelled is unforgivable.

    MR. OBVIOUSMR. OBVIOUS2 hours ago
    • Oh hi man. Love your channel my lesbian Mexican.

      Picking With DickPicking With DickHour ago
    • @AutisticoMagnifico Another rare sight: What're you doing on this account, Mr. Krabs?

      Johnathan StokerJohnathan StokerHour ago
    • Boo hoo, let me play a sad song for you on the world's smallest violin

      AutisticoMagnificoAutisticoMagnificoHour ago
    • Well this is a rare sight.

      Johnathan StokerJohnathan StokerHour ago
    • oh hello MR. OBVIOUS didn't expect you here

      RedndRedndHour ago
  • Another one bites the dust

    New World DisorderNew World Disorder2 hours ago
  • Hasta La Vista Baby You're Terminated

    MARVEL Maximum CarnageMARVEL Maximum Carnage2 hours ago
  • A bomb

    YtpufYtpuf2 hours ago
  • this drama is so funny. Max literally just dosent care, and that’s why people hate him

    BababouilleBababouille3 hours ago
  • Time for anonynous to step in

    TomPlayzEpicMCTomPlayzEpicMC3 hours ago
  • I honestly love Max's response to Charlie because he made a 20 minute video and basically said "he called me a pedo but I don't see the evidence" and then played a video of a bird dancing for the rest of the video which was 19m 30s, he talked for 30 seconds and just said no evidence despite there being evidence in all of Charlie's video

    E̷͒͌r̵̢̀r̷̄̅ȍ̴̃rE̷͒͌r̵̢̀r̷̄̅ȍ̴̃r3 hours ago
  • God when every one of his dumb followers used the profile picture. It just made me sad for humanity.

    Mr PicklesMr Pickles3 hours ago
  • It amazes me how people can still be fans of someone like this

    Grandma GertrudeGrandma Gertrude3 hours ago
  • If you still think Maximilian has not gone too far I will tell you one more thing He was a t series supporter during the sub war

    Λυκούργος ΞαρχοπουλοςΛυκούργος Ξαρχοπουλος4 hours ago
  • y'all have little fights down here in the lower sewers of USworlds like real people & everything

    Mega ZetaMega Zeta4 hours ago
  • I thought his channel had been eradicated but apparently his pfp is still everywhere lol Bruhify must prevail Edit: nvm his channel got banned

    Λυκούργος ΞαρχοπουλοςΛυκούργος Ξαρχοπουλος4 hours ago
  • check out kiwis

    Goji LmaoGoji Lmao4 hours ago
  • Oh yeah yeah

    JustJust4 hours ago
    • Just stop, it's dead.

      DefeatedMelonDefeatedMelonHour ago
  • Mxmilliam makes jaystation looks like a pure human

    jourdhyjourdhy4 hours ago
  • *BRUH* what ?????? Man atleast one less idiot to deal with

    Scarydave 724Scarydave 7245 hours ago
  • Ъ

    Глад Валакас ФЭКГлад Валакас ФЭК5 hours ago
  • This didn’t age well

    ThaTrickstaThaTricksta5 hours ago
  • I'm against cancel culture but...

    bot. koalaybot. koalay5 hours ago
  • I just don’t get how he has over a million subs... his content is so bad. Him trying to make a joke causes strokes.

    Wabbly PopWabbly Pop6 hours ago
  • let him be, censorship is worse than that channel

    Vincetas Jeronimas KuliešiusVincetas Jeronimas Kuliešius6 hours ago
  • i dont know why hes doing this me cus his a little kid who is deing toxic for money

    Гергана АтанасоваГергана Атанасова6 hours ago
  • There's dark humour and there's 4chan level autistic humour

    Some Random UserSome Random User7 hours ago
  • Wow this guy is probably can’t even tolerate lactose because he’s so intolerant.

    Chernobyl reactor number 3 0:Chernobyl reactor number 3 0:7 hours ago
  • Name: Max Lundgren Location: Sweden,Bjällervägen 28, 129 46 hägersten Apartment number: 1201 Age: 26 years old

    unknownunknown7 hours ago
    • @Scarydave 724 shh, tnat knowledge only lies with the Chosen Ones

      unknownunknown13 minutes ago
    • Okay How and Where was this Info found ? *NO FBI HAVE BEEN INVOLVED*

      Scarydave 724Scarydave 7245 hours ago
  • Max moment

    TOAST3DTOAST3D8 hours ago
  • Oh yeah yeah

    RedCloudxRedCloudx8 hours ago

    HakuuHakuu8 hours ago
    • @Constantinos Tsakardanos i- i hope So....

      meep projectmeep project4 hours ago
    • @Constantinos Tsakardanos I hope so too

      Scarydave 724Scarydave 7245 hours ago
    • I really hope you're joking

      Constantinos TsakardanosConstantinos Tsakardanos6 hours ago
  • I bet there is one comment saying "oh yeah yeah"

    S H NS H N9 hours ago
    • Believe it or not Its Literally under your comment

      Scarydave 724Scarydave 7245 hours ago
  • What the fuck is this oh yea yeah shit?

    Plat StarPlat Star9 hours ago
  • Cancel cultures be like: "Sorry guys there is alot of drama and I quit "social media". Fot an example

    ZoomerZimZoomerZim9 hours ago
  • Oh no no

    rasengorasengo9 hours ago
  • Would we loose something if we shot Max with an shotgun?

    The giant enemy spiderThe giant enemy spider9 hours ago
    • @Flaming Hell sorry should have thought about them 😔

      The giant enemy spiderThe giant enemy spider3 hours ago
    • Don't shoot Max you uncultured idiot! Those poor bullets would be scarred for life...

      Flaming HellFlaming Hell3 hours ago
    • Not sure... I think not so go ahead and hide the body in a good place

      xıuǝoɥԀフェニックスxıuǝoɥԀフェニックス9 hours ago
  • its one point four six

    Rophael AhmedRophael Ahmed9 hours ago
  • Great take. I don't care how much of a piece of shit someone is. Criticize them for the horrible behaviour that they have, but don't just go around accusing them of being a pedo if you have zero proof.

    Loot CraterLoot Crater9 hours ago
  • "He called me a pedophile. I mean, he's right but he has no evidence." You know how when police arrest someone, they say "Anything you say can & will be used against you in a court of law."? An on-record confession of a crime you committed, no matter how weak the case, is the combined pressure of every single nail in the coffin. The prosecution can AND will use it to find you guilty, because "its a joke" doesn't fly in the legal system.

    UBERLORDUBERLORD10 hours ago
  • I got scared for a second because I mixed him up with Matsimus

    Dy1anDy1an10 hours ago
  • He actually commented in some of my post back then

    Atomic PunchAtomic Punch10 hours ago
  • the fuck are you actually gay

    MidNightClubMidNightClub10 hours ago
  • “Homies sippin eachothers dongs!” That what I call homiesexual. It ain’t gay cause it’s with a homie!

    DaOogieBoogieDaOogieBoogie10 hours ago
  • Why did you blur it out?

    Just TimJust Tim10 hours ago
  • He made someone wat their own shit

    Merciful GangsterMerciful Gangster10 hours ago
  • I have such a crush on you. Yes I've come here to give you a cringy comment. Someone take my phone away. 🥴

    Sheedev1lSheedev1l11 hours ago
    • Are you ok

      xıuǝoɥԀフェニックスxıuǝoɥԀフェニックス9 hours ago
  • Critical was inspiration to wveryone and told them that its wrong

    LongoLongo11 hours ago
  • Used to watch him when he made OW videos. Always thought he just stuck to light hearted trolling in Overwatch/Fortnite, but then a few months ago I learned about him harassing people on Twitch and realized how much of an asshole he actually was.

    Trolled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Trolled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 hours ago
  • Why'd you censored your face mate?

    Timothy SajotTimothy Sajot11 hours ago
  • max is really stinks

    vlasicpicklesvlasicpickles12 hours ago
  • I only like his trolling videos. Anything else he does I look away.

    red warriorred warrior12 hours ago
  • Well his account is gone lmao

    • Soup• Soup12 hours ago
    • Really lmao?

      Ya Boi Jimmy Is HereYa Boi Jimmy Is Here6 hours ago
  • Man USworlds will never learn

    i errori error12 hours ago
    • Aizawa dat you

      xıuǝoɥԀフェニックスxıuǝoɥԀフェニックス9 hours ago
  • Fuck with muta... you get to see budda

    YinnixYinnix12 hours ago
  • Its just trolling on PlayStation why are you so mad?

    Devin ThomasDevin Thomas12 hours ago
    • Oh boo hoo

      Sasuke UchihaSasuke Uchiha8 hours ago
    • We're just cancelling Max online. Why are you so mad?

      Biwara YoganataBiwara Yoganata10 hours ago
    • I'mma assume you didn't watch the video.

      AMadRipZAMadRipZ12 hours ago
  • Tf is your problem with maximilmus

    Devin ThomasDevin Thomas12 hours ago
    • Watch the video

      xıuǝoɥԀフェニックスxıuǝoɥԀフェニックス9 hours ago
    • wait till you watch the video before leaving a comment

      terrablade bossterrablade boss12 hours ago
  • Why the hell do the porn comic ads have sound now? I was at my grandma's when all of a sudden "why is my step mom so obsessed with that zucchini" just blares from my phone. USworlds has stop this shit, seriously

    Trevor SamuelsTrevor Samuels12 hours ago
    • Lmao I saw that few times

      dhhd sjjcdhhd sjjc6 hours ago
  • Oh no

    ꧁ ꧂꧁ ꧂13 hours ago
  • Eat your cereal

    Tmg ClipsTmg Clips13 hours ago
    • Drink your milk

      xıuǝoɥԀフェニックスxıuǝoɥԀフェニックス9 hours ago
  • Dude i had no idea who maximilian was before today. I watched this this morning and max followed me on quora just now. I was like hold up... I recognized the photo and was like no fn way. Its him. His profile has all this stuff about how he used to be a youtuber and he is trying to get his acct back omfg

    trake t.trake t.14 hours ago
    • @AMadRipZ looks like it. But who really knows

      trake t.trake t.11 hours ago
    • He have tons of imposters, you sure that's him?

      AMadRipZAMadRipZ12 hours ago
  • Oh no no

    EmanoNXDEmanoNXD14 hours ago
  • “Homies sipping each other’s dongs”😂

    Tis RariTis Rari15 hours ago
  • Why you really made this video like it wasn’t mainstream USworlds news about max and that you were covering this breaking story

    Nicholas MartinezNicholas Martinez15 hours ago
  • Maximilianmus is gone \('

    felipo_ galaxyfelipo_ galaxy15 hours ago
  • So many people use that profile pic is it keanu reeves in the matrix and I seen this guy before for fortnite right.

    • Jc denton from deus ex

      AMadRipZAMadRipZ12 hours ago
  • bruh he deleted his channel max 0_0

    swuceswuce15 hours ago
  • Good news. He deleted his channel. Bad news, he's probably going to get away with all his bullshit.

    Jessie BlosserJessie Blosser15 hours ago
  • idk if you remember this but years ago, quackity raids club penguins, roblox, and other games for content while stream it on twitch. Quackity back then was like max but he did it without any real harassment towards the stuff that he raided. Unsurprisingly, his twitch was banned multiple times, his discord was deleted, his twitter had been terminated/disabled. He finally stopped doing it and do other things for content. He did what max has done but not as harmful as max but for some reason, max never got any justice from those platform that he used.

    DeeDee16 hours ago
  • i am ashamed to share the same name as him

    loserloser16 hours ago
  • I think he is a troll, not a bad person offline. But online I think he is a terrible person, this is coming from an OG max fan before he became well....max

    Sei ShōnagonSei Shōnagon16 hours ago
  • I don't just want Max gone from the internet, I want all his electronic devices confiscated and destroyed to prevent him from accessing online ever again. An exaggerated comment yes, but my point still stands.

    Ash ManchesterAsh Manchester16 hours ago
  • This has nothing to do with cancel culture. This guy didn't say something controversial 10 years ago, he's actively sending death threats to people to blackmail them. He must be held accountable and removed from every single platform.

    ZioZio17 hours ago
  • Sweet justice.

    flarbee2flarbee217 hours ago
  • Yeah I watched his content in Overwatch because I hated that game, I enjoy it but his bullshit and constantly promoting his discord was just bs. I quit following him for the past two years and stopped watching when he did fortnite, I guess I did the right call. Griefing in a videogames is different than messing with people in real life.

    Rockhy2j KamilleRockhy2j Kamille17 hours ago
  • his following is an actual cult by definition lmfao

    SCARINGSCARING17 hours ago
  • I fucking love Weest wtf is this

    Adam RAdam R18 hours ago
  • Wth is a jacey danton??? All these years I thought that's Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    KratoSijanKratoSijan18 hours ago
  • correlations would be the word

    Hans KHans K18 hours ago
  • I raided his discord server and spammed profanity like a day a day before this was uploaded Edit: his discord servers are pure AIDS, someone was spamming a Doxbin link, me being curious, l opened it, and it was MaximilianMus’ Address and flat number, country he’s from and DOB

    MessageMessage18 hours ago
  • Woah, I wasn't subscribed. Almost lost you in the algorithm brother. We on board doe.

    Jack WhiteJack White18 hours ago
  • We stand with someone against homophobia. Get your values in line, max.

    CoraKolourACCoraKolourAC18 hours ago
  • max is love max is life

    Aiden DennisAiden Dennis18 hours ago
  • the sonic g fuel though

    2kool4u2kool4u19 hours ago
  • I remember when I used to watch him heavy a couple of years backs. I didn’t do any harassment, just had the same pfp as him and would rarely comment oh yeah yeah. Glad I grew out of that because this is sad to see and have in the back of my mind “I used to support this guy”.

    LudicoloLudicolo19 hours ago
  • Man I hate this guy

    spectral spectraspectral spectra19 hours ago
    • Yes I'll cry, he's dishonouring JC Denton with the crap he has been doing, I hate him so much

      spectral spectraspectral spectra6 hours ago
    • Cry

      If you disagree you are wrongIf you disagree you are wrong11 hours ago
  • im gonna say this i dont want any website policing what i do of the website thats some commie bullshit.

    vishramramoutarvishramramoutar19 hours ago
  • 🦀🦀🦀maximillanmus is gone🦀🦀🦀

    Rayquaza17 2737Rayquaza17 273719 hours ago
  • ummm NNE saga harassed others off platform, she even called another youtuber and threatened him! and still has her youtube channel

    Youtubers Music - No Copyright SoundsYoutubers Music - No Copyright Sounds19 hours ago
  • I'm gonna miss max, his trolling vids are gonna be missed.

    matthew dearingmatthew dearing20 hours ago
  • So they take down pewds coco distract, but they don't remove that, sick fuck, max's channel? USworlds, do your job.

    MrLilDudeMrLilDude20 hours ago
  • 2:29 oh my god lol

    QUEEN of PEANUTSQUEEN of PEANUTS20 hours ago
    • Sipping the homies dooongs oh my god lol

      QUEEN of PEANUTSQUEEN of PEANUTS20 hours ago
  • my little pony edgy?

    -Attack of the youtube copyright bot--Attack of the youtube copyright bot-20 hours ago
  • Never liked him, I always found max annoying.

    Ivy MewIvy Mew20 hours ago
  • I would laugh my ass off if you went full idubz and said "are you fucking gay" 2:40

    Davide MagalhaesDavide Magalhaes20 hours ago
  • Jesus did it

    random mobilerandom mobile20 hours ago