Why can't the media quit Trump? 'Gutfeld!' has the answers

Apr 6, 2021
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'Gutfeld!' panel reacts to CNN's Acosta saying he's suffering from 'post-Trump stress disorder.' #FoxNews #Gutfeld
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    Hisiu HisiuHisiu HisiuMinute ago
  • FreedomToons

    Conservative Voices UniversityConservative Voices University47 minutes ago
  • This idiot is as funny as diarrhea

    Jorge AyalaJorge AyalaHour ago
  • Kat...marry me...

    Richard WhiteRichard WhiteHour ago
  • This repubs are pathetic in humor and life..wow...shocking how people can pretend to enjoy this rubbish...stale af...

    Uptown NinjaUptown NinjaHour ago
  • Biden weak foreign policy: - China aircrafts are flying over Taiwan sky and China sending messages to the Biden administration: We are equal now!. - China representative in an interview in front of Palais Coburg hotel in Vienna ( Iran nuclear program meeting) asking the US to lift sanctions of the corrupted Iran regime, because they are illegal!! China wants to get 400 billion $ money for a 25 years contract with the Iran extremist regime!

    M KM KHour ago
  • Trump is above the law. He will be president again Once he does .......question......how will he over-though the armed forces ?....as dictator? I mean ....it’s possible he just needs to read his history books

    Ray CampbellRay Campbell2 hours ago
  • None of this is funny.

    gary ansellgary ansell3 hours ago
  • Gutfeld The Best After Jessie

    JJ74Q Formerly JailbreakJJ74Q Formerly Jailbreak3 hours ago
  • Yeah what they're trying to do is keep president Trump criticize and at in the front line so that people won't be criticizing what they're doing and they will feel relieved to have this regime I think it probably would have worked had they not pulled so much foolishness...

    Alexis WhittierAlexis Whittier6 hours ago
  • I'm glad I can get some lauf ghter. out of the sickness perverted political games like he's disguised Marxist socialist communist politicians I don't want to lose so all Democrats but there should be more standing up for the rights of this country I like your comedy satire of our world as it is I support you men and women God Bless America

    Francis FlandreauFrancis Flandreau7 hours ago
  • Fake fox news

    John KennedyJohn Kennedy7 hours ago
  • No more Impeachment,Impeachment,Impeachment..


    Gail CirilloGail Cirillo9 hours ago
  • Stupid

    Alicia VelasteguiAlicia Velastegui9 hours ago
  • Why iditoys

    Alicia VelasteguiAlicia Velastegui9 hours ago
  • Well if Trump wins the next election and y'all want to move to another country where Trump is not president I will help you pack and the Patriots will even pay for your tickets

    Dylan is fishingDylan is fishing10 hours ago
  • Project Veritas exposed cnn today 🤣

    Angeliki PetrisAngeliki Petris10 hours ago
  • So funny

    Bridget BatikhaBridget Batikha10 hours ago
  • MSM- Why can't I quit you? Trump- Because you love the ratings and revenue I give you.

    Christopher GratChristopher Grat10 hours ago
  • Ick

    Susan HSusan H10 hours ago
  • lmao this is the worst attempt at comedy i have ever seen. EVER!

    abdu oabdu o12 hours ago
  • Longer than we expected? Mmmmh 🤔

    Faith MungaiFaith Mungai13 hours ago
  • Shut up

    Sondra DupreSondra Dupre14 hours ago
  • If the Media quits Trump then what will be left? The Left? Pretty simple perception, why.

    MrDrago1954MrDrago195414 hours ago
  • The media would quit Trump if republicans did. In a nation of 350 million people and (incredibly... ridiculously... stupidly) only two significant political parties (private organizations that control the US electoral system), if one of those parties is being 'led' by a dangerous, clueless, amoral, unprincipled, narcissistic imbecile, you can be assured the press will pay attention to it. The media will stop paying attention to this old child when y'all decide to grow up and take politics seriously. Until then, there will be interest in this situation like there will always be interest in any freak show. The bearded lady, the cannibal, the strong man and yes, the talking, waddling, soft, pink angry turd (yes, that would be Mr Trump).

    JT BovesJT Boves14 hours ago
  • CNN is a joke . Brian Shelter. Need Mark Dice voice for Shelter. But these people on CNN might find the truth in the Biden Years. Never

    Corey OldknowCorey Oldknow17 hours ago
  • They love him.

    Randy WilsonRandy Wilson18 hours ago


  • Because their own party is killing them literally.

    Stand Tall VetsStand Tall Vets21 hour ago
  • I don’t understand how these “journalists” can say what they do. You are supposed to do real research as a journalist. We have very few real journalists.

    traczebabetraczebabe22 hours ago
  • Trump is never going away....2024....and beyond...😂

    Jimmy MacJimmy Mac23 hours ago
  • Listening to the media, entertainers etc... that make fun of President Trump are like watching and listening to these cheap, boring prime time citcoms. Very boring, and not at all entertaining.

    Michael SteeleMichael SteeleDay ago
  • Only Fox News is hanging in the loser Trump. Others don’t care even if Trump tries all he wants to be relevant with other GOP enablers.

    Gopal RajaramGopal RajaramDay ago
  • Unwatchable with the social distancing crap!! Enough with the covid cosplay!!

    Teresa GrandaTeresa GrandaDay ago
  • Love you Greg and your intelligence and humor ❤️

    Geraldine rossGeraldine rossDay ago
  • Take a look @ the hair on the women on the left that is how they’re doing! 🥴

    GrayGrayDay ago
  • Kat looks more anorexic all the time. It's disturbing. Is she OK?

    WesternSkiesWesternSkiesDay ago
  • I was better off with Trump in office. I miss him. We need him. Trump is my president Come back Trump. We need you. america needs you

    Bobbie JonesBobbie JonesDay ago
  • Leftists keep talking about Trump because they're mission is to undo all of his policies. They also believe he's guilty of many crimes. So why would they stop talking about him? If you really believe the Clintons and Obamas are guilty of crimes, you should not stop talking them until justice is served. Agree with them or not, the Democrats believe Trump got away with a lot of bad things.

    DoxMully QueequegDoxMully QueequegDay ago
  • Lol u so boring

    Randy RogersRandy RogersDay ago
  • CNN + ATN, Big Media, Big Tech Voted A LEADER /PRESIDENT who is running out of SPARK, No life No soul imminently show in his eyes physically & mentally. Despite MONEY & FAME ( by Might & by Power) America better prepare for State of Emergency. 3 Falls to Air Force 1 meaning The Air Force 1 don't belong to Biden. It not wind but Holy Ghost wind. CNN got what they wanted. Persecution & Pain is the PRICE of Disobedience.

    Jo BatoJo BatoDay ago
    • Vice President giggling all the times. The rest of the world will giggle back at America.

      Jo BatoJo BatoDay ago
  • You can't get more undignified than that lady Lemon.

    Rita GamezRita GamezDay ago
  • Hunter for a prez son he is a disgrace to the American people. Where I come from if you can't even raise your child properly you are unfit to hold an office. What a sham country. A president son who has criminal record and been shielded

    Jm MonyJm MonyDay ago
    • Trimp was no Saint but at least he has decipline kids

      Jm MonyJm MonyDay ago
  • Anderson we hate you too

    Nikki BomarNikki BomarDay ago
  • Do you hate America? Then let's Rupert Murdoch's The Five lead the way, straight into chaos, mean spirited tones and rhetoric, slants with false narratives and just plain old lies. Other than that five is live.

    Morris PhillipsMorris PhillipsDay ago
  • This show sucks, won't last

    Marcos LuceroMarcos LuceroDay ago
  • Ban twitter

    Darren CunniffDarren CunniffDay ago
  • easy: Trump = ratings. the circus part of bread and circus entertainment.

    vctjkhmevctjkhmeDay ago
  • Trump did a lot more than they do nothing is it 70 days go trump

    Darren CunniffDarren CunniffDay ago
  • U know why u are nothing but a dam demacrats n acommis as well

    Jerry BischoffJerry BischoffDay ago
  • TONY FAUCI.......explodes past his use. By. Date. This MAN IS “””””the””””””......main cause of the WUHAN VIRUS BEING DEVELOPED...he paid 3.7 million dollars from the WIH...in 2013-4..........WHY ISN’T. HE. IN. PRISON..???????????

    William Cloyes, Sr.William Cloyes, Sr.Day ago
  • Trump is like white on rice. Hes always wanting to be on the media. Dint you stop complaining and laughing at president biden He is a good president. !

    Hemma GonzalezHemma GonzalezDay ago
  • Its too much NMDA antagonism and suboptimal levels of neuronal transmitters period. Draining the swamp and resetting our brain and realligning ourselves according to the Scriptures will solve the problem.

    Saved By Grace through FaithSaved By Grace through FaithDay ago
  • I love this guy... He always make me laugh. Long live Greg Gutfeld!!!!!

    Sandra GambrelSandra GambrelDay ago
  • We are laughing at you Greggy. Not with you. I give this show 2 months.

    FlyingDFlyingDDay ago
  • Lemon is a nut case

    Katie PenaKatie PenaDay ago
  • Is it just me or does Cat have something of Julie Andrews in her facial features?

    ꧁༒Set Apart༒꧂꧁༒Set Apart༒꧂Day ago
  • Gutfeld is irrelevant. Another fox blow hard!

    anthony craddolphanthony craddolphDay ago
  • Because Trump can't shut the hell up. It's easy to say negative things about an idiot who lies as easily as he breathes.

    anthony craddolphanthony craddolphDay ago
  • Tyrus, you're so good of telling the truth, "BANKS" you make me laugh so hard

    Lolet FranciscoLolet FranciscoDay ago
  • gutfeld you are a BUM

    Krishna GovenderKrishna GovenderDay ago
  • They are so miserable 😒

    Marygo RoundMarygo RoundDay ago
  • They should do a fake fox news segment where everyone just cries about everything and acts like people hate them for being white. Would be hysterical

    J_FleyJ_FleyDay ago
  • Why are you talked President Donal J Trump but not talking about Jose Biden made in China steals and Democrac corruption 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸PRESIDENT DONAL J TRUMP WE LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE YOU BACK TO THE WHITE HOUSE MAGA

    Son BuiSon BuiDay ago
  • He shouldn't have passed any Policies he never done it on his own they where telling him to just sign it while he was going through them like he was reading the sundays news pape... What a joke

    Ebelio NavarroEbelio NavarroDay ago
  • Tyrus' response was hilarious! 🤣

    Robert YoungRobert YoungDay ago
  • Man i love this lighter side of Fox well done 👏

    Aussie PatriotAussie PatriotDay ago
  • Plenty of ammunition From Biden but they are not allowed to talk about it.

    mikey lagmikey lagDay ago
  • _Anderson Lemon_ *All Trump News* 🤣🤣🤣 *Brilliant* GG should make this a regular segment & have her interview Tom Shillue's Biden and Schiff Parodies as well as Kat 🙀 Timpf's parody Characters.

    Geekerella00Geekerella00Day ago
  • No Juan, hallelujah.....

    joan Neeljoan NeelDay ago
  • Is this supposed to be funny?

    Kamen NeikooKamen NeikooDay ago
  • Oh my god. This show is so awful. Not funny at all.

    Jay FullerJay FullerDay ago
  • Luv Greg! What’s up with Tyrus showing of his tree trunk leg? gross

    OneOneDay ago
  • TDS has consumed their simple minds permanently.

    Randy JonRandy JonDay ago
  • Thumbs up to Gutfeld...as usual. The others are idiots.

    Bj SouthBj SouthDay ago
  • What a creep.

    Billy WeaverBilly WeaverDay ago
  • Such BOZOS!

    June DuffyJune DuffyDay ago
  • So now whe have 2 Lemon's in fake news. At least yours is pretty😍

    Johan Van ZylJohan Van ZylDay ago
  • Fantastic show as usual, missed you so much. Never laughed as much in my life, all your fanny guests Tyrus with some beaut comic, all of you are so good at making people laugh, we need that in our life. Thank you all at Greg Gutfeld shaw. 😂😂👏

    Zale TrifunovicZale TrifunovicDay ago
  • Cringe.

    Chu MorganChu MorganDay ago
  • LOVE IT! 😆😅❤

  • Biden is a want to be trump!!

    Frank RushingFrank RushingDay ago
  • The belligerent sort expectantly face because texture intraperitonally multiply through a uptight answer. billowy, sweet curler

    Riley ReidRiley ReidDay ago
  • We need more snipers in america.

    B LNB LNDay ago
  • Well I still go through the channels,I spot something on Trump click,Biden puke😀😀😀

    Mary McbrideMary McbrideDay ago
  • Hey idiot, you can't even spell. I bet you think you won the election. Pathetic!!!!!!! Grow up idiot!!!!!

    anthony craddolphanthony craddolph2 days ago
  • Sad only 4 people laughed.

    Sue StazzSue Stazz2 days ago
  • Trumps almost gone-funds riots/virus to hold onto ratings by a “needle”

    #BoycottBigCorp -#BoycottBigCorp -2 days ago
  • The flawless motorcycle roughly race because thunderstorm postmeiotically cover amid a actually brake. aromatic, living mascara

    Gerard LigondeGerard Ligonde2 days ago
  • Because Biden is a snoozer

    Joy SoyoJoy Soyo2 days ago
  • Gutfield!! You da man. You can do it...no nike!

    sam montifortesam montiforte2 days ago
  • This is so spot on. Like the T shirt Acosta wore when he went to get the covid vaccine. All the 2020 stories he covered plastered on the front. Then when asked about it he blabbed for 10 minutes about how he's still recovering from the Trump presidency. You'd think that if the Trump presidency was so traumatic why commemorate it? Weirdo!

    Patricia WatkinsPatricia Watkins2 days ago
  • Yep I think you hit the nail right on the head I think you hit it right on the head happy people at the Donald J Trump rally and you’re right your people can’t stand it

    Rose VandenbergRose Vandenberg2 days ago
  • As as you can see we are not surviving people are jumping out of windows get a grip lady get a grip

    Rose VandenbergRose Vandenberg2 days ago
  • Thanks God that idiot liberals Juan is not there.😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Luis MelendezLuis Melendez2 days ago
  • Enjoy the. Movie

    Todd anthony RileyTodd anthony Riley2 days ago
  • Can't listen to fools with nothing to say fox go away pls

    Larry GualLarry Gual2 days ago
  • Juan Williams sucks

    Juanita GomezJuanita Gomez2 days ago