Why Are All School Buses Yellow?

Feb 16, 2021
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Why Are All School Buses Yellow?

  • My old school has a white bus

    Jacob _N_R_ZJacob _N_R_Z4 minutes ago
  • Taxis have the same color, pretty close shade of yellow at least

    Christian MorelChristian Morel46 minutes ago
  • Theres literally multiple shades of yellow there wdym

    Vae_Vae_56 minutes ago
  • Yellow sticks out more to able to see better

    J-DOG PLAYZ #2J-DOG PLAYZ #258 minutes ago
  • Yellow is just green but its yellow

    cjamcjamHour ago
  • Taxi

  • Yellow means beat red

    Key BeenleakinKey BeenleakinHour ago
  • “Unless you live in new jersey....” this guy caught me off guard.

    Amir hamjaAmir hamjaHour ago
  • What about Yellow Cabs...?

    Nice T. ThoughNice T. ThoughHour ago
  • Speaking as a Jerseyian, you gotdamn right! Lol

    Tami ATami AHour ago
  • Is that a challenge

    Amauri WilsonAmauri WilsonHour ago
  • Man ur videos are so addictive.

    Mohamed AbdulMohamed AbdulHour ago
  • Doesn't yellow mean beat the red everywhere?

    Dropped BoxDropped BoxHour ago
  • Uhh taxi cabs

    Abdulhakeem AhmadiAbdulhakeem AhmadiHour ago
  • That also applies to South Carolina. Speed up on yellow lights and don't use turn signals.

    Trevor LynchTrevor LynchHour ago
  • Babar music

    rodentrodentHour ago
  • Bruh my ranger is painted school bus yellow sooooooooo

    shabalabbadingdong bolonogonogooshabalabbadingdong bolonogonogooHour ago
  • That Nj reference is so true it’s not even funny😂😂😂

    I SNAG FOR VC16I SNAG FOR VC162 hours ago
  • Yellow meaning beat the red also is in Aus 😂 not as a official rule obviously just everyone does it

    DoOmKiTTy 95DoOmKiTTy 952 hours ago
  • Safety yellow

    Aerial Drone A better viewAerial Drone A better view2 hours ago
  • I live in New Jersey and that is a true fact

    2k pixel2k pixel2 hours ago
  • No he theirs mor colors than yelloe

    Christian LudesChristian Ludes2 hours ago
  • Here in Malaysia Green means go, yellow means just go and red means go the fastest you can.

    ZencsyZencsy2 hours ago
  • And bumblebee

    Laugh SandwichLaugh Sandwich3 hours ago
  • Because they’d look weird if they were pink

    Keagan WhiteKeagan White3 hours ago
  • taxi

    erick coronadoerick coronado3 hours ago
  • He's not lying I'm from NJ

    Tony ReptariumTony Reptarium3 hours ago
  • I have been on a green school bus and a white bus in America

    Banana ManBanana Man3 hours ago
  • As a nj resident i csn confirm. We don't stop for yellow. Yellow lights are just a challenge

    Logan BunnellLogan Bunnell3 hours ago
  • Yellow means beat the red in Jersey. That is very true. Source: I live there

    Meat Strangler 9000Meat Strangler 90003 hours ago
  • I think pink would be more reasonable it would stand out a

    Samuel MurraySamuel Murray3 hours ago
  • Cuz of the Simpsons??

    Brabus 76Brabus 763 hours ago
  • As a New Jersey citizen I can knowingly state that he is completely correct on how lights work while driving here, my parents being living proof of it lol.

    ZephraZephra3 hours ago
  • Here in NY everyone just drives right through yellow lights

    Charles DeLandCharles DeLand3 hours ago
    • thats legal u know

      maselito the gamermaselito the gamerHour ago
  • I say red is slam your fucking breaks so hard

    Lil AlexLil Alex3 hours ago
  • Thats why when your battery is on low power mode its yellow to alert you that its about to die

    Juliana PedroJuliana Pedro3 hours ago
  • It's so the kids can't spot the camouflaging pencils

    Toaster_TimeToaster_Time4 hours ago
  • When my dude said that you stop when you see yellow Me having a dad who is a pretty aggressive driver (and by aggressive I mean we counted how many days he could go without honking...his top is 3) SKIRT WE GONNA DO THIS

    Izuku MidoriaIzuku Midoria4 hours ago
  • "yellow means beat the red" litteraly every child killer: imma beat the yellow red comes out

    coboblescobobles4 hours ago
  • Everything is legal in Jersey...

    Rowan LaneRowan Lane4 hours ago
  • That’s just common sense, it’s the same reason warning signs are yellow on the road

    Christian TrentChristian Trent4 hours ago
  • Wrong yellow means full speed ahead with caution to not stop at another damn red light for the hundredth time today.

    Rebekah RRebekah R4 hours ago
  • Aren't taxi cabs painted with the same yellow?

    Savio VenkatsamySavio Venkatsamy4 hours ago
  • Do u have yellow Taxi cabs where u are ? I'm from 🇬🇧

    Tabbs1Tabbs14 hours ago
  • Not every school bus is yellow, my school had several white ones and it was a public school. There is a Mustang I've seen painted specifically school bus yellow.

    Ethan WebbEthan Webb4 hours ago
  • "only school buses can have this shade of yellow" uh huh say that to 1/4 of the trucks round here

    kiyorakakiyoraka4 hours ago
  • We have a few white school buses here. The MRDD buses.

    Shawn KShawn K4 hours ago
  • mine were white in high school :/

    Alexx CasanovaAlexx Casanova4 hours ago
  • No, when I see a school bus, I think 7 hour prison

    Gaming workshop1Gaming workshop14 hours ago
  • So is it illegal to paint your car that color

    Dijon MustardDijon Mustard4 hours ago
  • Slam on the breaks? i just think to myself "Wow another school bus wonder what school it is heading to."

    Ralof Of RiverwoodRalof Of Riverwood4 hours ago
  • Xbox here I come

    MemasysMemasys4 hours ago
  • Cheese wagon!!!

    Robo- DaleRobo- Dale4 hours ago
  • I like this bus dude man, always coming in with something new

    BernlackBernlack4 hours ago
  • When I see a yellow light I'm speeding the fuck up wdym

    TheghostxxRiderTheghostxxRider4 hours ago
  • Why do some busses have a white top?

    Noah MarcusNoah Marcus4 hours ago
  • Bruh, Green means go, Yellow means Beat the Red, and Red means “Oh I’m sorry officer, I’m colorblind.” - California

    Mr. FluffersMr. Fluffers5 hours ago
  • Yaaa beat the red

    Savage BrothersSavage Brothers5 hours ago
  • My dads state truck is painted yellow is that why there all yellow

    Aiden sliceAiden slice5 hours ago
  • When you can only see in black white and gray

    Tachanka MainTachanka Main5 hours ago
  • What about taxi are they painted that color

    orgo onxboxorgo onxbox5 hours ago
  • How about taxis

    Max RodzMax Rodz5 hours ago
  • Aren't taxi's yellow tho!!

    Naim IssoufouNaim Issoufou5 hours ago
  • What about mini Cooper some mini coopers have that type of shade yellow

    Otis FlanaryOtis Flanary5 hours ago
  • Haha yellow mean beets the red I think that’s everybody lol unless they want to wish there time by waiting at a light but eh Cary on lol

    Madilyn MercadoMadilyn Mercado5 hours ago
  • so i was walking to my house from from and this school bus saw me and came to pick me up, i kindly declined, come to think of it, why was the school bus so small and colored white?

    AestheticChickenAestheticChicken5 hours ago
  • My mom used to live in New Jersey so instead of slamming the breaks she slams the gas. She also goes over the speed limit a lot

    HuskyWusky :3HuskyWusky :35 hours ago
  • umm... my school buss is orange.

    hi.i'mnotafurry.hi.i'mnotafurry.5 hours ago
  • reminds me of the fake cop car colored vans and stuff ppl drive around

    grandpa tilergrandpa tiler5 hours ago
  • My country : Green means go Yellow means FASTER Red means FRICK

    pengngy Tangpengngy Tang5 hours ago
  • My old school bus was white

    Hannah JoyHannah Joy5 hours ago
  • We have a bus at my school that’s painted blue. Not a bright blue, a blue that can be associated with sad or dark things. We call it the prison bus because it’s a very worn down grayish royal blue. It is LEGENDARY and nobody knows if it’s a good thing or a bad thing to have that bus.

    Carolyn RCarolyn R5 hours ago
  • me who's seen a pink school bus: 👀

    emem5 hours ago
  • Beat the red😂 who tf don’t wanna beat the red

    Chris BeallChris Beall5 hours ago
  • A taxi?

    JoelJoel5 hours ago
  • I saw white at my school

    golden creeper rtgolden creeper rt5 hours ago
  • Meanwhile that yellow is two different shades.

    A StearnA Stearn5 hours ago
  • In 2005 in the uk we had blue school busses for 5 years

    MyNameMagikoopa On InstagramMyNameMagikoopa On Instagram5 hours ago
  • Him: unless your in jesery Me: looks at grandma Can confirm yellow means beat the red

    The Prince of the ScrubnationThe Prince of the Scrubnation5 hours ago
  • That be smart

    Hi ElfHi Elf6 hours ago
  • My busses were blue...

    KipixKipix6 hours ago
  • Agree to disagree

    Sharon NeedlesSharon Needles6 hours ago
  • Everywhere in the world yellow means speed up

    Clive BurnettClive Burnett6 hours ago
  • 2013 boss 302 has a few hundred school bus yellow cars.

    BossMan 302BossMan 3026 hours ago
  • Where i come from, green means go, yellow means go faster, and red means stop

    Ferdinand von AegirFerdinand von Aegir6 hours ago
  • Not even jersey philly too

    Jaelen CouserJaelen Couser6 hours ago
  • California if yellow is the light it means you need to go at the speed of light before red

    Chloe FehlmanChloe Fehlman6 hours ago
  • I thought I was supposed to look like a pencil lol

    ProfessorByers YTProfessorByers YT6 hours ago
  • "When you see yellow you think caution and slow down" Me: meh not in NJ "Unless your in New Jersey" Me: ... I mean your right but now i feel called out

    Ace MorlockAce Morlock6 hours ago
  • "You will never see another vehicle with this color yellow. EVER!" Every construction vehicle: You sure about that?!

    Dustin KruegerDustin Krueger6 hours ago
    • And taxis

      Max RodzMax Rodz5 hours ago
  • Me, aboutta find school bus yellow and get my car painted: (when I can get a car ofc)

    DirectBeamDirectBeam6 hours ago
  • Even more attractive than that hot pink Mazda? Hmm

    Slayerkid 7Slayerkid 76 hours ago
  • The school bus encyclopedia

    Gitfiddle 7766Gitfiddle 77666 hours ago
  • He forgot about the battle bus

    Noah McKnightNoah McKnight7 hours ago
  • I saw a car yellow idiot

    huxley fortnitehuxley fortnite7 hours ago
  • *Goes to Home Depot to find that color and then airbrushes car*

    PessimisticDiabeticPessimisticDiabetic7 hours ago
  • Do do do do banana bus

    tharednomadtharednomad8 hours ago
  • It was also the cheapest color

    Dixie WhiskeyDixie Whiskey8 hours ago
  • "When you see a yellow light, you're automatically inclined to slow down." Me, who wants to speed up when I see a yellow light: 👀

    Rogue R34P3RRogue R34P3R8 hours ago
  • What about taxis

    FnafGachaFnafGacha8 hours ago