Who Does 22 Become? | Pixar Theory

Jan 12, 2021
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Today J dives into the Pixar Universe to discuss Soul and uncover 22’s identity after they land on Earth! Are they Boo? Russel? Maybe even Wall-E??
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  • Who do you think 22 becomes? (Wall-E right? RIGHT?!)

    SuperCarlinBrothersSuperCarlinBrothers5 days ago
    • what about Riley (from inside out) or hero (from big hero 6) feel like it might be Riley because she get memories easily or it could be hero because he works with chemicals and chemistry @SuperCarlinBrothers

      yukimura_真田 幸村tukiko_月子yukimura_真田 幸村tukiko_月子Hour ago
    • I think Eve

      goosegoose2 hours ago
    • for the "only half the earth gets babies" thing the earth probably spins in there

      Leela FourieLeela Fourie2 hours ago
    • What if 22 became Joe Gardner Soul

      FalafelFalafel3 hours ago
    • @** {Fukuro Sama } ** Animation and art according to the Carlin Brothers Wall-E could have one. It’s just an interesting theory

      I AM IRONMANI AM IRONMAN10 hours ago
  • There is no purpose in life

    Lee LilleyLee Lilley3 minutes ago
  • Alexander Hamilton has naturally violet eyes

    Toga_StudiosToga_Studios15 minutes ago
  • Okay honest question I just though of this but is Wall-e triggering or demeaning to obese or food disorder people?

    Lily AlceeLily Alcee20 minutes ago
  • I never thought about them being options.

    Eric SharpsteenEric Sharpsteen23 minutes ago
  • I was saying the Mai Lee theory since the moment I saw Soul. 22 looks just like Mai and it comes out in 2022.

    Ally MonsterAlly Monster58 minutes ago
  • 10:39 technically 22 is older

    NotThe SameNotThe SameHour ago
  • After the repeated "call Lisa" pushing across the movie, I was expecting him to call lisa and hear 22's voice. Or for a fast foward of after he calls Lisa to him and Lisa with a kid, and the kid has the same face as 22

    Savanna PlexipSavanna PlexipHour ago
  • I I CANDID Do Do It It

    T.CT.C2 hours ago
  • I saw this person in the comments named ”Victoria Pasin” and they said what if 22 is Edna mode. I think yes!

    Helen CochranHelen Cochran2 hours ago
  • Guys heres my theory 22 is obviously Taylor Swift

    ɪᴛs ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇɪᴛs ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ2 hours ago
  • ur icon looks like Adam ruins everthing lol

    Leela FourieLeela Fourie2 hours ago
  • Y'all realize the whole point of the movie is that a spark isn't what you end up doing or your purpose it's what makes you want to be alive and ready to live. Their passion could be completely different like hockey or music maybe cooking or fashion? They could be so many other people!

    Emma DEmma D2 hours ago
  • Tbh, i don’t think 22’s spark isn’t jazzing, because a spark isn’t someone passion or purpose. It’s just their readiness and will to live. Maybe “jazzing” was what inspired 22 and helped them find their spark, but I don’t think a spark is a specific hobby. All of these ideas for who 22 could be are really cool though. I thought that because 22 is one of the first souls (you know, the 22nd), then they would be born into the world at a time reaaallly far back in history, but who knows? Cool video.

    Liz Del PopoloLiz Del Popolo2 hours ago
  • i think Walie or Ellie i think Walie has a better change like 22 being walie i think 80% chance and 22 Being Ellie i think 50% idk i guess we will never ever know who or what 22 beacomes

    Patricia SotoPatricia Soto2 hours ago
  • There is 2 things you missed: 1. 22 is a girl 2. 22 had a ton of mentors, so she has to be super smart, and aware of a lot of things. I think the answer is simple, 22 is Boo/witch. The witch is cynical, punctual and smart. Plus 22 already knew how to make a hole in the time-space continuum. So did the witch.

    hubertnnnhubertnnn2 hours ago
  • well actually i think you've missed the most obvious one, Connie, if time doesn't matter why couldn't she run into herself? they expressly mention that the soul doesn't remember anything from the great before because it needs to eliminate the memory of child birth. if you doubt this she is shown to be cynical when she is trying to quit band, she does actually enjoy being around Joe while he is instructing because he enjoys the music, especially when she plays, she also shows up to the lessons after class at the time joe should have expected her to but didn't because of his own priorities

    ruthlesaceruthlesace3 hours ago
  • Is Wall-E a boy?

    D ChiD Chi3 hours ago
  • Man, this whole Pixar theory is REALLY forced. Statistically and logically, 22 becomes a random character we have never seen in the Pixar universe.

    HootOwlMeHootOwlMe3 hours ago
  • Mulan is a good candidate am I right

    ice creamice cream3 hours ago
  • See ya in another life, brother - Desmond Hume

    Colin FinkelColin Finkel3 hours ago
  • Jazz: the Wild West of guitar music Anything goes as long as it’s accepted

    isaiah spinksisaiah spinks3 hours ago
  • Imagine finally being able to go to earth after millions of years and you end up in a robot picking up trash it’s entire life

    Pokémon BrockPokémon Brock4 hours ago
  • "If any machine has a soul at all it's Wall-E" The Iron Giant: Am I a joke to you?

    soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuy4 hours ago
    • Everyone: who is soul 33 now Me an intelligent: C H A R A

      soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuy4 hours ago
  • So, for point of reference, I'm not saying I support the Russell theory, but, we don't know Russell as an adult. Maybe something happened to him as he grew up and that made him cynical. We just don't know. I have not watched the movie yet, (Fell asleep watching it with my daughter.) I can't say for sure, but from what I've seen and heard, I think that Anton Ego from Ratatouille would work maybe even Maui from Moana? I know that last one's a stretch.

    Mary GMary G4 hours ago
  • N O C A P E S

    FierceEagleFierceEagle4 hours ago
  • this could be a little far but joe knows a person called lisa if time doesnt matter 22 could be joes daugter im just saying you guys said wall e i love him but i dont really think so and i was thinking 22 would be joes daugter

    goofy americangoofy american5 hours ago
  • Well, We have to take into account that 22 has had mentors from very famous people who died. So if they were to land in a different point in time, it would be the future, after the events of Soul. But the only real futuristic Pixar movie we've ever had is: Wall-E. But Wall-E is an artificial... life-form? Is he even alive? He's an artificial sentient being. So we can knock him out of the picture. 22 could be anyone on the ship, or, they could be a character from any movie in the same point in time as Soul. We need to remember they aren't born yet, so by the time they are as old as Joe was, then they would almost definitely be in Wall-E somehow.

    Isaac Slade 21 (STUDENT)Isaac Slade 21 (STUDENT)5 hours ago
  • This should be on film theory

    cookie creationscookie creations6 hours ago
  • 15:56 I'm in Jazz Band at my high school and we still have sheet music.

    Sammy NaasSammy Naas6 hours ago
  • When mentioned in the movie that Joe had a friend whom he liked and possibly could love I liked the idea that 22 could possibly be Joes future child. Especially since the great before isn't like anywhere in time

    Icespark1298Icespark12986 hours ago
  • J : who is 22 Me : not me im 11

    Zoe MarieZoe Marie6 hours ago
  • I really don’t like the Wall-E angle. 22 finally wanted to live and then after realizing that she want’s to live in the present, she’ll end up alone in Earth? No. No way. The Ellie theory is better.

    Angela GAngela G6 hours ago
  • Hey I'm a new channel dedicated to Pixar, I have theories and other stuff still to come. I would really appreciate if you were to check out my current 2 videos, a theory on if Violet from the Incredibles could be a disney princess, and who the true villain of Finding Dory is. Thanks :)

    Pixar FixPixar Fix6 hours ago
  • He has a picture of scyther.

    Random ElephantRandom Elephant6 hours ago
  • Eva from wall e

    Wolfy1451 0Wolfy1451 07 hours ago
  • plot twist;: 22 is actually ellie, russel, wall-e, edna, mailey and collete becuase its possible cuz time does'nt effect, like u said and 22 may have multiple lives in different times to past like Up, present like the movie u talked about soul and future like wall-e

    Dark Flame MasterDark Flame Master7 hours ago
  • Yea just a reminder that sparks are not purpose. They are not passions. They are not hobbies. Not necessarily atleast. They appear when you are ready to live. It does not mean purpose. Go rewatch the movie.

    Jiska B.Jiska B.7 hours ago
  • plot twist: 22 is Joe

    johannasiniijohannasinii7 hours ago
  • 22 is Maui! Got the same personality

    Danielle AdamsDanielle Adams7 hours ago
  • Everyone: who is soul 33 now Me an intelligent: C H A R A

    CancerStarsCancerStars8 hours ago
  • elle from up before i even watch

    Deepak RamkissoonDeepak Ramkissoon8 hours ago
  • Following the Pixar Theory . . . what if 22 becomes Boo/the Witch? She's energetic and a little annoying. She shows up exactly when she's needed and not before or after. She has a thing for transcending time. She helps people find essential truths in their lives. She also helps Merida change her fate, which is something 22 wanted to do as well. And that way, we'd also be linking three characters from the Pixar Universe.

    Tabicat in the HatTabicat in the Hat9 hours ago
  • You posted this when my dad came back

  • What about vanelope (reck it Ralph)

    Kira UrbachKira Urbach10 hours ago
  • She became disgust

    Grace LynchGrace Lynch11 hours ago
  • Mike from monsters inc. he is moody punctual and makes an impression on all he meets, he changes his mentors mind about how scary he is and ends up changing his mindset. He is also a person that collects momentos such as his hat and teddy

    Lilly McGoughLilly McGough11 hours ago
  • Um, they state in the movie that your spark is not your “purpose”

    daedalusdaedalus11 hours ago
  • This is only bearable if you watch it on x1.5. Doesn’t even start taking about the subject until half way through 🙄

    Jade NagiJade Nagi11 hours ago
  • The 22 person ever born in the world

    Bee- SquareBee- Square12 hours ago
  • The uneven rub neurobiologically paddle because editorial neurologically blush by a old claus. obsequious, periodic bangle

    Brooke HinesBrooke Hines12 hours ago
  • Earths orbit would probably carry her somewhere else on the planet, or maybe not

    xiggy sxiggy s12 hours ago
  • Ok even before I saw the video I thought it was WallE. SuperCarlinBrothers are literally the pixar guru-geniuses though. Like...BIG BRAIN

    EjMCmooEjMCmoo12 hours ago
  • In the movie 22 came across a man singing a the bus station she had a glow to her when she witness the man singing. So her passion had to be singing in that moment there for I believe her passion revolves around music. I just naturally assumed that singing was her passion when I saw the movie.

    Rachel ScottRachel Scott13 hours ago
  • What about Coco, she didn’t care that Miguel was playing music, as long as he was following his passion.

    Rival GamesRival Games13 hours ago
  • Or they could've literally become any background character.

    R PermR Perm13 hours ago
  • Im 22

    Ethan Miller GamesEthan Miller Games14 hours ago
  • But why do I really like the idea of Colette?

    MJ likes musicalsMJ likes musicals14 hours ago
  • hmmm I'm surprised Riley's not included too. Like she was born with Joy, 22 was finally entering the world with hope and excitement, both part of Joy, and while she places so much importance in relationships (because she learnt the importance of a good one after having all those bad mentors), she has humour and loves feeling alive (hockey, living in the moment), and her Disgust has such a sassy, cynical personality that you see when she tries to convey joy). Her immediate 2nd emotion is sadness, because while she's happy to have finally gone to earth, she's lost a friend, and she has no real memory of losing the friend except in her soul. Hence the confusion about sadness and her "use" as her mind as a human wasn't in existence until after she fell to earth.

    Evelyn RojasEvelyn Rojas15 hours ago
  • what if 22 is all of these characters? all different timelines, the Gerrys in soul are all well involved in 22 as a soul so maybe allowed 22 to live all these lives until they feel fulfilled. this would align with the theory of reincarnation.

    Jake KnoxJake Knox15 hours ago
  • "or sewing" !!! *looks down at embroidery* ... how did J know???

    Evelyn RojasEvelyn Rojas15 hours ago
  • I can remember before I was born and the reincarnation process, this movie has its inaccuracy's about that process but surprisingly a lot of the afterlife rebirth process is accurate, I was incredibly uplifted and wondered where they got the inspiration to write the script

    Essential ListeningEssential Listening15 hours ago
  • Can I just say THANK YOU for not gendering 22?! I felt so connected to them as an enby and it's been so heartbreaking to hear everyone gendering 22 as she just because they're voiced by a woman

    omgweirdozzomgweirdozz16 hours ago
  • 22 is referred to with female pronouns throughout the movie so she was probably born as a girl

    The Old Gumbie CatThe Old Gumbie Cat16 hours ago
  • WALL-E !

    Greta TodorovaGreta Todorova18 hours ago
  • I feel like this kind of misses one of the big messages of the movie - that a person's spark doesn't have to be directly related to what they do or their purpose in life, it's just the thing that demonstrates they're ready to live.

    KlipikKlipik18 hours ago
  • Sparks are not linked to the action they do, sparks is just the moment when they think they want to live. It's not linked to their passion, and it doesn't have impact on the life they will lead on earth. It's showed with the barber that wanted to be a veterinarian. Passions/callings are chosen once on earth. The spark is just about making them want to start their life.

    KeeryaKeerya19 hours ago
  • Love that you are using (they/them) pronouns for 22.

    WexBrixWexBrix19 hours ago
  • From the moment the movie ended and we weren’t shown who 22 became, I automatically thought it was Riley from Inside Out. Dead give away is the way that Inside Out begins with Riley opening her eyes for the first time. Another clue is that 22 looooved pizza as Joe, Riley loves pizza and was mortified when she seen that SF puts broccoli on it, which the broccoli pizza made an appearance in Soul. Another clue that would kind of explain why Riley’s emotions (even though a theory video has been made) were multi-gendered unlike anyone else’s emotions in the movie, possibly because Riley’s soul (22) experienced being inside a male body, possible feels those emotions from a males perspective? Also, both movies were directed by Pete Docter! I was quite shocked that Riley didn’t make the cut for this video, totally threw me a curve ball on this one 😅

    xoxo_ahriixoxo_ahrii20 hours ago
  • Literally the moment I finished watching Soul I said to myself, "Self, it's a bummer that 22 becomes Ellie because that means she and Joe won't meet again on Earth." I just figured it was obvious...

    Allison HoffAllison Hoff20 hours ago
  • What about Riley?

    Natalie MigginsNatalie Miggins21 hour ago
  • 22 becomes Joy. I know this is an insane claim, but think about how Joy acts. She believes the other emotions are just trying to shine themselves through and wants them gone (or at least not affecting Riley) not to mention she is moody in the way that she is always forcing happiness and is upset when it is not present. Not to mention is definitely extroverted and annoying to the point of obsession. I think she fits even better than WALL-E, but that’s just me. Anyway great vid and have a nice day!

    Max's MusingsMax's Musings22 hours ago
  • I like that it might be boo because everything their lines up she’s interested in the monsters and as the witch she keeps objects and is moody

    Magicmurphie 07Magicmurphie 0722 hours ago
  • Issac Carlson: Oh so we're playing that game now!

    ViLeeViLee22 hours ago
  • as I was watching, I thought of inside out because the director if this movie was the director for inside out. What if they were both in the same universe? example, onward and inside out aren't in the same universe. But what about soul and inside out? What if 22 became Riley? I know I have zero proof except the fact the movies were both directed by the same director. But then again, if we go to the part where 22 gets separated by the main character, if we went with 22 to earth instead of the main character, would the start of inside out maybe connect? I mean the end of soul can easily connect to the start of inside out. 22 gets to go to earth, then it ends. But what if it didn't end? 22 goes to earth and gets born as Riley. I'm most likely wrong but I feel pretty happy with that. Also I don't know if he had theorized it being Riley because this comment was made nine minutes into the video.

    MrClockworkedMrClockworked23 hours ago
  • I feel bad for the people who believe in the Pixar theory because every movie that come by Pixar you HAVE TO add like HAVE TO

    Xx_demon eye_xXXx_demon eye_xX23 hours ago
  • Okay this is quite nonsensical but my first guess (as a dedicated BTS army) that 22 would turn into Yeontan 👁👄👁

    Blueberry BearBlueberry Bear23 hours ago
  • I think 22 becomes boo. Especially if boo is the witch in brave as many belief.

    Aaron CaslakeAaron Caslake23 hours ago
  • This was an amazing video.

    seeriu ciihyseeriu ciihyDay ago
  • Imagine experiencing earth as a human when it was at it's prime and full of life, finally make your way toward earth due to being convinced by the wonderful things you've experienced, then being put in a robot after earth has been demolished and deprived of any other life other than a plant found under a rusted fridge lid. (Just felt like I had to add that last part.)

    Taizo MichaelTaizo MichaelDay ago
    • Moody, punctual, collects trophies? 22 is Voldemort.

      seeriu ciihyseeriu ciihy23 hours ago
  • She could even be beymax

    H HhH HhDay ago
  • Do a NEW complete Pixar theory.

    Jadon WilkinsJadon WilkinsDay ago
  • 22 is tamatoa from moana h e c o l e c t

    MrMister. EMrMister. EDay ago
  • I just realized that was a scyther in the back, I have a newfound respect for this channel

    BidoofBidoofDay ago
  • I think she’s Boo

    Noah SmithNoah SmithDay ago

    Luna LissLuna LissDay ago
  • 11:30 hit me a lil too hard

    David TaggartDavid TaggartDay ago
  • Judging by the seed as the symbol for the spark, I'd say princess Dot from A Bugs Life.

    Jacob RegensburgerJacob RegensburgerDay ago
  • The questions that I have: How did joe land in Mr. Mittens? Did Mr. Mittens not have a soul before, or are there 2 souls in Mr. Mittens? Isn't there a line when one of the soul day care people says Times up? Why does Joe"s soul Look like Joe? Shouldn't 22 look like whoever 22 becomes?

    Austin AndersenAustin AndersenDay ago
    • Joe's soul looks like him because he already had a body. 22 didn't yet.

      The Teacup BunnyThe Teacup BunnyDay ago
  • I'm a girl

    Lia RoseLia RoseDay ago
  • I think 22 is boo

    Ns CrazyNs CrazyDay ago
  • I have a gut feeling that 22 will be the daughter of Joe halfway in the movie

    Novem JohnNovem JohnDay ago
  • Because every possibility 22 is her own person who will be in a movie later. Maybe even much later, as in that movie hasn’t been made yet or even created or thought up yet.

    Christian AliChristian AliDay ago
  • So jerry calls 22 a her when “she” gets “her” earth pass. Actually I’ve heard a couple characters call 22 female.

    Devyn RoweDevyn RoweDay ago
    • @Charlotte B. yeah because she/they could be trans but it's also possible that 22 is non-binary and goes by all pronouns but I would assume it's probably she/they or she/her

      Rose AnneRose Anne3 hours ago
    • I think it's the personality/gender 22 chose for herself. But that wouldn't prevent her/them from being born in a male presenting body or a machine. So... Just a thought 🙃

      Charlotte B.Charlotte B.6 hours ago
  • You have to take into account that 22 came to earth when she was ready to live. Since Joe lives in a modern setting, it cancels out all the older characters. That’s why I think it’s Riley from Inside Out.

    Carson RiddCarson RiddDay ago
  • Moody, punctual, collects trophies? 22 is Voldemort.

    Prince ThunderflarePrince ThunderflareDay ago
  • I do personally think it matters what size of earth is up when they are falling. The argument that this would prevent half of earth from having kids at any given time does not apply as it is established that time does not exist.

    Sven StuckiSven StuckiDay ago
  • Moody Cynic... uhh Violet?

    Ashley HammondAshley HammondDay ago
  • Omg, I haven’t watched you in a couple years. Everything has changed so much.

    *Tom Universe**Tom Universe*Day ago
  • 22 is Boo who is also the witch from Brave, aaw yis

    HrkyHrkyDay ago