Mar 31, 2021
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  • Look at the older brother’s face. Had me dying!🤣

    munni9787munni978710 days ago
    • Oh wow...I didn't notice it until I read this comment 🤦‍♀️😂🤣

      《ItzJustMeh XD》《ItzJustMeh XD》22 hours ago
    • @Emil Sumlin bot

      Donovan CooperDonovan Cooper2 days ago
    • Lol I had to watch it again to see that 😂

      leyla hersileyla hersi3 days ago
    • Lmao

      Alli express TrainAlli express Train3 days ago
    • Bruh nah get the fuck out of the house he aint respecting them taking of them shoes god damn them all have them off but not the bøack guy godamn

      sander stenbergsander stenberg3 days ago
  • This reminds me bad boys 2003.

    A.R AhmedA.R AhmedHour ago
  • You are Muslims ? ❤❤❤❤😁

    أرمي وأفتخرأرمي وأفتخرHour ago
  • My 15 years My height 6 feet Weight 89.250 kilo gram Class. 11th I am also like them

    Shadab YasirShadab Yasir4 hours ago
  • They all wondering how he tall the one in orange:wtf-

    Mary BergerMary Berger6 hours ago
  • Meanwhile is Asia ...

  • Do you guys speak Urdu? Because of the Janimas the dad folded but idk what you guys call the thing he folded

    Flowers are the best 2021Flowers are the best 202110 hours ago
  • Them dancing looks like the NBA 2k animations whenever u enter a courts game

    yes Dyes D12 hours ago
  • How is dancing some stupid fortnite damce supposed to prove anything

    OOF LORDOOF LORD12 hours ago
  • Like the prayer mat tho

    BrilliyanBrilliyan12 hours ago
  • I’m 14 and people think I’m like 21 cuz I look it and I am 6’6

    Master UwUMaster UwU13 hours ago
  • When the turning point is fortnite had me giggling

    Toybox_blueToybox_blue13 hours ago
  • That thing which he is folding is a prayer mat.... ✌

    Moaz KhursheedMoaz Khursheed14 hours ago
  • "what do you do in your spare time?" "I play fortnite" "You're definitely 15" I just turned 16 and i played fortnite when i was 14. I don't know anybody my age who plays fortnite. What is this inaccurate information?

    JangJang14 hours ago
  • I’m 15 6’1 and 180 pounds

    SmokeySmokey15 hours ago

    •Royal Orbs ••Royal Orbs •19 hours ago
  • Me who is 17 with a full on beard looking 22 can relate to this

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty19 hours ago
  • Wow got the hole squad laughing

    kniifkniif19 hours ago
  • He aint 15 if he plays fortnite

    RobetRobet20 hours ago
  • Me watching this as a 15 yo that's barely 5'4

    Yolo_Gamer0000Yolo_Gamer000020 hours ago
    • Truth!!!! My son is in the 8th grade one of his friends is 6'6

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty19 hours ago
  • I was hoping he'd slap him for saying fortnite in his house.

  • You guys are muslims bcoz I think pops was folding a praying mat

    spy ninjaspy ninja21 hour ago
  • Im 9 and 6'9 so i can relate

    Death KnightDeath Knight21 hour ago
  • All fun and games till you realise that lazarbeam could pass as a 15yo by these standards

    MurpheriaMurpheria22 hours ago
  • Literally, My Kids😂😂😂 If it wasn't for their baby faces they could pass as young Giants 🤣😂🤣🤣

    SocialbuttafliSocialbuttafli22 hours ago
  • ...why

    Kuromi moonKuromi moon22 hours ago
  • Yeah I had a full beard by the time I was 15. Actually sucked growing up looking old, annoying kids thought I was an idiot and stayed behind like 10 years lmao

    PluskiiPluskii22 hours ago
  • Was he folding a prayer mat (sajadah)? Are they Muslim? Just curious.

    West Meets East IndonesiaWest Meets East Indonesia22 hours ago
  • He looked like a kid when you are wearing a damn magnifying glass as your glasses

    NightSkyDawn NSDNightSkyDawn NSD23 hours ago
  • That praying mat♥️ Assalam o Alaikum Wa Rehmatulla hi Wa Barakatu hu🌈😇 stay blessed

    rabiya khan sadozairabiya khan sadozai23 hours ago
    • @West Meets East Indonesia same to you🌈

      rabiya khan sadozairabiya khan sadozai22 hours ago
    • Happy Ramadan 😁 coming soon

      West Meets East IndonesiaWest Meets East Indonesia22 hours ago
  • شما مسلمونید

    Sepide 74Sepide 7423 hours ago
  • Was this supposed to be funny?

    Menibor1Menibor123 hours ago
  • The fact that we have to do the Renegade coz we look older is embarazzingggg 🤣🤣🤣

    Kessar KanaKessar Kana23 hours ago
  • Truth!!!! My son is in the 8th grade one of his friends is 6'6

    Gladius ShepardGladius Shepard23 hours ago
  • He doesn't look older. Hes just tall

    J FORCEukJ FORCEukDay ago
  • 😂😂😂. Prove it 😂😂

    Jewel PlazaJewel PlazaDay ago
  • This is the cringiest shit

    Jessica TaylorJessica TaylorDay ago
  • هاذول مسلمين ؟

    Eyad AlnaniEyad AlnaniDay ago
  • Im 13 and people say that i sound and look like im 18 or some shit

    Moxyfoxy 12Moxyfoxy 12Day ago
  • No bc he's Christian .

    Char SiuChar SiuDay ago
  • Are you muslim

    Aqil asnaAqil asnaDay ago
  • Thats MrStealYoGirlJnr

    Video EzyVideo EzyDay ago
  • A guy walks up to you does a dance and then says he likes fortnite does that mean he is now legally 15?

    Cheese AMOUGUSCheese AMOUGUSDay ago
  • "I play fortnite" 😢

    UltraUltraDay ago
  • That dance in silence was cringe

    Gouvas GamingGouvas GamingDay ago
  • عم شوف سجادة الصلاة 🤔

    kamilya kamilya13kamilya kamilya13Day ago
  • Ohh your are Muslim I just know that 👍👍

    Paddy HugPaddy HugDay ago
  • Alalahu akhbar my muslim brother We will take USA from the hands of biden! Long live the islamic caliphate!

    MomMomDay ago
  • Although I am very reluctant to do so, I am very sorry to inform you, sir, that the statement that you have just made through the use of online means in the format of a picture, video, message of text, or a combination of the three, is partially, somewhat, relatively, incompletely, fractionally, slightly - a miniscule degree of not gonna lie high-key kinda cringe.

    zephyrrrzephyrrrDay ago
  • Yes i can totally relate my mom tells me i look like 13 or 14 even tho im 11

    juryqxajuryqxaDay ago
  • What religion is the dad

    SkyPieSkyPieDay ago
    • Muslim / Islam

      FIKRI the kanekoFIKRI the kanekoDay ago
  • I don’t see how doing a bad dance move and playing fortnite prove you are 15 still very cringing acting in my opinion.

    Vincent PanVincent PanDay ago
  • Cringe.

    BaltimoreActualBaltimoreActualDay ago
  • “I play fortnite” “Aight man you can sleep over”

    Fortnite Gamer the firstFortnite Gamer the firstDay ago
  • Prove 🔥 🤣LOL

    sreya Wilsonsreya WilsonDay ago
  • The dude in the orange was grilling the ish out of that boy! Hahaha that's a big boy! Good God!

    Jessica VieiraJessica VieiraDay ago
  • Praying carpet in the beginning ?

    Ergun CangalErgun CangalDay ago
  • What boomer wrote the script for this?

    IdontknowIdontknowDay ago
  • muslim dad huh

  • They look 20 while the guy in the background is like 34 and the dad looks about 56.

    Silence wench I just want to be happySilence wench I just want to be happyDay ago
  • Just so you know this is copied

    kermitkermitDay ago
    • Losers

      bouytt guytbouytt guytDay ago
  • There was a moment, just a brief second, where I thought this was about to get raciat

    Lapis GoblinLapis GoblinDay ago
    • ☪️ 🤍

      bouytt guytbouytt guytDay ago
  • I mean his dad short as hell this dude prob like 5'10 which for someone halfway through puberty isn't anything crazy

    pls don't ban me again you libtardspls don't ban me again you libtardsDay ago
  • Fortnite... That's all I have to say.

    Rainbow Unicorns0015Rainbow Unicorns0015Day ago
  • ...... 😐....

    William DiazWilliam DiazDay ago
  • Wait I know that that your folding are you Muslim? Wait I didn't know

    ඞ AlezTheYellow ඞඞ AlezTheYellow ඞDay ago
  • What about him doesn't look 15 other than his height

    bisney TMbisney TMDay ago
  • 🤔🤔🤔think twice

    Sandy WilliamsSandy WilliamsDay ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Trevor ToledoTrevor ToledoDay ago
  • That how you no young kids now a days

    Malik EdwardsMalik EdwardsDay ago
  • 15? People that play fortnite are 5

    VallleyVallleyDay ago
  • Then they ask "You play basketball?"

    Official KlausOfficial KlausDay ago
  • "I play fortnite" Those words... Should not exist...

    GhostfaceGhostfaceDay ago
  • I went to subway one day (with a friend) and the employee thought I was his dad... like what the hell!... pls bear in mind I was only 1 month older

    FireBalloon TVFireBalloon TVDay ago
  • ☪️ 🤍

    Jalal JasorJalal JasorDay ago
  • Losers

    Alex 00Alex 00Day ago
  • I'm 15 and don't play fucking fortnut or do cringy renegay dances 🙃😑

    Davin AdamsDavin AdamsDay ago
  • Ha

    James_ZaWaurdo HamiltonJames_ZaWaurdo HamiltonDay ago
  • I would never keep any form of creature in my house that plays fortnite

    FrenFrenDay ago
  • 😂😂

    exhausted popcornexhausted popcornDay ago
  • How tf was that proof 😐

    Son GokuSon GokuDay ago
  • The son be looking older than his friend

    Delaney HillDelaney HillDay ago
  • I have leukemia from watching this now

    twolegmiketwolegmikeDay ago
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    IloveJesusIloveJesusDay ago
  • nah he's 10 he said he plays fortnite

    small_cod64small_cod64Day ago
  • Are you guys muslim if then like

    DARK-spirit gamerDARK-spirit gamerDay ago
  • Are u guys are muslims it's great because I am too . I saw janimas on table . Soo great job

    Fatima ZehraFatima ZehraDay ago

    Sandi MartinovichSandi MartinovichDay ago
  • This hurt

    kage no ikarkage no ikarDay ago
  • Hey

    GokuGokuDay ago
  • Bruh, he really danced😆😆😆

    monstergirl_68monstergirl_68Day ago
  • This has got to be one of the stupidest things mankind has created. The cringe is abysmal.

    Mirko MarjanovicMirko MarjanovicDay ago
  • Lmfao

    Outerhavens gamingOuterhavens gamingDay ago
  • Are they gays?

    Tacitus KilgoreTacitus KilgoreDay ago
  • When in reality more 20 something year olds play fortnight than kids😂🤣

    Matty SwartzMatty SwartzDay ago
  • The guy in orange is funny

    Chase ParkerChase ParkerDay ago
  • Lol this happened to me but with my sister i have a 14 year old friend and im 14 as well but she looks like 17 years old and my sis is 17

    the weebkidthe weebkidDay ago
  • Me being 21 still looking 15

    Tony HawkinsTony HawkinsDay ago
  • 15 and still playing fortnite *Pain*

    lasersoldier234lasersoldier234Day ago
  • This is pathetic

    Bb InsBb InsDay ago