When your friend has a mystery box addiction in call of duty zombies Part 4

Mar 29, 2021
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When your friend has an addiction with spending all of their points on the box. This is the fourth part in the video series where Jerry relapses after being clean from the box for months
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  • I relate

    Robby CovelloRobby CovelloHour ago
  • bro I love your channel I’ve made my own knex guns to

    Dakota ScraggDakota Scragg3 hours ago
  • I like how this actually has a backstory

    crazy mc crazy handscrazy mc crazy hands4 hours ago
  • He could have got a gun of a wall

    milkmilk12 hours ago
  • You know I did the exact same thing in call of duty zombies (until I get the SAME EXACT WEAPON THREE GOSH DARN TIMES)

  • Could have got one off the wall

    Will rides And scootsWill rides And scoots19 hours ago
  • I just realised this is a loop

    Susan WongSusan Wong22 hours ago
  • Plot twist: the mystery box addiction is just him retrying over and over again to finish the one Cold War zombies dark ops challenge of getting every weapon in the mystery box in one game

    Epsilon-9 Field AgentEpsilon-9 Field AgentDay ago
  • Cool cool

    Dianne PierceDianne PierceDay ago
  • I can relate I used to play with my friends and my brother cod and I would always buy the box

    jolteon1209jolteon1209Day ago
  • Can we get this good man some likes for part 5?

    Tabetha WiedemannTabetha WiedemannDay ago
  • Why can't he just get a wall buy?

    zombieningzombieningDay ago
  • Get well soon jerry

    infinity 9088infinity 9088Day ago
  • That’s me I always need the mystery box what if I get the thunder gun maybe the ray gun Who knows it’s a mystery

    Atlas FallsAtlas FallsDay ago
  • "But this gun sucks!"

    Danger77077Danger770772 days ago
  • he is crazy about the box 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    God of war 2 defeaterGod of war 2 defeater2 days ago
  • What’s the music that starts at 0:25

    Maciej UrbanMaciej Urban2 days ago
  • So true

    retail sycloneretail syclone2 days ago
  • (Me who is constantly hitting the box to get the supposedly perfect pair of weapons and dies on round 23 because of a crap gun) erm, I think I'll take jerry as my teammate.

    itpspringuyitpspringuy2 days ago
  • nooooo, why, 3 months, my guy was doing great

    Gentle TulipGentle Tulip3 days ago
  • Bro this is like the fishy time you’ve done this one

    chris gorrellchris gorrell3 days ago
  • Npice

    Kawonki JacobsKawonki Jacobs3 days ago
  • This is the reason why I play offline

    Mr.freddelMr.freddel3 days ago
  • This is me screw the doors i need more guns

    Game OnGame On3 days ago
  • Plot twist; he was spending the points so that when he gets the Raygun again he can give it to his freinds

    SpeedSpectraSpeedSpectra3 days ago
  • Where men cried:

    Astro ZothAstro Zoth3 days ago
  • I love this writing, it's unironically realistic and really well done

    OlySamRockOlySamRock3 days ago
  • I just keep hitting the mystery box until I get good weapons that I stick with until I pack a punch them and then if I need flash grenades or not flash grenades like until I need different grenades or a different gun

    Twiled Diamond 5Twiled Diamond 54 days ago
  • _tragic_ (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

    The Determined NinjaThe Determined Ninja4 days ago
  • Jerry needs “better help”

    Devin the gamerDevin the gamer4 days ago
  • This is a sign, I need to stop.

  • I don’t need it. I don’t need it. I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED ITTTTTTT

    TheGoodDoggoTheGoodDoggo4 days ago
  • I don’t blame him he needed a hammer

    faber4044faber40444 days ago
  • Jerry Sandusky?! I mean, he is wearing a Penn State sweatshirt and hat!

    Nikolas RadfordNikolas Radford4 days ago
  • Me who just jams all my pack a punch ammo mods and shit onto a street sweeper: yo

    Eugene OliverosEugene Oliveros4 days ago
  • Can someone belive he go the ray gun first try he is so lucku

    Emiliano VillarrealEmiliano Villarreal4 days ago
  • Me at round 30:

    Supernova •Supernova •4 days ago
  • When I was like 7 I had this addiction playing with my older brother

    Brickstop_ArmyBrickstop_Army4 days ago
  • This is literally me

    Idk NameIdk Name4 days ago
  • Welp they tried

    Maximo SolaresMaximo Solares4 days ago
  • I mean they made him like this again so it's they're fault

    Normal rj lolNormal rj lol4 days ago
  • Hey ummm what are those toys called?

    RayonRayon4 days ago
  • *ah shit here we go again*

    itachi Uchihaitachi Uchiha4 days ago
  • 3 months wothout hitting the box-

    E4TA D1CK.C0ME4TA D1CK.C0M4 days ago
  • I wish I had a box addiction

    ZUNIZUNI5 days ago
  • I have the opposite of this problem I don’t hit the box enough most games I don’t ever hit the box at all

    20 gauge gamer20 gauge gamer5 days ago
  • Ain't it funny how all of us gamers refer to it by saying "hit the box"

    Thicc BoiThicc Boi5 days ago
  • Loop

    ellectro dafiellectro dafi5 days ago
  • The best editing I have ever seen

    Hockey Hunter87Hockey Hunter875 days ago
  • Zombies is shit on cold war I haven't played in 3 days

    trevcon 3trevcon 35 days ago
  • I love this story arc

    Mystic LightningMystic Lightning5 days ago
  • Harry noooooiii

    Cameron GilmoreCameron Gilmore5 days ago
  • You never fail to bring a smile to my face 👍

  • He didnt even get a sniper scope and an explosive shotgun built into the raygun

    Bilbo_tBilbo_t5 days ago
  • 😬😀😃😄😁😆😂🤣😅🥲

    Zolavi BZolavi B5 days ago
  • This is gold

    Wyatt BellWyatt Bell5 days ago
  • Worst channel ever and bro you're so boring

    HeatFox _762_HeatFox _762_5 days ago
  • How to you make those guns?

    FAMR kidFAMR kid5 days ago
  • What if Jerry has a dark background with the mystery box

    Aaron FiegeAaron Fiege5 days ago
  • what are you making these guns of

    Ksawery MalickiKsawery Malicki5 days ago
    • Plis

      Ksawery MalickiKsawery Malicki3 days ago
  • Make part 5

    Win MartWin Mart5 days ago

    Ashley LaprezeAshley Lapreze6 days ago
  • Cmon let him buy guns from me, I almost have enough points to get that 'Triple Ray Gun Supreme'

    GrimReaperWithAGunGrimReaperWithAGun6 days ago
  • I need it

    Adrian CruzAdrian Cruz6 days ago
  • Wall guns are better

    Scales N’ stuff _Scales N’ stuff _6 days ago
  • Sad anime back story be like

    B WilsonB Wilson6 days ago
  • Hhhaaaa

    DarknessDarkness6 days ago
  • so nostalgic

    Just SomeoneJust Someone6 days ago

    Default DanDefault Dan6 days ago
  • No not again

    DARkiFIYDARkiFIY6 days ago
  • Hi

    Leah BeaumontLeah Beaumont6 days ago
  • Why did they push him He was 3 months Clean😭

    mikey slockishmikey slockish6 days ago
  • I guess I'm not the only one with this addiction

    [AUO] Gil[AUO] Gil6 days ago
  • Would've been cool if he said "you don't understand..this time it wasn't me, but it was you!..you guys did this to me!

    anant rawatanant rawat6 days ago
  • Bro just let my mans be happy

    Post Mortem in C MinorPost Mortem in C Minor6 days ago
  • All jokes aside, i would love to to to my therapist and sit down on gaming chairs

    UpgradesyUpgradesy6 days ago
  • We all have that one zombie friend

    Amare KhanthamanAmare Khanthaman6 days ago
  • Its BACKKK

    C05MIC_0C05MIC_07 days ago
  • yay it's back

    Matt FowlerMatt Fowler7 days ago
  • Me with wall weapons

    Kasey AhrensKasey Ahrens7 days ago
  • I hate ur vids I HATE EM I HATE EM

    Chance DuaneChance Duane7 days ago
  • What are those things that he builds guns out of called

    TallerUrchin6TallerUrchin67 days ago
    • K’NEX

      faber4044faber40444 days ago
  • That guns are dank give me some

    Insane PotatoInsane Potato7 days ago
  • 😲😵

    Zachery PeniasZachery Penias7 days ago
  • Omg so true😂

    Amelia LascoAmelia Lasco7 days ago
  • I ain't ya freind no mo

    Charles WhiteCharles White7 days ago
  • Poor Jared

    Parker WinkelmanParker Winkelman7 days ago
  • Boooooooooo

    Resa ShubrickResa Shubrick7 days ago
  • Sorry BOO noooooooo

    Resa ShubrickResa Shubrick7 days ago
  • Me when I get the ray gun first try: **WW2 carnage intensifies**

    Theif behind the MaskTheif behind the Mask7 days ago
  • Fuck. That. BOX bro

    Matthew QuinnMatthew Quinn7 days ago
  • The videos seem smoother than before

    Kelvin AnthonyKelvin Anthony7 days ago
  • Me playing codm zombie mode: ok ooo what box is this? Let's click it what? Ray gun? That's lam-

    PikachuisyellowPikachuisyellow7 days ago
  • Love this series🤣

    DriftingOrangeDriftingOrange7 days ago
  • This is 100% me

    nasty limenasty lime7 days ago
  • How many points does jerry have holy shid He can just open the box over and over again

    Tang MengTitTang MengTit7 days ago
  • It's not jerry fault his team got down one touch by regular zombie

    Jeffrey FloresJeffrey Flores7 days ago
  • I actually bought every door and then my teammates with 2000 points literally spent it all on crates

    Dalida Alvin Jared S.Dalida Alvin Jared S.7 days ago
  • Hahaha

    Winter Assassin‘sWinter Assassin‘s7 days ago
  • 🤣

    Malachi AndersonMalachi Anderson7 days ago