When you try to race the fridge water #Shorts

Apr 1, 2021
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  • Mine is fast, 5 secs for full cup

    BoothManBoothMan2 hours ago
  • I dont think anybody does this... do you guys?

    Clara Michaud-SimpsonClara Michaud-Simpson2 hours ago
  • Too true

    Geo MetallGeo Metall3 hours ago
  • I love how he just throws the phone

    Surabhi PSurabhi P4 hours ago
  • Can’t relate cause I don’t a high tech fridge

    Jake McClellanJake McClellan5 hours ago
  • Can’t relate, I’m broke

    CorticeraCorticera5 hours ago
  • EVERYONE: Wow, I can relate so much. ME: *wishing I had a fridge like that*

    xXYetuxNaazXx8xXYetuxNaazXx85 hours ago
  • The dumb phawk in his natural environment

    Aiden BlaneyAiden Blaney6 hours ago
  • He should've stopped at after brushing teeth

    Miss Flower115Miss Flower1157 hours ago
  • Im not sure if every one dos that or if your just dum👏😂

    minegamesgoldlight24minegamesgoldlight247 hours ago
  • Oh sorry I'm in the category of *I have to push the tab manually* we ain't got money for that fancy aUtoMatIc water nah fam

    BunnieBunnie7 hours ago
  • When u need or want water badly but u just brushed ur teeth

    Pixist1xPixist1x7 hours ago
  • Why tf yall rich and be having fridge water

    TundrawastaknTundrawastakn8 hours ago
  • I dont have one but i race the microwave

    Robet craftRobet craft8 hours ago
  • Tmw you have a 2000 dollar fridge

    10PercentMilk Mmmm10PercentMilk Mmmm9 hours ago
  • So people have refrigerators that fill up water on their own now? 😄

    Braeden FBraeden F9 hours ago
  • I’ve actually never done this...you have gave me a new idea

    TubboLikeDaBeeTubboLikeDaBee9 hours ago
  • Im too poor to know how this feels

    mcdadddy mcdonaldmcdadddy mcdonald9 hours ago
  • Why does this dude look like the attorney Tom dude-

    Green bean igGreen bean ig9 hours ago
  • Lol it’s literally me

    Nat LiveNat Live10 hours ago
  • Hey, that’s my fridge lmao

    wavypoowavypoo10 hours ago
  • I know literally nobody who does this

    Kenny McCormickKenny McCormick10 hours ago
  • I know this is a joke and stuff but doesn't make that much sense for me because my fridge pours water quite fast

    chobby ninja gamingchobby ninja gaming10 hours ago
  • Can’t relate

    Xander LewisXander Lewis11 hours ago
  • He did all that tho

    Kani GreenKani Green11 hours ago
  • That’s all the things you can do before your best friend texts you back

    Brooklyn BoninBrooklyn Bonin11 hours ago
  • My water comes out of a tap. I'm weird like that idk

    Nomea PiousNomea Pious13 hours ago
  • My water goes so slow I could literally play 5 R6 ranked matches

    Akshaj GamingAkshaj Gaming13 hours ago
  • This is me but with the microwave when I need to pee.

    Dereck DelgadoDereck Delgado15 hours ago
  • I can hear the dream speedrun music in my head right now

    Crafting TableCrafting Table15 hours ago
  • Relatable

    Anna BrownAnna Brown15 hours ago
  • When you don’t have to hold your water to be able to fill it up

    ArachnidArachnid15 hours ago
  • And at that moment he knew he forgot the ice

    CoolMemer101CoolMemer10116 hours ago
  • Quarantines got you racing household machines now-

    Snizzy GamingSnizzy Gaming16 hours ago
  • when your too poor to afford a fridge that does that

    JimmisphereTTJimmisphereTT16 hours ago
  • Who does all that before it gets filled?

    GachaBun RabbitGachaBun Rabbit17 hours ago
  • Perfect loop lmao

    bleachtrableachtra17 hours ago
  • Bruh is no one gonna talk about how satesfying the jump was when he got up the stairs

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya17 hours ago
  • R.I.P the phone

    Beesan AwadBeesan Awad17 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who takes a piss before the microwave timer goes off?

    Noor HakimNoor Hakim18 hours ago
  • I try to race the microwave.

    `Ember``Ember`18 hours ago
  • Also I have that same fridge in the same color 😂😅🤣

    Peyton PlaysPeyton Plays19 hours ago
  • Only a guy could brush his teeth quicker than the water can fill the glass.

    JND 0630JND 063021 hour ago
  • I wonder how much water he used lmao

    Fart NuggetFart Nugget21 hour ago
  • Never done this OwO

    PenguinKicksPenguinKicks23 hours ago
  • I got this short twice in a row bruh

    Camden SipeCamden SipeDay ago
  • FACTS.

    Ryan GirlzRyan GirlzDay ago
  • I have faucet water not fridge water sir

    Walmart DababyWalmart DababyDay ago
  • Oh my god i do this stil

    ·Blue Moon··Blue Moon·Day ago
  • That’s some slow water Dispensing or water they call it.Also I never do this cause then I’d just have to clean the mess

    BlubBlubDay ago
  • Ew tuth brush and was gonna drink the fucking water

    Kimmy drownedKimmy drownedDay ago
  • Me.Racing the door while it closing :>

    {Fnaf and Sketch}{Fnaf and Sketch}Day ago
  • True

    Frïãh Gãïl VêlãsçøFrïãh Gãïl VêlãsçøDay ago
  • This is for people with money. My broke ass races the Microwave

    Domino DayDomino DayDay ago
  • me, an intellectual, getting water out the tap 🤡

    Liam KinghornLiam KinghornDay ago
  • Minecraft speed ones be like

    hello therehello thereDay ago
  • This is me filling up the sink to wash dishes

    Nyx_GamingNyx_GamingDay ago
  • I don't have that type of fridge.

    Juanjo SolerJuanjo SolerDay ago
  • Lol happens to me a lot I can literally take a round of the house lol

    Shivali KulshreshthaShivali KulshreshthaDay ago
  • Well mine goes fast lol i can pick it up after 30 seconds and below depending on cup size

    Lane RennerLane RennerDay ago
  • Does anyone Race to the Microwave and stop it before the times up?

    AcidPenguinAcidPenguinDay ago
  • bruh imagine having a fridge that fills up ur water that takes an hour when y can just use the tap to do it in like 3 seconds or less

    bruh momentbruh momentDay ago
  • Im not rich enough to have a refrigerator that can do this

    Mr kd awesomeMr kd awesomeDay ago
  • On my fridge you can’t leave the cup there to fill up by it’s self it won’t fit there so I always have to just hold it up until it’s finished

    Vincent the spyVincent the spyDay ago
  • Imagine... owning a fridge.

    Nicolette H.Nicolette H.Day ago
  • I do that but with the microwave and I always stop hit before it hits zero 😂

    Advita AroraAdvita AroraDay ago
  • My anxiety just kept raising

    izuku .ω. midoriyaizuku .ω. midoriyaDay ago
  • I race the microwave

    HC_pAnDAHC_pAnDADay ago
  • Is this some rich person joke that I don’t understand

    NiemczyNiemczyDay ago
  • meanwhile me: **casually drinking water out of the gallon bc for some reason i hate fridge water**

    trimbxlingtrimbxlingDay ago
  • rip macbook and iphone you will be missed

    Ramasundari BalamuruganandhamRamasundari BalamuruganandhamDay ago
  • Me, who has never used one of those in my entire life: haha same

    NattyNattyDay ago
  • Ur mom

    Ethan Rain ArsenalEthan Rain ArsenalDay ago
  • It’s true

    Colt popsColt popsDay ago
  • When you like me with ADHD also my fridge you have to hold the button thing

    Bunny RabbitBunny RabbitDay ago
  • I do this all the time with the microwave

    Bilhelm BilhelmBilhelm BilhelmDay ago
  • This is me going to the bed before the fan was blowing

    ignore meignore meDay ago
  • Shit dude I try to race the microwave when set it for 30 seconds

    Dark BlueDark BlueDay ago
  • This is more like trying to race the microwave

    Michael OrtolanoMichael OrtolanoDay ago
  • I do the same thing but with my microwave

    Lucas WilliamsLucas WilliamsDay ago
  • rip phone

    Roblox LoverRoblox LoverDay ago
  • Mine comes out at 50 PSI

    Dayne GrothDayne GrothDay ago
  • Muppet

    Marcjames WhelanMarcjames WhelanDay ago
  • I do this when I have to refill my water so i just take a few laps in the living room

    Dark Knight GamingDark Knight GamingDay ago
  • That’s me every day

    JuiceeDROPSJuiceeDROPSDay ago
  • the fucking what?

    JayDee QJayDee QDay ago
  • Then you have my water where I go to get my phone and by the time I’m back it’s flooding the entire house

    Golden Cheetah26Golden Cheetah26Day ago
  • is my fridge water the only one that goes hella fast...

    LightifyLightifyDay ago
  • Is this a rich people joke??

    gamer persongamer personDay ago
  • Why does he kinda look like a bootleg Toby Maguire?

    Big BeanBig BeanDay ago
  • Lmao yes. At my grandmas her house connects into like a circle so I will run around it.

    Søçîäłłÿ āwkwärdSøçîäłłÿ āwkwärdDay ago
  • He beat doom eternal and ancient gods 1 and 2 on ultra nightmare before the water finished

    evilrobo 008evilrobo 008Day ago
  • Imagine you ate something spicy

    Nano_GamingNano_GamingDay ago
  • Manhunt music starts playing

    BonnieioBonnieioDay ago
  • My us so slow I can do all of that and it half way

    kyle rangerkyle rangerDay ago
  • I do the same run up the stairs

    IsiahAKIsiahAKDay ago
  • We have a sensor thing so we can just press a button it like sense the cup or something and then fills it up without it being to much and spilling

    Natalie BunkerNatalie BunkerDay ago
  • Always ebay bidding, when I check messages, because the action only ends in 3 Minute, easy...and then 10 minutes later I realized, I fucked up again xd

    StiKzStiKzDay ago
  • Change the damn filter

    Helseno'sSabersHelseno'sSabersDay ago
  • My fridge senses the cup and stops when it’s full ✌️

    Maren PoynterMaren PoynterDay ago