What's wrong with Biden's dog? Famous 'Dog Whisperer' gives expert opinion

Apr 6, 2021
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Cesar Millan tells 'Fox News Primetime' Biden White House 'tension' to blame for Major's agitation. #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime
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  • What's wrong with the dog? 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

    Crystal the Lady HermitCrystal the Lady HermitHour ago
  • God help us! Creepy cannot even manage his own dog!

    OH MY!!!OH MY!!!Hour ago
  • That's what I have thought and said...it's the new environment the dog has been forced to live in.

    dONNA WdONNA WHour ago
  • Poor dog has to live with nazie Joe .

    Spoon KingSpoon KingHour ago
  • Dogs are sensitive to when their owner is ill. They become over-protective and suddenly, they sense threats everywhere.

    Shylo ScottShylo Scott2 hours ago
  • That's too much dog for him. He cannot even handle the country how the hell he will handle a dog that needs authority.

    Luz RiveraLuz Rivera2 hours ago
  • The owner needs to be smarter than the dog.

    Diana SloanDiana Sloan2 hours ago
  • Beautiful dog... not mangy at all

    Juanita HaynesJuanita Haynes2 hours ago
  • Well with the shadiness coming out about these people maybe the dog smells shady......check the CIA out too pup....

    Tery WetherlowTery Wetherlow2 hours ago
  • The Biden’s are LYING LIARS LIE!

    mary stinsonmary stinson2 hours ago
  • Khhh BS. The Biden’s don’t care about the dog

    RunsontrailsRunsontrails2 hours ago
  • I wonder how long the rest of us would get by with having a dog that bites .........

    Proud RepublicanProud Republican2 hours ago
  • This dog is walked around by a man with a mask and outside? Ridiculous.

    Cathryn PCathryn P2 hours ago
  • Animal reacting to Stolen election

    CJ McdowellCJ Mcdowell3 hours ago
  • The dog is possessed like Kamala

    CJ McdowellCJ Mcdowell3 hours ago

    Mela VuinakeloMela Vuinakelo4 hours ago
  • Dogs are proven to resemble their owner, so I believe Major just keeps Sniffing ppl too hard...

    Bryan McleodBryan Mcleod4 hours ago
  • Awesome, even the dog knows who the scumbags are today. Keep biting them

    Western SlavWestern Slav4 hours ago
  • Biden probably hits the dog cuz Biden blames it for everything! Poor Dog !

    TamTam5 hours ago
  • This is why I only get basset hounds. They are almost impossible to anger and I don’t have to worry about them attacking anybody. However, they have big mouths and will bark when someone comes around .They are the best.

    Peanut OreoPeanut Oreo5 hours ago
  • I think Joe can jog with him more . 😆

    Patti FreyPatti Frey5 hours ago
  • Why hasn't Joe called Cesar

    Patti FreyPatti Frey5 hours ago
  • He is so smart. I love him. He worked on my Chihuahua

    J. BeeJ. Bee5 hours ago
  • Smart dog!

    craig gallaghercraig gallagher5 hours ago
  • Seems you were trying to make this political and about stress in the WH than the dog really. Seems every time Cesar was answering your question and giving a reasonable answer you weren't satisfied with it and kept trying to make it about what's happening in the WH. As someone who also worked with dogs for over 20 yrs I agree with what Cesar is saying here, it doesn't matter where these dogs live or how many people are there, it matters that people are communicating with the dog clearly so that the dog understands. Plenty of households with this issue. I'm no fan of Biden, but this isn't about his politics or how he is running the WH. This is about helping this dog adjust to this new life. Like Cesar mentioned there is no protocol for dogs being introduced into the WH. And there really should be.

    My Dog is BossyMy Dog is Bossy5 hours ago
  • Poor dog. What a life to be with this guy! The dog is beautiful. He needs a Loving home and owner.

    Grace RosalesGrace Rosales6 hours ago
  • This is hilarious they thought Cesar was going to talk bad about Mr. President. Fox is just desperate now.

    Iesha TylerIesha Tyler6 hours ago
  • This poor dog senses the evil in the WH 😈

    Cheryl MeltonCheryl Melton6 hours ago
  • Animals know if they are liked and if they are not liked. Biden should probably pick a different person to watch over the dogs. Preferably a professional dog walker and the secret service can monitor and protect the walker and dogs from a distance. Ten to twenty feet should suffice.

    Kat nipKat nip6 hours ago
  • Are you sure the dog isn't unhappy because he has an evil owner?

    Michelle GMichelle G6 hours ago
  • Lol dog out weigh corona virus... 😱

    Boonphit PhanthavongBoonphit Phanthavong7 hours ago
  • Thank you Fox News Australia! This is a very unusual story we need to figure this one out!

    Laurie Ann RodriguezLaurie Ann Rodriguez8 hours ago
  • The dog is be agitated by all the demons running around the White House.

    echogrl556echogrl5568 hours ago
  • obiden f him corrupt illegal government world wide ,treasonous fs,sweet dog

    Joseph CornellJoseph Cornell8 hours ago
  • Biden: “What’s wrong with my dog ?” Dog: “You kept mistaking me for a human child. I don’t need any more late night ‘snuggles’.”

    H GH G8 hours ago
  • Is that the dog he kicked and broke his?

    Gg StormGg Storm9 hours ago
  • He's antifa

    Ghetto Wilderness 66Ghetto Wilderness 669 hours ago
  • Biden’s story was he rescued Major as a puppy! Biden is a bad dad all around! THIS CLOWN IS NOT MY PRESIDENT!

    JessJess10 hours ago
  • Biden keeps mistaking him for his wife at night

    Salvage MonsterSalvage Monster10 hours ago
  • Love Cesar Millan but I don't understand why he even help this evil men

    Brenda ChasseBrenda Chasse11 hours ago
  • I feel so sorry for that dog..he's a beautiful dog,and could be really sweet if in the right environment..Ceasar Millian is spot on IMO,if people knew how to properly socialize the dog,then I'm sure that dog would be a loving and sweet puppy..but they don't care about that poor dog,Biden adopted him for the optics,it was just for show..the fault doesn't lie with the dog,it's the humans that are around the dog that are the problem..I just hope that pup doesn't end up "on a farm upstate somewhere" which is usually code for it's been euthanized

    Sunshine MishasMommySunshine MishasMommy11 hours ago
  • Major said, I'm biting ya ankles to tell you to get it right. Hell I'm normal, y'all are not. Roof, ya can't even see it!!!!!!!

    The Abike Speaks ShowThe Abike Speaks Show14 hours ago
  • The poor dog does not like joe and no one else around him, He just came from the pound

    Jana TyreeJana Tyree14 hours ago
  • I disagree with Caesar on this...it’s a way more stressful situation.

    barbikinkinbarbikinkin14 hours ago
  • The dog is lied to and disrespected too.

    L LynnL Lynn15 hours ago
  • His dog? What about him?

    Miriam CohenMiriam Cohen15 hours ago
  • He do not. Use to been. Around. So much. People. He. Wants. To go. Home. Poor dogie he wants. To go back home

    Derrick OconnorDerrick Oconnor16 hours ago
  • 5...4...3...2...1 Cesar Milan is going to be cAnCelEd, because he came on Fox.

    whitexchinawhitexchina17 hours ago
  • The dig had more media coverage than Biden had press conferences.

    whitexchinawhitexchina17 hours ago
  • The dog feeds off its owners energy. And that poor dog has been feed a constant stream of crazy from Joe🤦🏿🤣😂🤣💀 He sence's that Joe want to bite the officers so he does it them for him🤣...lol

    mss burrmss burr19 hours ago
  • It's simple know one needs to talk dog. There has been dogs pets in white house before this is not uncommon there. Only thing is the other pets didn't do this . Biden dog obviously is biting because his surrounded by demons he able to sense this. There is a lot of evil people in there so his acting in his right to bite the evil . Dogs are very smart .

    Linda yaLinda ya19 hours ago
  • 😂

    Jacinta ReeveJacinta Reeve19 hours ago
  • Clear example of how animals know and sense evil

    Br0kn'mold INFJBr0kn'mold INFJ19 hours ago
  • It’s always good to hear from Cesar, I wish he was Conservative :-/

    youngimages2000youngimages200020 hours ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    FirstNation FallFirstNation Fall20 hours ago
  • What's wrong with the dog ? It's a spoiled and coddled democrat....that's what !

    Meaux JeauxMeaux Jeaux20 hours ago
  • German shepherds are protective to one master. He is doing his job.

    Jan WallaceJan Wallace21 hour ago
    • Also what type or breed of shepherd is this dog...makes a difference and who trained him?

      Jan WallaceJan Wallace21 hour ago
  • Well look at that poor dogs owner

    Susan EsquirellSusan Esquirell21 hour ago
  • It is canine abuse to bring any dog into such a dysfunctional environment as exists today in government, especially the upper levels of government. Ceasar Millan has lost his whisper.

    A Jay KUSTOMERA Jay KUSTOMER22 hours ago
  • This just sad fox news lmao Also cringe

    Sven SayreSven Sayre23 hours ago
  • His dog doesn't like Biden in the Whitehouse either! Major is trying to save America!!!

    TL kertTL kert23 hours ago
  • This broadcaster is phenomenal !!

    Maple CosyMaple Cosy23 hours ago
  • He probably requested the dog two weeks prior to moving into the White House... The dog is a prop... Not even a positive talking point...

    Michael MMichael MDay ago
  • The dog is a decoration.

    curlywolfonecurlywolfoneDay ago
  • If you have an unstable owner you have an unstable dog!

    Donna GriffithDonna GriffithDay ago
  • Dogs can sense danger, evil & demons. That’s the problem.

    GG KrayGG KrayDay ago
  • Taking a bite out of crime! Major is an entrepreneur.

    brr johnsonbrr johnsonDay ago
  • Poor dogs

    We Need PeaceWe Need PeaceDay ago
  • Thanks you my friend

    Donna VaughnDonna VaughnDay ago
  • Who knows what Biden really does to that dog behind the scenes?

    Diane WeberDiane WeberDay ago
  • The dog knows how evil these Dems are. Pretty smart dog!

    Jeannie GiumarraJeannie GiumarraDay ago
  • It’s not the dog! Jesus, I think the dog and I are the only sane ones left!

    O OO ODay ago
  • Lol!

    Pacific Northwest MommaPacific Northwest MommaDay ago
  • Probably mistook the two people it bit for ICE agents.

    Pamela ReynaudPamela ReynaudDay ago
  • What's wrong is Hunter is the question .

    Gang Of FourGang Of FourDay ago
  • May be that the dog misses joe's boy...... Out of coke......😂😂😂😂....but seriously , I feel bad for the dog.😞💚😞

    Paula MahaffeyPaula MahaffeyDay ago
  • Dog senses everyone hates his owner and is on guard 24/7 ! Animals are so smart !

    Mike MMike MDay ago
  • Question is who is drooling more? The dog or Potato Head?

    JeffJeffDay ago
  • Dogs a Democrat that’s what’s wrong

    Josh MurrayJosh MurrayDay ago
  • Joe has better handlers than his dog

    partsman6815partsman6815Day ago

    Tammy StreibTammy StreibDay ago
  • The dog has no training just like him master

  • I'm seriously laughing! I suggested that Cesar Milan evaluate the Bidens dog Major with the first episode of him biting someone.

    Deborah K 629Deborah K 629Day ago
  • Dogs need routine and bonding. His dogs are in the middle of stress and tension.

    Jay TeeJay TeeDay ago
  • The dog does NOT have issues, the "owner" does!

    Place Of AbundancePlace Of AbundanceDay ago
  • Make him pay for his own dog training

    Karsa OrlongKarsa OrlongDay ago
  • Where's the cat they were talking about? Sucki said it would be an Internal hit!

    Ronda HildrethRonda HildrethDay ago
  • German shepherds tend to be one person or family dogs.

    Peach BrainPeach BrainDay ago
  • Yes and if this was anyone else the dog would have been put down by now. Your dog is only allowed to bite someone once in Maryland, if it does it a second time the dog is taken. Just more proof there are no rules when it comes to politicians.

    JoshJoshDay ago
  • We are ready have a dog in the White House in fact several of them no dam village is needed to raise children what kind of fool our you he got the dog becomes of Biden’s illness and you all know that is true.

    Doreen JohnstonDoreen JohnstonDay ago
  • Some people should not have baby's or animals.

    margaret baranowskimargaret baranowskiDay ago
  • And he regularly shits on the White House floor

    Eddie GuidryEddie GuidryDay ago
  • Dog has a fine life wish the border patrol had that care

    Jean MeyerJean MeyerDay ago
  • Well his dog is probably as racist as he is and probably tired of Joe dressing him up like a little kid and doing improper stuff with him

    Brent ArmstrongBrent ArmstrongDay ago
  • Beautiful dog

    Kim KritzmanKim KritzmanDay ago
  • Dog has more brains than biden

    Kris VartharajooKris VartharajooDay ago
  • How about you ask the real question what's wrong with your body and stop worrying about the stupid dog we have real problems if Biden is at the helm of America shame on you Fox News fake news that's what you are

    Peg LewisPeg LewisDay ago
  • The dog is a Trump fan.

    Jenny AnimalJenny AnimalDay ago