What really happens when you stub your toe

Apr 6, 2021
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  • *Imagine u hitting ur pinky toe and that cell stubs it's pinky toe too....*

    MuffinMuffinHour ago

    varshini ot7varshini ot74 hours ago
  • and then theres me who stubed my toe while walking to get a plaster for my recent stubbed toe

    sarah grahamsarah graham4 hours ago
  • Is it sad that I don’t get this?

    Aiden the gamenAiden the gamen6 hours ago
  • To some people they may be thinking like "so just don't give him the key so he don't feel the pain"… as much as it might seem nice to never feel pain, pain is our body's way of telling us something is wrong. It is an evil necessity. Imagine if you cut your toe on something sharp but you didn't feel it so you start bleeding out really fast but you don't necessarily notice it as quick as you would have if you were in pain...... It isn't out there example but you get what I mean. Obviously there are outliers to this, people with chronic pain issues people with diseases that have chronic pain etc, but pain is a necessary evil. it's like when you get a fever, you're body is actually trying to tell you it's being overwhelmed by the sick-causing organism or virus in your system.

    Lauren CipollaLauren Cipolla6 hours ago
  • the beginning was so dramatic 😂

    siniplop facesiniplop face6 hours ago
  • Will smith

    Uc MinecraftUc Minecraft7 hours ago
  • Why do I have to pee when I’m in psin

    Sort MemesSort Memes8 hours ago
  • Weaklings. a legos pain is ***more***

    Tanjiro KamadoTanjiro Kamado8 hours ago
  • I love this dudes videos

    Mr MinecraftMr Minecraft8 hours ago
  • I liked this video because it had a Rick and Morty poster. Oh and the video was good.

    Goatman BriganceGoatman Brigance8 hours ago
  • this reminds me of the time i broke my pinky toe after stubbing it on the wooden chair

    hi therehi there10 hours ago
  • To the people reading this comment God loves enough to allow you to repent in, order for us to be free from sin , repent and go to heaven. PLEASE REPENT NOW

    super gohansuper gohan10 hours ago
  • My pain is at light speed when I stub my toe

    Staci LambStaci Lamb10 hours ago
  • Just stubbed my toe 5x harder and I'm still standing........just crying and dying inside

    VexxiumVexxium10 hours ago
  • Brain department : Looks like we stub our toe Paper: completely blank on the front 😂😂

    Jemani RobinsonJemani Robinson11 hours ago
  • High quality content my dude

    ZenitsuZenitsu11 hours ago
  • Me: stubs to Also me: becomes Ariana Grande

    Teagan EickholtTeagan Eickholt12 hours ago
  • Haha. You fools. I am so clumsy that stubbing my toe no longer affects me.

    Ella DochertyElla Docherty12 hours ago
  • I just noticed that his sound thing foam has been slanted this entire time

    SeggsySamSeggsySam13 hours ago
  • Me running

    Jeremiah RodriguezJeremiah Rodriguez13 hours ago
  • I stub my toe 8 times today

    Cat Shigaraki •DerkSlurpFan•Cat Shigaraki •DerkSlurpFan•15 hours ago
  • When/if I become a science teacher I'm playing this in class

    •Kokichi Owo•Kokichi Owo17 hours ago
  • Dude I legit get random sharp pains for no reason..... What

    Jacob YoungJacob Young17 hours ago
  • Casually whips out "notice of withdrawn application" lol No hate

    Alex SmithAlex Smith18 hours ago
  • I think it goes something like "AAAAaaAHHHHhHhhhHhhHHH"

    TheTrueRekker1TheTrueRekker121 hour ago

    PlushManiaPlushManiaDay ago
  • “Sharp pains for no reasons.” Me breathing in just a little too deep and practically dying.

    Peppa PigPeppa PigDay ago
    • Tight chest. Or lung cancer?

      Ethan K.Ethan K.Hour ago
  • You can tell how dangerous it is to stub your toe because he doesn't wanna do the pinky toe instead he did all of it

    UnfazedPotatoUnfazedPotatoDay ago
  • I think my key is always in the foot. I always get random muscle cramps 🤣

    Manusha RamanayakeManusha RamanayakeDay ago
  • 😒😒😒😒😂😂😂😇😇😇

    Howard HarringtonHoward HarringtonDay ago
  • Why did this man bash his toe into the wall with the might of a thousand suns?

    The NecromancerThe NecromancerDay ago
  • Short People:....

    Christopher LamChristopher LamDay ago
  • Bruh that: Some parts of the body will produce sharp pains for no reason Part felt too close to home

    Some GuySome GuyDay ago
  • Hahahah

  • I always just wait for the inevitable pain to come

    Boyce MaBoyce MaDay ago
  • Live action cells at work

    Josue VasquezJosue VasquezDay ago
  • God damn never had I grabed my foot so fast in my life hearing and watching this man pretending to smash his toe against the wall in my life.

    Kmflowtimelord MalKmflowtimelord MalDay ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kitty's worldKitty's worldDay ago
  • I want this guy to be my doctor

    Turtle DudeTurtle DudeDay ago
  • My left stomach department has the pain key at all times and is used randomly

    Jake ZamoraJake ZamoraDay ago
  • This man is slowly educating Gen Z and my own dumb ass Millennial generation on fukin TikTok of all platforms... This man is a damn American hero! Single handedly Saving the youth! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Dave SlatteryDave SlatteryDay ago
  • My keys always in the Socket... And I am not really Mario. Mario isn't Irish and doesn't have Arthritis.

    MarioMarioDay ago
  • Its a perfect loop.

    Deven CruzDeven CruzDay ago
  • Wait, a good tiktok? Dont do that, dont give me hope.

    Disguised HumanDisguised HumanDay ago
  • Video idea: What really happens when you fall down stairs/knock the wind out of you.

    Primal BreadPrimal BreadDay ago
  • I like this channel POV

    Narendra A.DNarendra A.DDay ago
  • I litterly just stubbed my toe like rn

    EizelシEizelシDay ago
  • I thank God this guys video mot how the really works are we'd all be in trouble. If pain moved that slow or if there were random pain in the body it would be some Theory like evolution there's a purpose to pain in your body.

    George SmithGeorge Smith2 days ago
  • I knew i heard voices, now at least i know why. Thanks for saving me untold $ on therapy. I told Ma it wasn't anything to worry about, now i have Proof.

    CleverTacoCleverTaco2 days ago
  • I'm subscribing:)

    Gachasavage PeriodGachasavage Period2 days ago
  • By far one of the best shorts I've seen

    Landon AndersonLandon Anderson2 days ago
  • Imagine waiting 10 seconds before the pain arrives because your body is that lazy

    Jeffrey ten thijeJeffrey ten thije2 days ago
  • Lamdices

    Meh Misael126Meh Misael1262 days ago
  • Accurate

    CaseyPlaysMadout2CaseyPlaysMadout22 days ago
  • When I stub my toe it's usually accompanied by shouting "FFFFFUUUUUUUUCK!!!" or some other word a nano second after.. yet I can stand on a Lego and I'm completely fine. Used to it by now thanks to my other halfs little brother putting fucking Legos in my shoes 😵

    Chris RossChris Ross2 days ago
  • I just realized the hat and shirt keeps swapping

    Alyzer NobleAlyzer Noble2 days ago
  • Those acoustic panels are so terribly installed... Some are practically falling off, none are aligned and on top of that they dont do basically anything like that

    pkopo1pkopo12 days ago
  • I don't see flashbacks and tears. This video sus.

    WENtheCOOLESTWENtheCOOLEST2 days ago
  • guess some of the departments kept the pain keys for me

    Kaylee MessickKaylee Messick2 days ago
  • damn, your video necesarrily to teach kids in eelementary

    instead not school than in vaininstead not school than in vain2 days ago
  • I was running and there’s this step I have in my house, I trying going over it quickly and my pinky toe gets caught on it, I’m still running too fast to stop myself so as I’m stopping it spreads from the other toes more than it should. It was black for like 2 weeks with some of my foot below it bruised pretty bad. I thought I broke my toe/foot. I was running again and stubbed the same toe and the nail fell off.

    シKrazyK707シKrazyK7072 days ago
  • Sudden pain's message is sent to spinal cord by nerves not brain because processing in brain takes more time. And then spinal cord takes the message further to brain for processing after sending signals to muscles to get away from source of pain. This is called reflex arc.

    Vanshika ChughVanshika Chugh2 days ago
  • I like how the video shows how steadily the process goes but in reality pain kicks in the second he stub his damn toe

    Nat PaNat Pa2 days ago
  • I can learn more from this than school

    Atlas doesn’t flipAtlas doesn’t flip2 days ago
  • When I stub my toe I just suck it up and exhale my pain 😂 then it doesn’t hurt anymore 😗✌🏻

    Pink IshPink Ish2 days ago
  • Unless your short

    Adel EljawadAdel Eljawad2 days ago
  • Didn't the cell know about the elevator?

    StarvelStarvel2 days ago
  • I felt that...

    _Andrew505 MEMEBOI_Andrew505 MEMEBOI2 days ago
  • he would make a good doctor teacher

    Calista V.B.PCalista V.B.P2 days ago
  • You need to do one on the back department, when you hit the 30th birthday

    Noly V-RomeroNoly V-Romero2 days ago
  • Why is he posting the same thing

    GIossierGIossier2 days ago
  • Any chance of how an infection occurs

    Liam BrettLiam Brett2 days ago
  • What happens inside of the cells

    HydroStrike21HydroStrike212 days ago
  • As soon the guys to was stubbed my phone battery went 5%-

    iiBloom_dustiiBloom_dust2 days ago
  • Either my cells are flash in my foot cuz it takes no time for pain to get there or I’m NOT 37! MILES tall

    NexyNexy2 days ago
  • This dude video’s are amazing

    Tony CaesarTony Caesar2 days ago
  • Man i feel bad he has to stub his toe

    Jerry TolbertJerry Tolbert2 days ago
  • after I watch your videos, I everytime imagine your small clones in my body doing those type of jobs, damn

    Lady ArtemisLady Artemis2 days ago
  • This guy teaches me more science high school ever could

    ナルトシgachaナルトシgacha2 days ago
  • That happens 24/7 to me :( btw I Lear more from this channel then actual school

    Rub RudeRub Rude2 days ago
  • Lol

    Just BecauseJust Because2 days ago
  • And it all happens in one second

    EnderEnder2 days ago
  • this is like the anime cells at work but english edition

    Firah KeiichiFirah Keiichi2 days ago
  • Its the pinky toe that really hearts

    wiZe _wiZe _2 days ago
  • Thats inaccurate, it would be the nerve department send the signal to the brain department

    TenshiTenshi2 days ago
  • Who the fuck stubs their toe directly into a wall? 😂

    Random ass plugRandom ass plug2 days ago
  • Normally I don’t like tik tok, but this guy is hilarious.

    ColiCritter256ColiCritter2562 days ago
  • the only time i didn't saw the brain playing smash

    xXgioXxxXgioXx2 days ago
  • Why did you not stub you pinky toe video ruined

    Cool GamerCool Gamer2 days ago
  • This is that delayed screech, after realizing I stubbed my toe I stare at it for 5-10 seconds before crying in pain.

    Wolf Royal StudiosWolf Royal Studios2 days ago
  • Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and been resurrected from the dead 3 days later

    Samuel LopezSamuel Lopez2 days ago
  • That notice of withdrawal tho

    carlo linus uytengsucarlo linus uytengsu2 days ago
  • I don’t want pain.

    Dylan PerryDylan Perry2 days ago
  • And all that takes about up to a second

    JJ3 days ago
  • this cells at work spin off looks good

    Uchiha_ MuriloUchiha_ Murilo3 days ago
  • I get it, cuz sometimes it takes a while before you feel the pain

    Skating with DAVID JAYSkating with DAVID JAY3 days ago
  • *Explain to me how tf I felt a sound*

    Drewbert MonoyDrewbert Monoy3 days ago
  • Yo that sharp pain line tho

    Ioi PeoIoi Peo3 days ago
  • Very funny nice post make more related videos

    K JayanthK Jayanth3 days ago