What it’s REALLY Like. Going out for THE FIRST TIME with Moira: Reality Dog Training

Apr 4, 2021
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Dog training Moira the German Shepherd in public today! We’ll also work on training stay, fetch/frisbee and more. This video is sponsored by Solid Gold Pet. Get 30% off of select Solid Gold Pet products by going to www.solidgoldpet.com/zak
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  • I want to see Moira in her forever home.

    Roxana LopezRoxana Lopez32 minutes ago
  • You get a lot of crap but you really know your stuff and I love this series!

    Brittany DreierBrittany Dreier21 hour ago
  • Where did you get that longer leather leash you have attached to your belt? Is it 15ft?

    Julia FeldmanJulia FeldmanDay ago
  • Wants Moira to be nice to chickens, rewards with chicken.

    Joe FJoe FDay ago
  • 8:11 Zak’s “no ma’am face” haha.

    Joe FJoe FDay ago
  • Nothing can look more focused than an German Shepherd! 😳

    Torben MøllerTorben MøllerDay ago
  • I keep getting weirded out with you saying “Moira” and not “Inertia”

    Shae StrongShae StrongDay ago
  • hey zak when u find it the best age to train a puppy? i got my new retriever (6weeks) and he doesnt do anything but playing ,eating , peeing and pooping doesnt listen to anything else lol! should i wait till 8 weeks or should i teach him some stuff before that?

    ghayath alkubaisighayath alkubaisi2 days ago
  • I would like to use a clicker. Is it okay to interchange using a clicker and other times just saying "yes?"

    Ida PodrugIda Podrug2 days ago
  • I’m so pleased to see an improvements!!! Absolutely fantastic she slept through the night however if Moira will be in the new environment she needs a time to adapt to it before being on her own. Good job Zak!!!

    Tory AstinisTory Astinis2 days ago
  • Yess- now I don’t have to pay for a trainer.

    Julia WestcloverJulia Westclover3 days ago
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    Erum EllaErum Ella3 days ago
  • Is she’s available I’d love to give her a great life. I’m missing my beautiful German Shepherd who died recently of an autoimmune disease. She was a great girl and totally trustworthy in every situation I put her in. She went with me everywhere. I see Shephrah’s qualities in Moira. Please contact me if she is available .

    Denise CDenise C3 days ago
  • I’d love to have some episodes focus on dogs with separation anxiety. I know a lot of people have been home with their dogs during the pandemic and I’m so worried about having to return to work and leave my ‘shadow’ puppy at home alone since she pants and cries so terribly when I leave the room for a minute!

    Lucy GrayLucy Gray3 days ago
  • Thomas Davis (his channel is Upstate Canine Academy) would have this dog under control in under ten minutes. You should check out some of his videos. You could learn a thing or three.

    Joel SlotnikoffJoel Slotnikoff3 days ago
  • Hi, Zak! I really appreciate your videos, they really helped me trying to discipline my new pup. About a year ago I found a little bundle of joy and wrath in my yard (non-habited property, but visited almost dayly) and I deciden to keep and discipline him so he can be a moderatly well-balanced dog. So he's almost one year old now and I've been trying to teach him (by means on positive reinforcement only) the difference between the command "Wait", which means "Just wait while I set wour treat, toy or snack on the floor" (and he seems to understand and comply correctly, most of the times) and the command "Stay", by which I encouraged him to just sit still until I let him do whatever he wants (it's usually the marker "Free", when he comes to me for his treat or toy, but I cassualy throw in the marker "Yes" and go to him and give him the treat, according to Nate Schoemer) . After some training sessions, I noticed that my dog won't make the difference between the marker "Free" uppon the "Wait" and "Stay" command. Whenever I tell him to wait and I place his food on the ground, he's just looking at me like he's not sure whether to come to me for a treat, as in "Stay" or he should just head on for the food or treat I just placed on the ground, as in "Wait". I think yhere's something I'm doing wrong and I could really use your advice on this . I'm looking forward to your new videos! Thanks!

    Mihai BerechetMihai Berechet3 days ago
  • My second dog was on the streets for a year and is terrified of quite a lot of things, i do a lot of stay, sit, look at me, outside shes still very difficult to walk but we are getting there. I am also a lover of these training sessions but now im going to listen to some chilli peppers and arctic monkeys.

    vicky rowsellvicky rowsell3 days ago
  • Where do you get those harnesses from? What brand are they?

    TheArgos12TheArgos123 days ago
  • "You can bond with a chicken but you can also enjoy eating a chicken... don't put that in" 😆 I can see how you can relate to dogs with that sort of attitude ;)

    AshAsh3 days ago
  • I adopted my high drive Belgian Malinois/Siberian Husky hybrid nearly fourteen years ago, and the previous family said he was untrainable and had to get rid of him because they thought he would eventually harm or kill their Pomeranians. The vet also explained that it may be difficult to get him under control due to this breed, age and the fact that he was intact. His first day home with me he chewed my roommates mobile device and my ex's flip flops and would bark at everything that moved. I let him get used to the house and immediately began working on behavioral training. Though we had a way to go, within three days he was a totally different boy. I had a kennel which he didn't mind at first, but then I felt cruel having him in there while I slept. So, I left the kennel open after that and he quickly learned that sleeping next to my bed was better than the kenne, and that is when I got rid of it. I was firm, fair and consistent with training and giving him an unlimited amount of guidance and love. Knowing that I was responsible for his emotional, physical health and well-being and training him is why we had a strong bond. He became a calm boy with no excessive barking, was not aggressive towards anyone or any animals. He had a humanlike spirit, and I'd actually talk to him like he was my boy because he was. From hiking, to playing and running everyday, kayaking and coming home after a long day, he had a great life. He would always jump on my favorite chair whenever I was at work or asleep, and he never destroyed anything or did anything he wasn't suppose to. The moment I'd get home, he would be right by my side. Sadly, my boy Sebastian passed away just over a month ago and it was far more devastating than I could have ever imagined. gofund.me/17735485

    Republican Voters Against TrumpRepublican Voters Against Trump3 days ago
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    Erum EllaErum Ella3 days ago
  • When will the next episode come? Isually it took 3 or 4 days now it's 5. I'm scared😭

    Aurora SteenAurora Steen3 days ago
    • @Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution Okay, will that be the next routine? Thank you for the reply

      Aurora SteenAurora Steen3 days ago
    • Tomorrow. Sunday.

      Zak George’s Dog Training RevolutionZak George’s Dog Training Revolution3 days ago
  • You should be very impressed with yourself... I just searched up “dog training” after probably a year and a half of not watching you (sorry!) and you were the first channel and videos that popped up!! You should be very proud! Great content

    Sunny SimsSunny Sims3 days ago
  • My dog thinks he has to wait to even come in the door. How to train it’s only when going out?

    Tammi-lee AdamsTammi-lee Adams4 days ago
  • Sounds like you need Caesar milan

    omer kishanovomer kishanov4 days ago
  • I just tried another training session with my dog and it is so frustrating. I get her to look at me, then she sits and I give her a "YES!! Good girl" with a treat, then she loses her F'ing mind. From there, she sits, lays down, turns over on her back and shows her belly, rolls back to laying down, up on her hind feet with her front paws on my legs, then jumps up a few times, runs around a few times, then does it all again. From then, no matter what I say "sit, stay, down, etc", her go to move is to lay down and show her belly and then jump and run around. She will not listen or do anything and her tail is going a million miles a minute and she wants that damn treat. It is so frustrating and I can't get her to calm or concentrate. Everytime I do this, no matter if it is an impromptu session, or if she plays fetch or goes for a walk...as soon as I start trying to train her, it is this damn routine and we get no where.

    Trevor MartinTrevor Martin4 days ago
    • Since you know it's coming, try to take a few deep breaths and slow down, and make things as easy as possible for your dog. If you have to go back to acting like she knows nothing and luring her slowly and carefully with a treat right at her nose, fine. Sometimes when dogs start to anticipate and do a bunch of their tricks like that, you just need to take some steps back in your training to remind them that you appreciate the enthusiasm, but that they need to actually slow down a little and focus on you in order to get their rewards :)

      Bree GeorgeBree George3 days ago
  • Love these smaller series with Kona and Moira. Can you focus a series on a shy/timid dog?

    Alisa LarsenAlisa Larsen4 days ago
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    Bob AllenBob Allen4 days ago
  • My dog digs like crazy any suggestions to have him stop??

    Reggie johnsonReggie johnson4 days ago
  • Hey Zak, we're waiting for episode 6 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    X - RAYX - RAY4 days ago
  • Love your approach Zach! Any chance that you could add a time lapsed counter on some of these exercises. I think it would only further support your focus to provide real life training. Sometimes she may learn quickly, other times it may take several sessions of x amt of minutes (with an understanding by your followers that each dog has its own learning and attention abilities).

    Linda PearsonLinda Pearson4 days ago
  • Oh gosh, seems to be very patient.

    Milkshake The PugMilkshake The Pug4 days ago
  • Please cover grooming with Moira!

    Sarah HaileySarah Hailey4 days ago
  • What a wonderful channel. I've never watched a dog training channel like this before. Meaning, I'm binge-watching all of Moira's training since subbing yesterday. I just love Moira ❤ she has so much potential. I just *love* those ears of hers! They're quite comical! The size of them! I had tears when I saw she had slept the night on her own, part sad that she had to do it and part proud of her that she made it thru with no dramas. I can't wait to see what happens next! Thanks for the great viewing Zak.

    Ruby TuesdayRuby Tuesday4 days ago
    • PS~ Has Moira's number 6 upload come out yet? Thank you.

      Ruby TuesdayRuby Tuesday4 days ago
  • We had a GSD and she was obsessed with chasing birds especially crows that landed in the garden. Also she would go after swallows and would follow their shadow on the ground to try and catch them - she could tell when they were getting close to the ground by their shadow. You should train her to chase birds as a job - golf courses love them because they chase geese.

    R MacR Mac5 days ago
  • Hey Zak, my dog is horrified of shadows. Do you have any advice on how I could train her to stop?

    Holden DeasyHolden Deasy5 days ago
  • Wow what a lot of work and time and money you are putting in. Are you getting paid for all this. Do you have a girlfriend. Or family. Are they getting all this time and effort.

    Steven LukeSteven Luke5 days ago
    • Bree, Zak's wife, is the one behind the camera! USworlds pays creators ad revenue and then there are sponsorships too. So yeah he's getting compensated for his work.

      AshAsh3 days ago
  • I have a question, how do we know if our dog has to go? Do we take them outside after they eat?

    LuxtLuxt5 days ago
  • Is there a reason you use the harness instead of a collar?

    Ashley YeeAshley Yee5 days ago
    • Because it’s the most humane way to keep control of a dog.

      Zak George’s Dog Training RevolutionZak George’s Dog Training Revolution4 days ago
  • So proud of Moira!!

    SaskiaSketches -SaskiaSketches -5 days ago
  • I just got a siberian husky male pup and your videos are helping so much ! In one day I managed to teach him how to sit without any treats, using the toy method that you showed in your video with Blu 😊

    MJ KurdzielMJ Kurdziel5 days ago
  • I cant believe Zak's never trained a Siberian Husky before! :O My family's been thinking of getting one for a while, but I really would like to learn and know everything important and unique about a Husky's behaviors before getting one... Maybe someday in the future!

    Aditya BairathiAditya Bairathi5 days ago
    • I have definitely trained and worked with many huskies including Siberian huskies! Stay tuned!

      Zak George’s Dog Training RevolutionZak George’s Dog Training Revolution5 days ago
  • How can I apply for training for my dog

    Film AddaFilm Adda5 days ago
  • When is episode 6

    FlyzFlyz5 days ago
  • Copy and paste this If you think he should do this can you do a less intelligent breed or a more stubborn one

    Issy YorkIssy York5 days ago
  • Could You Help Me Learn My Dog My Hand

    Clash Of Clans ShowClash Of Clans Show5 days ago
  • Zak My Dog Does not Listening And He Always Bite Something

    Clash Of Clans ShowClash Of Clans Show5 days ago
  • Honestly, she behaves better than my best friend's dog did his entire life.

    Justin JeffriesJustin Jeffries5 days ago
  • I would like to see you work with a gaurdian breed like an English Shepherd, pryaneeses, etc they usually have barking issues, biting of ankles, hands, etc. And can get fearful if not socialized

    Elizabeth DamatoElizabeth Damato5 days ago
  • Sheps are so damn smart and "here" all the time. I love my boy. Good luck Moira, you got this!

    groovychicgroovychic6 days ago
  • Why don't you teach her how to yield to leash pressure and go outside on a collar? What's the point of trying to walk her on a harness that will just reinforce her desire for distractions?

    Norbert GottesmanNorbert Gottesman6 days ago
    • @Charlotte Rand restraint builds motivation. especially in GSD's, since they get frustrated easily

      Norbert GottesmanNorbert Gottesman4 days ago
    • @Charlotte Rand Are you for real lol? Harnesses were literally made FOR pulling. I do bikejoring with my dog and what do I use? A harness of course. Harnesses are meant to be safe to pull in. Using a harness is just an excuse for your bad training. Can't train your dog to not pull on a collar? Put a harness on so at least then your dog doesn't hurt itself while you try to train lol. So..can your dog walk in them? Sure, but why make your job harder? Just get a regular flat collar and teach leash pressure. In 2-3 sessions your dog will be walking nicely just because it understands what leash pressure means. From there you can up the distraction. Collars are only dangerous if you don't have any idea how to use them :D. If you can't even use a collar correctly, you might not want to own a dog at all. My dog used to pull like crazy until I started using leash pressure as an actual training tool. In a month I could take my dog everywhere with me. Teach leash pressure first, have your dog walk nicely on a collar, and then switch to a harness once your dog understands what you want.

      ArbiArbi4 days ago
    • Harnesses don't enforce anything but they don't teach the dog to not pull either. The reason why people think that harnesses enforce pulling is because the pressure isn't on the neck so it doesn't hurt the dog. If you want a dog to not pull you have to teach them to loose walking no matter what they walk on. Collars can also damage their delicate neck, which is why Y shaped harnesses are heavily promoted. So if you have a dog that pulls, its better to put them in a harness or head collar than a collar because they do less damage

      Charlotte RandCharlotte Rand5 days ago
  • She has the potential to be a super dog

    mrhypnagogiamrhypnagogia6 days ago
  • Get a leash that goes round his mouth and back of head works wonders

    Stoner man 101Stoner man 1016 days ago
  • hi i am getting a new puppy it a golden retriever or a coco lab

    biggie Channelbiggie Channel6 days ago
  • Hope she does well

    Ben WilliamsBen Williams6 days ago
  • Hey Zak, you are awesome with the K9s. Thanks so much for the videos, especially this one. Our Chug (Pug/Chi) is like a 20# goat in need of an agility course, and she uses her mouth to play with our hands - ouch! On that long leash in your yard, is it staked into the lawn or just lying loose? Also, did you ever worry that Moira might jump your back fence? Dogs can do amazing things! Thank you and your lovely wife Bree!

    Diana VPDiana VP6 days ago
  • Um, I’ve always been a Zak fan and have more of a Kona than a Moira but I literally binge watched this series like a Netflix show. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    jenmontzingojenmontzingo7 days ago
  • 8:31

    LL7 days ago
  • Thank you so much for your videos! I recently started fostering a dog taken from an abusive owner and I’ve been trying to work with him on his training and socialization before we find him a forever home. He’s been doing surprisingly well with the socialization aspect- he really just gets nervous around new people for the first few minutes, but after he realizes that they aren’t going to hurt him he warms up really well. His previous owner obviously did not train him at all so that’s the part that we’re really trying to focus on and your videos have been so helpful!

    Maiken DietzMaiken Dietz7 days ago
  • Ummm your harness is worthless, get a choke collar, like the ones at the dog shows, and learn how to place it correctly.

    Lizza ZweigLizza Zweig7 days ago
  • Love your positive training methods. My dog is very much like Moira in terms of reactivity (and size). Unfortunately, since the pandemic, all my remote walking spots have become crowded and I have no place to work with him at a comfortable distance from his triggers (people and dogs), so it is slow going. To complicate this, I have mobility problems and he has pulled me down several times. Still... we are making progress and your videos of Moira are inspiring. Thank you.

    Debbie RileyDebbie Riley7 days ago
  • what do you think about the EZ walk harness? Is it a good idea for long term?

    theozystheozys7 days ago
  • can you make vids of Intertia.

    Karen ShenKaren Shen7 days ago
  • The fact that he doesn't even use the small force to pull her back from the door is incredible

    Happy PetsHappy Pets7 days ago
  • I look forward to every episode in this series. Like you said you cannot completely train a dog in 2 weeks but you are definitely building a foundation and schedule for us to follow. Keep it up and keep doing these real life dogs!

    Kathi HurlbertKathi Hurlbert7 days ago
  • Oh Zak, how I get you with the "leave it" situation. I'm still training my dog with the "leave it" command for about a month, and he still likes to just grab the toy and munch all the way. He is a stubborn dog, so learning the rules of fetch has been taking some months and a lot of patience on my part. All of this to say that I believe you WILL manage to train that dog, because the Reality Dog Training has actually given me hope that, if YOU CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT TOO!!! YESSSSSS!!

    Craft with LoveCraft with Love7 days ago
  • Moira is such a good girl!!! I love the new series, it's really helpful!

    hsr89hsr897 days ago
  • No need for very distracting background music .... unless you’re training us to ignore it 😜.

    Wendy DanielWendy Daniel7 days ago
  • She's really taken to you. Please keep her zak

    Jaxs StricklandJaxs Strickland7 days ago
  • I am ao impressed with your accomplishments with Moira!!

    Elsa Del AElsa Del A7 days ago
  • Did he say day 8?! And still has a fucking muzzle on!!!

    bruce petersonbruce peterson7 days ago
  • This dog needs someone who will get her involved in a dog sport. She’s fairly driven and if she has the nerve strength she could get into IPO.

    HicklifeHoundlifeHicklifeHoundlife7 days ago
  • why dont u use clicker?

    exterzi SWFexterzi SWF7 days ago
  • What an awesome dog. She will be an nice companion once she's trained

    Loving ArtsLoving Arts7 days ago
  • I have a question. My puppy (almost a year old) used to be fine sleeping in her cage but lately she can’t sleep barking up until 2am until someone goes and let’s here out of the cage to sleep on the floor next to them. Do u know y?

    Kesaven SahadewanKesaven Sahadewan7 days ago
  • Hello I’ve been watching your videos. I just had a question. I also have a male German shepherd and as you say he has an “over threshold” or over reacts, gets stressed and doesn’t listen to us when he is in this state when he is shown a colar or when he see our car trunk. He also gets very stressed in public in places where are lots of people. I’m not too sure how to overcome this and I’m overwhelmed I hope you see this and could give some advice

    BlinklylyBlinklyly7 days ago
  • Yes, playing with your high-energy, one year-old dog in the backyard at 8pm in the dark...been there, still there.

    LelapeaLelapea8 days ago
  • God bless you oh she’s bad behaved but she is so cute and your doing great 🙃🥳 . I’m getting a 8 month old puppy your channel will help I think. Your so gentle with them love it💜

    Solara MSolara M8 days ago
  • Has she been spayed.That may bring down her hormonal levels, that could help with regulating her energy. How about a backpack or a vest. Those can make her psychologically think that she has to slow down because of the little amount of weight or hugging that she feels have you tried any of those

    ann melendezann melendez8 days ago
  • I train my chickens with positive reinforcement. And yes, chickens have so much character. I'd hate to have a dog kill one of my roosters.

    SillyPup YuppSillyPup Yupp8 days ago
  • Let us know if the tug playing before going out will help here to stay relaxed while being out on leash, instead of jumping towards dogs, have you tried clicker training with here?

    meilin moiolimeilin moioli8 days ago
  • I really hope we get to meet her new family at the end of the series. They are getting an awesome dog.

    Amy BaldwinAmy Baldwin8 days ago
  • How old is Moira?

    makawowmakawow8 days ago
  • This is dog has all the bad habits my new shih tzu rescue has. Watching for help.

    Danielle Bruin-SlotDanielle Bruin-Slot8 days ago
  • What frisbee brand does he use?

    Jae KimJae Kim8 days ago
  • I love this dog, she’s so smart

    Jane DoeJane Doe8 days ago
  • Glad to hear you note that reactivity won’t be conquered in two weeks😂 we have been working on it for a year! Our dogs have made tremendous progress, but we are still vigilant and always learning from them and training. Moira Rose is so delightfully smart and engaged. I hope we get to meet her forever family. I’ll be worried about her😂

    Cheryl ParkerCheryl Parker8 days ago
  • I think your audience is smart enough to understand negative reinforcement

    KMichelle ArgusKMichelle Argus8 days ago
    • @Sam Rose zak hasn’t said anything new in Moira’s series 🤷🏼‍♀️

      Bree GeorgeBree George6 days ago
    • @Sam Rose zak hasn’t said anything new in Moira’s series 🤷🏼‍♀️

      Bree GeorgeBree George6 days ago
    • But this dog has forced him to admit that it exists and that it works. Also that tools are useful in dog training, not just praise and reward. Not dissing him at all, I own two of his books and started my incredibly well behaved puppy on his methods. But training a real world dog is forcing his hand a bit.

      Sam RoseSam Rose7 days ago
  • Great series!

    Sam-Nicolai JohnstonSam-Nicolai Johnston8 days ago
  • I love how Zak sneak-introduces sponsors like were puppies with low attention spans being trained, haha

    urjrurjr8 days ago
  • I know Moira didn’t have any car issues, but if she say was anxious or whined a lot in the car what would you do to eventually correct this so they enjoyed it ?

    Kearstin FrancoKearstin Franco8 days ago
  • What type of frisbee are you using?

    William ZhaiWilliam Zhai8 days ago
  • I love how almost every thumbnail is Zak struggling to hold onto Moira 😂

    Fiona JumuFiona Jumu8 days ago
  • @zakgeorge @zakgeorge21 I have to say that this series is filling in all the gaps!! What I mean is that I have watched all your videos I can find. I always end up with more questions!! This series is now ANSWERING all those additional questions which his FANTASTIC!! An example is how long do I need to keep practicing? You answer this in these videos so thank you. I really do wish you could meet my dog or I could send you a video of him. In October last year when we got him I was literally screaming on here because of his biting issues etc. NOW he is calm loves his walks great in the lead learning to leave squirrels alone and the list goes on!! And oh yes he is a Romanian rescue mixed breed 3 year old street dog!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ZAK for helping us. Please also feel free to quote our successes and ongoing successes we are having thanks to you! 😍❤️

    Lucinda DarbyLucinda Darby8 days ago
  • what i've finally accepted is that this type of training is for life, not a few days or weeks.

    Peter ChonsonPeter Chonson8 days ago
  • Why the 2-week deadline? She doesn't have a family lined up yet. Is it just for production value?

    Amy KitchensAmy Kitchens8 days ago
    • In doing research on trainers in my area for my own rescue dog, I've seen that 2-3 weeks for trainers that actually board the dog seems to be typical, so I don't think it's a "production" thing.

      melissa janikmelissa janik8 days ago
  • I think Moira is already at her final home :)

    Heather VenkatHeather Venkat8 days ago
  • Awesomes videos as usual!! But where did you put your other dogs all this time?

    Charles DeslauriersCharles Deslauriers8 days ago
  • She is coming along so well! You really are making so much headway and such a quick amount of time! :-) it's wonderful she catches on to things so quickly. :-) You actually gave me an idea for today's training session with my customer and her dog when you were teaching Moira to be patient at the door. I now know what I'm going to work on today with Goku. :-)

    LadyPiscesLadyPisces8 days ago
  • I felt like I failed crate training when my puppy all of a sudden started chewing up and destroying all the crate beds at 8 months old. This usually happened in the early hours of the morning, out of boredom, until I woke up and let him out of his crate. Hearing you explain how crate training isn't always going to work really reassured me and my decision to keep his crate open at night, and my now 9 month old puppy is calm and settled in his living room bed when I go find him in the morning.

    Denise MaxineDenise Maxine8 days ago