what if you create a wither in water

Apr 1, 2021
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so funny!

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  • Looks like torpedoes

    Viết Thụ TrịnhViết Thụ Trịnh2 hours ago
  • Drowned:You have no power here.

    Скарлетни ВрагСкарлетни Враг2 hours ago
  • This video:*exist* 9.2 million people: *interesting*

    Jared BonaguaJared Bonagua2 hours ago
    • Bro please reply me

      Aqua manAqua man2 hours ago
  • Villagers:Attack!! Whither:Why am I still here just to suffer.

    ༒Mr༒ Shadow Cyber White༒Mr༒ Shadow Cyber White4 hours ago
  • Wither: HeLlO, I'm UNdEr thE wAtER. PleASe heLp me. GuRGURgWGR~

    Goku S. DripGoku S. Drip5 hours ago
  • lol never tried it

    Code SlayerCode Slayer7 hours ago
  • hes water proof

    LauraLaura8 hours ago
  • Drown : im gay

    NoMontageGuyNoMontageGuy8 hours ago
  • Yeah trending

    Christian BGChristian BG8 hours ago
  • Wither skeleton in water be lyk:head outta water head outta water

    Error SansError Sans8 hours ago
  • Heyy stevee almost 1 mil sub bro

    MR_M.A.T 4408MR_M.A.T 44088 hours ago
  • Its a wither! Did you realy think just a sea could kill it?

    The three llamasThe three llamas9 hours ago
  • Wather

    Raidar The Gun WizardRaidar The Gun Wizard10 hours ago
  • The Wither really just went into the water and became king of the Drowned.

    TheAdvertisementTheAdvertisement10 hours ago

    Demian SalazarDemian Salazar10 hours ago
  • * wither just summon * the entire drowned: let kill that son of a bitch

    Billcolum PhạmBillcolum Phạm12 hours ago
  • guardian of the exotic underwater

    WoofWoof12 hours ago
  • Stevee: makes wither Wither: break the box *Doom music starts playing*

    Josue PlaysJosue Plays15 hours ago
  • its crazy 😦

    Steve LifeSteve Life15 hours ago
  • When you want a trident farm in Minecraft:

    AceDub GamingAceDub Gaming16 hours ago
  • Deadlier than fighting a skeleton in water

    PinisPinis17 hours ago
  • Drowned: "INTRUDER!!" Wither: "So... how's the water?"

    Aurélien BeauchêneAurélien Beauchêne19 hours ago
  • video about making a wither in the water 9 million people:interesting

    unu nuuunu nuu19 hours ago
  • Ooo great

    Ryan editorRyan editor20 hours ago
  • drowned: 😡😡🤬🤬💥💥😠👿📣📣💥 wither: 🧍‍♂️

    krisha maekrisha mae20 hours ago
  • Oh no he's now a torpedo launcher

    kuello scemo di nicolas lolkuello scemo di nicolas lol21 hour ago
  • Paladium

    Gwaloan DehèsGwaloan Dehès21 hour ago
  • UnderWither

    AsdWasdGamerAsdWasdGamer21 hour ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️🤍🤍🤍🤍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤪🤪😜👍👍👍👍💚💚😻😻😻

    mih csmih cs21 hour ago
  • I’ve seen him go underwater before but he went up immediately

    Joenuts JoenutsJoenuts Joenuts23 hours ago
  • The Wither King of Water

    Elena TashovskaElena Tashovska23 hours ago
  • Quem veio por causa do Levi

    Night_BlackNight_Black23 hours ago
  • Omg🤣

    Alex MinecraftAlex Minecraft23 hours ago
  • Qui est la grâce à la vidéo de fuze

    Kakashi et FiveKakashi et FiveDay ago
  • I hate these game

    Santosh Kumar SahuSantosh Kumar SahuDay ago
    • no one cares

      Kraftii 123Kraftii 12323 hours ago
  • Stevee what’s wrong with you?

    Rowan Salazar SlytherinRowan Salazar SlytherinDay ago
  • All the drowns be like Papaaa

  • smort kid

    nikos fnikos fDay ago
  • omg full army of drowned

  • Your Like Techno gamerz like views

    Horror GamingHorror GamingDay ago
  • Nice rhymes

    John Vincent TinapanJohn Vincent TinapanDay ago
  • @elestiahd ini idea yang paling bijak bisa dicuba bangg

    Eren YeagerEren YeagerDay ago
  • Drowned Party

    JessenLHJessenLHDay ago
  • steveee: *keeps on trying to put wither skull me: LOOOOOOLLLLL

    Nestor BumatayNestor BumatayDay ago
  • those tridents man!!!!

    olamide balogunolamide balogunDay ago
  • Me: TRAP it in the water

    Flying TempleFlying TempleDay ago
  • next video: what if you create a wither in lava

    MedryMedryDay ago
  • Too bee too tee be like

    Dr. Ben Dover - 6b6tDr. Ben Dover - 6b6tDay ago

    Christoper Wahyu David Sihombing 1643008Christoper Wahyu David Sihombing 1643008Day ago
  • I have tried this before any immortal was born...

    Rishan NehalRishan NehalDay ago
  • poor drowned man, thinking that whiter wins

    No PIQUE AnônimoNo PIQUE AnônimoDay ago
  • Try summon under the lava 🤣👍

    Damage CupDamage CupDay ago
  • this is something i could never think of

    John Paul RufoJohn Paul RufoDay ago
  • Finally, an interesting result

    Mango the BirbMango the BirbDay ago
  • Wither wather

    No OneNo OneDay ago
  • ты безумец офигевший взявший всех англичан с помощью магии алгоритмами Ютюба

    InnoKkInnoKkDay ago
  • This music is so nostalgic

    EEDay ago
  • Wait can you?

    PshThePharaohPshThePharaohDay ago
  • Finally we found it... "Whater"

    Whiz TokoshiWhiz TokoshiDay ago
  • Horrible, absolutely horrible... and fascinating

    Rob HyenaRob HyenaDay ago
  • That’s a nice under-wither

    Ninja /!\Ninja /!\Day ago
  • 9M views in a week

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  • The YT algorithm loves you

    Anonymous Mad LadAnonymous Mad LadDay ago
  • wither just looked at you and just said really niga

    LocissityLocissityDay ago
  • *Creates a wither in water* *All Drowned in 500 block radius*: ALL HAIL THE THREE HEADED GOD!

    Bravery Does StuffBravery Does StuffDay ago
  • Living like larry

    Imabigman C:Imabigman C:Day ago
  • Wait that's illegal 😂

    Cedric WilsonCedric WilsonDay ago
  • Brrrrr go brrrrr

    Brooks WalkerBrooks WalkerDay ago
  • I can only say one thing LOL

    달빛이달빛이Day ago
  • Aaaaaa [meme]

    Brooks WalkerBrooks WalkerDay ago
  • *_Underwither._

    Crimson Pap.Crimson Pap.Day ago

    NightHauntings YugiohNightHauntings YugiohDay ago
  • I remember when i try to drown a wither

    George AquinoGeorge AquinoDay ago
  • LOL

    Chase ParsonsChase ParsonsDay ago
  • now thats how you make a trident farm

    xzelexzeleDay ago
  • Ok🤕

    top hat leadertop hat leaderDay ago
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  • See you all in 4 years when this gets recommended.

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  • as a wise heavy from TF2 once said... “IS NOT POSSIBLE!”

    SearingSearingDay ago
  • #minecraftlogic

    Kaleb GamezKaleb GamezDay ago
  • Drowned: "Protectors of the Sea"

    EmmieEmmieDay ago
  • Ok

    Leandro SamuelLeandro SamuelDay ago
  • holy shit finally someone who knows the F3+N key

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  • Let's be straight here you all could subscribe to him but you didn't

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  • lol

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  • Cool man

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  • 0:46 "why am I here, just to suffer"

    ガンギマリ古のWata-mateガンギマリ古のWata-mateDay ago
  • I think it’s adorable that the drowned start attacking it

    MythWishMythWishDay ago
  • Guau Nice

    Alex FernandezAlex FernandezDay ago
  • Minecraft latest Research:

    Tod xTod x2 days ago
  • Bro just use THE WORLD

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  • Hold up, that’s illegal-

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  • When he has more subs then views on his top vid:

    megadabmegadab2 days ago
    • @megadab Explain your lame joke, kid

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    • @Orchid White r/woosh

      megadabmegadabDay ago
    • Umm he has 8 million views.. he subs are just 8 lakhs

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  • How do you build the wither in 2021?

    baconbro7baconbro72 days ago
  • Hola

    Oscar MontesOscar Montes2 days ago
  • THIS GOT 8 MILLION WHAT??? i saw it when it has 200k views.

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  • Whiter in water is Whater

    eleonore blaiseleonore blais2 days ago
  • Submarine that shoots torpedos

    VenomVenom2 days ago
  • Do /summon_minecraft_ wtither

    aden arinez Arinezaden arinez Arinez2 days ago