Apr 5, 2021
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This is part 4 of the Bob series! Kelsi Davies, Mady Kelly, Mackie Albertson, and Amanda Raye go back to the abandoned school where we think bad things were/are happening. When we got there, what we found was very unexpected. Who locked the gates? and why?
PART 1:usworlds.info/slow/video/j5eNfqWoh5eIbGo
PART 2: usworlds.info/slow/video/eayOn4KupZiZaWo
PART 3: usworlds.info/slow/video/oo53jZ3Si6J6Z3s
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Kelsi Davies is not a "paranormal investigator", she just loves the history and experience that comes with going to haunted locations! We like to see what ghost evidence we can capture on camera while having fun adventures! Kelsi has medium/psychic abilities, which run in her family, that she also likes to explore and practice! She also does entertaining vlogs of her life, conspiracy videos, and more! Welcome to the life of Kelsi, Kel Kats!
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  • Who saw these vids from tiktok?

    Cherish SherlockCherish SherlockHour ago
  • 8:24 was that a school whistle, or a kid scream?

    Josie FloresJosie Flores2 hours ago
  • You could have gone through the back, but the tire tracks are because he's going through the back. I don't think the city locked it but you could call and ask. The other question I had was how did/does he get in without the clipboard?

    Courtney EwenCourtney Ewen2 hours ago
  • i was just watching this video and i noticed that my face mask strap was moving (i have it pinned on my board right above my bed) and i looked around bcs it was weird you know, and everything else was still, nothing else on my board was moving... anyways i do not claim any negative energy🤭

    Karolína WeissováKarolína Weissová5 hours ago
  • It got hard to breathe when she said the footage got deleted

    Lim Ru YuLim Ru Yu9 hours ago
  • Please be careful, every time I watch the videos I get a weird vibe from that school/building. I for sure believe that man put those locks there not the city, because there would’ve been warning signs otherwise.

    Jeda SasehJeda Saseh13 hours ago
  • I’m so impressed how Kelsi isn’t afraid to deal with ghosts and actually talk to them! If that was me, I’d probably pass out lol.

    Jae NassimJae Nassim13 hours ago
  • i have a therie wut if the man that killed the kids is pretending to be a teacher because he has this illness that he hears voices in his head and can be diffrent people because of the voices and to make the spirits to leave him alone he is trying to get in their good side.

    Mayra Arellano-ContrerasMayra Arellano-Contreras13 hours ago
  • I watch your vid even this one I had the same dream about bob and when you were with Amanda and Mady when the first clip I saw that thing right next to the crystal it felt like someone was with with me but someone was like choking me but a kid was telling me look up there it scared me bc they told Amanda to look up there but please reply thank I love your vids bye

    Eri3 CorazonEri3 Corazon15 hours ago
  • Tell the police

    Revie SanchezRevie Sanchez15 hours ago
    • They will help and the

      Revie SanchezRevie Sanchez15 hours ago
  • Did anyone else haer a kid scream

    NaomiNaomi16 hours ago
  • That might be the killer 🦴

    Alexa MayAlexa May17 hours ago
  • Hey hey um so I was watching your video about Bob and I felt like some one was poking me with a pin or something and something hapen I few day ago in my room I think there a ghost in my room and it wears how it happen when I was watching your video.

    Zoey CopeZoey Cope19 hours ago
  • Kelsi, I just came across a place y'all should go check out in Missouri... www.intheknow.com/post/indian-ridge-resort-branson-missouri-mcmansion-ghost-town/

    Kim BaamondeKim Baamonde21 hour ago
  • Kelsi can’t you see what happening over there with your crystal ball ?

    Ruby PedrozaRuby Pedroza22 hours ago
  • I’m scared i feel scared if I’m alone in my room😢 so I use my toes to get things because what if someone under my bed and graves me or something in my sister box bed? I’m soo scared-

    IcoconutIcoconut23 hours ago
  • And i also heard taht scram on 8:28

    kinley Tenzinkinley Tenzin23 hours ago
  • Hi i am 12 years old girl who loves your vids♡but i am using my sis phone..

    kinley Tenzinkinley Tenzin23 hours ago
  • Is it just me but that Kelly lass looks like ur sister lol

    matthew whitematthew whiteDay ago
  • Maybe they where pointing up to represent the roof inside the building and maybe that’s where there body’s are

    Aniyah XclarkAniyah XclarkDay ago
  • As soon as i clicked this video thunder cracked

    Momo YayurozuMomo YayurozuDay ago
  • Update?😬😅 I love to watch this

    josefien janssensjosefien janssensDay ago
  • I seen this man before he was chasing me but I got away he said yall have fun with the toys I have and slimed

    Melissa PorterMelissa PorterDay ago
  • I feel like you should go back as quick as you can if you are still intending to do more investigation- what if he sees your videos and you guys would not be safe!

    Leila LaiLeila LaiDay ago
  • lala da kala gfagaiyf;ewj'cksA Z

    Miss SassyMiss SassyDay ago
  • I’m telling you - I fight my period cramps with your videos! I get so nervous for you guys I forget my own pain

    Leila LaiLeila LaiDay ago
  • I was walking to my bathroom and I walked in and I see a black orb zoom across the mirror and it was gone when I turned the lights on

    Amber McdonaldAmber McdonaldDay ago
  • Bro I was just watching the video and then my cat walked on me and scared me so much and I did not even know her was on my bed I got so scared

    Amber McdonaldAmber McdonaldDay ago
  • 8:22 a child screamed. 💔

    Beth CBeth CDay ago
  • you should do another video like this , but get kris star to come as well .

    Jordan BrischkeJordan BrischkeDay ago
  • premiered the day before my birthday!!

    XxOlivexXXxOlivexXDay ago
  • I think I saw that the building before but I don't know if it's similar or it's not

    Rosa loveRosa loveDay ago
  • many police officers wanted to help, i would take the offer & by law if someone is suspicious about a event the police have to investigate.

    Alba VlogsAlba VlogsDay ago
  • At 8:24 I heard a yell of a kid

    Shaddai AlemanShaddai AlemanDay ago
  • Ilysm kelsi!!

    GigiGigiDay ago
  • I’m so ready for this video I have my McDonald’s with me😌

    Hailey McMahanHailey McMahanDay ago
  • Kelsi so my cousin was watching your old vids she found something that is like a face you and you friend(forgot her name) she was at the back and the face was beside her the skin color was white and have black eyes and have to same hair as your friend and it was doing like this “🙂” and your friend was scared so yea. Thats all i have for you today, sorry i dont know what was the vlog i think it was like the bridge something thats all ihave for you ill go investigate something weird and scary👻❤️

    Van Queenie Naduaran BadillaVan Queenie Naduaran BadillaDay ago
  • please go back... with guns.

    melissa Jmelissa JDay ago
  • I have a doll haunted doll and she is amazing I think you would love meeting her one day he name is siddhi she is known as a goddess. Every time I use my spirit box to talk to her the spirits love her and say god is here. Have you ever heard of anything like that before?

    Samantha ThibertSamantha ThibertDay ago
  • What if you call the police and then bring them inside take them up

    Qalch'ema FriedlanderQalch'ema FriedlanderDay ago
  • When Kelsi said she get like a wired vision in her head i have that type of thing that happeneds to me too cause I fell like my house is probably hunted and probably every single persons hose is hunted.

    Spiritgirl1943Spiritgirl1943Day ago
  • hewo Kelsi.I was watching one of your old videos about dirty john and september 10th is also my mom's birthday.so it had nothing to do about this sorry.But u can ask lola about the gate.will that's all i have to say for today i hope u have to good day

    Kurta simpKurta simpDay ago
  • I kinda get it now maybe Bob is a student and hes like still there haunting the place and if you hearing children sound it could be BOB🤯🧐🤯🧐🤯🧐🤯

    Holly pearceHolly pearceDay ago

    Lily DedeLily Dede2 days ago
  • tbh that towel on the ground looked like it was a hospital gown and maybe the man in the window was pointing because he was trying to get you to see the hospital gown and do something about that. You know how you said you saw a guard, I think that it was the man, (not in the window) but the other thing is that maybe the man was the person who the kids were talking about and he was pointing for you to leave and the windows looked tinted so maybe that is why some of you guys did see him and the others couldn't. Also, I do not think the city would lock the gate with duck tape or rocks, I think the man kidnapped a little boy from the hospital and brought him to the "school" and told him to take off the gown and put some clothes on and you know how you said you all were getting a heavy feeling in your chest? Well maybe the man who supposedly kidnapped a little boy from a hospital and then let him play for a bit then he prolly let him die like he was going to or he chocked the little boy and that is why you heard the whispers and you felt heavy on your chest.

    Olivia HatfieldOlivia Hatfield2 days ago
  • What if the guy who is doing stuff to kids has actual connections to the city / the school and that's why he has the jacket to look like he is security or something and why he shut it off? He could have seen y'all, got spooked and took measures to put up a front to make sure it looks more shut down. 🤔

    DeathMothDeathMoth2 days ago
  • hey,just a question, every now and then since i was little, i would see an outline of a person kind of like a shadow but it would just fade away after a few seconds, could those shadows actually be people or is it just my imagination?

    gachibi-zachgachibi-zach2 days ago
  • Am just like Amanda I can see spirit's And I can hear them I have seen bob in my Car He was like come with me

    Paulina ValentinaitePaulina Valentinaite2 days ago
  • What you got to do is dress up like security and when the guy is there then barge in with your nerf guns 😂😂

    Rickey GoatRickey Goat2 days ago
  • For years of talking to myself looking at random people's houses, seeing dead people, I was afraid of that but now I feel relieved because I got used to it. When I was like 5 or 6 I was at a Resort and I was at the Resorts Store and I saw a Man in Black like he was covering his whole body for me not to see his entire body, I saw him 3 times in one day. And then I saw him again When I was 14, I saw him in the stairs and then I almost talked to him but my Grandma called me and then he was gone. Until today I'm still wo dering what hapoen to him and why is he covering his whole body. His eyes is the only thing that I could see, it was red and just looking straight at me like I knew him.

    Brian SalvadorBrian Salvador2 days ago
  • Ask the Police or someone if you can go there or not without tress passing

    MarijaMarija2 days ago
  • anyone else saw the white thing? at around 9:59 10:1? or is it just me also its behind kelsi

    aYeSsAaYeSsA2 days ago
  • Ok idk if it is just me but when Kelsey heard the scream I also heard it...

    Anelee NunezAnelee Nunez2 days ago
  • Bruh I wanted them to go inside

    Presley ClinePresley Cline2 days ago
  • An officer commented on your last video kelsi x

    Stephanie MStephanie M2 days ago
  • Did yall see the person running when kelsi was filming

    Stephanie MStephanie M2 days ago
  • Some one is stalking u and I sour someone saying I have bin stalking your USworlds and I saw someone in the back staring at u

    Role plays With the boysRole plays With the boys2 days ago
  • Plz plz be safe you are a nice youtuber plz be safe my stoped for 5 min like you

    Navdeep SinghNavdeep Singh2 days ago
  • I have a doll a ghost pasess it

    summer 11xx Paulsummer 11xx Paul2 days ago
  • Ok soooo remeber you said you heard a child screem? Yeah well i heard it too... I dont know if it was only me or if you all heard it aswell but i got freaked out by it but it sounded high pitch like a very young little boy 5-7 i think im not sure

    Rosa BonillaRosa Bonilla2 days ago
  • Can you do some remote viewing from time to time to see if you can see anything?

    Emma KateEmma Kate2 days ago
  • i see my dead grandpa and my past life body

    Jeanette BeardenJeanette Bearden2 days ago
  • me and my older brothers can see ghost like ya'll.

    Jeanette BeardenJeanette Bearden2 days ago
  • Wait I was reading the comments and then something came across my mind that Maybe the killer had a friend named bob that didn't know then one day he found out and the killer thought he knows too much and bob worked there so the place should be familiar with the development center.

    K-pop4everK-pop4ever2 days ago
  • I didn't read the comment where a "police officer" reached out, but just wanted to say that you don't know who anyone is on social media, you should be cautious. I would say that if a real police officer saw this video and felt that it had any validity they wouldn't be offering "help" on USworlds, they would be contacting you, and or setting up surveillance of the building For all anyone knows it's the guy who figured out who they were and is setting up a trap or just some random crazy who wants to meet you.

    Erin WalshErin Walsh2 days ago
  • I heard the yell did anyone els hear it

    funny bunny grilfunny bunny gril2 days ago
  • The fact you go back after the guy with the car scares me

    Sara JohnsonSara Johnson2 days ago
  • kelsi could you tell me where you found Lola on eBay because i want a haunted doll

    Carl GregCarl Greg2 days ago
  • Kelsi have you ever thought of doing research like seeing who owned it before maybe they own the property? Idk but it’s definitely weird that the gates were locked anyways there knew you were coming back

    Env RockEnv Rock2 days ago
  • Go back

    lily nocklily nock2 days ago
  • Go back

    lily nocklily nock2 days ago
  • Go back

    lily nocklily nock2 days ago
  • Go back

    lily nocklily nock2 days ago
  • Go back

    lily nocklily nock2 days ago
  • New to this channel but a fan of it. They do an amazing job. If they do sessions, I’d be open to it because I’ve experienced weird events since I was 3. And started seeing things and it has delved me into the paranormal. I’ve seen apparitions, been scratched by unknown forces, and have had seizure like events and I was unaware until I was 11. Plus I went to see if I suffered from epilepsy but nothing was discovered. My sister saw a shadow figure in my aunts couch after my moms death, and when we looked through photos it was my late uncle, who died 10 years before my mom. And was her younger brother. My sister was a baby when he died. And I’ve seen shadows. At my mothers funeral, my mom teared a few times and we saw it with our eyes. She was already deceased for 2 weeks. And I’ve spoken unknown languages in my sleep. Plus I’ve felt energies and it’s possibly due to sessions in haunted locations in nyc.

    David De Los SantosDavid De Los Santos2 days ago
  • 100% the city did not lock that. They would have signs and notices and heavy duty pad locks. The signs would say you will get arrested if you trespass. He 100% is a serial killer and he has been doing it for a long time

    Sydney MorrisSydney Morris2 days ago
  • Omg wait! Report anonymously that you hear children screaming from the building and a man through the window! It will raise suspicion on the area!

    Sydney MorrisSydney Morris2 days ago
  • dont get coat i new that guy

  • All selfish people who have refused to wear masks should've been getting charged with manslaughter from ages ago.

    Craig BlythCraig Blyth2 days ago
  • My mom tells me when there is a hawk flying in circles in one place that means somethings dead there.

    Celeste ToysCeleste Toys2 days ago
  • I get the chills when watching these and i can feel the same things yall are and i still don't really know what to believe if it's true or false

    Outlaw WarlxrdOutlaw Warlxrd2 days ago
  • Ur so brave i cant even go to the bathroom in the nightt

    Sara ConstaSara Consta2 days ago
  • Roses are red violets are blue I’m not scard ITS U 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😔🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✝️✝️✝️

    Amy MarieAmy Marie3 days ago
  • Does anyone else think about if these guys live longer than us we go over there as a ghost and say hi 😅 cuz I do

    Cordelia QuinlanCordelia Quinlan3 days ago
  • 8:24 - I heard a little girl(?) screaming

    PumpkinnPumpkinn3 days ago
  • i literely heard the scream/yell tooooo o my god i was like: i heard a scream and i was waiting to see would you say something and Makie,mady and you said that you heard it tooooo ps:i love your vids and you just keep it up and everyting will be fine.

    Adnia CurovacAdnia Curovac3 days ago
  • Kelsi what does a white orb mean I have three in my room dose it mean some died in my room

    sugersuger3 days ago
  • Why I have really good feeling about the school?? Don’t tell me I am the only one.

    K BeneK Bene3 days ago
  • Finally Amanda has a channel

    K BeneK Bene3 days ago
  • Um here's something I found looking up what a haek means when it cross your path When a hawk crosses your path, it could mean that you need to carefully think about some situation and consider the details as well as the whole picture before you decide something. ... A hawk could also be calling you to take action in some situation in your life. I dunno if it'll help but it's there, just so you know

    Willow AftonWillow Afton3 days ago
  • the school was in shesin

    Jamie HortonJamie Horton3 days ago
  • I stumbled across your first video of this & have been intrigued ever since. This should be on Netflix so I know what happens at the end lol. Seriously though, definitely don't go back there at night & makes sure all of you are together should you go back.

    John BreslinJohn Breslin3 days ago
  • The owner of the property has locked the premises so nobody can trespass. I mean the owners will have seen that people have been trespassing. If I owned it I would do the same. I wouldn’t want people just trespassing on my property that’s how it gets vandalised, I mean it’s common sense tbh

    Nikita Simone RealmNikita Simone Realm3 days ago
  • I don't think Kelsi was wrong cause I also heard a child yell shit

    Alisha TeddyAlisha Teddy3 days ago
  • Kelsi you and your friends are soooo brave I’m proud I’m only watching this video but I’m freaking out omg 😯 {\_/} (^ ^) (>>🍜

    Shailin RaoufShailin Raouf3 days ago
  • So here is it maybe the reason why they got up there because all the stuff they used are up there plus kelsi's ability to see stuff she saw the man taking some keys up there maybe there's stuff there or even the dead bodies or bones? The killer is still alive I swear it true lola doesn't want you girls to get hurt and the ghosts told you to leave because they don't want you to get hurt and the man hm y'all should set up cameras hidden cameras as soon as possible and like those little cameras and put them out side or try to sneak it in? Or a voice recorder? SOMETHING I'm sorry I'm dumb -_-" but still he tricks kids and put toys inside of the classroom and he do something to the kids and leave the toy there and where does he put the kids? "Up there" Maybe up there the kids are there but I dont know I wanna try to help -_-" But I'm only a preteen soo I can't stay strong girls I'll pray for y'all to be safe -3-"

    xx_ItsMica _Potato_xxxx_ItsMica _Potato_xx3 days ago
  • Hey Kelsi! I heard a blood curdling scream at 8:24..

    Bossmom KBossmom K3 days ago
  • Hi Kelsi

    Je rryJe rry3 days ago
  • I know the police cant do anything with out evidence but maybe you can tell them about the weird things you saw there (the crystal growing kit, blood etc) so that they can keep an eye on that place or maybe it will actually connect with to evidence they already have. At least this way they can know that there could be something going on there 🤷‍♀️

    Elina HandorfElina Handorf3 days ago
  • I think when they said teachers in school killer in school

    dearking 2021dearking 20213 days ago