We Snuck Drugs Into Canada With A Teddy Bear - UNFILTERED #67

Feb 16, 2021
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JC Caylen is in the house!....if that IS his real name...this week we’re raising the roof, and the boys are all too familiar with being up there. Hear the most shocking untold party stories, behind the scenes secrets of your favorite TV shows, and outsmarting cop experiences. WE CAN’T MAKE THIS UP!
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  • i literally love his voice like damn JC

    Paige ciallelaPaige ciallela31 minute ago
  • JC really does sound like Dave Franco. Jesus

    Brandalyn LazoBrandalyn LazoHour ago
  • All of Matt’s rude sounding comments & the way Heath defends JC real quick is so cute lol

    Evelyn SanchezEvelyn SanchezHour ago
  • idk why but jc just reminds me of scotty

    emotio9semotio9s2 hours ago
  • I love y’all and am probably one of your biggest fans but you guys interrupted JC Sooooooo much

    MoeMoe3 hours ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/qpyigJuqp5F2pGY JC hitting his head is in this video!

    Grace CorradoGrace Corrado3 hours ago
  • he is so sweet

    Jessica TavaresJessica Tavares3 hours ago
  • JC has such calming vibes

    Vina MistryVina Mistry4 hours ago
  • matt: if you have twins " haram " and " halal " that shit is fucking underrated

    deexx_deexx_7 hours ago
  • it is just me or he looks like scotty?

    deexx_deexx_7 hours ago
  • when JC talks about his dog Zane thought he was talking about Furries hahahahha

    vickivicki7 hours ago
  • this episode is killing me

    vickivicki7 hours ago
  • My dad worked for UPS too for 26 years and had to retire early bc he was diagnosed with agoraphobia. The life of a UPS fathers kids was spening time with dad after 8pm or weekends until Christmas then you dont see them until after Christmas lol.

    Samantha DawnSamantha Dawn8 hours ago
  • The obsequious help immunologically greet because server scientifically advise midst a flippant cough. nifty, cuddly insurance

    Merell FetterhoffMerell Fetterhoff10 hours ago
  • Anyone else think Matt was zooted at the end ....??? 🍁🌿💨 😶🤣

    Brittany 10Brittany 1012 hours ago
  • I want all the other guests to come back so I can see them interact with Matt

    Okashi FoxOkashi Fox12 hours ago
  • I will teach Jc Spanish I am fluent in English and Spanish

    Mariana CMariana C13 hours ago
  • Omg Jc !!! I hope to see Kian soon

    Army OnlyArmy Only14 hours ago
  • Jc looks like Craig Mabbitt from Escape the Fate

    Gaby GallegoGaby Gallego15 hours ago
  • Babyface heath scares me

    Emilia HaungsEmilia Haungs15 hours ago
  • I love his voice.

    Angie MadrigalAngie Madrigal15 hours ago
  • literally no one will care but.. at 44:22 when Mariah says "caylen" it sounds like "taylen" depending on what you try to listen for

    Hailey KittlesonHailey Kittleson15 hours ago
  • NERD CLUSTERS!!!! they’re my favorite!!!

    Jocelyn CastilloJocelyn Castillo16 hours ago
  • Yo he said PNW and I lost my shit yo that's my hoooooome.

    amaya hunzekeramaya hunzeker16 hours ago

    Lauren ReddingtonLauren Reddington18 hours ago
  • Ok they are so funny but when Zane named his kids 😂😂😂

    Taylor ColburnTaylor Colburn19 hours ago
  • I loved this episode! I hope y'all bring him back for another!

    Rebecca SoriaRebecca Soria20 hours ago
  • What happened to Kenny I’m not convinced that they are being truthful

    Neesha CarterNeesha Carter20 hours ago
  • JC is part of the end of vintage USworlds in my eyes and I am so glad he's still running with his content.

    Kabel93Kabel9321 hour ago
  • at 18:21 I thought they were looking straight at me lmaoo

    -J--J-21 hour ago
  • Yes I love banjo kazooi still play till this day with my N64 probably spelled it wrong but Matt there’s also banjo tooey!!!!! 🤯

    Aly MedAly Med23 hours ago
  • pls i just had to look up if stephen king was Matt's dad and then I come back and found out it was a joke 💀

    dydyDay ago

    Breanna KanthakBreanna KanthakDay ago
  • Happy tree friends was my shit 💀💀

    Destiny MartinezDestiny MartinezDay ago
  • 16

    Kai studiosKai studiosDay ago
  • 1

    Kai studiosKai studiosDay ago
  • That’s just Scotty with curly hair

    SaroSaroDay ago
  • Zane is wearing Scotty's new merch! When is that coming out? I neeeeeeedddddddd it!

    Jeremiah ShawJeremiah ShawDay ago
  • Matt king is the best thing to happen to this podcast.

    Lyssa RobidaLyssa RobidaDay ago
  • This is my new comfort video

    Jasmine SantosJasmine SantosDay ago
  • no matter what temperature it is outside I will always prefer iced coffee

    VanessaVanessaDay ago

    Hollie GrieveHollie GrieveDay ago
  • Mariah looks like a Francesca !!

    Lexyy BooLexyy BooDay ago
  • Mariah is ME, “I said I loved him before he asked me out”

    Lexyy BooLexyy BooDay ago
  • This episode is the perfect example of why Matt needed to come back

    Ashton YoungAshton YoungDay ago
  • Everyone: feeling sad for jc eating lunch alone Me:👀

    DJAJ 21DJAJ 21Day ago
  • So JC and Scotty aren’t twins? I’m suspicious...but it’s fine

    Rubianna CuevasRubianna CuevasDay ago
  • Kenny?

    Brody SilkBrody SilkDay ago
  • All I can say is... put your photos in the video when you say you have photos of something!! Pleaseeeee!!! But loved having jc on this 💗

    Jade MacKenzieJade MacKenzieDay ago
  • when mariah said “i feel like you don’t have an age” to Matt, i felt seen....i stg Matt is ageless, like, he’s a celestial being

    emzi nemzi nDay ago

    Alisha KarriemAlisha KarriemDay ago
  • where is kennnnyyyyy matt it’s love to have u back but where is kenny

    lana Alshariflana AlsharifDay ago
  • Probably fireworks from Chinese New Year celebrations

    Keisei DizonKeisei DizonDay ago
  • gurlll now we need kiannn

    Caty galvanCaty galvanDay ago
  • Can someone say the name of the amazon prime show they talked about? I cant find it again :/

    StejoThePistoStejoThePistoDay ago
  • I loved this podcast! I laughed the whole time I was so weak. You guys should bring JC for the high episode 😊

    A&JvlogsA&JvlogsDay ago
  • JC saying hes good at among us yet he always gets the crewmate bug and dies all the time. ;) Us chat hunnnies know the truthhhh. Love you JC. youre good in my heart

    Grace ScanlonGrace ScanlonDay ago
  • Wait why is Matt back? Where is the other curly hair boy(I’m sorry I forgot your name)

    jennifer berryjennifer berryDay ago
  • kian next!

    Fatima VillagranaFatima VillagranaDay ago
  • My theory is Matt said “savanna” bc he just finished making my bday cameo & it was fresh on his mind. Thx for the shoutout Matt!

    Savanna SlatonSavanna SlatonDay ago

    Sadie JonesSadie JonesDay ago
  • I am CRYING at their reactions to Zane’s names for his kids

    Katie ConleyKatie ConleyDay ago
  • Bruh I hate when they don’t let bc talk!!

    Leslie IyescasLeslie IyescasDay ago
  • Matt was low key being a dick.... and this episode majority of the time felt so uncomfortable... smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

    HiI'mNadiaHiI'mNadiaDay ago
  • Wish they would’ve asked him way more questions about himself and less stories about random things like tv shows they watch

    DeyaniraDeyaniraDay ago
  • Don’t worry Matt I KNOW what banjo-kazooie is

    David CDavid CDay ago
  • When Matt mentioned Banjo and Kazooie my insides burst for a second because I forgot about that game 😭 oh how I loved it

    CelesteCelesteDay ago
  • Thought the title was just "We Snuck Into Canada With A Teddy Bear"

    Melanie LassoMelanie LassoDay ago
  • JC is my favorite ❤️🙃 San Antonio Texas represent 😜

    Carolina LopezCarolina LopezDay ago
  • Yo this was a good podcast

    kimberlyxokimberlyxoDay ago
  • Y’all will literally find anything to complain about

    elusive saturnelusive saturn2 days ago
  • Mariah said she was going to try not to laugh the rest of the podcast... 10 seconds later 😂😂

    Emily LemonEmily Lemon2 days ago
  • I just wanna meet them sooooo bad

    Carmen BCarmen B2 days ago
  • Okay I have to say this. JC’s face looks EXACTLY like my ex boyfriend!! I’m tempted to send in a picture to y’all…. Although I hate him and would have to search him hahaha 😂

    Sierra PullenSierra Pullen2 days ago
  • Ahh the feels seeing Matt and Mariah do the intro!! Sooo happy Matt is back!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Blaise NorrisBlaise Norris2 days ago
  • Okay but where’s the video of Zane falling on JC? lol

    SamSam2 days ago
  • I manifested Matt back!! There was not a episode where I didn't say ya'll need Matt back!

    CassieCassie2 days ago
  • W8ing for new episode

    Dukhtare PakiDukhtare Paki2 days ago
  • I only watch for Mariah at this point she’s so funny

    Melissa GoingsMelissa Goings2 days ago

    Victoria RayVictoria Ray2 days ago
  • Zane: They gone be F**KINGGG JC: ..No.. This is the funniest Podcast they ever put up in my opinion 🤣

    Blossom SkiesBlossom Skies2 days ago
  • Yeees JC 😍😍😍🥰🔥 he is so genuine, i love him

    kimchurrrokimchurrro2 days ago
  • CRASH BANDICOOT and jack and dexter are my all time classic favorites

    Susanne MundtSusanne Mundt2 days ago
  • Are y’all having Kian 😭

    Katie MartinezKatie Martinez2 days ago
  • Love Matt so much!

    Brittany IngrahamBrittany Ingraham2 days ago
  • Y’all should eat the nerds rope edibles 💀

    Kevina NakalundaKevina Nakalunda2 days ago
  • Future guests: MERRELL TWINS!!

    Kevina PatelKevina Patel2 days ago
  • This one has been my favorite episode by far!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 please do Kian next

    Sela SahsSela Sahs2 days ago
  • My first time at jury duty was for a murder case it was crazy

    Jaquelyn GonzalezJaquelyn Gonzalez2 days ago
  • Im so confused... what happened to kenny?🤔

    Allee CovertAllee Covert2 days ago
  • Psa... dogs can be artificially inseminated guys lol

    SammiSouleNova MessinaSammiSouleNova Messina2 days ago

    Kim RamirezKim Ramirez2 days ago
  • I'm literally crying from laughing so hard 😭 holy shit 😂😂

    Alicia Cano-DavenportAlicia Cano-Davenport2 days ago
  • You have 2 #67 episodes on spotify btw

    Yasmin GonzalezYasmin Gonzalez2 days ago
  • can't wait for people to start making "Guest impressed by Matt King interview skills" instead of sean evans

    Joe MazzaraJoe Mazzara2 days ago
  • Matt surprises me with how sketchy he was back in Texas. Homeboy was smoking weed n shit in high school. He seems so straight edge.

    EvoMusicEvoMusic2 days ago
    • hiding while smoking weed in high school isnt sketchy lol

      LucasArgLucasArgDay ago
  • Next guest get Weston and Kaylynn Koury!!!

    chase webbchase webb2 days ago
  • What a world, I went to OConnor in SA! So funny

    Rebecca PeaseRebecca Pease2 days ago
  • Bro JC talking about O2L made me feel so nostalgic. I remember never missing a video. So glad Jc is thriving on twitch. I love their crew so much.

    Patricia MuñozPatricia Muñoz2 days ago
  • “What’s making y’all happy right now.” I LOVE THAT QUESTION!!!!!

    EvoMusicEvoMusic2 days ago