WE RACED! (Lamborghini Ducati Bike vs Ferrari 488 Pista)

Apr 3, 2021
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WE RACED! (Lamborghini Ducati Bike vs Ferrari 488 Pista)

  • He looks so awkward on that bike

    VX 16 GAZVX 16 GAZ4 hours ago
  • Lucas and Marcus:We are so slow Me:Dummy your shifting is bad

    Hellcat ExperienceHellcat Experience4 hours ago
  • There is a clown it is a joke

    Jenomila SivathaasanJenomila Sivathaasan8 hours ago
  • I subscribed and turn on post notifications

    Janice SimpsonJanice Simpson13 hours ago
  • bro make some more videos continue to live your dreams subscribe and like it for the Dobre brothers

    Warrick OrakaWarrick Oraka16 hours ago
  • Umm guys i think i saw markus with a hickey on his neck when he said 123 go

    Vaughn MaliksiVaughn Maliksi17 hours ago
  • Idk bout that lambo bike...i think it's just the skin. That bike was Ducati Diavel and that's a Cruiser bike.

  • Lambo Sian bike

    Bogdan GustaBogdan GustaDay ago
  • Hey Marcus

    Jaheem BrownJaheem BrownDay ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jeremiah PhillipJeremiah PhillipDay ago
  • "If you're under 20 I wish you all the happiness you deserve in this world of negativity" 🖤🖤

  • Yall should do the same but wit the 812

    gamingwithKB KalebgamingwithKB KalebDay ago
  • Booooo

    Danté LawrenceDanté LawrenceDay ago
  • You guys are insane I like your video I love you guys as a friend

    Jacob StephensJacob StephensDay ago
  • i love your videos❤

    Gabrela PalmerGabrela PalmerDay ago
  • do the dune buggy vs the ducatti relly will be close

    sam ahmedsam ahmedDay ago
  • Its a motorbike

    Mia BaileyMia BaileyDay ago
  • Y'all should make a dobre cars game

    ZiggyZiggyDay ago
  • Marcus should upgrade his porsche with 2021 porsche

    VehicledeckVehicledeckDay ago
  • ven lombo sto kanm

  • That bike looks like the lamboghini vision gt

    sjna_18sjna_182 days ago
  • Dobre car collection 2021

    Narendhar KashirajNarendhar Kashiraj2 days ago
  • Where is darius lamborghini aventdor svj

    Narendhar KashirajNarendhar Kashiraj2 days ago
  • They made

    aaron capeaaron cape2 days ago
  • Lol 😂😂😂😆

    aaron capeaaron cape2 days ago
  • Hi

    Anthony AtheyAnthony Athey2 days ago
  • that Ferrari is faster it lose cuz it doesn't have good tires and the track was too low

    Arian KaghazchiArian Kaghazchi2 days ago
  • That bike 🏍 is so good it’s fresh

    Fabiola MontesFabiola Montes2 days ago
  • Your cars will never be fast like the bike so chill

    Shamar CallumShamar Callum2 days ago
  • kdtheer

    kdtheer alsamachkdtheer alsamach2 days ago
  • Could you buy a Ferrari in kenya

    Zeza NjeriZeza Njeri2 days ago
  • I remember watching these guys when they just got their first super cars and now look at them with all of this its amazing how far they've came

    Luke_MTBLuke_MTB2 days ago
  • My gen in a iPad

    Kayyan UsmanKayyan Usman2 days ago
  • you stop making out you are cool and street racers because you are not so stop you bunch of rip offs

    Tyler PellowTyler Pellow2 days ago
  • Buy h2r Kawasaki

    Ronak PatilRonak Patil2 days ago
  • Yo i love the car

  • so sad

    Bapaphi NtogwaBapaphi Ntogwa3 days ago
  • all i have to say is that u guys r all safe

    Kalisha hurinuiKalisha hurinui3 days ago
  • When can u guys plsss do a full car collectionbof all your cars

    josh pretoriusjosh pretorius3 days ago
  • I never new they was a lambo bike

    Junior GarciaJunior Garcia3 days ago
  • Marcus you should buy a aston martin valkriy don't tell the brothers then race cuyrus this car has 1914horsepower good luck.

    Tshepo MashininiTshepo Mashinini3 days ago
    • The car has 1914horsepower remember good luck

      Tshepo MashininiTshepo Mashinini3 days ago
  • Bruh i like the old racing track that you guys used

    Marijose PatinoMarijose Patino3 days ago
  • Do a review on all your cars

    Mathew ObeidMathew Obeid3 days ago
  • Lamborghini on 300,000 dollars for one. We on get a Lamborghini to when we get more money we will buy a Lamborghini. I think Driving it but I don’t know but I have to wait until we get a Lamborghini. So pls wish us good luck to get a Lamborghini.

    Goobers of Fun!!Goobers of Fun!!3 days ago
  • when lucas start the vid it was horbal

    senay anenyasenay anenya3 days ago
  • Hit it and not get hit it if you know you lit

    Nicoma ScottNicoma Scott3 days ago
  • Lambo bike like 100,000 dollars

    MICAHELMICAHEL3 days ago
  • And I'm a fan

    Tyrone JeqiaivusTyrone Jeqiaivus3 days ago
  • Don't Say bad words Darius

    Tyrone JeqiaivusTyrone Jeqiaivus3 days ago
  • I would have Rory like you I'm a boy and I'm on my name is phone do

    Kimberly HowardKimberly Howard3 days ago
  • Is it me or any else like marcus car engine sound 😩😩😩😂

    Pharell JenkinsPharell Jenkins3 days ago
  • May god be with u till the end god bless you bro 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❣️❣️❣️

    Team PurgeTeam Purge3 days ago
  • Love ur videos tho ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️❤️❤️👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    Team PurgeTeam Purge3 days ago
  • reply pls then I will subscribe

    Saqeeb AliSaqeeb Ali3 days ago
  • Wagwon

    Saqeeb AliSaqeeb Ali3 days ago
  • Go to the track to race every car

    Mohamed Maail MoosaMohamed Maail Moosa3 days ago
  • U guys own these vehicles right...i have a doubt do u own the forest also

    Red JohnRed John3 days ago
  • The thing I love about fast vehicles is when the go slow it sound so fast

    NightmareNightmare3 days ago
  • 720 is faster than all cars go to longest track

    Mildred BodibaMildred Bodiba3 days ago
  • dislike

    Adhithyan KsAdhithyan Ks3 days ago
  • Ninja H2 is better than ducati

    Adhithyan KsAdhithyan Ks3 days ago
  • dislike dislike dislike

    Adhithyan KsAdhithyan Ks3 days ago
  • Do you know what we have a bike toothWhen my dad started up it goes extremely loud

    Adam RawandAdam Rawand3 days ago
  • You geys songs cool bro👊👊👊

    Dakshitha DesilvaDakshitha Desilva3 days ago
  • Is the black one Steve

    Damian RodriguezDamian Rodriguez4 days ago
  • It didn't sound like I went past 3500 RPM. Yall need to take it to the track actually

    Carlos MonroyCarlos Monroy4 days ago
  • Love that Subaru

    ShadowYT4279ShadowYT42794 days ago
  • Can I get a phone

    Danitza MartinezDanitza Martinez4 days ago
  • You guys should race tanner fox

    luciano arendseluciano arendse4 days ago
  • They looked like they’re we’re going about 30mph 🤣

    Tee DuhTee Duh4 days ago
  • How did you like the cheese slices? Lol 😂

    ICUICU4 days ago
  • Ur a flexss

    The Official Kombo RiyanThe Official Kombo Riyan4 days ago
  • Dang

    Dalton JacksonDalton Jackson4 days ago
  • You guys should get a Roy’s rose like if u agree 👍🏻

    Nicolle SchusterNicolle Schuster4 days ago
  • There is not a such thing as a limbo bike it is a crotch rocket

    Kay WilsonKay Wilson4 days ago
  • Are you just doing it because dari hasn’t one before

    Wajid HussainWajid Hussain4 days ago
  • Lucas that’s cheating Bro

    Wajid HussainWajid Hussain4 days ago
  • Why is Lucas wearing a Ferrari F1 Jacket which has a Marlboro Red logo Ribbon even though that's tobacco related advertisement that he shouldn't wear or show.

    Brandon CazacuBrandon Cazacu4 days ago
  • Thank you for everything

    Reuniting GamingReuniting Gaming4 days ago
  • And a Bugatti Chiron

    Reuniting GamingReuniting Gaming4 days ago
  • Dorbe cars you are that best you inspired me to get a bmw 7 series

    Reuniting GamingReuniting Gaming4 days ago
  • Next time race Steve and Rowman

    Omphemetse ChabalalaOmphemetse Chabalala4 days ago
  • a Kawasaki ninja H2r can beat every car that the dobre brothers have 🥷

    FadingFromTheWorld !FadingFromTheWorld !4 days ago
  • Bikes are faster than cars

    Joshua PillayJoshua Pillay4 days ago
  • Bikes are faster than cars

    Joshua PillayJoshua Pillay4 days ago
  • you guys should get a S14

    Bxby. JettBxby. Jett4 days ago
  • Let's hypercar!!

    Степан ГончаревичСтепан Гончаревич4 days ago
  • Today guys I’m gonna speed run how to get banned from Dobre brothers channel you guys are cheesy you guys are cheesy you guys are cheesy you guys are cheesy you guys a cheesy you guys are cheesy you guys are cheese if you guys are cheesy guys are cheesy guys are cheesy

    Jeepers CreepersJeepers Creepers4 days ago
  • What tiers dose Duras have

  • Even though you think you get a new switch you actually have to have it by a month or a year to get used to it

    Alonzo SimpsonAlonzo Simpson4 days ago
  • You guys are rich

    Alexis KleynhansAlexis Kleynhans4 days ago
  • Mad 🔥

    Brian BeckfordBrian Beckford4 days ago
  • 587,323th

    Mackenzie Turner RobloxMackenzie Turner Roblox4 days ago
  • Cool

    Harry MartinHarry Martin4 days ago
  • The bike sounds so bad😭

    Logan SmithLogan Smith4 days ago
  • Why don't u get one 2021 HAYABUSA in ur collection..... Plz we all wanna see one....😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • " Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment "🏆

    Rajaun TaylorRajaun Taylor4 days ago
  • How y’all goin cut him off by doing the intro

    Cesar Isais-FrancoCesar Isais-Franco4 days ago
  • congrats on a mil

    Enrique perezEnrique perez4 days ago
  • Marcus needs a new cool super car

    Kwasi AttaKwasi Atta4 days ago