We Popped The WORLD’S LARGEST BALLOON! (40ft+)

Feb 19, 2021
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Also a big thank you to RAC Arena for letting us blow up the Giant balloon there, such an epic place!
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  • 200k thumbs up on the vid and we’ll buy a Phantom Slow Mo camera! 🙈

    How RidiculousHow Ridiculous7 days ago
    • Damn almost there tho

      RoamFNRoamFN4 hours ago
    • wow thats a lot

      Rhiannon JuneRhiannon June7 hours ago
    • We’re close!,

      L1ght NákámuráL1ght NákámuráDay ago
    • DO IT

      Daniel ZhupanovDaniel ZhupanovDay ago
    • Yay! 😊 😁

      tamtams rockstamtams rocksDay ago
  • That’s what she said x1000

    TsarBombaTsarBomba41 minute ago
  • That how hard he was squeezing while I was clapping

    MemeMeme58 minutes ago
  • Gains on sounds like Barry bee

    Gibs LewistonGibs Lewiston59 minutes ago
  • Thumbed up for phantom

    The Rhins RangerThe Rhins RangerHour ago
  • 13:04

    OscarOscarHour ago
  • Imagine that blowing up

    Henry GomezHenry GomezHour ago
  • King kongs condom

  • it probably rose because of the relatively warm air from the blower.

    Raymond ChammasRaymond Chammas2 hours ago
  • Thanks for the extra effort on the slo mo!

    James McCreeryJames McCreery2 hours ago
  • That Dart went through the third balloon! 6:27 It entered next to the nozzle where the rubber isn't stretched and popped the balloon from the opposite side! How was this not talked about?!

    Hayden06Hayden062 hours ago
  • " I doint noirw"

    Epic Smoke™Epic Smoke™2 hours ago

    Benjamin DonerBenjamin Doner3 hours ago
  • Why do the balloons look like condoms

    spiderguy607_spi playsspiderguy607_spi plays3 hours ago
  • Plot twist:They Are All Condoms For Giants

    TK KermitTK Kermit3 hours ago
  • The inconclusive gear conversely haunt because stage monthly perform among a evanescent begonia. damaging, yielding lilac

    Chef Holum1Chef Holum14 hours ago
  • as you get higher, air pressure gets lower. Less atmosphere pressing down on you. Fewer molecules of air. These things typically get well above jet level before they pop.

    SSLSSL4 hours ago
  • The small one could be used for rocket league irl

    Blue CrewmateBlue Crewmate4 hours ago
  • YEAH ! Huge "balloons"!Sexy.😘

    Reverend Bernfried AxewielderReverend Bernfried Axewielder4 hours ago
  • who else came from tik tok

    kai sorlienkai sorlien5 hours ago
  • my anxiety during this video incase it pops while theyre so close to it📈📈📈

    Phoebe_s.xPhoebe_s.x5 hours ago
  • They remind me of bubbles lol I really wanted them to stick

    Kaylah Waiti UtutaongaKaylah Waiti Ututaonga5 hours ago

    spaced outspaced out6 hours ago
  • no sound on explosion

    jo johnsjo johns6 hours ago
  • At 12:50 he sounded like the bee off the bee movie

    Kyler FoldsKyler Folds6 hours ago
  • How rediculous

    Will LWill L7 hours ago
  • It was about 6 Stanford’s tall, when they said it was seven

    VenomPro360VenomPro3607 hours ago
  • greenlights was such an interesting book highly recommend that audio book

    shogenxshogenx7 hours ago
  • How did that black cover help the footage

    VenomPro360VenomPro3607 hours ago
  • Wait did they get the small ballon back?

    VenomPro360VenomPro3608 hours ago
  • “And IM A BIG MAN!”

    VenomPro360VenomPro3608 hours ago
  • Pops at 13:32

    Silas SekkSilas Sekk8 hours ago
  • I love you ❤️ guys

    DeathsharkDeathshark8 hours ago
  • RIP ears 🙏🏻

    Kraexy StKraexy St8 hours ago
  • 13:30

    X731 XangelX731 Xangel8 hours ago
  • Get a very large slingshot, load it with a basketball (or similar), hit an object in front of you, and sink a basket behind you. You're the experts in impossible stunts, fill in the gaps and make it awesome. Maybe the object you hit in front of you is moving in some Rube Goldberg way. Do it up.

    Anneke CAnneke C8 hours ago
  • I see he fixed his front tooth. Looks way better :)

    JeffJeff8 hours ago
  • Why are they blowing up shaqs condom Edit: made the shaq joke before they mentioned shaq

    Dank CupcakesDank Cupcakes9 hours ago
  • 6:34 is where the dart didn't pop the balloon on entry to the third balloon like the first two. Great footage.

    James Allen-DentonJames Allen-Denton9 hours ago
  • when they showed the montage it looked like three planets floating

    aale Razaaale Raza10 hours ago
  • 13.22

    David HarterDavid Harter10 hours ago
  • The slower pace on this vid was nice. I enjoyed the gentle music while the balloons were bouncing 🙂

    Eric AndersonEric Anderson10 hours ago
  • Hot air rises lol

    Jake PalmerJake Palmer11 hours ago
  • You should have definitely put rexy inside the balloon

    StarWarsFactsStarWarsFacts11 hours ago
    • Is nobody going to talk about how the fat went through the last balloon and popped it from the back? 6:30

      CassieCassie10 hours ago
  • Why did they look like- nevermind

    AZOIDGAMER109AZOIDGAMER10911 hours ago
    • Im Scared of Balloons Popping so, If I Ever Try This I Wouldn’t, Cause I’d Die- 😀💀🎈

      CassieCassie10 hours ago
  • What if jou fill it with helium

    Jord VisserJord Visser12 hours ago
  • Science with G has made me dumber😂

    Ekin KamaEkin Kama12 hours ago
  • the guy in white (sorry idk your name) sounds like a british jerry seinfeld

    A.J. PitcherA.J. Pitcher13 hours ago
  • So cool how the dust inside kept the shape for a couple seconds.

    metalmoddermetalmodder13 hours ago
  • 13:34 makes a perfect pic

    Scope MasterScope Master13 hours ago
  • What is gaunson smocking?

    John TritonJohn Triton13 hours ago
  • The Ballon hovered away because the air inside got warm while blowing it up. You just invented the hot air Ballon

    John TritonJohn Triton14 hours ago
  • Her I think he's cheating Men::

    COC mattersCOC matters14 hours ago
  • Thank you editor Jack for the footage of the guys messing about! I really think this should be a regular thing in all the videos! just a minute or two of random bits and bobs! How good!

    Billy GrahamBilly Graham14 hours ago
  • It wants to go outside. Yea we all want

    ycrep1993ycrep199315 hours ago
  • I don't know these guys, but the measurements in the thumbnail made me feel these guys are Americans.

    The Rising DragonThe Rising Dragon15 hours ago
  • Привет из России.

    паха Hotroпаха Hotro16 hours ago
  • This gave me that school anime reference.The one called...Kaguya-sama:Love is War?

    sarahsarah16 hours ago
  • Im Scared of Balloons Popping so, If I Ever Try This I Wouldn’t, Cause I’d Die- 😀💀🎈

    Stray AnimatorStray Animator17 hours ago
  • Is nobody going to talk about how the fat went through the last balloon and popped it from the back? 6:30

    Jaden CMJaden CM17 hours ago
  • So stupid not to wear earmuffs at all times.

    JamesJames19 hours ago
  • It was 44ft tall.

    Luna MoonlightLuna Moonlight19 hours ago
  • Thought Derek's smile looked diff! Guess he got that veneer after all. 😁👊

    Hannah THannah T19 hours ago
  • 13:20 if you're anything like me this is what you came here for.

    A P EA P E20 hours ago
  • Wives: "They're probably out doing malicious stuff." Them:

    NestoreNestore20 hours ago
  • those cameras have luck VII enchantment

    BIzzLEBIzzLE21 hour ago
  • I saw this video before,but in gif...

    Ni ceNi ce21 hour ago
  • Its so cool that the ashes remain circle

    Guinness book of shit CrossxGuinness book of shit Crossx21 hour ago
  • hot air balloon: *laughter*

    nicholas zhangnicholas zhang21 hour ago
  • 6:27 the dart went through the big one and popped on the other side O_O

    Gabriel CGabriel C22 hours ago
  • get a glock and shoot it

    Hem SanithHem Sanith22 hours ago
  • The dart goes through that 3rd balloon and pops it on the way out the other side! The extra distance travelled might explain the delay

    James GodfreyJames Godfrey23 hours ago
  • If the first balloon was bigger then a grown man then think how big the last one will be

    Mason NeumannMason NeumannDay ago
  • You already know those 3 loons didn't hit the ground for a solid 20 minutes

    Ethan LockeeEthan LockeeDay ago
  • “He essentially needs to get taller.” “No, I stopped growing 20 years ago.”

    PossibillityPossibillityDay ago
  • So if the air pressure on the inside is higher then the outside by to much it explodes trying to equalize it so lower in the air it is more equal and takes more air

    Doe BoeDoe BoeDay ago
  • Should put 2 or 3 giant balloons in each other to strengthen it and blow it up and do something with it.

    AleemAleemDay ago
  • When is the next gaming viddy?

    Robert MyrickRobert MyrickDay ago
  • weef bower

    Nathan BowersNathan BowersDay ago
  • Gaunson's pressure science was correct in the most confusing way lol. He had the right idea but he could not have explained it worse

    Evan SchubertEvan SchubertDay ago
  • I will laugh if someone says they are wasting air.

    Jaeden Matthew Yanoria 7-4Jaeden Matthew Yanoria 7-4Day ago
  • Try with smoke

    MICHAEL ClementeMICHAEL ClementeDay ago
  • Great vid! It would look amazing if you could put dozens of colorful small balloons 🎈 🎈 inside the big clear one as your blowing air in it! 👍

    chrisbusinelle7276chrisbusinelle7276Day ago
  • Why then heck am i not subbed?

    Sacha ValleySacha ValleyDay ago
  • When you defy physics

    nightlightnightlightDay ago
  • Check out that tennis serve action, though - nailed it good.

    MrCallidusMrCallidusDay ago
  • So Stanford mentions the strange delay, and still nobody's talking about how that dart popped the balloon on the way OUT the back?

    Jcreek201Jcreek201Day ago
  • Wait, wait, wait, wait just ONE moment. No one is going to mention how the triple balloon pop. The last balloon popped on the backside.... No one else thinks that cool?

    Matthew LinfordMatthew LinfordDay ago
  • That was NEAT! Love the effect of the balloons popping with the powder inside, fellas.

    J. KerrJ. KerrDay ago
  • When they threw the dart at the 3 balloons did anyone else see the dart go into the last one and only pop it on the way out?

    ConnorConnorDay ago
  • So that’s how I found a balloon in the sky

    Jaden WaterfallJaden WaterfallDay ago
  • where did the not sponsered by KFC counter go?

    Way of LifeWay of LifeDay ago
  • That big one is as big as a flipping sperm 🐳

    William GovanWilliam GovanDay ago
  • I don’t have a Lotta stuff

    B.C GamingB.C GamingDay ago
  • Can I please have the flash scan and roll up my epic ID is sKboiSk

    B.C GamingB.C GamingDay ago
  • Imagine being in the balloon while it pops

    Cayleb WolfeCayleb WolfeDay ago
  • "World's largest balloon" Hot air balloons: Am I a joke to you?

    Matthew ForanMatthew ForanDay ago
  • Outside

    Peter FusPeter FusDay ago
  • EGO just committed ESTOP

    SkullioSkullioDay ago
  • OMG his "science" explanation was so great and actually quite accurate haha

    DazrihsDazrihsDay ago