We Made the New Among Us Airship Map Very Funny...

Apr 6, 2021
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Me and me friends played on the new Among Us Airship map and let hilarious jokes FLY.
Friends in this video:
@Seigi VA

  • 6:35 what song is this

    The Entire Spanish ArmadaThe Entire Spanish Armada4 hours ago
  • sus

    Robowizard 41Robowizard 415 hours ago
  • charlie x condi lmao

    Mrnoob 47Mrnoob 475 hours ago
  • 10:22 - > ``just a guy-`` ``I'm just a dude,`` ``I'm just a dude doin' tasks, bro`` ``I'm just a bro doin` guys`` ... ._. ``wait no, not that one.``

    AddNihilatorAddNihilator8 hours ago
  • *_sussus amogus_*

    Yeeter MasterYeeter Master9 hours ago
  • amoogus -slmccl 2021

    PikachuPikachu10 hours ago
  • please stream again slimber scondle

    perpalperpal11 hours ago
  • aomge used

    ShankShank17 hours ago
  • No gun in the thumbnail dislike

    Sjaak de steenSjaak de steen21 hour ago
  • I despise your puns

    Harris LiuHarris Liu22 hours ago

    idiot gameridiot gamerDay ago
  • The wall SUS Points to the vent on the floor

    Yume KitsuneYume KitsuneDay ago
  • Amogus

    LingonLingonDay ago
  • I didn't know I had my auto play on and was listening to this lofi song that was in my recommend. I put down my phone to pull out my chromebook to do a Religion test and it went to the next video. I don't think I can express how scared I got when I heard Charlie just going "UGHH UGHHHHHHH" I about diarrheaed in my pants. This is why you never leave your auto play on.

    mptskittlesmptskittlesDay ago
  • Sussus amogus

    Big CBig CDay ago
  • "a little bit of..... *amboogus.* "

    Cl0udyCl0udyDay ago
  • Amoog gus?


    duckgoquackduckgoquackDay ago
  • abugus

    - TrIpTiCuS- TrIpTiCuSDay ago
  • We're gonna play some... ᵃᵐᵒᵍᵘˢ

    Blue Dragon42000Blue Dragon42000Day ago
  • I LOVE 19:02 when bizly says “Now my back’s against the wall” it’s so cinematic LMAO

    Nicole EllerNicole EllerDay ago

    bitmap 2bitmap 2Day ago
  • feeling a little...giggle

    FATE ClanFATE ClanDay ago
  • yo wat da music at 6:35

    kade be chillinkade be chillinDay ago
    • I also seek the answer.

      The Gawd HimselfThe Gawd HimselfDay ago
  • They kill me because I speak the truth _bizly 2021

    Bean JeanBean JeanDay ago
  • The airship map is great. Well played! - Elly

    Elly SpaceElly SpaceDay ago
  • _ABOGUS_

    Bean JeanBean JeanDay ago
  • Actually so unrelated, Charlie looks great in this video.

    I am not OkayI am not OkayDay ago
  • is charlie really huge or is he so short that looks big?

    Cristian FrancheskoCristian FrancheskoDay ago
  • *today I'm slimesicle* What are you tommorow?

    CreateCreateDay ago
  • AMONGUS like or ur sus :fllushed:

    Kenichi MarkKenichi MarkDay ago
  • Condi West

    Dom ShadyDom ShadyDay ago
  • What if we 👉👈 did something sus in the third bathroom stall? 😳😳🤪😳 haha just kidding 😂😂🙄😫😂 unless? 😳😳😳😳😳😳

    KerosinKerosinDay ago
  • i rewatch this vids intro, sometimes, 3 times a day

    shminshminDay ago
  • Charlie u don't have to stoop to level of among us you're better than this

    Obama 2Obama 2Day ago
  • Ur only slimecicle for today ?

    Ashikah Bowler-clarkAshikah Bowler-clarkDay ago
  • 2:01 “burger?”

    sammyyysammyyyDay ago
  • that ending was really intense, jesus

    Let me take a Jörmungandr at thatLet me take a Jörmungandr at thatDay ago
  • sussy

    Gabe MontesanoGabe Montesano2 days ago
  • 0:14 WHAT-

    Rose MarieRose Marie2 days ago
  • Sad times when u click thinking it’s dream smp people. Realization at 1:35 for anyone wondering who is in the video

    Dhilan ShahDhilan Shah2 days ago
  • sussy

    D ShermanD Sherman2 days ago
  • I really can’t tell what age Charlie’s aiming his videos at anymore

    Satans BoySatans Boy2 days ago
  • "Society"- Charlie

    DiamondBossJ4ck TtvDiamondBossJ4ck Ttv2 days ago
  • Today I’m slimecicle but not tomorrow I’m someone else

    ADHD_ADHD_2 days ago
  • Upload on your good channel

    Eelis SealardEelis Sealard2 days ago
  • haha they got a task win which is cool cause I never see that

    Jocelyn GonzalezJocelyn Gonzalez2 days ago
  • Can u post on your main channel or did u abandon it

    Emran UlmaEmran Ulma2 days ago
  • “this was nOT play tested”

    gabby mariegabby marie2 days ago
  • For anyone asking it is pronounced a-boog-us

    Cracker49Cracker492 days ago
  • Charlie before the video Slimecicle from the intro

    GobbleGobble2 days ago
  • This video is kinda sus

    Ryan ZaborskyRyan Zaborsky2 days ago
  • Man I can’t believe Slimecicle hasn’t played on this map yet

    SchufflesSchuffles2 days ago
  • amogus

    Friendly Neighborhood Grammar PoliceFriendly Neighborhood Grammar Police2 days ago
  • You can see by the thumbnail he is broken by among us memes. We are with you all the way Charlie I am burgers!

    Marmalade JamMarmalade Jam2 days ago
  • "Everything is sus" Henry Stickman is inherently sus guys

    LavenderLavender2 days ago
  • :0

    Esa K.Esa K.2 days ago
  • Oh no its valiant hero all over again

    Slansei FSlansei F2 days ago
  • Why don’t you post on your main channel

    Mr Cut your nonsenseMr Cut your nonsense2 days ago
  • "welp, im not the impostor, but I guess im now racist." -charlie slimecicle 2021

    cj the anime weebcj the anime weeb2 days ago
  • no you didnt

    OdD BeepBeepOdD BeepBeep2 days ago
  • The intro song is from a song called E-GIRL FURRIES don't believe me go to spotify and check

    FL4G5FL4G52 days ago
  • "today im slimecicle" what is he other days? oh nvm someone said that

    boiboi2 days ago
  • Stop playing amogus

    Sterling ElderkinSterling Elderkin2 days ago
  • “I’m just a bro doing guys” Amazinggg I love that one✨😂

    SylvanaSylvana2 days ago
  • i really liked the "this was **NOT** playtested" joke. good vid!

    ZenithriumZenithrium2 days ago

    David GoldammerDavid Goldammer2 days ago
  • Guess whos racist!

    Waffle RattaWaffle Ratta2 days ago
  • "today im slimesicle"

    enWizardenWizard2 days ago
  • just got out of the hospital, great video to show up lmao love it

    LaurenLauren2 days ago
  • 0:03. You're welcome.

    Year ZetaYear Zeta2 days ago
  • What’s the song called that he plays at 6:38

    jacob prodaniukjacob prodaniuk2 days ago
    • I seek the answer as well.

      The Gawd HimselfThe Gawd HimselfDay ago
  • i put this video on down stairs and the beginning really made my parents question me

    Annemijn VerloopAnnemijn Verloop2 days ago
  • For those who didnt know, this map comes from the Henry Stickmen series!

    Milkchocolate47Milkchocolate472 days ago
  • Segway, the off brand Corpse

    John DoeJohn Doe2 days ago
  • This made my ears ring

    Elijah dumb idiot stupidElijah dumb idiot stupid2 days ago
  • 10:27 kinda sus

    Colin TrendellColin Trendell2 days ago
  • the way he says ''bur gur'' sounds like he's in pure dispair and its perfect

    Red LedRed Led2 days ago
  • 00:13 did he say he is “now” slimecicle

    Roast BeefRoast Beef2 days ago
  • Amoun gus

    D r a k oD r a k o2 days ago
  • Also, please don’t cuss. It’s a sin

    RazoRazo2 days ago
  • Please don’t use God’s name in vain

    RazoRazo2 days ago
  • Ah yes, my favorite game of catching the Ipmotsor and doing tsaks, aboogus

    soup timesoup time2 days ago
  • “Today I’m slimecicle!” Today? What were you yesterday?

    GlitchPrime_HQGlitchPrime_HQ2 days ago
  • CHARLIE! Why didn't you invite me in the game? I'm the one who's sus-er than all of you. >:D

    YellieSusYellieSus2 days ago
  • map: exists charlie: POOPY HA JABAH

    Apparently GodApparently God2 days ago
  • THE MONG US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PixelcraftianPixelcraftian2 days ago
  • Did I just have a fever dream or am I the sus one

    Dorito The BoritonioDorito The Boritonio2 days ago
  • copying_tommys_thumbnails_and_titles.EXE

    gumSgumS2 days ago
    • Ah yes putting youre face on the thumbnail was invented by him mhm yea

      Ok What do I doOk What do I do2 days ago
  • "Today I'm Slimecicle" Just today

    Shuichi SaiharaShuichi Saihara2 days ago
  • THE QUOTE OF THE YEAR "today im slimecicle"

    epic colinepic colin2 days ago
  • I was just peeing and made wind noises

    Jaxson CouncilJaxson Council2 days ago
  • *A M O G U S*

    Victor FerreiraVictor Ferreira2 days ago
  • "It rhymes with fundy" Me: Ghandi?

    a birda bird2 days ago
  • Your making among us 1000% more 🤣🤣🤣

    MickeyMationsMickeyMations2 days ago
  • Will the legend of cumgis kahn ever be fullfilled? We will never know.

    tütitüti2 days ago

    Kaili MooreKaili Moore2 days ago
  • I like how charlie just brings his phone to the toilet

    UniUni2 days ago
  • Aboogus

    Sam van DelftSam van Delft2 days ago
  • Charlie, I just wanna say you make my day, especially when my mom died you made me laugh, I just wanna thank you

    Evil DieEvil Die2 days ago