We Made Food From The Mountain Dew Cookbook

Feb 19, 2021
484 961 Views

Today, we're trying some recipes from the official Mountain Dew Cookbook. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1909
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  • Y’all should have a contest where the winner gets to go on a camping trip with you two for like 3 days :)

    Victoria AtchisonVictoria AtchisonDay ago

    brayden.brayden.2 days ago
  • I would loveee to watch an episode of 3 of y’all camping! 😂👏🏼👏🏼

    Raihana BushehriRaihana Bushehri3 days ago
  • Go camping with the Smosh gang this summer. Do Smosh vs. Mythical summer games.

    Alex GastonguayAlex Gastonguay3 days ago
  • Okay but have you accidentally spooned? Like went to sleep next to each other and woke up snuggling?

    flooter booterflooter booter3 days ago
  • Fan fiction Yes! Lol

    K BK B3 days ago
  • I have no need for you to kiss so one vote against.

    Hanna BHanna B3 days ago
  • Okay yes this is the funniest GMMore

    Jess RoseJess Rose4 days ago
  • The fact that they talked about kissing gives me a strong vibe that they really have kissed

    Cautus NorthCautus North4 days ago
  • So you're telling me there is a chance....... 👀

    Not just another guyNot just another guy4 days ago
  • Fahmina wassup

    C999HC999H4 days ago
  • I love this show lol gets better all the time

    Jarad WilsonJarad Wilson4 days ago
  • it would change everything... for you.

    w ww w4 days ago
  • Was this book a mountain dew or a mountain don't?

    Ace Ventura Pet DetectiveAce Ventura Pet Detective4 days ago
  • This episode is soooo funny 😂😂😂😂

    Jerry RiveraJerry Rivera5 days ago
  • Where can I buy this book

    Jacob TuneJacob Tune5 days ago
  • I’ll take the cookbook

    Seven DoveSeven Dove5 days ago
  • 05:18

    mello Cellomello Cello6 days ago
  • I bet Link would be an amazing kisser

    Mandy KinsMandy Kins7 days ago
  • I love that they're just fully embracing the weird desires of the fandom at this point

    pokelover02pokelover027 days ago
  • Is Rhetts shirt for sale?

    Christopher HicksChristopher Hicks7 days ago
  • That kissing conversation really backfired on Link 😂

    ThemagicalmissThemagicalmiss7 days ago
  • poach egg is only good with rice

    Plippy :pPlippy :p8 days ago
  • wee neeeeeds the camping vid xD

    tater crisptater crisp8 days ago
  • Link- "that's not gonna happen." *sad realization."

    Xx100percentcrazyxXXx100percentcrazyxX8 days ago
  • Rhett: I dont think we should kiss Link: yeah it would change things between us... For you

    Ethan Proctor (2021)Ethan Proctor (2021)8 days ago
  • I feel sorry for all those who were not interested in Mountain Dew recipes and got deceived by the title. This More was unexpectedly crazy!

    SYkokeeLARSYkokeeLAR8 days ago
  • I love how im watching this while drinking mountain dew

    Kylo RenKylo Ren8 days ago
  • I wonder how many people diverted to the fan fiction episode.

    Wendy MullerWendy Muller8 days ago
  • Mandolin slicer = something Link will never be allowed to operate* *Also something that brought me to the ER. Awesome tool, but use very carefully!

    Wendy MullerWendy Muller8 days ago
  • Those margaritas be hitting hard. 🤣

    Twisted HippieTwisted Hippie9 days ago
  • Y'all, if you practice lucid dreams you can make them kisssssss

    Sit4SkitSit4Skit9 days ago
  • Go camping!!!!!

    Faith WalkerFaith Walker9 days ago
  • 7:30 LMAOOOOOOOOO the camping trip part

    BB ChildBB Child9 days ago
  • OMG I LOVE FAHMINA!!! She’s amazing!!!

    LaomericanLaomerican9 days ago
  • "It would change everything...for you"

    sara helvestonsara helveston9 days ago
  • I think I heard a great community reward for reaching a goal during a charity drive...

    AnicodeAnicode9 days ago
  • Well this took a turn

    DairyMilkDayDairyMilkDay9 days ago
  • Now I have the thought of link and Rhett in the woods kissing lol

    tucker family vlogstucker family vlogs9 days ago
  • Two men ate Mountain Dew, this is how they exploded. This is now a chubbyemu video.

    Zakk HolguinZakk Holguin9 days ago
  • Link just wants to know how much for a kiss 😂😂

    Horacio MartinezHoracio Martinez9 days ago
  • u guys are the best.

    Danessa BritoDanessa Brito9 days ago
  • My manager from when I worked at Toys “R” Us would have for breakfast every morning a bowl of tricks cereal with Mountain Dew. Try that one.

    mark ledouxmark ledoux9 days ago
  • Remember when they wouldn't hug...🤣

    Izzy 2005Izzy 20059 days ago
  • Good Mythical Summer Camp 1 week series this summer pls ty

    pyrexAlphapyrexAlpha9 days ago
  • Yep, my favorite gmmore for SURE. 🤣

    Madison McCrindleMadison McCrindle10 days ago
  • The comfort in their friendship shown in this episode is the exact thing I needed to see today.

    t.leslie451t.leslie45110 days ago
  • after rhett bit the grilled cheese, it looked like texas. 🤠

    Emily HouckEmily Houck10 days ago
  • We need to give them alcohol more often.

    Robert ThorntonRobert Thornton10 days ago
  • Best episode ever

    AriannaArianna10 days ago
  • “nooo silly!!!” i love nicole she’s like the fun babysitter

    Jenna MalynJenna Malyn10 days ago
  • Please don’t 😂

    Andry CaraballoAndry Caraballo10 days ago
  • I loved Link's little laugh at the end ^_^

    Laura BottingLaura Botting10 days ago
  • Sorry Rhett cheesecake factory is just hospital food like Panera but they also have cheesecake

    Brando HBrando H10 days ago
  • What is this Link's brain today 😂 *we never thought about kissing in this show* lol

    NatsumInsaneNatsumInsane10 days ago
  • OMG I JUST LAUGHED SO HARD AT LINKS SONS DREAM. I APPRECIATE IT! Literally still watching on my tv but had to hop on USworlds on my phone to say thanks for the laugh (I cried). How did no one else in there laugh???? 👽

    Taryn HamiltonTaryn Hamilton10 days ago
  • Not what I was expecting when clinking onto this episode, but i’m not disappointed. 🤣 lmfao.

    Shandi JohnsonShandi Johnson10 days ago
  • Dude thanks for the chip tips lol

    Alex RileyAlex Riley11 days ago
  • I'm so glad I watched this MORE

    LumintyLuminty11 days ago
  • Make the Code Red Ribs and Chicken. Its really good! I've made it myself

    redfishjesseredfishjesse11 days ago
  • Link reminds me of suburban moms on girls night.

    Demily DaysDemily Days11 days ago
  • I need that book!!!

    Michael Enos Sr.Michael Enos Sr.11 days ago
  • what is HAPPENING in this episode lmao

    TearStreakTearStreak11 days ago
  • Like the bluegrass instrument?! 😆

    Jess CunnJess Cunn11 days ago
  • I live in Los Angeles/Hollywood area and someday hope to see them walking down the street one day.

    vicky colburnvicky colburn11 days ago
  • First Episode of GMMore I've ever watched... I am not disappointed. These guys are hilarious!

    Garrett CatheyGarrett Cathey11 days ago
  • If you go camping, it’s gotta be the crew too!!!

    Daniel ShultzDaniel Shultz11 days ago
  • Mt Dew, bringing friends together.

    king foxking fox11 days ago
  • Can we get more tipsy Link? This was hilarious 🤣

    Green T0rtleGreen T0rtle11 days ago
  • We NEEEED this camping trip. Good Mythical Summer series?

    Green T0rtleGreen T0rtle11 days ago
  • can we give link a margarita every morning

    WhoahitsAlexisWhoahitsAlexis11 days ago

    rachel galerachel gale11 days ago
  • I stan for the camping trip!

    Raven HiggsRaven Higgs11 days ago
  • What’s their Twitter

    Kali VanAelstKali VanAelst11 days ago
  • Rhett always looks so amused/entertained/almost giggly at the thought of people wanting them to be romantically involved with eachother!

    Therese EklundTherese Eklund11 days ago
  • lmfaooo 😂 link is definitely tipsy in this More

    Lacey CoatsLacey Coats11 days ago
  • Coming from former solid disciples for the lord .....this makes me sad 😓😔...

    Jake ChickeringJake Chickering11 days ago
  • bro they did the ham wrong. it was supposed to be code red -_-

    Yolani GamesYolani Games11 days ago
  • This video was just “what if we kissed ” & “jk...unless?” meme

    CharlizarCharlizar12 days ago
  • oh they definitely kissed once

    cptn boocptn boo12 days ago
  • Haha that margarita must have been strrroonngg

    Grace VilsGrace Vils12 days ago
  • You all could get a butt load of content from one camping trip with the Mythical Crew!

    Melsteriffic MamaMelsteriffic Mama12 days ago
  • Episode 2000: Rhett & Link go Camping

    Amy JoAmy Jo12 days ago
  • This would have been a good St. Patrick's Day video haha

    CindyCindy12 days ago
  • We talk about that all the time- when will they kiss. Kiss? Kiss now?

    mungoloidmungoloid12 days ago
  • Yes to the camping series.

    LisaLisa12 days ago
  • It’s definitely happened on a camping trip

    Eric MyersEric Myers12 days ago
  • I honestly never ever want to see them kiss.

    Jack's Blue Plate FamilyJack's Blue Plate Family12 days ago
  • FanFic Sequel?

    Andrew BurgardtAndrew Burgardt12 days ago
  • Who goes outta their way to watch this.... and then gives it a thumbs down? Smh.

    Bredia SantoroBredia Santoro12 days ago
  • My family actually makes apple turnovers with Mountain Dew

    Roxy DeenRoxy Deen12 days ago
  • this had me dyin lmaoooo

    yuka ayuka a12 days ago
  • I don’t understand how anyone disliked this video

    Shlok PatelShlok Patel12 days ago
  • This episode is so sus

    AzureHeartSongAzureHeartSong12 days ago
  • They definitely have kissed. Lol

    Robert WigfieldRobert Wigfield12 days ago
  • MANdolin vs mandoLIN

    Dr. EwDr. Ew12 days ago
  • Now kiss!! This is the funniest gmmore ever

    Karina KKarina K12 days ago
  • Link is being a bad boy in this More.

    HerNameWasKarlHerNameWasKarl12 days ago
  • 13:54 yes it is

    MadJay94MadJay9412 days ago
  • I’d watch Rhett makeout with anyone. 😏

    AshleyLynn918AshleyLynn91812 days ago