Feb 21, 2021
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    Life with jay JayLife with jay Jay2 days ago
  • lol

    CJ NelsonCJ Nelson2 days ago
  • Lol✌️

    trap dance CELtrap dance CEL6 days ago
  • Again?!!!😹😹💔

    prosper duruprosper duru11 days ago
  • Y’all messy and I like it for some reason and her boyfriend better be there tf

    Daezhia & DaeonnaDaezhia & Daeonna11 days ago
  • Ion hating or nun but you being a bad boyfriend got yr girl out here fighting an shit🤦‍♀️ yall rlly dont knw how tuh be grown an wrk shit out‼️

    Original RëëOriginal Rëë11 days ago
  • Nobody in there from the hood stop it get money

    Cameron CalleryCameron Callery11 days ago
  • He said call her back and you hang up first 😂😂😂😭

    GokuHitEmGokuHitEm11 days ago
  • So nobody gonna talk about the outro of this video🔥🔥🔥

    LVH JaeLVH Jae12 days ago
  • Your man should have ask you are you my woman u not fighting no one you not messing my face up cats and dogs fight that not for you you are a real lady not a child

    Steve TownsendSteve Townsend12 days ago
  • Dam

    Caleb BohonisCaleb Bohonis12 days ago
  • Bruh shit stupid gotta put da paws on um dey talkin too n bout like dat no cap lol stay safe RIP Vincent Jackson remember Prince Hall God bless BLM checkout The Main Squeeze 🙏

    Tyrone FryeTyrone Frye12 days ago
  • Rainbow

    RanDa GoatRanDa Goat12 days ago
  • son said call her back u hang up first

    Andrew JenkinsAndrew Jenkins12 days ago
  • shit crazy

    Lamar OwolabiLamar Owolabi12 days ago
  • 🖤💯💯

    Rugrat YahnRugrat Yahn12 days ago
  • WOW 😳

    Swagger SquadSwagger Squad12 days ago
  • Bro Bri was scared can’t tell me she wasn’t

    Ali jAli j12 days ago
  • Y’all lame asfffff grow up pussy

    Mariah BinghamMariah Bingham12 days ago
  • Why this feels like a prank😂?

    Taysia CharlesTaysia Charles12 days ago
  • This man hay funny boi

    Sibeon HutsonSibeon Hutson13 days ago
  • “No call her back & you hang up first” ii would of said det same thing ..🤣

    Ohdetslil_ziOhdetslil_zi13 days ago
  • They used to be best friends tf-

    Queen EvilQueen Evil13 days ago
  • Nah call her back and you hang up first had me dying

    Angel ValleAngel Valle13 days ago
  • He said hell naw call back n u hang up first😂😂😆 king petty🤩

    Something You ForgotSomething You Forgot13 days ago
  • Dat nigga said u call her and and hang up first😂

    Braylon LomaxBraylon Lomax13 days ago

    LL13 days ago
  • 😂😂😂”no call her back and you hang up first “😂😂🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

    Tashawna AndersonTashawna Anderson13 days ago
  • They use be friends how did it end up like this

    athena saundersathena saunders13 days ago
  • Who else had this video in their recommendations

    Life of HunchoLife of Huncho13 days ago
  • Dang, one minute!!!

    Caleb ReidCaleb Reid13 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jahmaley SampsonJahmaley Sampson13 days ago
  • Fake beef for views

    4poundthebgod4poundthebgod13 days ago
  • Hey, I fuck with you and Bri heavy, but Vanessa! come on man, Nessa ain't going like that, she's a mom and I would hope that her and Bri are two women that can work out whatever is bothering them. Both woman have more class then that

    thomas dronethomas drone13 days ago
  • She got her ass beat hahahaha talkin bout bri

    Crabby gabbyCrabby gabby13 days ago
  • What see fight whats name of your USworlds bro

    Lee BurguessLee Burguess13 days ago
  • Damn

    RainbowXRainbowX13 days ago
    • Nigga you everywhere

      CashMoneyEliCashMoneyEli12 days ago
  • Call her back and u Hang up first 😭😭😭😭

    Synx YtSynx Yt13 days ago
  • Davine love the confusion 😆 lol

    cherry Brandycherry Brandy13 days ago
  • Who else just clicked of their video (mid play) just to watch this video like if you did

    Teddy -Teddy -13 days ago
  • I cant believe I seen her in the gta server

    TmoneybagXDTmoneybagXD13 days ago
    • And added her

      TmoneybagXDTmoneybagXD13 days ago
  • You really a wild boy you really gonna let your girlfriend fight this crazy

    isaac Fordisaac Ford13 days ago
  • Dat nigga said call her bak u hang up first 😂😂

    Jalen RogersJalen Rogers13 days ago
  • Useless to fight that’s childish. What does fighting solve? Ignore that chick.

    AntAnt13 days ago
    • It’s for the clout, probably they ran out of ideas. 🤷🏻‍♀️ youtubers now a days starting drama for entertainment purposes.

      obviously Evelynobviously Evelyn12 days ago
  • What's is it

    Harris Zi'Aire Zi'Kei ZiyonHarris Zi'Aire Zi'Kei Ziyon13 days ago
  • wassup davine

  • Why that thing won't shaw her face

    Lovenson PierreLovenson Pierre13 days ago
  • Hi Davine

    James DohertyJames Doherty13 days ago
  • This cap. Anything for views

    Ysabel CastilloYsabel Castillo13 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/qZ9pa6Ctqnymn3s

    GOAT_AIMZGOAT_AIMZ13 days ago
  • He really hyped this fight up she wasn’t even really talking about the beef anymore and be started it back up having her fight 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Sid KneeSid Knee13 days ago
  • They had a fight I think... Vanessa put it on her ig story😬

    Jessica LawrenceJessica Lawrence13 days ago
  • Ik he ain’t say fight😂😂😂

    CapalotFTK_ 22CapalotFTK_ 2213 days ago
  • Why are they about to fight??

    LiahLiah13 days ago
  • Literally 99% won’t see this but GOD bless you be safe during these times I’m struggling to hit 5k🙏🏽

    Darvin CharlesDarvin Charles13 days ago
  • This ain’t wassup have your lady out here fighting 🥱...even entertaining it as a female yourself, thought it’s supposed to be nothing but “positive vibes”

    Malik SmithMalik Smith13 days ago
  • ‼️DONT FORGET TO POST THE FIGHT‼️ (if they do😂)

    YAK FREEYAK FREE13 days ago

    Carruthers RicardoCarruthers Ricardo13 days ago
  • Nigga said no call her back in you hang up first 😭😂

  • Aye Bri best win

    Joseph999Joseph99913 days ago
  • Why they beefin

    ZayWrldZayWrld13 days ago
  • Elijah Shelton I want you know I don’t want you know what I want you know that you have a no Cussing Out Loud

    Elijah SheltonElijah Shelton13 days ago
  • But she actually going down there bc she said it on her Instagram which everyone go follow her

    Kana CarterKana Carter13 days ago
  • Let's get Davine to 500K subscribers guys

    Allan AleckAllan Aleck13 days ago
  • I thought yall was just bestfriends

    1and_only_ chloe1and_only_ chloe13 days ago
  • Yurrrrr

    TrillMariiTrillMarii13 days ago
  • "No call her back and you hangup first"😂😂😂😂

    LuhhmarcoLuhhmarco13 days ago
  • U call back so u can hang up first Right!

    Luvurself 10Luvurself 1013 days ago
  • As soon as I saw this I clicked faster then Vanessa pulled up

    king_renegade07king_renegade0713 days ago
  • 😅😂🤣

    Ronnell Rogers jrRonnell Rogers jr13 days ago
  • My boy davine I already subscribe to this channel I didn't get no notification though when you posted this

    Quintin ChaneyQuintin Chaney13 days ago
  • I fucking hate bri

    amir byrdamir byrd13 days ago
  • "no call her back then you hang up first😂😂😂"

    E30 On TubeE30 On Tube13 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/bY1pj662aY92YWI

    Zae YTZae YT13 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/bY1pj662aY92YWI

    Zae YTZae YT13 days ago
  • Bouta be a fight🔥

    Jkwon JkwonJkwon Jkwon13 days ago

    Jesus TueroJesus Tuero13 days ago
  • The first vid I saw when I opened USworlds and then I saw the full video Pop Up as recommendation 😂

  • "call her back and you hang up" funny asl

    Diana somarribaDiana somarriba13 days ago
  • Ain’t shit about to go down 😂 They’ll be at juicy seafood tomorrow lol

    Danesha HortonDanesha Horton13 days ago
    • @XxTaylorWolfxX who won

      Stylo WilliamsStylo Williams13 days ago
    • She beat ha ass

      XxTaylorWolfxXXxTaylorWolfxX13 days ago
    • Look at Vanessa ig story

      therealkylatherealkyla13 days ago
    • Omfg🤣😂🤣😂🤣

      LuhhmarcoLuhhmarco13 days ago
  • Vanessa posted that she at the park waiting on yall to pull up

    OpperxtionsOpperxtions13 days ago
  • Pull up with the blick

    Raylan RatcliffeRaylan Ratcliffe13 days ago
  • Bri: talking Divine jay in the back: pull up

    Jking_Jking_13 days ago
    • @Luhhmarco I’m not going to be that guy that says you had to edit that one sentence*

      DMDM13 days ago
    • I'm not going be that guy and say it's spelled Davine*

      LuhhmarcoLuhhmarco13 days ago
  • Hi

    Kerine MaeKerine Mae13 days ago

    Rokkout_G3Rokkout_G313 days ago
  • Watt tell Bri to bite the fkn nails off

    Tht girl DaisyluvTht girl Daisyluv13 days ago
  • lets go

    Frederick MadzikatireFrederick Madzikatire13 days ago
  • NOBODY: DAVINE:'' call her back and you hang up first''

    Celine DestineCeline Destine13 days ago
  • Y’all tell her pull up get these hands and then she can pull off holding an L like a Lexus stirring wheel

    Nero LuxNero Lux13 days ago
    • pretty sure bri got her ass beat lol

      Ayoo.3velynAyoo.3velyn13 days ago
    • 🤣

      LuhhmarcoLuhhmarco13 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂

    detta clandetta clan13 days ago
  • I clicked so faasssst

    Jah TillahJah Tillah13 days ago
  • Owww shii

    RUGRAT Xza 2RUGRAT Xza 213 days ago
  • Bri Chief don’t want no beef

    TeeJay TVTeeJay TV13 days ago
  • “No call her back and you hang up first”😂

    naaim 1naaim 113 days ago
  • Single jay cared about us, taken jay stay slacking off 😭

    Aijalon TaylorAijalon Taylor13 days ago
    • @yungshooter_1 str8frm_daville

      Aijalon TaylorAijalon Taylor13 days ago
    • @Aijalon Taylor what’s you ig I’ll follow you

      yungshooter_1yungshooter_113 days ago
    • @yungshooter_1 he blocked me on Instagram 😭

      Aijalon TaylorAijalon Taylor13 days ago
    • On god😂

      Random Li DudeRandom Li Dude13 days ago
    • He do care bout us at lease me reposes to my dm

      yungshooter_1yungshooter_113 days ago
  • 😈😈😈 TIME

    XDBom boxD81-XDBom boxD81-13 days ago
  • 🌎 🌟 oh shit bout go down 😂😅

    Barbara GarzaBarbara Garza13 days ago

    Dejacurlyhead FrDejacurlyhead Fr13 days ago
  • About to get crazy

    Zjbeast1200 zacchaeusZjbeast1200 zacchaeus13 days ago