We Caught a SEA MONSTER!!

Feb 16, 2021
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In this episode of BlacktipH, Capt. Jason Boyll and myself catch a sea monster from the depths, a giant Warsaw Grouper, one of the rarest deep water groupers in Florida. This mysterious grouper species lives in very deep water and can grow larger than 500lbs! We found this grouper at a legendary place in the Gulf of Mexico called Pulley Ridge. Over the past three years, Jason and I traveled more than 1000 nautical miles to find one of these giants in the Gulf of Mexico. The grouper in this video was so massive that four grown men struggled to lift it!
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MASSIVE Queen Snappers and a Giant Hammerhead:

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  • This fish is described as exceedingly rare. It took these two 3 years to find one. Why didn't they just take the video and release it to replenish what little stock is obviously remaining? It's too bad idiot fishermen are not exceedingly rare!!

    Charles WardCharles Ward2 days ago
    • They reeled it up so fast it would’ve died anyway unfortunately

    • i’m not an expert but i’d venture to guess after being pulled up from that deep there’s no way it’ll return without dying

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  • I have fished for over 20 years and I have never kept a fish that I did not eat. Are you planning to eat this huge wonder of nature or just take pictures and dispose of it? If you're not going to eat it than this is cruel and disrespectful to nature. Shame on you!!!

    terry rterry r4 days ago
    • We ate it, watch our latest video 👍

      BlacktipHBlacktipH2 days ago
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  • Come on guys, couldn’t you show the fish just a little bit of respect... I mean you’re taking a life and the last thing this fish saw and heard were you all screaming at the top of your lungs having a blast..

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  • That celebration

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  • Wonder what they taste like

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  • Can grouper be eaten?

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  • I know I'm late but there's a diver I met in Destin who claims he was underwater welding and a warsaw grouper nearly ate him

    Unidentified UserUnidentified User4 days ago
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    • @johnwoa Wow that's crazy! Thank you for the info my friend 👍

      I'm BizzyI'm Bizzy5 days ago
    • That was the fish's stomach protruding from it's mouth which is called Barotrauma resulting from bringing the fish up from the great depths below.

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