Apr 5, 2021
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  • Bro I just love this relationship it reminds me of my hubby and I

    victoria zavalavictoria zavala8 minutes ago
  • They are so precious 🧡💛💜💚💙

    MonicaMonica8 hours ago
  • guys I think I like Trisha now😳🥺

    Jo WolfJo Wolf10 hours ago
  • Moses’ plans for what he’s going to use his Jeep Gladiator for is tight 🪴🌊

    Martin GarciaMartin Garcia12 hours ago
  • Pathetic failed attempt to make a truck. Total shit show.

    john doejohn doe13 hours ago
  • Nice Truck Moses!

    Alyssa DanielleAlyssa Danielle20 hours ago
  • You make me soooo hungry haha

    R FR F20 hours ago
  • Can you and Moses recreate an old Ethan and hula video to troll them lol

    Kate HuntKate HuntDay ago
  • The jeep tour was 10/10

    Kate HuntKate HuntDay ago
  • I love this...

    one vlog awayone vlog awayDay ago
  • Words cannot explain how much I love them as a couple!! Trisha at her best and Moses bringing me actual peace ahaha

    M McKinnonM McKinnonDay ago
  • i love spending time with mom and dad uwu :)

    S RS RDay ago
  • I like new car smell. I refuse to get or eat food in my new car.

    RainedropRainedropDay ago
  • Trisha looking like angel mami 77

    Jordan HullJordan HullDay ago
  • Praying for zac to get the sound bite of trish ‘that was good mmmm’ 😂 Love you trish! ❤️

    Livi CarterLivi CarterDay ago
  • I'm LOVING the crunch of those bagels!!

    Deda ODeda ODay ago
  • I just know moses is going to stay with Trisha forever. 🙌🏽 He is so down to earth and goes along with everything and anything for Trisha.👌🏽 Am so so happy she has found true love 🥰 moses your an amazing man with a wonderful heart 😊😃xxx

    jolly joejolly joeDay ago
  • Love Moses, he is such grown secure man.

    kazzuo The Greatkazzuo The GreatDay ago
  • Moses won the lottery didnt he lol

    Sapphire GemSapphire GemDay ago
  • damn, if jeep makes that truck electric, i wouldn't mind my bf buying it lol

    easyteh4getpersoneasyteh4getpersonDay ago
  • Moses you gotta squat it haha

    Jack BrittJack Britt2 days ago
  • Trisha please get a gastric sleeve you won't regret it... you have a problem with food just like Moses said and hopefully you'll lose the weight you need.

    pinkpugginzpinkpugginz2 days ago
  • the way moses looks at trisha tho

    mrxymel0090mrxymel00902 days ago
  • It blows my mind that a bagel is equivalent to 4 pieces of toast. They are so tasty and this makes me want to go out and get a bunch myself

    Olivia MOlivia M2 days ago
  • los amooooo

    Andrés Flor OviedoAndrés Flor Oviedo2 days ago
  • Trisha is so happy and glowing when shes with moses

    Rabecca RobertsRabecca Roberts2 days ago
  • Honestly I love their vibe together, they just get each other :3

    Angela MedinaAngela Medina2 days ago
  • I love it!💙💙💙

    CarolynFantasy8787CarolynFantasy87872 days ago
  • Lax is the swedish word for salmon. I quess you guys call that kind of salmon preparation (gravad lax) "Lax" because it comes from Sweden. It is an classic on the christmas, easter and midsummer dinner table.

    Ulrika NilssonUlrika Nilsson2 days ago
  • Of course Moses got a blue truck because water😂

    LaurenLauren2 days ago
  • Awe, cool toy. 💙

    Vicky WhiteVicky White2 days ago
  • I thought Trisha looked triggered at first cause her ex best friend had a jeep. But Moses is superior

  • Trish you make us want to find “our person!” Congrats and many blessings

    Lori BellaLori Bella2 days ago

    Cole Chase-BeachCole Chase-Beach2 days ago
  • i love how she’s poses for a thumbnail, doesn’t use it, but keeps it in the video😭😂😂

    aprilapril2 days ago
  • Tell me you kept your Rolls Royce and Bently

    VikingAWarriorVikingAWarrior2 days ago
  • Trisha it’s called Lox because it’s a Jiddish word and is derived from the German word for salmon which is “Lachs”.

    BerlinCityGirl84BerlinCityGirl842 days ago
  • Trisha , you are slowing down a bit bc of your weight , please try to at least cut back on the dairy products. I'm honestly afraid for your health. Young people can have heart attacks too ! 💔

    kimbethkimbeth2 days ago
  • Trisha you were meant to offer him a bite of the blueberry not tell him you’ll save him some and them out it it the bag and then try 3 more without offering him a taste of the blueberry other then that cute 💕

    Casual HumanCasual Human2 days ago
  • I love these 2 for each other

    tricia dunningtricia dunning2 days ago
  • why did Moses sound like Jafar when he said obviously lol

    selfloveglam28selfloveglam282 days ago
  • I love how he just giggles at her when she takes her videos and whatnot. Too cute he’s just like yep. Trisha is doing her thing again 😌😂

    Ariana MarcotteAriana Marcotte2 days ago
  • I'm sooooo glad Moses got a more manly, practical car! 🙌 Seeing him drive that pink Bentley, as gorgeous as it is, was really bothering me. Good for you Moses! ✌👏👏👏

    Jen BJen B2 days ago
  • Does anyone else wonder where her ‘DID’ has gone since she made that amazing video

    Lara HuntleyLara Huntley2 days ago
  • Y’all are soooo cute! Glad u finally found ur perfect man girl I knew u would!👑💙💙Moses has extremely good taste btw! & the shirt he’s wearing damn matches amazingly! This would be a Dream day for me💙👀💘👑✌🏼✌🏼

    Blondifull LifeBlondifull Life3 days ago
  • & THE COLOR omg it’s my actual dream Jeep! I’m goin to go max out my credit to get this now thanks⚠️✌🏼

    Blondifull LifeBlondifull Life3 days ago
  • Man U have NO idea how jelly I am! Lol. I’ve always wanted a nice Jeep my whole entire life but THIS one! Damn...🙈💖✌🏼✌🏼 enjoy it loves

    Blondifull LifeBlondifull Life3 days ago
  • Jeep Wave!!! Welcome To The Jeep Family🤗

    Jessica RowanJessica Rowan3 days ago
  • I love Trishas attitude. This relationship they have is so genuine.

    Matias blancoMatias blanco3 days ago
  • omgg +respect for Moses for also being a fan of Doug Demuro!!

    lilGoon69lilGoon693 days ago
  • I hope she is investing in assets that appreciate as opposed to depreciating because her USworlds career and Onlyfans money will dry out.

    Dixon CiderDixon Cider3 days ago
  • Lol she says she’s Jewish but she’s eating bacon 🥓🤭

    Carlos RiveraCarlos Rivera3 days ago
  • "why are we both so burby we didn't even drink soda"

    Maddy CollinsMaddy Collins3 days ago
  • Someone please answer. HOW can trisha have full on sex with other men on her only fans while in a relationship with Moses...is he okay with that....?

    shanayashanaya08shanayashanaya083 days ago
  • How does the money just keep coming like a badass new truck, house, crazy expensive table like I spend $110 on groceries at walmak and I am like well no more spending for a month

    mclovin indahizziemclovin indahizzie3 days ago
  • Im actually not cringing this is crazy

    Andrea TappAndrea Tapp3 days ago
  • Honestly. . So cute together 💑

    Andrea TappAndrea Tapp3 days ago
  • So considering you keep saying you are giving so much money per video to charities...you dont name or list the charity. You just make more racially insensitive videos. Are you gay today? Or are you trans? OR are you suffering multiple personalities? I guess you will say "that was a joke for the internet' but you wont take full accountability

    Joseph PortmanJoseph Portman3 days ago
  • I like Trish and Moses together

    Tonya PendleyTonya Pendley3 days ago
  • I’m so OBESSED with them , I can’t handle this I’m so excited for them to get married

    Alyssa MichelleAlyssa Michelle3 days ago
  • I swear I could not watch her for awhile. And now she is with him I see a difference in her.

    christina crandellchristina crandell3 days ago
  • The waaay he looks at her omg Trish hurry n marry this man 😍😍😍😍😍I love it

    shauna Shaunashauna Shauna3 days ago
  • No one cares you think people do but they don’t I’m surprised you don’t show us the shit you take in the morning 😂

    Music AlexMusic Alex3 days ago
  • Please don’t start waving at other Jeeps. 👋 As a previous Wrangler owner, it’s just fuck!ng weird!

    bnb0510bnb05103 days ago
  • He gives 10 out of 10 on like everything trish gets him to eat 😂

    xDEVIANTxxDEVIANTx3 days ago
  • you should buy a car and not post and videos of photos of it so you can use it when you need to go somewhere discretely without fans surrounding your car 🥺

    madison claire sherlinmadison claire sherlin3 days ago
  • I wanna cry. He’s so sweet and the way he looks at you 😭😍

    Taylor BerryTaylor Berry3 days ago
  • Proud of Trish for saying wheels lol

    Talisa GarciaTalisa Garcia3 days ago
  • i had to laugh when trisha didn't know that lox is salmon. what did she think it was? she needs to brush up on her Jewish 101.

    Retromovie FanRetromovie Fan3 days ago
  • What a great truck!! Believe it or not, I like it so much better than the Bentleys! I know, right!!! Shouldn’t even compare the two but, it’s really a nice one! I miss Burbank, that’s where my kids live!

    Kari T. SaysKari T. Says3 days ago
  • More car less food

    ARXV PhotoARXV Photo3 days ago
  • I never thought Id be saying this on a trisha paytas video...but.........relationship goals!

    Porcelana JharaPorcelana Jhara3 days ago
  • TRISH congrats youre doing so good i love you :)

    larissa bearrrlarissa bearrr3 days ago
  • I love how we can tell when her videos were filmed cause of her nails! 😝💕 love Trish

    Drea DarlingDrea Darling3 days ago
  • If the bagel has that crunch and is chewy then it’s good! But nothing beats New York bagels made in New York!!!!

    sarah callsarah call3 days ago
  • Nice car

    Ânyà Štár ✨Ânyà Štár ✨3 days ago
  • They're so precious together. I'm glad Trish's life has fallen into place and she has someone who treats her well and truly loves her.

    Melissa TanakaMelissa Tanaka3 days ago
  • We love you and Moses!!!

    Ryland TazioliRyland Tazioli3 days ago
  • Begglebegglebeggle

    Persephone JonesPersephone Jones3 days ago
  • Try curology girl it works

    GH0ST444GH0ST4443 days ago
  • i wish you guys all happiness and love

    Gabriel LucasGabriel Lucas3 days ago

    Jolee JewellJolee Jewell3 days ago
  • I literally just got done watching Trishas massive Dior unboxing. Okay girl get that coinnnnnnnnnnnn I don’t even mind that you’re calling me poor in every language I’m just happy for u ✨🔥🍆🦕

    VictoriaVictoria3 days ago
  • Aside from art, what does Moses do for income? I’ve heard Trisha say a couple times he has money and helped buy their house.

    Kellie SackKellie Sack3 days ago
  • I love that jeep! And also it's in my favorite complementary colors! 💙🧡

    Shelby ReynoldsShelby Reynolds3 days ago

    ginagina4 days ago
  • Boo blarely Blueberry why is it so hard to speak english trisha

    issy roylanceissy roylance4 days ago
  • is Moses Jewish? What's up his that name?

    Andy ZaturnoAndy Zaturno4 days ago
    • Yes he is, Jewish from Israel but I don’t think he practices

      Sofia OSofia O3 days ago
  • Load the back up with blankets and cushions, grab some food and wine, and head to the beach for a cute date night!!

    Elle de JongElle de Jong4 days ago
  • omg when you and Moses have the same color jeep

    Tatyanna BarrTatyanna Barr4 days ago
  • Trish- “it’s so buttery it’s like butter”

    carboocarboo4 days ago
  • He’s such a sweetheart🥰

    Gigi PGigi P4 days ago
  • Remember when Trisha started the mmm challenge😂 I heard her do it a couple times

    Briana EspinozaBriana Espinoza4 days ago
  • Hi guys from South Korea. Korean fried ckn is it!!!! Loving to watch their car mukbang:)

    EUN MI AHN -EUN MI AHN -4 days ago
  • Does she still do only fans?

    NMNM4 days ago
  • Mental gymnasium 🤣🤣

    Lovelyhearts88Lovelyhearts884 days ago
  • Omg I want a bagel sandwich so bad now lol

    Jamie DalrympleJamie Dalrymple4 days ago
  • Man beater

    Fraser WatsonFraser Watson4 days ago
  • Finger crossed for the reality Show!

    Jaellen WarrenJaellen Warren4 days ago
  • OMG! she looks terrible--fucksakes. She needs to get some sun,...Her health and wellness,or her natural glow has gotten zapped for the past year. She needs to take some time out for herself,and look from outside the box. Poor Trish---

    Meet in U the Middle FirpoMeet in U the Middle Firpo4 days ago