We Become Babies In Brookhaven RP... (Roblox)

Feb 19, 2021
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  • cam you do meme rv???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!!!!

    Leann SchaferLeann Schafer8 hours ago
  • Why can’t I marry Levi 😔

    • Demon •• Demon •14 hours ago
  • Obama

    fuffy_04848285fuffy_0484828517 hours ago
  • Who is adopted here tell me TELL MEEEE!!!! REEEEEEEEE😜😜😜🤪🤪😜

    ariannearianne22 hours ago
  • did anyone notice the toy ball on the cover of the video (it's obama :D)

    chanie the elfchanie the elfDay ago
  • I love you alex

    Alma MedinaAlma MedinaDay ago
  • ♡ the fact that Levi is kind and Alex is a brat sometimes lol `✿

    The Miller FamilyThe Miller FamilyDay ago
  • Me. Sees Thumbnail* me. Poor Charlie. Video. Has nothing to do with Charlie. Me. Why did they put Charlie in the cover

    Marta HuckstepMarta HuckstepDay ago
  • Levi + Alex = BlackPink

    Emma PuolakkaEmma PuolakkaDay ago
  • ok

  • Alax Love you

    Miriam HuinacMiriam HuinacDay ago

    Steph HydeSteph HydeDay ago
  • Why you say matter not matter but sword of mother

    Ayrese CalderonAyrese Calderon2 days ago
  • Hi Alex

    Ps4 GameplayPs4 Gameplay2 days ago
  • It's soo funny when he drives car and saying *hahahaha and also okay because he messed up 😂😂😂😅😂😭😭🤗😭🤣🤣😭

    HugobossHugoboss2 days ago
  • Nobody can see Obama in the Ball

    Gachalife. KaniyceGachalife. Kaniyce2 days ago
  • Omg I was in a video 😱

    Jenteel AustinJenteel Austin2 days ago
  • alex is a stubborn child

    cookie_demon_ puffcookie_demon_ puff2 days ago
  • Me: wait my mom found me at the club Alex: now we have two Mudars Levi: even when you are a baby you need a big closet

    -ShadowGlitcher23--ShadowGlitcher23-2 days ago
  • Aleya aiiNm

    Refugia SerranoRefugia Serrano2 days ago
  • Ha

    Niicolette32Niicolette322 days ago
  • Did you not see Alex has a gun in her inventory lol

    Angeles RodriguezAngeles Rodriguez2 days ago
  • Levi's a goth

    Jack LathamJack Latham2 days ago
  • Ignore fact that Obama is a ball

    Shoto Todoroki the catShoto Todoroki the cat2 days ago
  • Wait why is the ball has Obama face?

    Hamster cultHamster cult2 days ago
  • Me watching vids while eating mc donalds* Levi:I WANT ICE CREAM Me just started eating ice cream*

    InquisitorMasterInquisitorMaster2 days ago

    Aneah CuevasAneah Cuevas2 days ago
  • Obama's in the thumbnail

    •śůňfłøwėř••śůňfłøwėř•2 days ago
  • I see Obama toy 🧸😅😂

    FNPFNP3 days ago
  • Ya'll- i- the thumbnail is like tpn- (The promised neverland) btw i love your videos very much ! keep foing the good work! hope you live a great life may god bless you 😇🙏🏻

    Ara ManaliliAra Manalili3 days ago

    Darcy HornDarcy Horn3 days ago
  • A-K-A LeVi is BEBEEE CORPS😩🤌

    Madeline PalmaMadeline Palma3 days ago
  • no

    •QxeenEdits&Vlogs 23••QxeenEdits&Vlogs 23•3 days ago
  • Does light have a motor

    Skyla BettsSkyla Betts3 days ago
  • Uhhhhhhhhhh why is levi a grown guy but still said Mommy like dude really

    Helen ScottHelen Scott3 days ago
  • X

  • And I love 💕 food oh man and don’t forget boys ruuules

    menaka nandamenaka nanda3 days ago
  • Is anyone gonna talk about the Obama ball?-

    xxx cookie_Wolfe xxxxxx cookie_Wolfe xxx3 days ago
  • hay Livy can you please give me a little bit of info about you

    Kala CosmaKala Cosma3 days ago
  • Alex I love your hair

    Maribel SanchezMaribel Sanchez3 days ago
  • Wth she adopted a man 🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😂

    christina montanochristina montano3 days ago
  • r.i.p levi eyes >.< lol

    Alysha ColeAlysha Cole3 days ago
  • levi: we just left the daycare 5 minutes ago and we already have a mom me: gets adopted from the daycare 5 seconds after going outside and telling my backstory

    Torichoco ChibiTorichoco Chibi3 days ago
    • While I was reading it he said it-

      vCqss1dy sm1thvCqss1dy sm1thDay ago
  • Why is on the yellow ball on the video its obama 🤣🤣🤣

    Michelle PatriciaMichelle Patricia3 days ago
  • I love ur vds You look so cute ❤

    Alejandra MartínezAlejandra Martínez3 days ago
  • May i ask why there is obama at your vids-

    Yøurimpøster friêndYøurimpøster friênd3 days ago
  • At 1:03 it sounds like Levi said all might lol

    Trinity CarpenterTrinity Carpenter4 days ago
  • I will just scribe to you USworldsr Alex :Alex: :3 yay🙂

    Fredy MaciasFredy Macias4 days ago
  • Alex: get out

    Fredy MaciasFredy Macias4 days ago
  • levi i scared to ur voice and alex why u together

    Arlyn FerrerArlyn Ferrer4 days ago
  • I wish Levi was my friend

    Karina ReyesKarina Reyes4 days ago
  • Im a fan of my hero acadamia

    Olivia MorenoOlivia Moreno4 days ago
  • I was too lazy to type

  • I love the show

    Carter DeschampsCarter Deschamps4 days ago
  • I am your biggest fan

    Carter DeschampsCarter Deschamps4 days ago
  • Alex I want to play with you I am a girl

    Carter DeschampsCarter Deschamps4 days ago
  • Alex:I NeEd A BiG ClOsEIt Levi:....

    Melissa PhillipsMelissa Phillips4 days ago
  • It’s the secret Obama in every vid my favorite so far is Obama sun

    Spab FamilySpab Family4 days ago
  • If Alex had a power I would say the power of the sun

    floofy cupkim 119floofy cupkim 1194 days ago
  • uh oh I do not like Chicken

    Samall cats Xsatx 2Samall cats Xsatx 24 days ago
  • On the thumbnail it looks like Mama Charli there

    TeaLilyTeaLily4 days ago
  • Bhutto

    Betty MarquezBetty Marquez4 days ago
  • Go

    Betty MarquezBetty Marquez4 days ago
  • Noooo

    Betty MarquezBetty Marquez4 days ago
  • 🥴🤣🤣😂🤣

    Sofia NikolicSofia Nikolic4 days ago
  • Did anyone else see Levi type "MAMA MIA!"

    Jazzy YangJazzy Yang4 days ago
  • I just noticed that Alex looks like a girl version of todoroki

    ?Dreamy_ Night¿?Dreamy_ Night¿4 days ago
  • I got promised never lands vibes from that thumbnail

    Fumiko & MuzukiFumiko & Muzuki4 days ago
  • O.o

    adalyn gameradalyn gamer4 days ago
  • Alex says: MATHER

    FreddyFreddy4 days ago
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*iiiiiiiiiv

    Pedro GarciaPedro Garcia4 days ago
  • Mon?

    Jonni RomanoJonni Romano4 days ago
  • Wow Alex you play RP me to play RP 😁


    Tristian (Ninio) DelubiarTristian (Ninio) Delubiar5 days ago
  • I like the way you say Mathers UwU

    Sarah wrightmanSarah wrightman5 days ago
  • Yas levi brota brota

    Squad fanSquad fan5 days ago
  • OK so Levi I am I have a Dopp me

    Izabella VazquezIzabella Vazquez5 days ago
  • @

    Isabelle R. NevadoIsabelle R. Nevado5 days ago
  • Hi Alex

    Shakirah WilkinsShakirah Wilkins5 days ago
  • lol

    Yuyiny JinYuyiny Jin5 days ago
  • Genderbend todoroki

    Alaca KaranlıkAlaca Karanlık5 days ago
  • Oooooop

    Tyasia GObLeTyasia GObLe5 days ago
  • I rilly like livi and Alex frendship I think livi should have a chanel and god bless all

    Mike the puppy A cute puppyMike the puppy A cute puppy5 days ago
  • Omg Alex

    TsukiTsuki5 days ago
  • Do you now Todoroki

    Ajwa KhalidAjwa Khalid5 days ago
  • Hi

    Kyle AndersonKyle Anderson5 days ago

    Vikhila SabeeshVikhila Sabeesh6 days ago
  • Poor Levi. I'd adopt him if I was there

    Dhina PenaDhina Pena6 days ago
  • Obama ball

    Strxberry gacha cookie uwuStrxberry gacha cookie uwu6 days ago
  • Levi want to eat all ice cream until his teeth yucky

    Felicia Oktaviani ManurungFelicia Oktaviani Manurung6 days ago
  • I really want to Die 😌

    Stephh ReynaStephh Reyna6 days ago
  • spoil alex

    estasy Seedestasy Seed6 days ago
  • Alex can you please friend me I’m its_moreth2

    Jailyn like’s to play RobloxJailyn like’s to play Roblox6 days ago
  • Promise Neverland

    Jailyn like’s to play RobloxJailyn like’s to play Roblox6 days ago
  • little does levi know that bigboy seat a baby seat

    KREOLE_YTKREOLE_YT6 days ago
  • I turned my lips to blood while whatching

    Rosie FoxRosie Fox6 days ago
  • The Obama ball in the thumbnail though🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    K1DC0RE!K1DC0RE!6 days ago
  • Oh

    Hamza MohammedHamza Mohammed6 days ago
  • Chat: LeviAckermannsMop: Carry Me

    It's BlossomIt's Blossom6 days ago
  • Alex has Red hair?!

    Didka XristovaDidka Xristova6 days ago