Watch Reddick take high line at Darlington in Next Gen car tire test | Full Run | In-car Camera

Apr 6, 2021
35 684 Views

Watch as Tyler Reddick takes the NASCAR Next Gen car around the high side at Darlington Raceway while testing tires for Goodyear.
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  • 2022 is going to be amazing!

    iced_coffeelvriced_coffeelvrDay ago
  • I thought they could run wide open at Daytona but he isn't

    carl gruvercarl gruver6 days ago
    • This isn’t Daytona, it’s Darlington

      Solid Snake1019Solid Snake10195 days ago
  • It’s a cool camera angle but it would have been nice to show other angles as well. It’s hard to determine how fast the car is going, the banking in which turns 1&2 are different banking than 3&4. Basically all this showed is how close Reddick ran towards the wall. Still, neat video but I would have preferred more camera angles than just this one.

    Jake JonasJake Jonas6 days ago
  • There is Jackson Storm in real life

    Gabriel Rodrigues dos SantosGabriel Rodrigues dos Santos7 days ago
  • Just for 💩 and giggles and mind that it’s a very rough estimate. I was lapping him in the stopwatch at around 30.22 and then around a 10th or more fall off each lap. So he was averaging about 158 mph. Compared to 2019 pole William Byron ran a 28.51 or average speed of 167 mph Like I said very rough but I think I’ll take the slower speed for more off throttle time and actually having to drive the car.

    Nick MurphyNick Murphy7 days ago
  • Nothing like the roar of the wind in the microphone

    Roger Plott JrRoger Plott Jr7 days ago
  • Sucks when they just not show the new generation car at all 😭

    Richard ThomasRichard Thomas7 days ago
  • My favorite part was when I saw the window.

    Seth PowellSeth Powell7 days ago
  • I hope these things are faster than the current cars with restrictor plates. I don't know why anyone thought putting on a plate was a good idea.

    theJmantheJman8 days ago
    • What restrictor plate? They did away with them and got just typred spacer

      John HaasJohn Haas7 days ago
    • Maybe because of Dega in 87? We can't have 210+ MPH cars flying into the fences again. Reducing speed at least helps prevent that. As do the taller spoilers

      SpooterSpooter7 days ago
  • Honestly the stock car part has been just thrown away now. And why only one lug wheels

    MisticWonderMisticWonder8 days ago
    • If I had to take a guess, it's to give smaller teams a chance to win on pit road. Teams like Hendrick and Gibbs can afford to hire world class tire changers that can get 2 tires done in under 10 seconds. Teams like Spire can't. It levels the playing field a little bit more

      SpooterSpooter7 days ago
  • I love this

    brandon jodreybrandon jodrey8 days ago
  • Going to the 600 next year can’t wait

    Ryan DavisRyan Davis9 days ago
  • I really wish they would come back to Twin Ring Motegi super speedway, Fuji speedway and Suzuka Circuit for the truck series, Cup series and Xfinity series

    New World Gardens LandscapeNew World Gardens Landscape9 days ago
  • Boring 💤

    BerylliumBeryllium9 days ago
  • I saw your pics from the test. I am very, very happy that NASCAR went back to a uniform body shape, and now that ugly banana shape you have on current gen. Even though I dont like the idea of a spec body shape, I am happy that they at least look like camaros and mustangs (or coupes) whereas the cars now all look like camrys (or sedans) with different bumpers.

    PatrickPatrick9 days ago
  • I love the sound of that engine roar.

    Aaron Phipps Jr.Aaron Phipps Jr.9 days ago
  • I love the sound of the car I'm a car person and hearing something like that makes me feel happy on the inside

  • What a race car should sound like 👍

    James HutchisonJames Hutchison9 days ago
  • And my pick's for Martinsville is Elliott, Truex, Hamlin, and Blaney.

    Tiffany WallTiffany Wall9 days ago
  • Nascar should have camera angles like this during real racing

    Anthony OrtizAnthony Ortiz9 days ago
    • I wonder how many gopros will be destroyed

      Jm Rc'sJm Rc's7 days ago
  • Don't know about anyone else, but all I got to watch was a wall.

    Joshua PowersJoshua Powers9 days ago
    • I know, my ears were satisfied but my vision is FUCKED from watching letters and paint on the wall at high camera speed

      Paul RamosPaul Ramos9 days ago
  • Dodge back to nascar ?

    M.Fahri FadillahM.Fahri Fadillah9 days ago
    • Haha

      John HaasJohn Haas9 days ago
  • i wanna go fast!!!!

  • The whole video is in car, sucked! I'm looking at a cement wall the whole time!!

    Scott Lowman.Scott Lowman.10 days ago
    • Ya, your right. Still would have been nice to have a couple laps outside of the car.

      Scott Lowman.Scott Lowman.9 days ago
    • Well, uh, that’s what it says in the title. Soooo, you probably should’ve expected that.

      DevelDogg48DevelDogg489 days ago
  • "Awesome!"👍👍

    Infinite Concept ChannelInfinite Concept Channel10 days ago
  • Looks fast but I wish there was a camera angle where I can hear the noise clearly.

    Ethan SchmidEthan Schmid10 days ago
    • Their twitter has a good clip from today near the start finish line

      MrArron4MrArron49 days ago
  • Worst camera angle ever

    True 17True 1710 days ago
    • They probably deliberately put that camera in there. Still a lot of secrets are being kept

      Marv DondokambeyMarv Dondokambey9 days ago
  • Sounds like a V8 great job NASCAR

    Jordan B.Jordan B.10 days ago
  • Hope Reddick can the last race in this season for the gen 6 Camaro

    COPO Camaro Route 66COPO Camaro Route 6610 days ago
  • What’s the connection between Boeing and Darlington? Is there a Boeing facility near by?

    Charlene MarcksCharlene Marcks10 days ago
  • NASCAR takes a step forward just to take two back. Leave the lug nuts alone and actually attempt to fix the boring on track spectacle not pit road

    LUV ClothingLUV Clothing10 days ago
    • @LUV Clothing I'm very hard on nascar but tbh u sound like one of those nascar has gone woke crowd lol

      TOPFUEL 173TOPFUEL 1738 days ago
    • @LUV Clothing honestly getting mad over nuts is just the pettiest thing you can do lol. does affect the show in any meaningful way? no. and you know them not liking it only matters if they stop paying.

      Dylan CottonDylan Cotton9 days ago
    • @Dylan Cotton that’s not stupid? Do you know of any stock cars that only have one lug? I gurantee if you took a poll of the people who actually pay to go to several races a year and support NASCAR the majority would say they do not like the change.

      LUV ClothingLUV Clothing9 days ago
    • if your biggest problem with the car is something as stupid as the thing that puts the wheel on i think theyve done a pretty good job lol

      Dylan CottonDylan Cotton9 days ago
    • The Xfinity series and truck series will still have five lug nuts. Cup series is going to 18 inch aluminum wheels and 5 lug nuts won't work safely. Understand safety is a number priority One and not everything you need to know before you have a f****** coming again

      John HaasJohn Haas10 days ago
  • Yet again nascar fixing something that’s not broke I’m puzzled by the 1 lug nut deal

    Coal black 79 k10Coal black 79 k1010 days ago
    • kind of have to modernize the cars at some point, the old/current cars, some of the parts are not exactly cheap to get hold of now, and while the new cars kind of dump an adjustment in the rear, [trackbar] they actually improve a bit, no more crazy as freak crap pulled on a live-axle rear to get any sort of toe/camber or other alignment stuff, and one rear wheel getting bounced doesn't affect the other as much, as they're going away from the live axle to a independent rear.. as for the lugnuts thing, those cars can get hold of and shoot those things pretty hard and there have been times where pitcrews left the nuts loose/off the car and it has caused issues.. win-win for safety and pit-times there.

      NiteRiderEVONiteRiderEVO9 days ago
    • ikr, nascar's 5 lug is a uniqueness, and now they make it the same to others 😩

      Denzel IbrahimDenzel Ibrahim9 days ago
  • Was the speed faster for this next gen car then the cars that Nascar has now?

    Joseph DavisJoseph Davis10 days ago
  • How much horsepower?

    Ryan DavisRyan Davis10 days ago
  • Ahhhh. Don't you just love the sound of off-throttle time in the mornings? 😂😍👌

    Robby LyonsRobby Lyons10 days ago
  • So are we just gonna ignore the fact that NASCAR has ad's turned on for this video

    4-14 FAN4-14 FAN10 days ago
    • @4-14 FAN well money is still money

      Denzel IbrahimDenzel Ibrahim9 days ago
    • @Sam Harris I'm just saying it's a little funny for such a wealthy sport to have ad's on a youtube video. Ad's alone on a video don't pay much even if you get a million views you'd need to have a sponsor for the video to get the real money.

      4-14 FAN4-14 FAN10 days ago
    • Huh? What's wrong with that? They can't monetize their own content?

      Sam HarrisSam Harris10 days ago
  • Props to the camera man for hanging on the entire time 🤣🤣🤣

    Brian spanglerBrian spangler10 days ago
    • @Brian spangler it's Chuck Norris

      KaM GKaM G5 days ago
    • @SPCWakefield1103 pretty off topic lol 😂

      Blake BarnesBlake Barnes7 days ago
    • @Blake Barnes dude, you are literally on a NASCAR video who the driver of the 3 car is named “Austin Dillion”

      SPCWakefield1103SPCWakefield11037 days ago
    • That camera man is none other than Cole Trickle, driver of the Mellow Yellow car.

      Devin TerrioDevin Terrio8 days ago
    • @Shane Dozer Man yeah that’s exactly what it’s like.

      Blake BarnesBlake Barnes9 days ago
  • Sounds great! Hope it produces good racing...

    Jack On The Track 10Jack On The Track 1010 days ago
  • Not a fan of the single lug nut call!!

    Evan EversEvan Evers10 days ago
    • @John Haas why, it's not stock to have one lug just like very few cars run steel wheels still. Best thing would have been to run 18 steelies in the same style the have now. They look way better than these ugly alloys.

      Austin WilsonAustin Wilson10 days ago
    • Get over it as it safety thing with 18 inch aluminum wheels.

      John HaasJohn Haas10 days ago
  • Omg really

    Noobs ForeverNoobs Forever10 days ago
  • I’m with Carl Edwards, call me if they go to low downforce and 1,000 horsepower.

    Lee BanksLee Banks10 days ago
  • Why cant the wind noise be would be way more realistic!

    imSICKkidimSICKkid10 days ago
  • No fuel

  • When are they gonna run these cars?

    BaMbAMBaMbAM10 days ago
    • Next year

      John HaasJohn Haas10 days ago
  • Can we have this camera angle on race day?

    TheRealPOTETheRealPOTE10 days ago
    • Your joking right? This is terrible

      Jebediah GentryJebediah Gentry10 days ago
  • Progress

    Shane GleavesShane Gleaves10 days ago
  • That’s a weird camera angle, the best thing is to put it in the top of the car not on the side, change that next time please

    Icy ToonzIcy Toonz10 days ago
  • Is there gonna be a Toyota gen 7?

    Something Went wrongSomething Went wrong10 days ago
    • Yea, yoder aint leaving the sport.

  • Awesome onboard video!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Donny LaneDonny Lane10 days ago
    • I hope enjoyed next time at Darlington Raceway!

      Donny LaneDonny Lane10 days ago
  • ))))))) my poor Speaker's!!((((((( ...gnarly,,,

  • Fastest Lap: 29.95 2019 Pole: 28.51 Time it yourself with a stopwatch. Embarrassingly slow.

    Austin OgonoskiAustin Ogonoski10 days ago
    • The car is not in qualifying trim

      Shilpi326Shilpi32610 days ago
    • It's a tire test you dingleberry, and it's a prototype car

      Jebediah GentryJebediah Gentry10 days ago
    • It’s testing

      Mopar77Mopar7710 days ago
  • needs 900 hp

    Alex FoxAlex Fox10 days ago
    • @John Haas It's so sad it has to be that way. Hopefully the new car tho can be a lot cheaper to build and OEMs can afford more powerful engines, but I highly doubt it will happen again.

      Alex FoxAlex Fox10 days ago
    • 900 hp days Are dead. The manufacturers do not want it

      John HaasJohn Haas10 days ago
  • He ran the wall one corner

    Ben MyattBen Myatt10 days ago
  • I just want to see the updated OEM bodies

    Carson WeyerCarson Weyer10 days ago
  • Be awesome if there was some other angles.

    ItsKaspa HoeItsKaspa Hoe10 days ago
    • 👍👍

      Infinite Concept ChannelInfinite Concept Channel10 days ago
  • The cars not as loud as I thought

    Mr. GuyMr. Guy10 days ago
    • Well it's GoPro. No surprise

      Marv DondokambeyMarv Dondokambey9 days ago
    • It’s not at its fullest potential

      Eagles Mann024Eagles Mann02410 days ago
  • I like this in car cam placement

    fryguyclip Zfryguyclip Z10 days ago
    • @TheRealPOTE I don't think any team would be willing to do that just because that's such a sensitive area of the car aerodynamically

      Robert StoneRobert Stone9 days ago
    • literally a "car" cam

      Denzel IbrahimDenzel Ibrahim9 days ago
    • Right. I want this on race day.

      TheRealPOTETheRealPOTE10 days ago
    • You mean out a car?

      Robert StoneRobert Stone10 days ago
    • yes it's very in the car

      Biggie CheeseBiggie Cheese10 days ago
  • NASCAR purposely not showing any parts of the car because they are going with "High downforce" "Low Horse"

    Tanner LevasseurTanner Levasseur10 days ago
    • From the one pic i saw the spoiler looked medium height

      Jer WatsonJer Watson10 days ago
    • They literally posted a picture of the car earlier, and how tf can you tell the horsepower by looking at it lmao

      Tom CurranTom Curran10 days ago
  • I want to see him do this at homestead

    Tim Hortons Cup SeriesTim Hortons Cup Series10 days ago
  • looks sketchy to me, he is getting up to the wall but it doesnt look like thats what he wants to do haha. when he is up there he is off the gas. explains the camera angle i guess.

    DmbWorksDmbWorks10 days ago
    • @Austin Wilson read the title, running up against the wall is what they claim he is doing and im saying thats shit if he is intending to. which i dont think that was even the intension of the testing, just what he got stuck doing with that shit.. raised by your mom, you want to make excuse so you have a point to argue otherwise you dont have shit. i dont care about yours or any other kids excuses, calling it like i see because its still a free country. title should have been a shit day of testing, could hardly keep it off the wall. lmao

      DmbWorksDmbWorks9 days ago
    • @DmbWorks they don't call it the track too tough to tame for nothing. This is a tire test first off and more than likely set up to the extremes to really push the tires. He ain't going out with the car set how he wants it to qualify or race.

      Austin WilsonAustin Wilson10 days ago
    • @Davi Clar yeah what ever, that was terrible, he couldnt have held off my grandma with that setup haha. he could have put it in park along the small section of wall he couldnt keep the car off of if he wanted to lol. **they just dont want you to know he was trying to keep it on the bottom lmfao

      DmbWorksDmbWorks10 days ago
    • That's how you drive Darlington, let off gas entering the turn, then pick up the throttle in mid turn.

      Davi ClarDavi Clar10 days ago
    • The car is supposed to be off the gas in the corners

      Chef BoyardeeChef Boyardee10 days ago
  • Almost thought this was the freedom factory

    Diddy DoodatDiddy Doodat10 days ago
  • Hey nascar get some real video people. Damn you suck. This is something to brag over? Give me a break.

    king0cansking0cans10 days ago
    • What

      Dat DuckDat Duck10 days ago
  • Interesting placement for the camera

    Matthew SgabelloneMatthew Sgabellone10 days ago
  • Will the manufacturer's reveal the bodies today??

    JM _324JM _32410 days ago
    • May

      Noah SimonNoah Simon7 days ago
    • No later in the spring, probably June

      Mopar77Mopar7710 days ago
  • Do you get extra points if you wreck it

    Adam GivanAdam Givan10 days ago
    • *wiliam byron intensifies*

      Biggie CheeseBiggie Cheese10 days ago
  • I don't really see the point of a 5th gear

    Zenon 45Zenon 4510 days ago
    • @Zenon 45 cool story bro

      Kyle SmylyKyle Smyly7 days ago
    • @Kyle Smyly i stated my opinion, that's all i did, also the emoji thing was a joke.

      Zenon 45Zenon 457 days ago
    • @Zenon 45 Your point? None. You're just spitting stupidity for no reason? Cool. Good to know.

      Kyle SmylyKyle Smyly7 days ago
    • @Kyle Smyly good insult, too bad you used an emoji

      Zenon 45Zenon 457 days ago
    • NASCAR probably thought the same thing about your comment so 🤷🏼‍♂️

      Kyle SmylyKyle Smyly7 days ago
  • This car better “fix” the mile in a half’s. Also the aero packages

    JingleOctopusJingleOctopus10 days ago
    • @TRENT nooo I failed

      JingleOctopusJingleOctopus9 days ago
    • Mile AND a half you mean.... Fool

      TRENTTRENT9 days ago
  • I can barely hear the engine because of the winds

    Cito BrowneCito Browne10 days ago
  • Sonido de los Dioses

    Jorge MontecinosJorge Montecinos10 days ago
  • One stupid fun

    jon snowjon snow10 days ago
  • Sick!

    pittsky ppittsky p10 days ago
  • lol the worst camera angle

    NASCAR RedpandaNASCAR Redpanda10 days ago
  • It sounds so cool!

    Călin MașcaCălin Mașca10 days ago
  • We need this camera in race please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    William ForemanWilliam Foreman10 days ago
  • Oh that car sounds so good

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon10 days ago
    • I can't wait to hear the pack at Daytona or dega with the next gen

      Timothy LitesTimothy Lites10 days ago
    • Exactly!

      iClever_CreatoriiClever_Creatori10 days ago
  • And now I think everybody and myself is ready for another short track.

    Tiffany WallTiffany Wall10 days ago
  • I can’t wait to see the OEM bodies on the next gen car.

    Ironhardt_8Ironhardt_810 days ago
    • @Paulo Arthur Albuq Toyota’s confirmed they’re using the Camry

      AbsurdNapa 9AbsurdNapa 94 days ago
    • I just imagine a Gen7 supra, would be beautiful to see on track

      Paulo Arthur AlbuqPaulo Arthur Albuq7 days ago
    • @Jebediah Gentry No it doesn't lol

      NearCriticalNearCritical8 days ago
    • Tbh it looks exactly the same as the current car

      Jebediah GentryJebediah Gentry10 days ago
  • 0/10 wind wasn't loud enough

    dinoco's all mine fandinoco's all mine fan10 days ago
  • It's good to see nascar trying the next gen car and the tires at darlington after a week off.

    Tiffany WallTiffany Wall10 days ago
    • They busy doing tire testing with the car now that development of the car is done

      John HaasJohn Haas10 days ago
  • А еслиб Реддик разбил машину то что?

    • В другую бы пересел.

      Matt SpezzaMatt Spezza9 days ago
  • This gonna be on the groove today

    StevenP 91StevenP 9110 days ago
    • @BlueJimmie48Fan *Out of the Groove into music begins to play

      Jacob HaleJacob Hale7 days ago
    • @Jebediah Gentry they must have ate tide Pods before going on USworlds

      StevenP 91StevenP 919 days ago
    • I have never cringed so hard reading a comment section. Are y'all like 6 years old

      Jebediah GentryJebediah Gentry10 days ago
    • @BlueJimmie48Fan GROOVY!!!

      KyleBusch05KyleBusch0510 days ago

      BlueJimmie48FanBlueJimmie48Fan10 days ago
  • Say whaaaaaat

    • S̸ T̸ R̸ I̸ K̸ E̸ __ Z̸ O̸ N̸ E̸ •• S̸ T̸ R̸ I̸ K̸ E̸ __ Z̸ O̸ N̸ E̸ •10 days ago
  • It sounds so good!

    iClever_CreatoriiClever_Creatori10 days ago
    • It sounds like shit

      Robert RobinsonRobert Robinson7 days ago
  • That paint job though. Very cool!😁👍

    The Official Bumble Bee ChannelThe Official Bumble Bee Channel10 days ago
  • Litt

    Jayden SanchezJayden Sanchez10 days ago
  • I'm first

    MarcisAwesome04MarcisAwesome0410 days ago
  • Hi

    Maaason BeamsMaaason Beams10 days ago
  • Hi nascar!

    Cars 3 Craziness!Cars 3 Craziness!10 days ago