WATCH: Joe Biden Just Said the N-Word! | Louder With Crowder

Feb 22, 2021
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Uhhh, are we hearing this correctly? Also... you ain't black.
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"Eat My Butt"

  • Who is the douche in the African costume.

    Patrick SearlesPatrick Searles40 minutes ago
  • Facebook will not allow me to share this on my page without a warning that it is false information.

    Irene CarhartIrene Carhart3 hours ago
  • Biden just said the n word. Well we better try to impeach Trump again

    William CooperWilliam Cooper8 hours ago
  • Racist Racist !!!!!!!!!!!

    tmodeltmodel9 hours ago
  • You folks know that’s not what he said.

    David WilsonDavid Wilson10 hours ago
  • Oh lighten up boys. The man bumbles and fumbles and stumbles over everything. I'm no fan of the clown. But I'll give this one up as random oral drivel.

    st1300st130011 hours ago
  • all he did was stutter?

    Burst Your BubbleBurst Your Bubble12 hours ago
  • I think so myself

    Nathan BraungardtNathan Braungardt12 hours ago
  • But black americans vote for biden, NO WAY FUCK OUTTA HERE , imagine if president trump said nigger, cnn would be all over him

    VICKAHVICKAH13 hours ago
  • Gigga, You gonna hear next !!!

    Luis RodriguezLuis Rodriguez13 hours ago
  • So what if he said the n word? Freedom of speech

    My White Male Conservative SelfMy White Male Conservative Self14 hours ago
  • I think he's racist and a liar who would sayanything to anyone for a payoff.

    walldoo99walldoo9914 hours ago
  • From the heart(Spirit)the mouth speaketh.

    lisa gayelisa gaye14 hours ago
  • Hasn't anyone put this in a rap-repeat loop- yet? It would pair well with the "🎵I'm on fire🎶" or "🎶Benny 🎵Hill " fire dance by molatov man from the summer😂

    lisa gayelisa gaye14 hours ago
  • Why dont blm start a petition to impeach him for saying that word

    abandoned hunter mikeabandoned hunter mike15 hours ago
  • Shaking my head

    Larry LlamaLarry Llama15 hours ago
  • He's allowed because he's a Democrat and (somehow) they (being absolute hypocrites) are allowed to disrespect themselves with disgusting language and behavior.

    Dan LongstreetDan Longstreet15 hours ago
  • Someone bet him he wouldn't say it and he was like haha I got this in my stutter

    HollyWhoHollyWho16 hours ago
  • The bible says pray for our leaders and I do but he is the biggest idiot ever to speak in public

    357 bullfrog357 bullfrog16 hours ago
  • Idiot. He said “eager” but he stuttered, so it sounded like “neager”. Sound nothing like the n word. You need some hearing aids.

    Joaquin LeybaJoaquin Leyba18 hours ago
  • Biden tends to stumble over his words a bit. Big deal. You gotta come up with something better than this Crowder. You say he's an idiot, and you have nothing to back it up but a stutter If you want an idiot, look to the guy who suggests injecting detergent or nuking hurricanes.

    mike mitchellmike mitchell18 hours ago
  • Fox News is promoting Democrat policies and turning off the comment section.

    Jeff ThomasJeff Thomas18 hours ago
  • Haaaaaa thats crazy.

    lewisdnicklewisdnick19 hours ago
  • And racist Biden is suppose to bring America together?

    J.J. W.J.J. W.20 hours ago
  • Fact checkers this isn't fact...are you serious to try to tell us this isn't what we are hearing.???

    J PsilanoJ Psilano21 hour ago
  • His words are slurred due to inconsistencies of medication

    Larry pLarry p22 hours ago
  • Ok folks - just move along - there’s nothing to see hear - go o. Home about your own business . Matt Dillon Gunsmoke

    Oscar JaegerOscar Jaeger23 hours ago
  • There fact checking this. Dumb

  • only the black SUCKA's voted for old joe.

    Jasper HoldemJasper Holdem23 hours ago
  • George Soros and Bill ya no!

    Jasper HoldemJasper Holdem23 hours ago
  • I have never seen it, have you?

    Gary NordenGary NordenDay ago
  • Subliminal ! Oh shit ! Horrible slip of the tongue !

    Jon RifeJon RifeDay ago
  • He’s a racist Mr Crowder an old Senile Racist and he is getting worst his dementia is showing his true colors . What’s in his wicked heart is going to come out!! This is the same man the gave the Eulogy of an kkk leader

    Marjorie RMarjorie RDay ago
    • It's sad that most black people would call you an uncle tom for saying this

      Your Mom's Chest HairYour Mom's Chest Hair7 hours ago
  • Yes he said that!

    melissa castillomelissa castilloDay ago
  • Biden voted for himself making him a self-identifying black which gives him permission for using the N word. Nothing to see here folks just another conspiracy theory Nothing Burger.

    LanieJuanita WhitehurstLanieJuanita WhitehurstDay ago

    twiceuutwiceuuDay ago
  • He really needs to be impeached

    Agnes ChapmanAgnes ChapmanDay ago
  • You're totally not a dishonest blowhard Crowder

    Its CebbyIts CebbyDay ago
  • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    James HendricksJames HendricksDay ago
  • You are stupid, he mispronounced a word. Try and find some real news

    HeavenHeavenDay ago
  • Look I hate Biden as much as anyone, I absolutely detest that abhorrent, racist, unconscious, two-faced, anti-American, unconstitutional hypocrite, but I'm pretty sure he was saying (or trying to say) "I'm eager to hear, n' you're gonna hear it next."

    J RJ RDay ago
  • Hi

    Cauliflower FanCauliflower FanDay ago
  • I'm glad someone caught it, I thought it was only me

    EEuphoriaEEuphoriaDay ago
  • 🤣🤣🤐🤐🤡🤡

    Becky BarrettBecky BarrettDay ago
  • He’s either really old or fuckin racist😂

    Ethan GrayEthan GrayDay ago
  • Come on now. It was a slip of the tongue. He was trying to say "I'm an honest person" and that came out.

    Gary GrimmGary GrimmDay ago
  • We gotta normalize all racial slurs

    Noah HernNoah HernDay ago
  • That's not the stuff you see in Last Week Tonight...

    ᛊᛏᛖᚠᚠᛖᚾ ᚹᛁᛞᛗᚨᛁᛖᚱᛊᛏᛖᚠᚠᛖᚾ ᚹᛁᛞᛗᚨᛁᛖᚱDay ago
  • I put on my subtitles and it spelled out exactly what he said. Lmao

    Shawn NixonShawn NixonDay ago
  • Where is the outrage? There is an old white racist in the oval office, do something Lebron!

    Shine DawgShine DawgDay ago
  • Biden might have said it but Trump supports it back down and stand by it sucks to be a trump supporter

    John VickersJohn VickersDay ago
  • What a minute ....... now that Biden said n***er , is it legal for everyone to say it ?

    Robert CliftonRobert CliftonDay ago
  • Everyone post this in face bok and politfact will cover it with mostly false

    Jack GenreJack GenreDay ago
  • Just reported politically to facebook

    Jack GenreJack GenreDay ago
  • Posted this on Facebook and politfacr listed it as false its a video of Biden on camera saying it lol

    Jack GenreJack GenreDay ago
  • Where is the BLM and SJW uprising over this insensitive garble of words? Exactly....

    brian nickelbrian nickelDay ago
  • Never saw it.

    brian nickelbrian nickelDay ago
  • He must have forgot to chain up Leroy before he left

    Master JMaster JDay ago
  • you're not black unless you riot!

    mike cartermike carterDay ago
  • Irish History Month!!!! Then German Then African History!! BUT Black Ain't Even A ?

    mike pattersonmike pattersonDay ago
  • Okay!! His subconscious mind was letting out words that has conscious mind has been used to thinking, or even actually saying it out loud?!! We hear nothing of this til right this moment, and I guarantee you that we will not view it again. So does this mean that I actually did see Ms. Prima Donna Pelosi miss the gavel on national news last week, and why have I not been able to find it since?!

    Teresa KincannonTeresa KincannonDay ago
  • America loves being led by old racist white dudes lol and yes he is racist against all the poor

    Johnny BgoodJohnny BgoodDay ago
  • Plot twist: He was playing truth or dare and he chose dare

    Zaire PoliteZaire PoliteDay ago
  • Yall reaching on that 1 waste of time

    Money SLMoney SLDay ago

    Andy MacAndy MacDay ago
  • What was Biden trying to say?

    Dawn austinDawn austinDay ago
  • Man you have to scroll far for this video

    realParadoxrealParadoxDay ago
  • Where’s the accountability on the media to report this as they most assuredly would have if it were Trump or any other republican? That’s my issue. Clearly he misspoke or at least I would like to think so.

    Joe SJoe SDay ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 funny because this is a Total democrat move, make something racist even if it's not, GOLD!

    Chase AdamsChase AdamsDay ago
  • Neither here or next...

    el COROel CORODay ago
  • Thank you, to all my fellow Americans! Thank you for voting out one of the great American mistakes of our history!! He may blunder his speeches every now and then, but we finally get a decent intelligent human being in office!

    shawd thompsonshawd thompsonDay ago
  • "That's a word whipper".........easy boy...LOL.

    will sternwill sternDay ago
  • 0:38

    EthicalEthicalDay ago
  • Freudian slip

    Big BartsheBig Bartshe2 days ago
  • That's his karma arriving

    Ms WriterMs Writer2 days ago
  • Need republicans back

    Yes 2006Yes 20062 days ago
  • I watch crowder all the time... yet when I searched for “Biden n word” this never comes up. in fact it has no videos even related to the actual video, just Obama saying the n word (trying to be cool).

    Elisabeth ChampagneElisabeth Champagne2 days ago
  • Video censored on facebook. Facts removed by "fact checkers".

    SmokeRingHaloSmokeRingHalo2 days ago
  • And joe Biden is deporting black people smh but nobody is talking abt it

    BLUE!BLUE!2 days ago
  • He said eager to hear it next y'all are so pathetic smh.

    Tatrice ShippTatrice Shipp2 days ago

      Now Go Home & Get Your ShineboxNow Go Home & Get Your Shinebox2 days ago

      Now Go Home & Get Your ShineboxNow Go Home & Get Your Shinebox2 days ago
    • When does E sound like a N

      WafflesWaffles2 days ago
  • Clearly a accident, but imagine if that was Trump

    Shawn KennedyShawn Kennedy2 days ago
  • He OBVIOUSLY said “I’m eager” it wouldn’t even make any sense if he had said the n-word.

    Octavio PeñaOctavio Peña2 days ago

      Now Go Home & Get Your ShineboxNow Go Home & Get Your Shinebox2 days ago
    • He may have meant to say eager, but his dementia ass said the n word..

      Now Go Home & Get Your ShineboxNow Go Home & Get Your Shinebox2 days ago
    • You liberals are soo delusional, turn on Captions it's literally say "nigggerd" not eager 🤦🏽‍♂️he is racist & has used the word since the 80s... Hard R...

      Now Go Home & Get Your ShineboxNow Go Home & Get Your Shinebox2 days ago
  • Joe got that cornpop street cred, hairy legs joe gets a pass.

    Glenn KnauerGlenn Knauer2 days ago
  • Lets see if they will fat check his comment..this man us hot mess...

    Nellie MatthewsNellie Matthews2 days ago
  • Honestly I don’t care about politics

    SemiiPlaysSemiiPlays2 days ago
  • I BEEN TRYING TO FIND THIS VIDEO OF BIDEN SAYING THIS EVERYWHERE. Its not on google or youtube. If i find something it just says its false and doesn't show thw video. If its falsw why are they hiding it.

    ----2 days ago
  • "While saying “I’m eager to hear,” Biden stuttered, repeating the phrase three times. On the third time, the consonant “mmmm” in the word “I’m” blended with the next word, “eager,” to make a “mnnm-eager” sound. That was the source of the social media posts’ allegations, despite the fact that the hypothetical insertion of the N-word there would be abrupt and confusing, contextually speaking, no matter what the speaker’s reason for saying it." listen, it just sounded like he said the n word. But it was just him mumbling "im eager" if you listen closely, you can hear him say that. And also, "im eager" makes more sense in the sentence he is saying. "Im eager to hear next" is what he said. And infact, that is what he meant to say, he just combinded the words on accident. so, fyi, do some research before you comment!

    Sophia and horsesSophia and horses2 days ago
    • @M M not this time though 🙄🤷🏽‍♂️

      Now Go Home & Get Your ShineboxNow Go Home & Get Your Shinebox14 hours ago
    • @Thisisa wasteofyourtime but dont you think it would be more helpful to actually report something that did happen than something that didnt?

      M MM M19 hours ago
    • @Now Go Home & Get Your Shinebox captions are frequently wrong

      M MM M19 hours ago
    • Sure thing cornpop

      garett carlsongarett carlsonDay ago
    • We all know that. Of course he didn't mean to say the n word. It's just funny to laugh at and we all know if it was press Trump, the media will have a hay day

      ChrisC662ChrisC662Day ago
  • So what

    Robert GilbertRobert Gilbert2 days ago
  • Wow how does all the fake news not report this

    Me YouMe You2 days ago
  • Why is anybody surprised about this Joe Biden has been Satan racist remarks towards black people his whole political career,

    wolfman Flywheelwolfman Flywheel2 days ago
  • 😱🤣👏👏👏👏🤨HE DID BAD!!

    Steven jm PawkinSteven jm Pawkin2 days ago
  • Nothing happening here!💣💩🕵️

    Bud WellsBud Wells2 days ago
  • Oof

    Johnny DepthJohnny Depth2 days ago
  • Comment

    Will KirkWill Kirk2 days ago
  • A speech impediment. One only needs to honestly listen to it in context of what he was saying. But no, that would be too boring for you all.

    Rebecca RangerRebecca Ranger2 days ago
    • Speech impediment, no. Dementia, yes. And his racism is rearing its ugly head in his dementia.

      Denny RDenny RDay ago
  • It doesn't matter what Trump says, they make all sorts of claims with no proof or corroboration and it sticks even when fully refuted by reliable eye witnesses or the media admitted they don't have the goods to back it up!

    David StewartDavid Stewart2 days ago
  • Facebook told me this is fake news LOL

    94whitetiger94whitetiger2 days ago
  • @CrowderBits He's still 5' 5" and still cute. Jus' saying. Not really gay (not), but I like men.

    Ricky ReedRicky Reed2 days ago
  • Dude..

    SqueegerSqueeger2 days ago
  • The interview with the “QAnon Shamon” outside the Capital steps was FALSELY sourced and used out of context. I have the FULL interview and context since it was my interview. Once they used it in the impeachment hearings, Twitter banned my account.

    JiMnMJiMnM2 days ago