Volvo's Key can do THIS!!

Apr 4, 2021
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#shorts #xc90 #volvo
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  • Wtf was this crap?

    Bulba GorgeousBulba GorgeousMinute ago
  • I was worried for a second there

    YikesYikes19 minutes ago
  • But you have 4 doors and 1 key to lock lol

    Itchy BotoItchy Boto20 minutes ago
  • That is so cool

    WhyinemWhyinem28 minutes ago
  • X-Blade

    Kyler DunningKyler Dunning30 minutes ago
  • That lock is the dumbest idea in all motorized vehicle history

    Garrett BergmannGarrett Bergmann33 minutes ago
  • Am I the only one that finds that "I'm a tik toker and I am way more excited about dumd shit than I should be" voice, super annoying?

    Jacob BurkeJacob BurkeHour ago
  • "i bet there will be flying cars in the future!" Future: *hehe car goes lock lock*

    • F B I• F B IHour ago
  • They just made manually unlocking your door (no one does that anymore) like 3 extra step. And why didn’t they just add a little switch to put the drivers door in reverse child lock.

    ةةHour ago
  • Imagine someone was trying to be nice and shut the door

    Mr. SkidoskoMr. SkidoskoHour ago
  • Reasons why not to buy a velvo...

    Justin 640Justin 640Hour ago
  • Kidnappers rn: 🤔🤔🤫

    Epic Retro GamingXEpic Retro GamingX2 hours ago
  • This guy sounds like Ben Askren

    James WrightJames Wright2 hours ago
  • Those are switches. Buttons are on shirts you simpleton.

    Robo CopRobo Cop2 hours ago
  • Ya'll thought it was a german car but it's a swedish car.🇸🇪

    can we get 100 000 subcriber without any videocan we get 100 000 subcriber without any video2 hours ago
  • USworlds be like "keyless entry... no more"

    nathaniel mcdonaldnathaniel mcdonald2 hours ago
  • Leather wrapped key? They really come up with pointless shit to sell you garbage.

    Chech ChongChech Chong2 hours ago
  • Imagine losing it

    It’s NunyaIt’s Nunya2 hours ago
  • Mini Cooper Convertibles have really cool stuff you can do with the keys. Like you can open the top or roll down windows using the key. It’s pretty dope.

    R RR R2 hours ago
  • Wrapped in leather? How quick does that thing get cut up from the other keys being attached to it and it being shoved into your pocket

    Josh ManJosh Man2 hours ago
  • Why would you want to mechanically lock yourself out?

    JohnJohn2 hours ago
  • Y’all remember vine?

    RIK ThePrickRIK ThePrick2 hours ago
  • Yeah but its still a Volvo 🤢

    SandManSandMan2 hours ago
  • Loved the past... When you didn't need locks

    KrewcibleKrewcible2 hours ago
  • Doors don’t open But windows smash

    Jez TicklesJez Tickles3 hours ago
  • Bob: on corporates last straw. Corporate: Bob, what new implementations did you come up with? Bob: a car door that will lock for forever if you use the key and slide it....right here! Corporate:............Mmmmm and how would you unlock it once it’s closed? Bob: you don’t. It’s locked for forever. Corporate: you lucky son of a gun! We love it! Mass produce!

    Alvinator 520Alvinator 5203 hours ago
  • Your car key can lock your car, who knew

    Ty HanekeTy Haneke3 hours ago

    JisatsuJisatsu3 hours ago
  • There is another feature of that key you should mention. If it gets lost only a Volvo dealer can reprogram a new one. You can by the key online but Volvo will not allow locksmiths or other entities to use their proprietary software to program that key, so you'll have to go to Volvo. Oh, and Volvo dealers won't program a key they didn't sell, so that online key is worthless. Minimum price for a Volvo key from the dealer? $500. NEVER BUY A VOLVO. #neverbuyvolvo

    soylent greensoylent green3 hours ago
  • Wow! A hidden key inside the key fob?! Every key fob nowadays has this.

    WinduWindu3 hours ago
  • Foii leather, that's a new one

    Simon van DoesburgSimon van Doesburg3 hours ago
  • Lock feature is to keep Samir out

    Wet ASPHALTWet ASPHALT3 hours ago
  • Like every keyless car has a blade in it wtf all the fuss about?

    ATVwayofliveATVwayoflive3 hours ago
  • Don’t all cars lock the doors once your driving already. And if you forget the key in the door and shut it you have get in the passenger side?

    SkywalkerSkywalker3 hours ago
  • Who wants to carry that giant thing around in their pocket? That design is horrible.

    CourtCourt3 hours ago
  • That key will look shite within a year

    Richard KelbieRichard Kelbie4 hours ago
  • And the 1 downfall is ITS A VOLVO!!!

    Richie AprileRichie Aprile4 hours ago
  • Idk, Volvo is still trash

    birkezzzbirkezzz4 hours ago
  • The key is meant to open the door if your battery dies on the fob, or on the car.

    Gene HoglanGene Hoglan4 hours ago
  • Today on "No one gives a flying fuck"

    Wile E CoyoteWile E Coyote4 hours ago
  • Why on earth would there exist a need to lock yourself out of your own car?

    Droid AccountDroid Account4 hours ago
  • Isn't it standard for all the car nowadays?

    Ethian315Ethian3154 hours ago
  • Mercedes has this feature since 2004..

    Augustas MalisauskasAugustas Malisauskas4 hours ago
  • I checked Volvos site. It says the key is to lock the doors incase of a power failure.

    MiniatureLabyrinthMiniatureLabyrinth4 hours ago
  • The key doesn't stay in the door when you shut it 🤣🤣🤣

    Jae DotJae Dot5 hours ago
  • Imagine.a key that opens locks

    PooJoePooJoe5 hours ago
  • That is way to extra

    RobertRobert5 hours ago
  • Bro I was like he lock the car , then I see the passenger open I’m like this matha flyer

    Josue CruzJosue Cruz5 hours ago
  • This will definitely come in handy next time I want to call a lock smith but can’t think of an excuse to do so

    CC LewisCC Lewis5 hours ago
  • Amazing. A key that locks and unlocks. What will they think of next?

    Brody JewisonBrody Jewison6 hours ago
  • Buh'uns

    NewJackRustlerNewJackRustler6 hours ago
  • Me thinking I wish I could sell this car and build my dream pc and dream room

    Ayan JhaAyan Jha6 hours ago
  • Why would you want to stick your key in the door to lock yourself out tho?

    dean sdean s6 hours ago
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    Gabriel KleinGabriel Klein6 hours ago
  • I remember the 80s when a key was just a key. Lol

    TOM STOM S6 hours ago
  • Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins repent and turn to Christ .

    JahshshdhdgshJahshshdhdgsh6 hours ago
  • Literally ever suv has that 😂

    Robert PattersonRobert Patterson6 hours ago
  • So u locked yourself out of your car, then why not use the actual key, oh and if that is inside, what are the chances u have this in your pocket?

    Gaurav ThakurGaurav Thakur7 hours ago
  • There are few situations where that would be good, but I guess they exist.

    John Fitzgerald KennedyJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy7 hours ago
  • Keyblade niggas be like

    Big MoneyBig Money7 hours ago
  • Why?????

    Sonnyboy Robinson 3rdSonnyboy Robinson 3rd7 hours ago
  • Tiktok cringe

    partyethtoonpartyethtoon7 hours ago
  • "Dont worry guys I kept the other door unlocked." Who said anything about being worried? I think it is a stupid feature to brag about!

    PAJ018 YTUBESuxPAJ018 YTUBESux7 hours ago
  • So how do u get the key out and open it again

    Darrion GibsonDarrion Gibson7 hours ago
  • My parents have those exact keys

    Georgi VatevGeorgi Vatev7 hours ago
  • People are just figuring out what real keys are?

    No RecordNo Record8 hours ago
  • That's sharp

  • Keyblade Kingdom Hearts

    Tha SleepyTha Sleepy8 hours ago
  • volvo is key can do this

    Odd and OdditiesOdd and Oddities8 hours ago
  • What's the point??? 👀

  • Unless you got your beach key and it dies. Then you're screwed

    ghee buttersnapsghee buttersnaps8 hours ago
  • why would they make a way to lock yourself out but in an obviously purposeful method

    pls don't ban me again you libtardspls don't ban me again you libtards8 hours ago
  • At first i was certain its Askren talking

    Jonas GražėnasJonas Gražėnas8 hours ago
  • But what if you get locked INSIDE the car?

    whitecliffflwhiteclifffl9 hours ago
  • A volvo’s key is about as exciting as an actual volvo.

    Tim LawsonTim Lawson9 hours ago
    • Yes, very exciting!

      Alexander KällbergAlexander Källberg8 hours ago
  • This us actually the keyblade- DONALD CURE ME FFS

    Z e p h y rZ e p h y r9 hours ago
  • You know those keys that flip out from the fob? Yeah, I personally like those.

    TheTechCguyTheTechCguy9 hours ago
  • i don't have volvo... Nor do i have money to buy it.. But let's watch this to get smarter..

    Meme RavenMeme Raven9 hours ago
  • I Believe the reason you can disable the passanger door is so that you can lock the car while your in it to prevent hijacking. You can also lock the back doors by depressing a switch with the key.

    Dragon maidDragon maid9 hours ago
  • I’m happy with toyota

    Winter WolfWinter Wolf9 hours ago
  • Don’t buy Volvo they are owned by China by Geely corporation. They are Garbage

    W GW G9 hours ago
  • That's childlock feature man. Nothing impressive

    S SS S9 hours ago
  • Don't worry guys I left other doo.. wind blows and closes door: pain

    4-14 FAN4-14 FAN9 hours ago
  • Great, more useless stuff to take out during door overhalls

    Spencer MillerSpencer Miller10 hours ago
  • My key can make phone calls, search the web and tons more. Thank you TESLA

    stickersadd20hpstickersadd20hp10 hours ago
    • @Alexander Källberg that is correct my key makes phone calls. Ask any Model 3, Model Y owner. They'll tell you.

      stickersadd20hpstickersadd20hpHour ago
    • Your key makes phone calls? I'm pretty sure the phone or car through a phone makes the phone call?

      Alexander KällbergAlexander Källberg8 hours ago
  • A bat enough said

    Fuck YoutubeFuck Youtube10 hours ago
  • Why would you keep your spare key in your key?

    Cj SchneiderCj Schneider10 hours ago
    • It's not technically a spare key. You have two of those "remotes" one is the spare.

      Alexander KällbergAlexander Källberg7 hours ago
  • The Inside lock mechanism...dont other cars have it as central lock system..

    ranjith benedictranjith benedict10 hours ago
  • Yeah the door was just locked... you can here it unlock when you pull the handle from the inside... I call BS

    ExquizitExquizit10 hours ago
  • every key fob has the keyblade, this isn’t a Volvo exclusive feature

    the thethe the11 hours ago
  • Why is this trending

    Lara croftyLara crofty11 hours ago
  • Back in the Miami days, we would rob people who owned Volvo for a very specific reason. We would tie wrap their hands to steering wheels after robbing and put their keys on the hood, then leave. Because Volvo thought it was smart to require that the key had yo be in ignition for horn to work. Dogs couldn't lean on horn . People were always discovered by passerby within 5 mins, but we only needed a 1 min headstart to get to boat in inter coastal.

    floyd schakefloyd schake11 hours ago
  • VOLVO BEST!!!!!

    plzlnplzln11 hours ago
  • Imagine he used the baby lock as well. Kidnapping Mode

    OhHellNahAMOhHellNahAM11 hours ago
  • Why would you want to mechanically lock yourself out with the one thing that can mechanically get you back in?

    Alex TasarovAlex Tasarov12 hours ago
  • Why would somebody lock only one door if the car has four?

    Kadimus BaratheonKadimus Baratheon12 hours ago
  • Don't worry he me, I wasn't worried at all 😒

    t0urniquett0urniquet12 hours ago
  • A lot of cars can do that?

    big smokebig smoke12 hours ago
  • Me: **is angry** Me 10 seconds later: **squeezes key** Car: unlocked, doors open, and AHAHSHAHHSIDHI

    OwOOwO12 hours ago
  • My mazda has the same exact key fob and does the same exact thing.

    Chris CullomChris Cullom13 hours ago