Mar 23, 2021
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  • Add me on Snapchat yall @ anacrylics 🥺💕

    anacrylicsanacrylics10 days ago
    • The bleach made me so nervous

      Asena BlackAsena Black13 hours ago
    • I definitely will❤️😘

      Kylie CooperKylie Cooper14 hours ago
    • text

      Cjvuhjdqrt EmanlljdfdCjvuhjdqrt EmanlljdfdDay ago
    • Can I use vodka?

      Thekisha Chin-Fo-SieeuwThekisha Chin-Fo-Sieeuw2 days ago
    • R.i .p brush (the bleach)

      Fancy boiiFancy boii3 days ago
  • Alcohol always works

    Charles Domino’sCharles Domino’s22 minutes ago
  • God is good!

    Life's a potatoLife's a potato58 minutes ago
  • Make a nail with the pickle juice

    L͟a͟t͟t͟e͟ B͟e̶a̶r͟L͟a͟t͟t͟e͟ B͟e̶a̶r͟Hour ago
  • Who gonna use pickle juice the next time they do their nails

    Taehyungs TeaTaehyungs TeaHour ago
  • I wanna see you make nails with coffee and rum

    Nichole GathersNichole Gathers2 hours ago
  • If my nails are not made with pickle juice what am I doing with my life ✋

    •3 hours ago
  • Imagine if it worked with bleach and then imagine putting bleach on your nails

    iTZKookieQueen_ ViTZKookieQueen_ V6 hours ago
  • Brushy died because of this bleach 😢

    Sonia nevermindSonia nevermind7 hours ago
  • I like how she always has to have a some type of drink that can make u drunk 🤣

    LovelyLillyLovelyLilly8 hours ago
  • Pickle juice is vinegar

    Bro My ShoeBro My Shoe10 hours ago
  • Bish- I want my nails done with coffee and rum it looks cool 👀😎

    Kaylen WolfertKaylen Wolfert14 hours ago
  • Try milk

    Vaishnavi gamingVaishnavi gaming15 hours ago
  • Bleach is not an acrylic bead it’s not for that it’s for bleaching your eyes after seeing something cursed

    XxzizzyYT xXXxzizzyYT xX16 hours ago
  • Its acids which can

    LaceyLacey16 hours ago
  • If my nails ain’t gonna be made out of coffee and rum don’t do my nails 🤎

    Y/N’s Older SiblingY/N’s Older SiblingDay ago
  • yo can i get da pickle juice one

    Jewl RavenclawJewl RavenclawDay ago
  • When u have pickles n no juice Me:COME OUT U JUIC

    Fun EditsFun EditsDay ago
  • Don’t use bleach on your acrylic brush people it’s not good 😌

    RobloxPugsRobloxPugsDay ago
  • That brush has been to hell and back

    Ghostofuwu 666Ghostofuwu 666Day ago
  • When you shosen a pickle juice to do the nails Nails be like: smell like a pickle juice

  • Wow!!

    Hi I like spicy noodlesHi I like spicy noodlesDay ago
  • Make pickle nails plzzzzzzz

    Nora BallardNora BallardDay ago
  • but but that was aged ago you put in bkeach but rip brush

    lucy hoppylucy hoppyDay ago
  • I saw her other short about what happened after she used bleach so when she pulled out the bleach in this one I was like “ Girl don’t do it, it’s not worth it.”

    Oh Man, Holy Shiit!Oh Man, Holy Shiit!Day ago
  • Omg she used bleach even if it ruins the brushes softness

    Katelambb HomeKatelambb HomeDay ago
  • text

    Cjvuhjdqrt EmanlljdfdCjvuhjdqrt EmanlljdfdDay ago
  • text

    Cjvuhjdqrt EmanlljdfdCjvuhjdqrt EmanlljdfdDay ago
  • Yo make me some nails out of coffee and rum I need some caffeine when I pull this all-nighter

    Sukky LifSukky Lif2 days ago
  • Anyone else quite concerned about the fact that PICKLE JUICE WORKS? not to mention COFFEE AND RUM?😃

    juliangooleyjuliangooley2 days ago
  • Try milk

    Ariana Snow-PotterAriana Snow-Potter2 days ago
  • Useing pickle juice is the same as vinager

    Nora WardellNora Wardell2 days ago
  • Why is it that all the edible ones work-

    xinawoodxinawood2 days ago
  • I'm getting rum and pickle juice nails and you can't stop me 👁👅👁

    Your local Naruto simpYour local Naruto simp2 days ago
  • Look if my nails aren’t made of pickle juice and vodka *what am I doing with life?*

    Fłüffÿ WÿvërńFłüffÿ Wÿvërń3 days ago
  • i cant believe that pickle juice and coffee n ram can make an acrylic bead

    Saei SaltSaei Salt3 days ago
  • I wonder if you can pick up bead with soy sauce 🤣

    • Möönhïgh •• Möönhïgh •3 days ago
  • that brush and lil container 😞 i feel bad for them

    abby mabby m3 days ago
  • Um your brush is gonna get harden with bleach-

    Aleyanna Margarette GuintoAleyanna Margarette Guinto3 days ago
  • Work at the pickle juice was really nasty am I opinion but I love pickles pickle juice

    Chalisa EversonChalisa Everson3 days ago
  • Sniff sniff I smell pickles where is it coming from tho oh I have a itch on my nose wait why does my nail smell like pickles....

    Bella vlogsBella vlogs3 days ago
  • Can you do a water please

    Wennie HerreraWennie Herrera3 days ago
  • No shade but bread and butter pickles, and they're precut I can't lol

    00_juicebug_0000_juicebug_004 days ago
  • OMG why pickle juice?! That’s nasty🤮. not trying to judge at least it works

    Phoebe clarkPhoebe clark4 days ago
  • Never thought pickle juice would work

    Sara WardSara Ward4 days ago
  • I feel like ANYTHING with alcohol 🍷 n it works

    Charlie MataCharlie Mata4 days ago
  • The coffe and rum made it brown!🤮🤢

    Sunset YTSunset YT4 days ago
  • I really want my nails to smell like pickles

    AtticassetteAtticassette4 days ago
  • You still have that bleach I need it for when I make the vid of ___________ reacting to ______________ fangirls

    Snow FlareSnow Flare4 days ago
  • Can't imagine what happened to the brush after bleach

    youtube addictyoutube addict4 days ago
  • My only question is: WHY PICKLE JUICE!?!?! 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

    Amy PearsonAmy Pearson4 days ago
  • U should try putting these on actual nails

    Miss RobloxMiss Roblox4 days ago
  • after I see the pickle juice works, I know I must look at the comment section lol

    maricel binuyamaricel binuya5 days ago
  • y’all if you look at it she didn’t actually use pickle juice. the color of the acrylic bead itself had a tent of purple and judging the fact that the juice was green, she didn’t use pickle juice. thank you for you time

    strawberrymicrowavestrawberrymicrowave5 days ago

    Kayla StickelKayla Stickel5 days ago
  • Csn you do more of these please?? I find them very satisfying

    gacha wolfgacha wolf5 days ago
  • I love pickles

    LM YoungLM Young5 days ago
  • liquids to try instead of monomer: milk , lemon juice , gorilla glue , sparkling water , medicine and hairspray and dont forget to rate them

    RANYARANYA5 days ago
  • Wht is an acrylic bead??????

    Magstermaster 13Magstermaster 135 days ago
  • What exactly do u need in the liquids for the bead to stick

    Peyton RobertsPeyton Roberts5 days ago
  • Coffe

    Koy Nelson DyzonKoy Nelson Dyzon5 days ago
  • how can you do this please sead

    Ela nur OzdalEla nur Ozdal5 days ago
  • bruh i need the coffe one for some reason lmao

    Itz_himi u3uItz_himi u3u5 days ago
  • My friend: why do my nails smell like coffee and rum? Me: don’t worry about it

    Aries The SlytherinAries The Slytherin5 days ago
  • When I first saw the pickle juice I'm like ew how can that pick up a acrylic bead

    Farid DewanFarid Dewan5 days ago
  • I noticed only thick liquids pick it up

    damien berrydamien berry6 days ago
  • What do you normely juse to pikk up the acrylik

    Mariell NordstrømMariell Nordstrøm6 days ago
  • 00:25 yall can’t tell me that that’s not a good bead

    madsxsophmadsxsoph6 days ago
  • *see bleach* Me: if this works there not aloud to put there hands in there mouth.

    yuki gachayuki gacha6 days ago
  • Can u try soy sauce

    Roblox LoverRoblox Lover6 days ago
  • Her: get pickles Me:huh- Her: uses it for nails Me:...... also me:whaaaa-

    J JayneJ Jayne6 days ago
  • Nooo never put bleach on the brush

    Obsidian Soul Readings By Nataly breeObsidian Soul Readings By Nataly bree6 days ago
  • Imagine getting pickle juice nails

    Kaylyn HyltonKaylyn Hylton6 days ago
  • Can you try vodka?

    Natalie LeeNatalie Lee6 days ago
  • Bleech... that poor brush...

    vv6 days ago
  • You should try soy sauce

    ᏕᏬᎻᎯᏕᏬᎻᎯ6 days ago
  • 🌊

    Nishta MittalNishta Mittal6 days ago
  • who knew that pickle juice would pick up an acrylic bead-

    Skyler SouthayaSkyler Southaya6 days ago
  • me eating pickles: 👁👄👁

    lynda mcgrathlynda mcgrath7 days ago
  • It probably has something to do with the acidity of the liquid or the alcohol percentage in it.

    Cotton Candy KittyCotton Candy Kitty7 days ago
  • now I want some pickle juice nails-

    Pebble. _ Booches.Pebble. _ Booches.7 days ago
  • Who knew that pickle juice would work.👇

    Hadija MussaHadija Mussa7 days ago
  • I didn’t think pickle juice will work

    Fat pepperoni :0Fat pepperoni :07 days ago
  • Finally theres the bleach could you gimme some? I watched some disgusting things on USworlds (not the video another cursed video)

    Mamdouh M. Al-BatatiMamdouh M. Al-Batati7 days ago
  • Wy do you pull your nail out

    Erika RandallErika Randall7 days ago
  • I don’t recommend pickle juice 🤮

    Lily FranklinLily Franklin7 days ago

    Potato._.madnessPotato._.madness7 days ago
  • Lol I was not expecting kaluah

    Cat reaperCat reaper7 days ago
  • Pickle juice in ur nails Disgaustang

    Elva Dillon De RiveraElva Dillon De Rivera7 days ago
  • throw the brush after putting it in bleach 😳

    Maria HoqueMaria Hoque7 days ago
  • WhY dOeS pickel juice actually work 😂

    Niar GarciaNiar Garcia7 days ago
  • seems like anything with sugar in it does pretty well

    KayleeKaylee8 days ago
  • My dog is called Kahlua🤣🤣🤣

    Angelica NobregaAngelica Nobrega8 days ago
  • I want to see one with just coffee because we know the alcohol beverages work and the coffee had rum with it so I want to know if just coffee works.

    Madisyn ShookMadisyn Shook8 days ago
  • Why am do my eyes burn after watching her pour the bleach-

    love for lifelove for life8 days ago
  • Her using random liquids to pick up an acrylic bead also her coffee and rum me🧐🤨?????????

    Alexandria R.Alexandria R.8 days ago
  • What do you use to dip the brush in

    Xmoqaxs fanXmoqaxs fan8 days ago
  • The bleach is gonna mess up your brush 😟

    Aubree VAubree V8 days ago
  • Rip brushy get rid of the bleach

    ALPHAALPHA8 days ago
  • Ewwwwwwwww

    hazelplayshazelplays8 days ago