"UR SHORT, WELL YOU'RE A SINGLE MOM" | Blind date roast each other

Mar 31, 2021
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  • I've got screenshots of half naked girls on my phone and I'm not even a lesbian, they're just pretty 🤷‍♀️

    Maria KonikMaria Konik12 days ago
    • This is the type of chick who would leave her baby in the car in 90 degree weather so she could go suck off some gigachad at the club

      YT IGYT IGHour ago
    • She thinks it's A ok your not grown enough silly girl.

      A True EarthlingA True Earthling4 hours ago
    • @Maria Konik Women call men gay all the time as an insult or to protect their ego, I’ve never seen a scorned man call a woman a lesbian lol

      Ryan DRyan D16 hours ago
    • @MarokoJin Men kind of do the same too. They praise each others bodies, especially in the gym, and we use a good physique as motivation. We’d never screenshot that shit though 😂 A developed male physique is pretty impressive and many call it beautiful, even more so than the female aesthetic. I wouldn’t use that word cuz I’m straight though, but I get it lol

      Ryan DRyan D17 hours ago
    • Count me in

      Varik LaneVarik LaneDay ago
  • Yhoooooo the petty is strong with this one

    Kreek EvolKreek Evol35 minutes ago
  • A the petty was real.If this order was a meal it was super sized 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂💯

    42 and s*** crazy Moss42 and s*** crazy MossHour ago
  • she doesnt even have much muscle lol

    mynameis bobmynameis bob2 hours ago
  • Preach look like the joker in the thumbnail... like always

    thunderneedlesthunderneedles4 hours ago
  • Danny Bhoi Is Scottish....I . ..Am Irish....And Irish You Knew More Irish Names 😂😂😂 LOL

    Matt WoodMatt Wood4 hours ago
  • Mc is Irish -- it stands for 'son of' ie McGeary is son of Geary-nothing for the women.

    Paul BuskiePaul Buskie4 hours ago
  • Bro that law and order cut 😆

    CHRIZZY .CHRIZZY .5 hours ago
  • This man is going to assend to God hood. God of the petty cringe

    xXLeon13xXLeon135 hours ago
  • Thank you for a window into young peoples lives. My godson got me to subscribe.

    Dawit SmallmoneyDawit Smallmoney6 hours ago
  • He has a few risque pics of other women, but she slept around and became a single mom and still expects to automatically be given the moral high ground. Unbelievable.

    Bob JenkinsBob Jenkins6 hours ago
  • Oh, you guys have an irish friend, so it's ok? XD

    oftheborgoftheborg6 hours ago
  • Gotta admit, I was making fun of the girl's appearance all the way until the butt pic. She is thicc at least!

    Bob JenkinsBob Jenkins6 hours ago
  • Fair game.

    Maria AngelMaria Angel7 hours ago
  • The screenshots were probably touched once forever ago, I used to clean my phone like daily but after a while it’s just not efficient to clean it until you need to

    virozviroz7 hours ago
  • Ladies first petty second

    robert audreyrobert audrey7 hours ago
  • Diff between jokes and racism

    Loot GoblinLoot Goblin7 hours ago
  • The comments section is weird lol they were both terrible , but the guy was much pettier so idk what you all are saying

    aBlueHipSahasiaBlueHipSahasi8 hours ago
  • Griffith now that’s an Irish name

    joshua tiftjoshua tift8 hours ago
  • He should have said. "I don't need to ask if you want fornication tonight since you have a kid we know you put out." lol

    Kuwa TakaKuwa Taka8 hours ago
  • Don't worry. You can be racist or bigoted about the Irish all day long. They're not fragile little bitches who can't take an unkind word.

    John HarrisonJohn Harrison10 hours ago
  • That dude really should've gotten pissed at the creators of this video situation. He should've said why are you wasting my time putting this baby mama in front of me. At least get a woman that is eligible to be a wife or gf. Baby mamas are not. Baby mamas already chose thier lives. They chose to be baby mama's. She should get off dating apps and go take care of the kid she chose to have, unless she just wants to get laid some more. She is qualified for that.

    Earl BruceEarl Bruce11 hours ago
  • I'd be more concerned if a guy's phone didn't have half-naked women on it. Guys that keep their phone cleaned up meticulously on a regular basis are bad news.

    Morrighann SnakesMorrighann Snakes11 hours ago
  • This is one of the very example that men get creative when they take revenge

    JacK-Off-All-TradeSJacK-Off-All-TradeS12 hours ago
  • physically difficult to watch them meet

    K HK H12 hours ago
  • Oh kurwa oh fuck XDDDDD

    Mały PierdMały Pierd13 hours ago
  • Oh lord you guys have me dying. 😂🤣. This is great! If a woman ever comes and looks through my phone she’d find nothing but memes and more dark humour memes after that. 😂🤣

    DandereSenpaiDandereSenpai13 hours ago
  • Nordic viking

    Floofy BlobFloofy Blob14 hours ago
  • Meh.... they're both douchey, petty and annoying. They should go on a date

    Jeremie MatteJeremie Matte15 hours ago
  • No man wants to raise another mans ball of flesh

    Get Off You Bass And Let’s FishGet Off You Bass And Let’s Fish15 hours ago
  • What in the fuck is the point of the stupid announcer narrator asshole relaying everything the person in the booth says? Stupid fucking pointless annoying bullshit. Why the fuck even have them go somewhere else just to have someone else relay everything you've just gonna say anyway?!

    Jeremie MatteJeremie Matte16 hours ago
  • Hahaha . I would've just put the phone down and walked away like nope . "That baby dont look like me - lil john "

    Flacko ChinxFlacko Chinx16 hours ago
  • Lol

    Mick JMick J16 hours ago
  • She immediately disrespected him Females want respect byt i dont know more thn a hand full females how also give it

    Dr TobseDr Tobse17 hours ago
  • He should said no but I'm down for fornication to end the day.

    MayanMercernaryMayanMercernary17 hours ago
  • That girl was lowkey bad but yeah the baby did knock her down a few points.

    Limon OrtegaLimon Ortega18 hours ago
  • When are these bums getting on these dating shows? Lol

    Limon OrtegaLimon Ortega18 hours ago
  • Erin.

    Erin RoundErin Round18 hours ago
  • This is exactly what I've been waiting for from The Cut or Jubilee: One of the guys just having enough of the bullshit and not taking any of it seriously, and it's GLORIOUS, lmao

    AJmoviemakerAJmoviemaker18 hours ago
  • The hurt was real in this video🤣🤣🤣

    Jcool MontanaJcool Montana18 hours ago
  • Yall get a like for the dave chappelle bush skit. Thats my favorite skit.

    gasmask_creationsgasmask_creations19 hours ago
  • How does she workout and have no ass like damn

    ZaemiZaemi20 hours ago
  • This man faced woman was pretty harsh

    FreedomExperimentFreedomExperiment22 hours ago
  • Wait a second, burner phone? Who the Hell has a burner phone...? Answer = criminals and Preach, apparently

    FreedomExperimentFreedomExperiment22 hours ago
  • Most women want special treatment not equal treatment💯😂😂

    Buck TownBuck Town22 hours ago
  • Lmfaaooo he came in with the payback. "SO FIRST OFF YOUR BATTERY LOW ASS FUCK... CHARGE IT" LMFAO hehehehe

    Crystal WCrystal W23 hours ago
  • are u guys in the comments not ashamed of how rude they are to the girl. like man it’s probably fake and a girl who works out isn’t manly. a lot of close minded people

    Claudia AifuwaClaudia AifuwaDay ago
  • Dating a woman with a child already, is not the same. The guy will have limits from every corner over that child, but the girl will expect the guy to open his full life and wallet!

    Eric FitzpatrickEric FitzpatrickDay ago
  • where my 6'3"s at? 👍🏽

    BdoubleuBdoubleuDay ago
  • I would love to see them try to understand the messages in my phone! That would be hilarious...

    Natural RelaxationNatural RelaxationDay ago
  • danny bhoy is scottish

    Pinkie PyroPinkie PyroDay ago
  • She looks like He-Man.

    metome lardyazzmetome lardyazzDay ago
  • I don't believe in equal retribution... Iff you slap me - scorched earth 🔥 😂

    Robert LewisRobert LewisDay ago
  • Who beats their meat to photos?

    Chad FreemanChad FreemanDay ago
  • She 5’10 basic looking and acting stuck up. That’s fine lol I bet that dude wasn’t trying to date Thor either

    Jesse GutierrezJesse GutierrezDay ago
  • Nothing better than a girl who isn't cute criticizing someone for not being cut lol.

    alk3rio97alk3rio97Day ago
  • ROFL 🤣 I love the director trying to get a 2nd episode with that "just a lil coffee" business. But appreciate Aba calling out that selfie business - you put your pics out on the web, in a non-secure open platform then you don't have a foot stand one when someone screenshots them. Is it creepy- yes, but is it invalid- no.

    banhamerjbanhamerjDay ago

    Eric PowellEric PowellDay ago
  • Kevin Samuel be speaking FACTS

    Cory WolfenspergerCory WolfenspergerDay ago
  • He purposely matched her energy. Nothing wrong with that

    EdwinEdwinDay ago
  • i mean her having pictures of herself on her phone is a bit different that him having pictures of random ppl on his 😭 not sure that was the strongest argument to put forward

    Niamh ButlerNiamh ButlerDay ago
  • she’s straight up killing this man i have to go i can’t watch this horror show

    john boggiejohn boggieDay ago
  • i nearly clicked off this video like 20 times just from cringe

    john boggiejohn boggieDay ago
  • The guy won that. Dodged a major bullet there

    1234Daan43211234Daan4321Day ago
  • The girl was kinda annoying

    Anna DAnna DDay ago
  • Bruh i would go to the girls music playlist and shit fuck her pictures and instagram

    bosnabosnaDay ago
  • Man they shouldn’t be going through phones like that trust me some ppls phones are confidential 😂😂😂

    dominic purnelldominic purnellDay ago
  • He was hurt so bad he didn't even care anymore

    TroveionTroveionDay ago
  • "to send it to my.... fellow brethren" *whole world stops collectively*

    TroveionTroveionDay ago
  • Gentlemen, word of advice. Treat your phone like at any second it’s going to get hacked and leaked on the internet.

    AvionicAvionicDay ago
  • Yeaaa go broooo 😆 😆

    Bad Panda RacingBad Panda RacingDay ago
  • This stuff is killing meeeeeee 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 fav show now

    Bad Panda RacingBad Panda RacingDay ago
  • Females find it hard to take the blame case in point - her belittling him then saying she was nice to him when he does the same to her.

    EvanEvanDay ago
  • This has to be something Ns find interesting

    JP ToutantJP ToutantDay ago
  • Pettiness over 9000!!!

    Father TimeFather TimeDay ago
  • It's so crazy how women are interested how terrible of people they are. I have no issue saying that 80% are not good or kind people. They're just "nice".

    Lurien the WatcherLurien the WatcherDay ago
  • New sub here, you guys are funny af! Thx for the laugh!

    Stu357Stu357Day ago
  • This chick is a train wreck and an example of why men go mgtow

    Go Monkey GoGo Monkey GoDay ago
  • Hers are way worse, it’s not mild 🤣

    George OrwellGeorge OrwellDay ago
  • What’s the reasoning behind the names not matching ?

    George OrwellGeorge OrwellDay ago
  • Yeh going through my phone she’d be like naw fam 😂😂😂

    dominic purnelldominic purnellDay ago
  • I just want to note that Danny Bhoy is Scottish, not Irish... that bit about the potatos was him making fun of the Irish accent.

    InSanctaSanctorumInSanctaSanctorumDay ago
  • "you gotta baby!? 😃" It was like Charlie finding the Golden ticket.

    Chu MorganChu MorganDay ago
  • dude should have took a screenshot of her butt on her phone as well 😂

  • 0:30 Irish name sometime aren't phonetic but there's a lot Irish names. They both so petty. Granted I have alot anime stuff on my phone but most of it stuff I wanna buy. And memes.

    Queen Apryll MQueen Apryll MDay ago
  • We need to go back to a time where we can take shots at each other like this and not absolutely hate each other. People have gotten so goddamn soft it’s pathetic. When I was a kid you could call your best friend anything and then laugh together right after

  • shes not hot enough to be so judgy shes like 5 at best

    tarmo joe joetarmo joe joeDay ago
  • Soon as he seen that baby he shoulda been like, "At least I know she puts out."

    Jarifman XJarifman XDay ago
  • Hilarious, that is all .

    jake onejake oneDay ago
  • another women who will die alone :D

    ErrorsnakeErrorsnakeDay ago
  • I made the mistake of eating a yam while eating this and spit out what's basically baby food. Guess I'm ready to date the yoked woman LMAO

    SCP DatabaseSCP DatabaseDay ago
  • Mini Ray Romano funny af

    KenpachiKenpachiDay ago
  • Gotta say, the editing game was absolutely on point for this vid. Good stuff.

    beatlemaniabeatlemaniaDay ago
  • I love it he went in on her ass.

    Kamar Ahyil ElKamar Ahyil ElDay ago
  • Mean ass broad... being judgmental... what a narcissist.

    no1wrenchno1wrenchDay ago
  • Golen rule here... don't screw anyone you arent married to. This advice will eliminate 99% of problems men have. Trust me.

    no1wrenchno1wrenchDay ago
  • "he is so judgy"...... So were you!

    Eliza ThornesEliza ThornesDay ago
  • Danny bohy is Scottish not Irish

    mattmattDay ago
  • Anyone call you a racist over the Irish jokes or any other joke don't understand humor. I'm part Irish. Do you man!

    UfartedonmeUfartedonmeDay ago
  • Yo! I feel like they would have went on a date had she said she was open to it and had he not made the comment about her having a kid.

    DizzleDizzleDay ago