Update: On Moving Forward

Feb 19, 2021
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  • I’m so happy for you Nairo. I can’t wait to have you back streaming and putting a smile on people’s faces.

    Anu PrasadAnu Prasad40 minutes ago
  • We believe In you Nairo!

    Midori LumaMidori LumaHour ago
  • :)

    _ 𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪__ 𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪_Hour ago
  • I actually had to do a report for a writing class, and the topic that my group chose was cancel culture, and why it was such a negative force on the internet. Nairo’s story was the first to come to mind to give a solid example of why this ruins the lives of good people who just can’t get their voice heard before it’s too late. It’s great to see that you’ve gotten the assistance you’ve needed over the last few months, and we all hope you the best for the future

    Zander the toadZander the toadHour ago
  • PoChamp!

    Sebas PogSebas Pog3 hours ago
  • love u bro

    PutitomaloPutitomalo4 hours ago
  • I really do hope that you get fully reinstated. Would make my day. Sorry you ever had to be at the wrath of Twitter being its cancel hungry cancerous self.

    AarantulaAarantula4 hours ago
  • I really hope all from his statement was true because it's so difficult to dislike him. Hail lord Naifu.

    *Scholel**Scholel*4 hours ago
  • naifu's sounds like waifu's....

    skaelsskaels8 hours ago
    • That's the joke

      Daddio McFlyDaddio McFly6 hours ago
  • This stupid game makes gays of you .....

    Vicent CroesVicent Croes8 hours ago
    • Dude what?

      Micean HearnsMicean Hearns2 hours ago
    • What

      d md m5 hours ago
    • what

      TamiTami6 hours ago
    • Dont play something and make it this big deal your all gays mostly

      Vicent CroesVicent Croes8 hours ago
  • Love you Nairo!!!

    AshPlusGnar 11AshPlusGnar 1110 hours ago
  • Serious cringe

    Kyrillos AbdelshaheedKyrillos Abdelshaheed11 hours ago
  • good luck and be strong, we are here for you!

    AdilAdil12 hours ago
  • Bruh hes doing everything that miniladd isnt. One of the few creators that I would like to see make a comeback.

    Riku WatanabeRiku Watanabe12 hours ago
    • The difference is miniladd is guilty

      Choke on a tictacChoke on a tictac11 hours ago
  • I'm so happy to hear that man, you were my favorite Smash content creator by a large margin and it really hurt me not seeing you in my subbox everyday for a long time.

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon13 hours ago
  • if you need to learn how to talk to a jury, ask CaptainZack. #UnBanNairo

    13 hours ago
  • I keep moving forward. Glad the latest season of Attack on Titan has inspired you lol

    OwnD1OwnD113 hours ago
  • Best place to catch updates on the situation?

    Lester CrestLester Crest15 hours ago
  • Hey, I'm sorry what happened to you. I may not watch your content but hearing this just sounds horrible

    Velcon X15Velcon X1516 hours ago
    • You can go back without it in your life, you can go back free

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnon13 hours ago
  • People are still defending zack. Why?

    Raymond NoodlesRaymond Noodles16 hours ago
    • Its the people who are too lazy to read the updates, yet have the time to post hate comments

      Hocus Pocus 55Hocus Pocus 5512 hours ago
  • How is that piece of trash Zack not in jail

    Zachery PeckZachery Peck17 hours ago
  • I miss you homie.

    DOOM92DOOM9218 hours ago
  • Top Ten Anime Comebacks

    El Ham HamEl Ham Ham19 hours ago
  • If twitch doesnt unban, stream here, NAIFU FOR LAIFU i knew something was up and didnt make sense I so relieved that youre okay and hopefully you come back to tourneys

    El Ham HamEl Ham Ham19 hours ago
  • Fuck CaptainZack. All my homies fucking HATE CaptainZack (genuine piece of shit).

    Black LotusBlack Lotus20 hours ago
    • Very poor choice of words - The Joker

      Keaton BorutskieKeaton Borutskie2 hours ago

    Seidi IshiiSeidi Ishii21 hour ago
    • Pog

      d md m21 hour ago
  • you got what you deserved, and you took the punch, i just hope you grew from it!

    rustlerustle22 hours ago
    • "you got what you deserved" tf???

      VerveVerve15 hours ago
  • We need to eliminate cancel culture.

    Nick NelsenNick Nelsen23 hours ago
  • Power to you man. I loved your content and can't wait to see your return

    nehkoonehkoo23 hours ago
  • I believe you like lil dudes. So nah, you shouldn't come back

    J CookJ Cook23 hours ago
    • @Hocus Pocus 55 This just proves how many idiots are roaming the earths surface

      Choke on a tictacChoke on a tictac8 hours ago
    • @Choke on a tictac I feel like half the hate comments on Nairo arent even ignorant people who neglect to read the updates A lot of them are just hating on gay people. Weird af

      Hocus Pocus 55Hocus Pocus 5510 hours ago
    • Oh god it's a homophobe! Everybody run!!

      Choke on a tictacChoke on a tictac11 hours ago
    • well what you believe is wrong so he should come back

      VerveVerve15 hours ago
  • You did a wrong thing in your past. You are not your past. The only way to solve these kinds of problems in the world is to show that it's okay to become a better person. If you are a better person now then you deserve to try again

    Zachary KlewinZachary KlewinDay ago
  • You people allowed this with your over sensitive liberal shit. Cancel culture is a cancer and its ruining the entertainment business. Good to see you back Nairo!

    Mohammed AldeghaitherMohammed AldeghaitherDay ago
  • You can go back without it in your life, you can go back free

    Fernando reyesFernando reyesDay ago
  • Thanks Nairo good luck we all miss you

    cooper family channelcooper family channelDay ago
  • good luck bro

    Sean Jessee :0Sean Jessee :0Day ago
  • I'm really glad to see you back man I enjoyed watching your tournament clips and how hype they are. I wish you the best of luck for the new chapter in your life.

    YunG_NesquiKYunG_NesquiKDay ago
  • Why was he cancelled in the first place what did he (allegedly) do?

    x xxx xxDay ago
    • @The Boss 101 Zack has been silent 5 months. He probably wont talk. Tamin exposed him for basically admitting it it, too. And he straight up admitted to the lying/blackmail part

      Hocus Pocus 55Hocus Pocus 5510 hours ago
    • He was accused of consensually having sex with a minor (him consenting, minors cant consent), aka rape, but rn hes saying he didn't actually consent, and rn ppl are jumping on both sides of the train but imma just wait for evidence from either side lmao

      The Boss 101The Boss 10119 hours ago
  • Y’all are to soft, Nairo doesn’t deserve the right to apologize or receive complaints.

    Brennan BrockBrennan BrockDay ago
    • He isn't apologizing? Why would he apologize

      Hocus Pocus 55Hocus Pocus 55Day ago
    • huh

      zigzagzigzagDay ago
  • I'm glad he's back.

    PinkLemonPinkLemonDay ago
  • Hell yeah, nairo is back at it again!! Tus videos me entretienen muchísimo!

    Dreels sorianoDreels sorianoDay ago
  • I legit cried watching this. I'm so happy you're trying to move forward.

    MerfectMerfectDay ago
  • I hate captain zack for putting you in this situation

    Lincon BOIIILincon BOIIIDay ago
  • Cheers Nairo, good to see you back!

    Joseph FredalJoseph FredalDay ago
  • I hope you make a a speedy and well recovery. Stay safe

    Edoard TejadaEdoard TejadaDay ago
  • finally, was so bored of watch other people. the real is back. dont get raped again dude. hit the parry

    Day ago
    • This is kinda insensitive dont you think?

      Jonathan BayleyJonathan BayleyHour ago
  • Miss you Nairo! Stream on YT if u can!!!!

    cubano_fuegocubano_fuegoDay ago
  • Bastien BolafeldBastien BolafeldDay ago
  • Really sorry to see all you went through Nairo, bit I really hope you can rise back up now. I'm super excited to see you come back and have some fun again.

    MonadoJoJo ZerøMonadoJoJo ZerøDay ago
  • I'm very excited to see you comeback Nairo!

    Nathan SandersNathan SandersDay ago
  • Welcome back. Way to stand up and not allow yourself to be canceled! Props! 🙌🏻

    Jonathan DirmannJonathan DirmannDay ago
  • Now it’s time for me to go watch it’s old streams clips BACK TO THE GOOD TIMES😎😁

    Slouchy Carton18Slouchy Carton18Day ago
  • We love you. We don't just need you back as a competitor also as our favorite content creator and a wonderful person and I think everybody that ever talked to you met you at smash tourneys knows how much of a nice person you are I'm so happy to see you back

    Jakob LindorferJakob LindorferDay ago
  • it’s fantastic to hear from you again and to know you’re safe Also ayyy we have the same birthday!!

  • been waiting for this

    Buttless TwiggButtless TwiggDay ago
  • I'm sorry you had to go through so much due to mob mentality. You're a good man Nairo. Love your videos. Glad to hear you're able to go forward and looking forward to your content. Glad to hear people were hooking you up with support. Never doubted you for a moment.

    TaerTaerDay ago
  • You got this bro!

    ProAf GamerProAf GamerDay ago
  • Just caught up on everything. Shame this had to happen to you. Here's hoping Twitch will listen. And it just goes to show, anyone can be a r*pist. No matter the age, race or gender.

    ZekromiumZekromiumDay ago
  • Youre amazing! :,D Im happy too see you back

    LordFrogLordFrogDay ago
  • I hate that this man got beaten to the ground, left in a puddle of his own blood and teeth and the same people who beat him up are coming back to help him get up. This is internet culture for you ladies in gentleman, bunch of hypocrites.

    SomeGuySomeGuyDay ago
  • Glad you are back.

    bouytt guytbouytt guytDay ago
  • I'm glad things turned out great for you. I just really hope this shows you to keep close eyes on the people who claim to be there for you. If anything this has shown who will turn the moment they see fit

    CrimsonSlayer7CrimsonSlayer7Day ago
  • Bro! We missed you. Fake fans followed the bandwagon, but there's a lot of us here who will still watch your content and support you. Worst case you can just stream on youtube

    CheesyHeroCheesyHeroDay ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    ZEGAZEGADay ago
    • #UnBanNairo

      bouytt guytbouytt guytDay ago
  • Redemption: the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil. Do it Nairo, Struggle and redeem yourself, earn it back, cause u can.

    Nicholas LowellNicholas LowellDay ago
  • Bro you were a douche to me on twitch. Glad your banned ✌️

    Sub ZeroSub ZeroDay ago
    • @Marty Marr how about you educate yourself on the entire situation first before creating a conclusion. This is why cancel culture thrives.

      Jonathan BayleyJonathan BayleyHour ago
    • @Marty Marr check his twitter bozo

      NOOO!NOOO!Day ago
    • @Nick Nick if the allegations are false, why did he settle. Not one time in this video did he say I did not do that so which is it.

      Marty MarrMarty MarrDay ago
    • F-u

      abdullah altuwaijriabdullah altuwaijriDay ago
    • He probably getting his account back. Yesterday everyone was tweeting and retweeting #UnbanNairo. And we will be doing it again today. To let twitch know that it isn’t fair for him to have lost his account to false allegations.

      Nick NickNick NickDay ago
  • This may be a stupid question, but can you stream on YT?

    Bobby LosannoBobby LosannoDay ago
    • He can he just prefers twitch and he gets better cuts for donations on twitch I think?

      Keng WeeKeng WeeDay ago
  • It so obvious that you’re still struggling man, we still love you I was very worried ❤️much love to you forever

    Dxzzy DxmDxzzy DxmDay ago
    • Good to know alpha and them kept their faith in you all this time, proves their ability to see a good person despite what people say

      Dxzzy DxmDxzzy DxmDay ago
  • Nairobi, it must have been incredibly difficult to deal with this situation. We miss you and I'm glad you can put this behind you because no one deserves that life. Without you the smash community isn't the happy place I used to know. Glad you're back!

    Nuno DiasNuno DiasDay ago
  • So how much more hush money did you pay to cover this all up? BONG

    MegamaneMegamaneDay ago
    • How about you educate yourself on the entire situation before spreading hate and negativity on the internet. Be a part of the solution not the problem. Be better.....

      Jonathan BayleyJonathan BayleyHour ago
    • dipshit.

      DanDanDay ago
    • Zack himself says that he lied about being paid hush money

      Hocus Pocus 55Hocus Pocus 55Day ago
    • He never paid anyone hush money. Please read what actually happened

      Zero OrezZero OrezDay ago
    • The fuck

      YeetZmeNYeetZmeNDay ago
  • Hey man, great to see you back!

    Braedon MatthewsBraedon MatthewsDay ago
  • Good shit Nairo. Can't wait to see you back out there bro.

    AcidAcidDay ago
  • Shut up #locknairoup

    claytoncdclaytoncdDay ago
    • @claytoncd bruh you dumb af

      ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Day ago
    • @claytoncd locking up an innocent man doesn’t seem like a good idea

      YeetZmeNYeetZmeNDay ago
    • @Keng Wee LOCK HIM UPPP

      claytoncdclaytoncdDay ago
    • No u

      Derek JimenezDerek JimenezDay ago
    • Have you seen the evidence against Zach?

      Keng WeeKeng WeeDay ago
  • Just imagine having your whole life completely unraveled after a child lied and made up the most disgusting things about you, maybe being forced to move homes or never see your friends again and have to take up therapy, I can’t imagine his struggle, I never watched nairo unless it was with samsora but he seems so genuine and kind.

    Opal StigmaOpal StigmaDay ago
    • @claytoncd It’s not a he said he said first of all. Captain Zack admitted to rape and sexual assault in his original story. Nairo has proof to back up his statements. If you believe it’s a he said he said then that means you’re just choosing a side based off of nothing.

      Zero OrezZero OrezDay ago
    • @claytoncd Its not he said she said. Zack had admitted to things, and everyone who was there that night sides with nairo Even all 3 of the people who helped Zack accuse Nairo, are now defending Nairo's innocence

      Hocus Pocus 55Hocus Pocus 55Day ago
    • @claytoncd and what evedience does Zach have supporting himself. But no. He’s a minor so he needs no evidence. Grow the fuck up.

      Derek JimenezDerek JimenezDay ago
    • @Derek Jimenez lol no evidence #lockthemup

      claytoncdclaytoncdDay ago
    • @claytoncd Even then, Captain Zach has had a history of manipulation. Nairo never had attraction towards males and he never seemed like the type of person to rape somebody, let alone lie about. I’m not saying Nairo is perfect, but compared to Zach, he’s a saint.

      Derek JimenezDerek JimenezDay ago
  • Fuck yeah, man. Stay strong, and good luck with whatever comes next. We here for you!

    natyx24natyx24Day ago
  • He'll yeah 1 smash boy is back hopefully. Now I wait for zeros to respond.....

    Keven EspinozaKeven EspinozaDay ago
    • Unfortunately, ZeRo is an actual predator while Nairo is not, and predators have no place in the Smash community.

      YeetZmeNYeetZmeNDay ago
    • Zero, unlike Nairo, has no evidence to support his return, sadly, Zero did some bad things and his return would be not only controversial, but also just weird.

      Derek JimenezDerek JimenezDay ago
    • No

      claytoncdclaytoncdDay ago
  • I don't play smash competitively or anything like that but Nairo you're good people , it would be fun to watch your streams again

    Emcee ProphetEmcee ProphetDay ago
  • Damn what a tech...

    Erick DutanErick DutanDay ago
  • #UnBanNairo

    LukaLukaDay ago
  • Love You Nairo

    Nicholas HernandezNicholas HernandezDay ago
  • Why doesn’t stream on USworlds?

    Dave CastroDave CastroDay ago
  • Nairo you are innocent pls keep movien forward and and stay positive

    TraxilliaTraxilliaDay ago
    • @Shalucard “He allowed it,” is completely false. In Zack’s original story he said that he started it by touching Nairo while Nairo was asleep which is unarguably sexual assault. He also said that Nairo kept telling him to stop. Zack also admitted to blackmailing Nairo with this. That’s just what Zack admitted to. Nairo showed that he was never okay with it but that Zack forced him into sexual activities multiple times and that the black mail was part of that.

      Zero OrezZero OrezDay ago
    • @Shalucard Also, Zachs friends were informed the ZACH was aware Nairo was dazed. Zach’s friends weren’t there to see it, they were simply informed by Zach.

      Derek JimenezDerek JimenezDay ago
    • @shawn nairo was dazed during the action in question? Bullshit, how would they know he was dazed during the event unless all of them were there to see him sucking off zack and where were they if they say he was dazed and knew this was going down, you see how this is just bullshit?

      ShalucardShalucardDay ago
    • @Shalucard >He allowed it False. Several of Zack's friends have come out in Twitter statements saying that Zack was aware that Nairo was dazed during the actions in question. Freezing up is a common response to being raped and is widely accepted as such in the psychological field.

      shawnshawnDay ago
    • He allowed it he's just trying to save face or whatever he has left of it.

      ShalucardShalucardDay ago
  • Nairo, it's QUIX! I had a name change, but maybe you remember me. Honestly I only found out just now but I am so glad that the accusations were false and after finding out what really happened, I feel so guilty that I was so quick to judge you simply because of disappointment of what I heard. But it makes me SO SO happy to know that one of my favourite Content Creators is innocent and coming back. Seriously, even when I left the smash community you were still one of the streamers I watched because you were entertaining and I just loved the mood you gave every stream, and also just your whole content in general. I am just so relieved, I hope you're well. I was an on and off Naifu due to money reasons but with the art that I drew for you all those years ago, I just felt happy that I could do something for you in the past. And I hope in the future I will be able to do it again soon. Stay safe, stay strong.

    Edo PhoenixEdo PhoenixDay ago
  • I always had a feeling that nairo wasn’t that bad of a person I had a feeling if he came back then that means he’s strong enough to know that what’s happened isn’t true

    Jonathan AquinoJonathan AquinoDay ago
  • I believe you nairo :)

    SalixCatSalixCatDay ago
  • fuck twitch if they don't unban you after getting a settlement

    Michael VandeVusseMichael VandeVusseDay ago
  • I feel bad for once being against this man...

    Anne NoirAnne Noir2 days ago
  • Good for you buddy, this is why I always try so hard not to jump to conclusions before the facts are out there. I personally know for a fact there are some crazy ass people who will make that shit up, sometimes not even for money. So I'm glad you stuck to your guns, definitely sending good vibes your way and I look forward to seeing what comes next for you. Cheers

    Drew GDrew G2 days ago
  • Im here for you! We all are, im so happy your doing ok!

    Mantaray SlayaMantaray Slaya2 days ago
  • The "Get canceled to wait a year until everyone else forgets" combo strat needs to get nerfed. Every USworldsr who uses this strat ends up having inexplicably good runs no matter what caused them to be in the "Cancel stun state" in the first place. It's a broken exploit, please ban.

    MrToxicMrToxic2 days ago
    • This is a joke comment, calm down

      FreakFreakDay ago
    • No he just waited to settle everything in court first where he won the case because he was innocent.

      Zero OrezZero OrezDay ago
    • He didn’t wait for everyone to forget. He literally made a statement about his side of the story and taking this to a legal level. Too bad some people don’t educate themselves before making stupid comments like these.

      Derek JimenezDerek JimenezDay ago
  • Hey man. Just look how ProJared was able to make a successful comeback, if he can recover from his cancelling, so can you dude. Chin up man, we can make it happen.

    Marshtomp8Marshtomp82 days ago
  • Welcome back

    ShoeninShoenin2 days ago
  • #UnBanNairo

    Eric NguyenEric Nguyen2 days ago
  • #UnbanNairo

    Dewex GamingDewex Gaming2 days ago
  • I think you should come back if that's what you feel you should do

    vuLcan 300vuLcan 3002 days ago

    AugurAugur2 days ago
  • Nairo coming back will save smash no cap

    AugurAugur2 days ago
  • I'm happy to have you back nairo. I was, sadly, one of the people who believed all the negative claims about you and looking back it honestly hurt my heart to think you would do something awful. But now that i know the full story i couldn't be happier to hear that things are going better than i thought and i hope things can only get better for you from here. Take as much of your time as you need to, we'll all be here waiting for ya!

    Anon _Anon _2 days ago
  • Man it actually make me feel sad, seeing the once so happy and bubbly you be so down. I know that there has been so much stuff happening with you in your life and I think it is crazy what people have done to you with everything, but I would just like it to be know that I and prob many others are happy that you are back, Ive missed the Nairo that used to make me piss myself in laughter. Even tho I was never one to watch any streams from anyone I was always genuinely excited for your next video to be out. I really hope you are doing ok and I wish nothing but the best for you in what you plan to do and ill always be here to enjoy anything you decide to put out. Much love man and may things be getting brighter for you man, WISH YOU THE BEST

    shane troyshane troy2 days ago
  • I really regret hating on Nairo when the situation happened. I believed it, and many others did too. Nairo, you inspired me to become a better smash player. Watching your videos made me feel better and made me want to practice in smash more. Without you, I wouldn’t have been such a huge smash fan. I would love to see you stream again!

    MedliMK8DXMedliMK8DX2 days ago
  • tbh, I never watched your content and I regret... but damn if you come back, I will watch everything you do and support you in every way I can !

    Fou-mageFou-mage2 days ago