UNDISPUTED - Michael Rapaport: "I don't consider Kevin Durant a friend!!"

Apr 5, 2021
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UNDISPUTED - Michael Rapaport: "I don't consider Kevin Durant a friend!!"

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    Undisputed TodayUndisputed Today8 days ago
    • A lot of you on here have fake profiles talk smack about these two guys lol 😆😆😆

      Lincoln BlakeLincoln Blake2 days ago
    • @lee street dude he was jus joking ...it was obv to tell right away...i laughed the whole time..funnies thing that morons ever done..his dog wheezy lol

      rmc rmcrmc rmc3 days ago
    • He just admitted he lied about the dog park and coffee shop. Why believe anything he says?????

      lee streetlee street3 days ago
    • But your wife loves the attention when you're bashing and bullying everyone else??? BULLSHIT

      lee streetlee street3 days ago
    • @Mamba Mentality24 show sucks..

      rmc rmcrmc rmc3 days ago
  • Literally only remember this guy from like some sitcom that dint last long where he was a dad it was such a flop I can’t even remember the show I was like 7 and they played reruns he deserves the shit he gets he’s constantly spewing shit for attention.

    WHATWHATMinute ago
  • Oh u mean KD only got a small fine? U dont say...

    CB 1014CB 101411 minutes ago
  • Ask shanon about Islam enslaving modern day Africans

    SeawolfakaSeawolfaka50 minutes ago
  • So basically stay tf outta his inbox

    Xbgibx GibXbgibx GibHour ago
  • Poor Wheezy

    ad mobile4ad mobile42 hours ago
  • Rapaport a clown!

    Kel GibsonKel Gibson2 hours ago
  • Comedian that’s a stretch

    Henry De PazHenry De Paz3 hours ago
  • Look Durant is a douchebag but Rapaport is just as guilty I'm sure... And him outing durant is kind of a lame move... Like if you don't want to talk to him just block him.

    nathan laymannathan layman3 hours ago
  • Whatever Remy

    Rudolph JacksonRudolph Jackson3 hours ago
  • Shutcho cryin ass up, you can dish it but cant take it huh? I don't feel.the least bit sorry!

    Rudolph JacksonRudolph Jackson4 hours ago
  • Everyone gotta be a thug here. Smh....

    Stipe 85Stipe 854 hours ago
  • It ain't about the bro code it's about integrity which you seem to have none

    bjern757bjern7576 hours ago
  • What we need to discuss is Kevin Durant's hair my goodness he's my favorite player in the NBA but come on man all that money you got you can't get a decent Caesar with a shape up geez 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    bjern757bjern7576 hours ago
  • Michael Ratatouille RattReport

    bjern757bjern7576 hours ago
  • Michael Rapaport got kicked out of the club lol he broke code now these nba guys and other dudes are not fucking with him the same after this, knowing if they go too far he could expose their conversation...he’s a comedian that would make rants cussing and name-calling other people deemed to “deserve” it, and now we have ppl “SHOCKED” a grown man can talk like that to another man, KD, when they’re going at it....... gimme a break, Can’t dish it out but can’t take it simple lol, he didn’t directly name call his wife, and even if “that’s what made things serious”, what does screenshots and sending it out gonna do? no one considered KD as America’s sweetheart so what was the point exposing it smh “I didn’t think it would turn into this” so why the fck did you expose it lol 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ this coward had to limit his comments on Instagram cus he threw rocks and hid his hand ahaha

    Lancey RenzoLancey Renzo7 hours ago
  • I lost ALL RESPECT for Michael Rappaport. He antagonized Kevin Durant. Then, cried “ Foul “ , and played “ Victim “, after talking SHIT to KD. Michael Rappaport is nothing more than a Rat-Bastard, KAREN!

    Mr ShooterMr Shooter8 hours ago
  • No one wants to play with mikes dog at the dog park oh my god 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Khan UnuKhan Unu9 hours ago
  • How can you get fined for saying something in a message that is supposed to be private?!

    John MarxJohn Marx9 hours ago
  • Lost all respect for the guy and I fucked with him tough but he's a fake ass fraud

    Cisco KiddCisco Kidd9 hours ago
  • Snitch 🤣🤣🤣

    Michael ReyesMichael Reyes9 hours ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣 Stop crying

    Michael ReyesMichael Reyes9 hours ago
  • This is not sporting news, this is soo irrelevant. No one cares about Michael Rapaport and his privileged rant!

    Mo'Xi Hari'elMo'Xi Hari'el10 hours ago
  • Stfu you released the damn DM’s stfu

    Johnathan hallJohnathan hall10 hours ago
  • Nice acting skills 😂😂😂

    Osvaldo EliasOsvaldo Elias11 hours ago
  • I mean we knew how embarassing KD can be, but Rapaport.... damn, he went from the dude who was allowed to act in a Sean Price video to a cupcake^^

    The other phone pleaseThe other phone please11 hours ago
  • The amount of people that didn't realise he was joking about his crying part are idiots

    AnivAniv12 hours ago
  • MR gotta retire, he gets2personal, its over, portnoy kicked his ass on SM any way, new sheriff in town, and at least portnoy donates to charities and foundations to help small business with his stoolies......hang up the jersey Mike

    MML 1MML 114 hours ago

    Anthony DickersonAnthony Dickerson14 hours ago
  • Michael Rap is wildlin.

    Corey GilmoreCorey Gilmore15 hours ago
  • He really wanted to say another nigga in my DM.. This was a real soft move by Michael.. Shannon thank you

    Stephen JohnsonStephen Johnson15 hours ago
  • If you can't say something nice don't say it at all Michael

    Gary BaxterGary Baxter16 hours ago
  • Uuuuh uuuh uuuh ...what uuuh 🐈..

    LO$TV-TopicLO$TV-Topic17 hours ago
  • Micheal , Michael, Michael stop trying to be accepted Michael

    Gene BernardGene Bernard20 hours ago
  • Kd pleased cut that shit off abd Michael please cut this bs out. Nobody already couldn't take you seriously. Smh this definitely some Karen bs now.

    J doloJ dolo20 hours ago
  • What a troll not even funny

    pandabearmadnesspandabearmadness21 hour ago
  • Why do they even have this guy on? Is he important? Who cares if he's spatting with KD

    Travis JohnsonTravis Johnson21 hour ago
  • For how dumb you guys think this guy looks, think about what that says about KD for giving it the time of day. I know KD likes the banter but he’s gotta be smarter. He stoops too low.

    HopelessMunzHopelessMunz21 hour ago
  • What a waste of time.

    Scotty CranwellScotty Cranwell21 hour ago
  • This dude leaks the DMs which is a snitch move to begin with then plays victim when everyone else calls him out for being a snitch lol

    Brown RecidivistBrown Recidivist22 hours ago
  • Michael Rapaport look like he drinks fetus blood to stay young.

    Tony Sky BravoTony Sky Bravo22 hours ago
  • Have he rants for 10 mins before they talk

    David EspinozaDavid Espinoza23 hours ago
  • This guys a friggin cupcake

    will millerwill miller23 hours ago
  • Lol yall gotta know this dude was trolling. He aint fazed lmao cmon man

    Kevin WilderKevin WilderDay ago
  • Lmao skip

    Obi AkpudaObi AkpudaDay ago
  • Sounds like Cartman getting bullied

    Kai HammonKai HammonDay ago
  • Who cares....why are they covering this cat fight.

    Chuka NwezeChuka NwezeDay ago
  • Worst performance ever. Dude needs acting lessons

    Alexander MatiasAlexander MatiasDay ago
  • I hope this was him being funny. I would act like that just to see if ppl were dumb enough to take me seriously 😂

    bonnied3 hillbonnied3 hillDay ago
  • Was he auditioning for a movie the first 1:30 of this video? I wasn't convinced though.Nice try.And I don't even like KD.

    patrick ypatrick yDay ago
  • This is the same guy that went on a cussing tirade when Donald Trump lost the election! His language was disgraceful & disgusting! He talks tough A LOT but when he gets confronted, he acts like a sissy! Birdman, Scalabrine are examples that almost made Rappaport piss in his pants! I’ve never been a fan his. And I don’t feel sorry for him either. He almost cried in the beginning of this interview! What a wuss!

    Kevin PKevin PDay ago
  • Durant is out of line talking about a mans wife and threatening his family where the managers he’s not a rat for sticking up for his wife that’s crossing the line Durant grow up

    jacqueline walshjacqueline walshDay ago
  • Is this real?

    Gordon WorthGordon WorthDay ago
  • TF did I just watch!?!?!? Bruh, cry alone in the shower like a real man...

    Brake DavisBrake DavisDay ago
  • Na that’s wat u get karma got u mike u wrong

    Cel OohCel OohDay ago
  • You deserve everything you asked for.

    Stephen ClarkeStephen ClarkeDay ago
  • Awwww they won't play with weezy anymore lol

    second wavesecond waveDay ago
  • This has the be a show

    josh adamsjosh adamsDay ago
  • WHAT!?!? UNCLE SKIP'S FACE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Tee DotTee DotDay ago
  • Shannon you are priceless,love the looks!!!!

    Wendy LeeWendy LeeDay ago
  • Shannon aint having this sht

    Quantum BobQuantum BobDay ago

    moneyrip1moneyrip1Day ago
  • Weak ass Rappaport

    Quantum BobQuantum BobDay ago
  • Yhahyaayayyah ahyhayhayhahayy. Omg hayaa micheal u bitch

    nob nobnob nobDay ago
  • Levin Duran got all that money and his head still nappy

    deion corbettdeion corbettDay ago
  • Who the heck is this chick crying?

    Fromth3d3pthsFromth3d3pthsDay ago
  • Full of sht

  • Sounds to me like you said. You was already in your feelings and you also said yall made the deal to do that dumb sht. You put that out there stfu

  • Forget you you damn snitch

  • He was trying to set KD up and KD drank the kool aide. His banter is on another level so I can see how he might get under your skin. I don't know any man who banters back forth like he does without it getting serious at some point...it's a slippery slope. You still don't out the person.

    Tony HolmesTony HolmesDay ago
  • Mike Rap you trippin man i know you playing everyone right now but shit

    forever SHAMPOOforever SHAMPOODay ago
  • Get this gurl off tv im disgusted

    Chp SkillzChp SkillzDay ago
  • Yeah maybe what Shannon said that it was a celebrity not to release the DM's ..."BUT "..KD talked about spitting in his face and brought up his wife. That alone should be a smack across the chops for just that. What does Rapaport's wife have to do with anything. Shows you how ignorant KD is. That's a code. Do not bring up family. Sorry not sorry. All bets are off. Also I read those DM's and to me KD sounded a bit racist too. Why you going to talk about a person's skin color. If it was the reverse talking about KD's skin color Rapaport would be in jail.. Give me a break. ... KD pay your fine and shut the he!! up. I lost a lot of respect for KD. ....I hope the Nets choke in the playoffs.

    CentaurCentaurDay ago
  • Shannon's reactions are 💀💀💀😂

    Yate2206 MATAILEVUYate2206 MATAILEVUDay ago
  • Haha, this has to be fake.

    joeh2401joeh2401Day ago
  • Durant was busting my balls, so I hid in in the corner crying and called the social media police

    Carpe DiemCarpe DiemDay ago
  • Dis dude is a real clown 🤡

    Snooky JacksonSnooky JacksonDay ago
  • Mike doesn't get to be the victim for situations he is as often the perpetrator in.

    Demetris HowardDemetris HowardDay ago
  • Men have become babies..

    IFitHadtobetoldRightIFitHadtobetoldRightDay ago
  • This was some of his best acting.

    Monkey MoviesMonkey MoviesDay ago
  • Lamelo Ball Prizm Draft Picks are literally being GIVEN AWAY right now. The ratio of Prizm DP prices to NBA Prizm is absurd!!! I'm stocking up on any Lamelo Refractor under $50...Crusade , Global Prospects, Base, Red Ic, Pink Ice, Green, Silver, Purple Wave, Ruby Wave, RWB...ALL OF IT!!!!

    Steven WashingtonSteven WashingtonDay ago
  • Skip 🙁 Shannon 🙁

    Dinky RamirezDinky RamirezDay ago
  • Only a idiot will believe he didn't release them on purpose he knew exactly what backlash it will cause that's exactly why he did it because it was the ONLY way to get back and hurt KD facts💯

    Pinero HunnaPinero HunnaDay ago
  • I just don’t understand why he shared the DM’s.

    Gregor CollinsGregor CollinsDay ago
  • We talking about two of the softest people in the world! (Literally)!

    Alphonso ThomasAlphonso Thomas2 days ago
  • Skip doesn't recognize sarcasm

    XquisiteTVXquisiteTV2 days ago
  • KD a snake. Rappaport a Rat. There meant for each other.

    SithViciousSithVicious2 days ago
  • Michael Rapaport is actually someone who you would say the same thing to in person as you would comment about him online so it's not actually trolling

    William LoweryWilliam Lowery2 days ago
  • Dude literally started to cry because of bad Twitter dms, and he’s a professional comedian. Your sensitive to banter and trash talk, what are you doing dude

    Gregory MartinezGregory Martinez2 days ago
  • Love to see this guy lose the knock out game :: one hitter quitter !!! Hate this clown pos

    Paul SingerPaul Singer2 days ago
  • oh well shannon....durant shouldn't post anything hed be ashamed of!!!

    Trust the Process!!!Trust the Process!!!2 days ago
  • Jeez, this society is so retarded. All this because Rapaport called DM "too sensitive". Really? The ruling class is just getting everybody to hate each other. The ruling class wants civil war. Looks like the herd is going to give it to them.

    Solutions ManagerSolutions Manager2 days ago
  • KD? More like KD-Bag, lol!! If KD spit on me I’d snap his scrawny leg.

    Jigga BofJigga Bof2 days ago
  • Mike is just letting the world know what kinda burner account, d-bag, mark that KD really is... whatever.

    Jigga BofJigga Bof2 days ago
  • This dude use to talk so tuff this is brothers nowadays. Not real men.

    JD82JD822 days ago
  • I know I'm watching Undisputed, but it feels like Jerry Springer or something lol

    RyRy2 days ago
  • 😂😂😂

    T AT A2 days ago
  • Michael Rappaport is a SNITCH and must pay for publicly releasing personal texts from Kevin Durant to him. Cost KD $50,000 in a league fine and could have cost him endorsement deals. These were not comments KD made on social media -- these were back and forth texts between Rappaport the SNITCH and KD who crack on each other via text. Me and my boys do that all the time - sure sometimes it gets out of hand - but that comes with the territory. KD really got to Rappaport when he found out Rappaport's wife left him and married a woman. Not that there's anything wrong with that but it gave KD some good ammo. The CRIPS AND BLOODS need to bring justice to the SNITCH. Rappaport has weaseled his way into the rap community by acting like he's down with the homeboys - but a SNITCH IS A SNITCH. Let's see how this plays out -- something tells me someone is waiting for the dust to clear, for a little time to pass -- and then WHAM!

    Avalon HikeAvalon Hike2 days ago
  • Michael Rappaport loves to cry out in pain when he strikes you

    Sean doggSean dogg2 days ago