Two 33" Subwoofers for ALL the BASS! B2 Audio X26 Ferrite Unboxed & Flexed 10Hz

Apr 4, 2021
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I have been wanting one (or even better 2) of these subs for a long time. I found out that Jon at Skyhigh Audio had 4 of them in stock. So i pulled the trigger. I don't know what i am going to do with them YET. But it will be something fun! It could be anything from my van to my home theater system..who knows! Subscribe and you will see!
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  • I have been wanting one (or even better 2) of these subs for a long time. I found out that Jon at Skyhigh Audio had 4 of them in stock. So i pulled the trigger. I don't know what i am going to do with them YET. But it will be something fun! It could be anything from my van to my home theater system..who knows! Subscribe and you will see! In the meantime, check out my daily updates and everything else we do at the shop, depicted in tiny little squares on my instagram channel - follow me here >>> thanks for watching if you did! ***leave a comment let me know where you are from! I wanna know what YOU would do if you had one of these subs!

    meade916meade91611 days ago
    • Dang I just heard my windows rattle and I'm in minnesota

      P RickP Rick23 hours ago
    • @Jay Holm oh ok, guess i was comprehending it wrong, Still makes my single 12 look wimpy.

      Stratos53100Stratos531003 days ago
    • @Stratos53100 the x2six 15 is a 6" coil. The x2c is a 5"

      Jay HolmJay Holm4 days ago
    • Watched this in seattle. I wish i could experience that in person! Id put one in my 4x4 e350 diesel van... and the other in my home theater lol. Can i come there and listen to them? Those sub 30hz look awesome. I cant image anything hitting 10hz better

      jimblu86jimblu866 days ago
    • Can those hit below 5hz??? Ive heard a 7.83 hz at enough amplitude can heal all non contagious illnesses...

      Brett MooreBrett Moore8 days ago
  • Coil bottoming out?

    Russell ComerRussell ComerHour ago

    TOM PIPPSTOM PIPPS4 hours ago
  • я русский

    STEDISTEDI5 hours ago
  • That is just ridiculous, does a sub that big even hit hard enough to take your breath away ?

    LeglessLexLeglessLex13 hours ago
  • Bro those are some monsters!

    Ryan NicholsRyan Nichols13 hours ago
  • Geeezuz ,talk about Marty's amp in Back to the Future !

    Greg OltmannsGreg Oltmanns13 hours ago
  • Those are not sub-woofers, thew are heart pumps for a 2,000 Lb rhino!~ Holy Crap!

    Robert VeachRobert Veach13 hours ago
  • I might put two of those in my prius...

    L CeeL Cee14 hours ago
    • @Jim C lol !

      L CeeL Cee12 hours ago
    • Might have to put the prius in these.

      Jim CJim C13 hours ago
  • Academy de alto falantes,😂😂😂👍💪💪💪

    Júlio cesar Martins pissiniJúlio cesar Martins pissini14 hours ago
  • 12:31 is something scraping inside those speakers, or are they just overpowering your microphone?

    bledlbledlbledlbledlbledlbledl15 hours ago
    • My uneducated guess: its the coil hitting the magnet, since they're at their mechanical limit at that power in free air

      TheVergil DanteTheVergil Dante12 hours ago
  • 🤔 could be a great idea 💡 for home 🏡 theater 🎭 🔊left and righ subs 🔊 with some towers similar to yours 🔊🔊

    DieCast DreamsDieCast Dreams22 hours ago
  • I would make home theater 🎭 towers with them 🤣☝🏼🤩😵

    DieCast DreamsDieCast Dreams22 hours ago
  • Pode amaciar o auto falante tapando o fundo do imã ???? onde teria que ficar aberto para ter a ventilação da bobina

    CristonyBRCristonyBR23 hours ago
  • Get a brinks truck, Steve. Pair those would be perfect imo. Great video!

    Nancy RodgerNancy RodgerDay ago
  • Meade is a GOAT

    AMS TVAMS TVDay ago
  • Manish kumar sethi roll no 20

    Suman Sarita BeheraSuman Sarita BeheraDay ago
  • Даже по русским меркам,они охрененно здоровые!!!

    Даниил ХолодковДаниил ХолодковDay ago

    Faraaz KhanFaraaz KhanDay ago
  • That's a small motor for such a big cone/basket. I want to see them installed and moving

    AP ManagementAP ManagementDay ago
    • @AP Management ok mr. don't know anything. lol

      meade916meade91616 hours ago
    • @meade916 ok mr know it all.

      AP ManagementAP Management20 hours ago
    • no it isn't. You just don't know any better.

      meade916meade916Day ago
  • Holly!!!

    Ryan LewisRyan LewisDay ago
  • Put those bad boys in the bed of the 350

    Bryan EricksonBryan EricksonDay ago
  • Imagine the insane size, and thickness of the box needed to house these monsters. I would totally make these into a home subwoofer setup, and hold on for dear life.

    MaddHatt3RMaddHatt3RDay ago
  • These would be great to build a pair of EV Patrician 800 copies!

    callmebigpapacallmebigpapaDay ago
  • how much does one of these cost?

  • I would not drive them above say 500Hz after that they will go off-axis not good for deep bass bro.

    Vern MoffettVern Moffett2 days ago
    • bro youre talking to steve meade

      J.Sargent91J.Sargent91Day ago
    • LMAO thanks for the advice, bro.

      meade916meade9162 days ago
  • First speaker that can't be stolen, put a motor and wheels on the box!!....DONE!!...That slow motion speaker going in and out, in and out, just cured my ED, until it tazed me!!..20 hurtz..really hurtz!!

    Kit KimbroughKit Kimbrough2 days ago
  • Wow

  • they look threatening lmao

    CalculatinGeniusCalculatinGenius2 days ago
  • Post the T/S parameters

    Gweeep PatiGweeep Pati2 days ago
  • I would love those in my 2007 Chevy avalanche 🤤🤤🤤🔊🔊🔊🔊

    Jason WoodryJason Woodry2 days ago
  • Where can I get cart like that so I can work on box and subs?

    Mark RomanMark Roman2 days ago
    • Harbor Freight.

      meade916meade9162 days ago
  • Sky high car6 flat. Battery terminals Is that for a pair. Meade?

    Jason YoungJason Young2 days ago
  • Can't wait to see someone stuff those into a Civic

    ThatBrianGuyThatBrianGuy3 days ago
    • lmao

      Charlie TuzzoloCharlie Tuzzolo2 days ago
  • Man that is nice. I could imagine the damage they'll probably make on my Caprice ooowweee

    Conrado AvilaConrado Avila3 days ago
  • *pulling up to a show* so yeah my subs are bigger than my wheels

    803 Parrish803 Parrish3 days ago
  • Ur the real deal

    sailormoonhavyn saliormoon Delaneysailormoonhavyn saliormoon Delaney3 days ago
  • Its like the speaker from the Back to the Future movie.

    Matt S.Matt S.3 days ago
  • wowwwww

    Som automotivo SCSom automotivo SC3 days ago
  • A caixa tem q ser de concreto 2x1 p chumbar um mostro desse aí

    Douglas M RDouglas M R3 days ago
  • Caraí, americano é foda , tem bagulho que só existe lá, um mundo alternativo, diferente do que a gente vive.

    Douglas M RDouglas M R3 days ago
    • exato mano Brasil ta longe disso kkk esse cara é demais

      Som automotivo SCSom automotivo SC3 days ago
  • Play Bass for love through those! Thats as old as ginsu lol

    Chris DiPietroChris DiPietro3 days ago
  • My wife would divorce me if I bought those.

    Jay HJay H3 days ago
  • great

    marcth25marcth253 days ago
  • Put that Big A$$ Speaker in a Floded Horn Cabinet and watch WALLS CRUMBLE!!!!!!!

    Bruce SahroianBruce Sahroian3 days ago
  • O kurwa ....

    Vitek22fulVitek22ful3 days ago
  • Crazy!

    tomm lingertomm linger3 days ago
  • На вид это типо высоко среднечастотник,с миниотюрным магнитом и катушечкой,слишком большой мебраны для проекции среднего фона но не частот ,резин мембрана жосткая бубнение излучатель среднего фона хламо динамик

    Климашин ДмитрийКлимашин Дмитрий3 days ago
  • Two huge fcking easter eggs from one big Dino store...LMMFAO

    AndreAndre3 days ago
  • Nice

    Stanley NhongonhemaStanley Nhongonhema3 days ago
  • OMG... Awesome.

    Trends & IdeasTrends & Ideas3 days ago
  • Salam dari pencinta son indonesia om...

    Huyi LiHuyi Li3 days ago
  • This would be fun to rattle every window in the metro on some 90's "feel the bass"

    TejasToolManTejasToolMan3 days ago
  • Brewog ra tuku iki

    pria tunggalpria tunggal4 days ago
  • ใหญ่ขนาด 33 '' ต้องใช้AMP กี่ W. ถึงจะขับไหวครับ U

    Smon amSmon am4 days ago
  • Whats the specs of them . looks may deceive eagle audio makes 150 with a 6.5" now thats impressive

    Q&R Electronic repairQ&R Electronic repair4 days ago
    • eagle audio LOL!! bro where do you guys come up with this shit?

      meade916meade9163 days ago
  • I might be more impressed with that knife 😅

    Aidan CessnaAidan Cessna4 days ago
  • make two scoops

    *iTs STill ME* V-i-P*iTs STill ME* V-i-P4 days ago
  • Amp hell, just hook them up to the 240 outlet for the welder and let them hang at 60hz.......... Those are insane.

    speedbuggy16vspeedbuggy16v4 days ago
  • Throw it in a 6th order!!!

    Ricky CRicky C4 days ago
  • thats not a sub anymore... thats a 33" cat massager

    PrincePrince4 days ago
  • Dude two 33 Inch subwoofers! I can’t believe my eyes I’M IN LOVE WITH THEM! THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL I’M CRYING 😿 I want one too😻❤️

    Skylight JasonSkylight Jason4 days ago
  • Those are crazy big, gonna need big diesel truck to haul them

    Streakin XStreakin X4 days ago

      AndreAndre3 days ago
  • I’d love to see these in a truck and see how they do.

    ezsouljaezsoulja4 days ago
  • In my 📦 box is opened without the SK-1 steak knife 🔪

    Pope Platinum BeatsPope Platinum Beats4 days ago
  • heh i thought 18" downward fireing subs where MAD!

    scott walleyscott walley4 days ago
  • Dawg that is some doc brown BACK TO THE FUTURE SHIT. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Clare WilliamsClare Williams4 days ago
  • Imagine cranking songs with 240+ bpm on this driver. Distortion is all I can say. The response time and reflex of this woofer is going to be horrible.

    Scrotum MonsterScrotum Monster4 days ago
  • Time for a suburban to fit those into

    crazyjrcrazyjr4 days ago
  • incredible, puts a Techmaster P.E.B. to touch them!

    JamesJames4 days ago
  • 13 years i follow this channel, first video was the 20k watt chevy tahoe, your work is sick bro, keep it going.

    nightdriving 1nightdriving 14 days ago
  • Damn. You'd have to have some big efficient speakers to pair with those, otherwise those would probably drown out the rest of the music (or movies)

    jesusgavemeaidsjesusgavemeaids4 days ago
  • Use those as an alternate power source for pushing your car when the engine quits.

    Jerry WiessnerJerry Wiessner4 days ago
  • Put tires on it, same size as a smart car

    liquidalloyliquidalloy4 days ago
  • Play some trap music

    Rico BRico B4 days ago
  • I got to put one of these in my crx. HAHA

    JimmytheGeniusJimmytheGenius4 days ago
  • 25.000watts rms power 50.000watts max power

    Eray CbnEray Cbn4 days ago
  • wow

    The devilThe devil5 days ago
  • So damn big they don't seem real! Wow!

    Chevy KevChevy Kev5 days ago
  • I've seen subwoofer smaller than that but the cone has one foot of travel in and out

    • ​@Billy Hess if 30mm +/- is high excursion, the B2s with 45mm +/-, 150mm +/- would be insane excursion lol.

      Tim HunterTim Hunter4 days ago
    • I doubt there has ever been a sub with a full foot of xmax. I remember talking to Bob, the owner of American bass about high excursion subs back 15 years or so ago. He said he wanted one with 12" of excursion, of course he was just being cheeky and knew that wouldn't be possible, but he did build a line with some pretty crazy xmax. In fact he named them "xmaxxx". Wild times those were. Seeing all this is making me want to head over to 5 star to see how he's been, haven't talked to the guy in at least 10 years.

      Billy HessBilly Hess4 days ago
    • no you haven't.

      meade916meade9164 days ago
  • Will one fit in my trunk though 🤣🤣🤣

    BassknotsBassknots5 days ago
  • Nice

    Toney ToneToney Tone5 days ago
  • Super

    Marcin OstapiukMarcin Ostapiuk5 days ago
  • For sloppy ass bass.........

    Jared OldhouserJared Oldhouser5 days ago
  • these are meant for the titantic

    Darion BonnetDarion Bonnet5 days ago
  • Elephants in Africa can hear it... :)

    Spek &BonenSpek &Bonen5 days ago
  • what's the name of the test song?

    Lucas LLucas L5 days ago
    • Darude Sandstorm

      anonymousanonymous5 days ago
  • Dogecoin 🚀🚀

    Eric DomínguezEric Domínguez5 days ago
  • Thats a badass shop

    MAXI 45 TOURSMAXI 45 TOURS5 days ago
  • Man I wish I could come to the shop to check these out

    Marvin WilliamsMarvin Williams5 days ago
  • I'm very surprised they pack a sub that big in a cardboard box

    Joseph FosterJoseph Foster5 days ago
    • I would have thought they would have been in a wooden crate. UPS guys are just drooling for the chance to damage these.

      Scottie JohnsonScottie Johnson4 days ago
  • Hello

    Milan Van der veldenMilan Van der velden5 days ago
  • I have a dream ....

    TommyTommy5 days ago
  • olm cok iii lan

    Tuğra ŞenerTuğra Şener5 days ago
  • Oy mate that aint a knive

    katana-killerkatana-killer5 days ago
  • Holy hell, look at those subs! We already know SMD will do something sweet with these!

  • In slow motion it reminds me of a heart beat. Cool

    Omar GutierrezOmar Gutierrez5 days ago
  • Can your crew make a custom corner enclosure for and 2017 Honda civic??

    Carlos JaureguiCarlos Jauregui5 days ago
  • I wana hear how they sound boxed.

    Heathen That HereticHeathen That Heretic5 days ago
  • Hey meade! Verry nice subs, salut from Romania !!! Verry nice job

    Silviu danut StoicanSilviu danut Stoican5 days ago