Trying More Weird AMAZON Baking Gadgets!

Feb 19, 2021
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I HATE kitchen gadgets! But some of these blew my mind!
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    The Icing ArtistThe Icing Artist16 days ago
    • I can't stop laughing at the egg machine thingie

      ang bamang bamHour ago
    • 11:17 what is the recipe of the cake you used?

      Emaan's food maniaEmaan's food mania23 hours ago
    • I don’t want to eat an egg weenie 😐

      MarseMTMarseMT2 days ago
    • Nice

      Hanafi NordineHanafi Nordine3 days ago
    • Hi! It’s my Dad’s birthday soon and I want to make him a really meaningful cake. He plays cello and loves it. Is there any chance that you could make a video showing you making a cello cake? I desperately need inspiration. I would live this if you could. Love you!

      A_Belle_MaeA_Belle_Mae5 days ago
  • Girrrllll i was like the knife is for cutting! 😂

    Alexis TaylorAlexis Taylor38 minutes ago
  • I think that pizza oven may actually be broken. My old roommate had one and it worked well, but you could feel the heat and the top looked like it was hot. Yours didn't look hot at the top and it acted like it was only cooking at the bottom.

    TheKaylaPupTheKaylaPup2 hours ago
  • No body: Most adorable baker ever: I do not eat hard boiled egg because I think they smell like fart 💨 😂😂😂😂 !!!

    Jazmine DJazmine D3 hours ago
  • The Pizza Pazzaz is so much cheaper than over a $100 bucks. Ours always worked. I liked making cheese crisps on mine. We made frozen chicken wings and pizza rolls.

    Shanna WathenShanna Wathen18 hours ago
  • By the time the hot knife is hot, the butter would've melted enough to spread it

    Mary LesperanceMary Lesperance21 hour ago
  • I'd be curious about the pizza cooker thing to know the brand/ dad is, for all intents and purposes, addicted to pizza...he's had one of those for probably a decade (albeit likely a different brand, and I have no idea what he paid for his), and he loves it. He doesn't use it on frozen pizza though, because God forbid he eats frozen pizza. But he would frequently make "tortilla pizza" with it - put pizza sauce and cheese on a tortilla - and it would work perfectly lmao.

    crichards037crichards03723 hours ago
  • The egg one looked disgusting! I cant believe you tried it

    Liset VargasLiset VargasDay ago
  • My grandpa had that pizza thing, and it totally worked! I wonder if you just got a bad one.

    Alison BurrellAlison BurrellDay ago
  • What do you do with the gadgets that don't work?

    Alpha CentauriAlpha CentauriDay ago
  • i have the pizza cooker. it’s great but you need to let it heat on it’s own before you put food on it

    taxidermygrrrltaxidermygrrrlDay ago
  • The heart turned into the peach emoji 😭

    Itzy OchoaItzy OchoaDay ago
  • We use a pizza cutter to cut the slices and then use scissors to cut it into small pieces for my toddlers

    Gabrielle MooreGabrielle MooreDay ago
  • I thought I clicked on a different video and I was wondering why on earth you were buttering toast for a decorating video 😂 i should’ve noticed right away

    Bianca LaurenBianca LaurenDay ago
  • That egg coming out the egg machine looks nasty it’s a pass for me lol

    Sunshine SunshineSunshine SunshineDay ago
  • I just have to say that the pizza oven You bought, woah! You can get them at Walmart in the US for about $70... and it cooks pizza to perfection! It could of been the pizza itself... so strange tho! Ours works everytime! So sorry your experience went south.... lol 😆

    Jessica L. O.Jessica L. O.Day ago
  • My day-care provided always cut the pizza and tacos with scissors, it was easier to cut it into small pieces for the little kids

    Ivy CreechIvy CreechDay ago
  • Yang scissors to cut up kids food is the BEST!!

    Kaslynn WilsonKaslynn Wilson2 days ago
  • That is a HARD - ON OMELETTE

    Affan OwaisAffan Owais2 days ago
  • that egg going at height literally seemed like getting a hard on

    Affan OwaisAffan Owais2 days ago
  • That is pretty cool

    Zara RazzaqZara Razzaq2 days ago
  • The pizza cooker I’ve had one my whole life got it for like 20 dollars and the one I had worked amazing maybe yours was just bad

    Christian CarmanChristian Carman2 days ago
  • Can you please do a giant donut next?

    Julia ParkJulia Park2 days ago
  • Hey... I love your videos. Can u make a mango cake with a face made of fondant... Whatever u do is great.... Keep up the good work....😊☺

    Payal GroverPayal Grover2 days ago
  • I owned a pizzazz for a long time and that's not normal. Mine was like 49.95 and it cooked my pizzas perfectly. When you turned the timer, did you press down and turn? Did you have the setting on Dual?

    Alyssa MurphyAlyssa Murphy2 days ago
  • Her pronunciation of “pasta” is a travesty...

    Connor CookConnor Cook2 days ago
  • You should make your mini wedding cake but big

    Natalie LevoyNatalie Levoy2 days ago
  • I love your videos!!!!! You are awesome!!!!! You should get a bad cake and try to fix it and make it a video.

    L CL C2 days ago
  • This was so entertaining to watch. I love watching Icing Artist videos. Her videos make me so hungry and make me want cake so badly.

    Emma RaymondEmma Raymond2 days ago
  • I’ve never seen anyone get butter that way 😂it’s smart

    Gracie FastGracie Fast2 days ago
  • 5:00 I have something similar to that, but the quality is a bit different oof

    Hui XinHui Xin2 days ago
  • I have a idea for a video!🥰 Try making cakepops but with like amazing decoration on it😍Love your channel xx!

    tiktok_aesthetic3tiktok_aesthetic32 days ago
  • Hey just had your channel as a recommendation and checked it out and I love it! I just subbed and love the videos! Just wondering where you got your shirt I seen in a couple of videos, it says Kind people are my kinda people ❤️ love it!

    Jenn GJenn G3 days ago
  • Our pizzazz works great!!! We do the full 20 mins on dual for ALL our pizzas. I also make quesadillas on it and they get nice and crispy and melted! Our oven takes a half hour to preheat so this actually cooks the pizza faster.

    Brooke Arthurs HackelBrooke Arthurs Hackel3 days ago
  • Pls can you do another testing foods or gadgets pls ,I am getting soo bored pls

  • She is looking like Sofie dossi 😂 Umm - A little bit 😅🤣

    Rohit KumarRohit Kumar3 days ago
  • Can you do a collab with ro pansino?

    Pearlyshell VlogsPearlyshell Vlogs3 days ago
  • You're meant to put the skewer back in the egg so it seals the top and helps it cook 😅🤣

    Renè WhiteleyRenè Whiteley3 days ago
  • 😂😂 I LOVE your energy! Your laugh is contagious! 😍

    Living La vida Simple LLVSLiving La vida Simple LLVS3 days ago
  • So you have made my life so much more joyous! I was sexually assaulted last year and my mental health just exploded- like the brownie batter bag. I’m in a psych ward right now and I’ve just discovered your channel and it’s EVERYTHING! I love what you do. I love how kind you are. Your laugh is one of those laughs that make people who hear it smile for ages afterwards. Your technique tips and demos have given me so many ideas for when I get home! Thank you so much for your work and your clearly joyous, kind, beautiful spirit. I really needed this right now.

    Bry balaton-chrimesBry balaton-chrimes3 days ago
  • is that a hot fleshlight?

    Thick BiscuitThick Biscuit3 days ago
  • I'm laughing so hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Marília PonteMarília Ponte3 days ago
  • Well for egg, u have to use only one egg and use one chopstick and stab in in the middle of that. And U'll get perfectly egg stick

    Risca Nur IswatiRisca Nur Iswati3 days ago
  • The pizzaz is amazing!!!

    Camille SowleCamille Sowle3 days ago
  • I came from TikTok never knew you had a youtube channel came across it and watched a bunch of videos love your content!! ❤️

    Sienna AfonsoSienna Afonso3 days ago
  • I love how you interact your your audience. Very real, no fakeness and you're just a really cool person. Good vibes all round baby girl xxx

    milk keatomilk keato4 days ago
  • Omg I have the exact same thing with boiled eggs, they literally stink so bad 🤮

    food skyfood sky4 days ago
  • the egg gadget is use full in a dorm at collage

    Bree_ze_Dragon o.oBree_ze_Dragon o.o4 days ago
  • Hey! I love ur vids they are so entertaining and I love baking too and I love watching ur content and I had just one request which was...can u pls try to make any type of upside down cake?....

    All might 007 HaAll might 007 Ha4 days ago
  • Can you please make a puppy cake? 🐶 from Zara, aged 5

    Danielle RutkowskiDanielle Rutkowski4 days ago
  • Stop screaming

    Robert TenilleRobert Tenille4 days ago
  • "Egg tube" is probably the least appetizing way to eat eggs I have ever heard lol

    HeyItsMeDaisyHeyItsMeDaisy4 days ago
  • Missing the videos where you actually make cakes

    Rhonda LouRhonda Lou4 days ago
  • out of all the comments how is NO ONE saying anything about how she cut the butter .... like i’m from texas and when you have stuck butter you cut DOWN

    Michaella MartinMichaella Martin4 days ago
  • u godda upload

    Greg & Christine HarrisGreg & Christine Harris4 days ago
  • For the pizza thing all you have to do is let it heat up than put it on there

    Olivia TalleyOlivia Talley4 days ago
  • Cutting pizza with scissors is the normal thing to do in the UK lol

    J McJ Mc4 days ago
  • I'd love to see her make a full kanto starter pokemon Cake

    malmal4 days ago
  • We have a pizzaz and use it for everything! We love it! We use it as a toaster oven. I’m not sure where you bought it from for $113... they’re like $50 everywhere I’ve seen.

    Trista JonesTrista Jones4 days ago
  • Wait... the butter was 15-16C?! Either the thermo camera doesn’t work or your butter should’ve been a mush😅

    Knitted NailsKnitted Nails4 days ago
  • We have one of the pizza cooker things honestly a life saverrr , if you were to put it on high for 5-6 minutes itll be crispy more lol.

    lani wanilani wani4 days ago
  • You need to do more videos 🙂 I love watching them.

    Nine YaNine Ya4 days ago
  • 9:34 A heart cake pan isn't a normal thing to have?? I have 3 uhm ;-;

    ThatRose925ThatRose9254 days ago
  • You should make an among us cake

    Monica PrestMonica Prest5 days ago
  • "I do not eat hard boiled eggs because I think they smell like farts" *Me, literally biting into a hard boiled egg*: .....sniff

    Gillian EkinsGillian Ekins5 days ago
  • We missed youuuuuu

    Fred LynchFred Lynch5 days ago
  • You made the tiny wedding cake, now you should make a huge cake that looks like a cupcake!

    The Great AndiniThe Great Andini5 days ago
  • The heart looked like a peach🍑😆

    KatyaKatya5 days ago
  • The older model pizzazz I used did a good job cooking a pizza but that one doesn’t seem to do well at all.

    Jill Jepsen-BeebeJill Jepsen-Beebe5 days ago
  • Okay but your so good at advertisements I am literally considering getting a new mattress...

    UnicornkittyUnicornkitty5 days ago
  • Hi! It’s my Dad’s birthday soon and I want to make him a really meaningful cake. He plays cello and loves it. Is there any chance that you could make a video showing you making a cello cake? I desperately need inspiration. I would live this if you could. Love you!

    A_Belle_MaeA_Belle_Mae5 days ago
  • I feel like pie weights would help with the cake form misshaping

    Science_is_Never_SettledScience_is_Never_Settled5 days ago
  • You should do a video where you re-create your wedding cake!!!

    Emma BEmma B5 days ago
  • "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." -John 3:16

    MaddieMaddie5 days ago
  • you should make a cake that looks like gummy bears

    some people are just dumb yksome people are just dumb yk5 days ago
  • Warning DONT eat and watch😂😂😂

    Anna Margrét Hj. JóhannsdóttirAnna Margrét Hj. Jóhannsdóttir5 days ago
  • Do you mind making a cake for front line workers? My mom is one and I bet she would love it!

    Reddit PotterReddit Potter5 days ago
  • I got that pizza thing Nd it works perfectly 💅🏽

    Jennah SilvasJennah Silvas5 days ago
  • I like haw u never give up and always have a smile I like haw u try so hard to make thes butifull vidios U never get mad and keep ur smile Ur smile is butifull and so are u Ur vidios are made whith live U are made of love Ur life is ur love gust like ur butifull vidios

    :: ghost :: :: mane :::: ghost :: :: mane ::5 days ago
  • I know it´s not what you normally do but can you do a delicious cake recipe like for the actual batter? Love your videos!!

    Isa RangelIsa Rangel5 days ago
  • I love your channel your awsome

    Mm GroupMm Group6 days ago
  • 4:29.... Hmmmm... That doesn't remind you of anything sexual at all....

    Shivani MaratheShivani Marathe6 days ago
  • I don't understand why you didn't slice the butter with the hot knife. I think that's it's purpose. Also in general I haven't seen people take butter the way you did. Like normally people seem to cut pats of butter.

    XenliXenli6 days ago
  • Hooked to your channel since I watched your this to that grocery store to wedding cake and like I have an exam and still watching your videos❤️❤️

    Devanshi SolankiDevanshi Solanki6 days ago
  • You cut your butter weird... 😂 you’re over here swiping across the top when I make slices going down (not scraping repeatedly, I get one chunk and spread it).

    E WE W6 days ago
  • That gadget pooped the egg out! 😂

    Jess BishopJess Bishop6 days ago
  • “Who has been a fan of The Icing Artist for a long time?” ❤️ Read my name btw

    1 ᎦᏌB BEFᎤᎡE 2022?1 ᎦᏌB BEFᎤᎡE 2022?6 days ago
  • It's been a while since she baked something . Why not you bake something.😊😊. Why not do an Tom and Jerry cake . I promise you its really fun

    its dhamiits dhami6 days ago
  • Have you ever cut your pizza with scissors!?🤣

    Gymnastics, Beauty And moreGymnastics, Beauty And more6 days ago
  • Please review the power xl air fryer/grille/rotisserie!!! I’m single and it looks like a great all in one... or a total scam lol : )

    N RN R6 days ago
  • that egg cooker really said ✨rise and shine ✨

    Caroline CCaroline C6 days ago
  • Was in hysterics watching you with the egg cooker🤣🤣New subscriber today👍🤣🤣

    Joanne BryantJoanne Bryant6 days ago
  • I learnt the scissors trick for cutting pizza from my grandma. She was like, using a knife is difficult scissors are easier.

    Patricia Carbonell MenendezPatricia Carbonell Menendez7 days ago
  • the egg looked like a yellow poop

    Shannon WadeShannon Wade7 days ago
  • This pizza oven thing is so ridiculus.

    Sabine BruhnsSabine Bruhns7 days ago
  • You are so friendly and I love your channel 💕💮

    WhammyWhammy7 days ago
  • Nobody: Me: *looks at thumbnail Rosanna pansino tested a lot of these-

    Covid -19Covid -197 days ago
  • I am sorry but the 2nd one, looks really wrong 😂

    Emily MathiesonEmily Mathieson7 days ago
  • I always love watching your program, but I wouldn't use any of those products except the scissors.

    Wendy StuhlerWendy Stuhler7 days ago
  • I remember YEARS ago when that moldable cake pan was advertised and it looked like such a good idea. They were advertising it so you can make the numbers and letters and whatnot. Thank you for including it! Definitely not worth our time xD

    Jelleybean18Jelleybean187 days ago