Trolling the ADMINS of Star Wars RP

Feb 21, 2021
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  • Lick an sooob if u enjoy

    SoupSoup3 days ago
    • F Mathew

      Harley MosleyHarley MosleyHour ago
    • WAIT, soup are in the original southern state now?

      FR GrimFR GrimDay ago
    • Yooor ey gud yoootoobah

      FBI Agent #2924FBI Agent #29242 days ago
    • You from SC?

    • please make more vids like this.ive been watching your old vids for such a long time.

      Adrian Ricardo SahuaquiAdrian Ricardo Sahuaqui2 days ago
  • This video is so funny fucking wheezing atm

    DoozyKatDoozyKat53 minutes ago
  • So happy you made another one of these

    Evan BEvan B57 minutes ago
  • I did this get monetized ??? 😂😂

    Yog WavesYog Waves2 hours ago
  • You should’ve titled it *“revenge of the hicks”*

    Patrick AustinPatrick Austin3 hours ago
  • two of my friends play that constantly and its so stupid

    SniperToast 09SniperToast 093 hours ago
  • I love the starwars ones the most

    Baby PlayzBaby Playz4 hours ago
  • 👍🏻

    John WattsJohn Watts4 hours ago
  • i was laughing the whole 30 min this video is god tier

    Andres RivasAndres Rivas5 hours ago
  • Here's a challenge. Try watch a soup video while drinking somethin and try not to spill it or spit it out. Works better with hot drinks

    jin williamsonjin williamson5 hours ago
  • Part two!!!

    Dominator 13Dominator 135 hours ago
  • This video was a masterpiece.

    Nathan WinslettNathan Winslett7 hours ago

    Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin7 hours ago
  • Soup is actually my second cousin so we bang and its cool

    Gachagames SuckGachagames Suck9 hours ago
  • Other guy sounds like Channel West Coast on any give moment during an episode of Ridiculousness

    Mini Mac1112Mini Mac11129 hours ago
  • When you wanna start eating healthy so you stop eating McDonald’s and get Wendy’s instead.....

    OG FiyahOG Fiyah9 hours ago
  • I bet no one in this comment section knows who soup has as his pfp in the bottom left

    Garrett VGarrett V9 hours ago
  • This shit was jokes asf I couldn’t breath the whole video

    Just TubzJust Tubz10 hours ago
  • New outrow is sick

    Travis CardwellTravis Cardwell10 hours ago
  • Hey soup u should troll them by playing audio in your mic of shooting ur gun. But ur not actually shooting ur gun. Love ur vids dude keep it up✌️

    Aiden HendrixAiden Hendrix10 hours ago
  • brandon is the best side character in soup lore

    pyneahpulpyneahpul10 hours ago
  • Dude the screaming part....I died.

    nIOznIOz10 hours ago
  • This was so funny that admin is goated

    __just_danny____just_danny__10 hours ago
  • What game is this ?

    ClokyyClokyy10 hours ago
  • Go fund me page for space aids

    Jayden SonnierJayden Sonnier11 hours ago

    james weberjames weber11 hours ago
  • oh shit this is in my galaxy

    RynarRynar11 hours ago
  • That intro tho

    Ethan StoutEthan Stout11 hours ago
  • comedy gold xD

    Jose GalindezJose Galindez12 hours ago
  • Please do more

    the_TRUE_legend27the_TRUE_legend2713 hours ago
  • Aids

    Eli HarperEli Harper13 hours ago
  • I'm on the fuckin floor crying of laughter omfg, funniest video i done seen this year ong lmao

    Sinister and NightmareSinister and Nightmare13 hours ago
  • More gmod plsssssssssszzzzz

    POTS JRPOTS JR13 hours ago
  • i've watched this video 5 times already

    JMichaelJMichael13 hours ago
  • This f****** server makes me want to go out of my way to download Garry's Mod find This Server and Docs and DDos all these trashcans these kids don't need to exist

    /-THÊWEEDBØX-\/-THÊWEEDBØX-\13 hours ago
  • the best soup content

    ravenr_ravenr_14 hours ago
  • @Soup your profile pic looks like Joe Dirt😂

    XxSpec OpsxXXxSpec OpsxX14 hours ago
  • 14:00 like a final scene in a movie

    Aceintell musicAceintell music14 hours ago
  • This was legit the best video you've done in a while I was literally crying and when I saw what jedi you chose!!!! HOLY FUCK

    Tommy ParadaTommy Parada14 hours ago
  • Every dislike on this video is a new account by Lord Jerry

    David RomoDavid Romo14 hours ago
  • You said me and Osama Bon Jovi. Man I love this?

    Dark LieutenantDark Lieutenant14 hours ago
  • THIS Was so Cursed and Just ... Fucked! *Scream* IM DYING HERE BOYS!

    Kyle HKyle H14 hours ago
  • My ears are now shot...

    ArcticCloneArcticClone14 hours ago
  • i fucking love the screaming at the end im dieing

    Spankadog GronkSquadSpankadog GronkSquad15 hours ago
  • I feel like soup should’ve censored the admins name and character and changed his voice just cause he was so cool about it

    RP ADDICTRP ADDICT16 hours ago
  • Soup is the king of trolling

    adam strongadam strong16 hours ago
  • i need more of this

    Francisco BrunoFrancisco Bruno17 hours ago
  • Those annoying little kids need a good uppercut

    Moist RavioliMoist Ravioli17 hours ago
  • pog

    Fuhm1Fuhm117 hours ago
  • wait soup you live in my state?

    BlynBlyn17 hours ago
  • This was not the time to be taking a sip lmfao - 24:07, 25:15

    iDaZc.mp4iDaZc.mp418 hours ago
  • please more gmod videos!!! @soup

    God of ApplesGod of Apples18 hours ago
  • That was art

    Tylarross123Tylarross12318 hours ago
  • this was hilarious lmao

    Nathaniel EvansNathaniel Evans18 hours ago
  • Bro plz keep uploading star wars to trolls

    xjadingamingx xxjadingamingx x18 hours ago
  • what game is this someone tell meeeee

    Anter NameAnter Name19 hours ago
  • How do you play on the star wars rp

    Nikolai DuvallNikolai Duvall19 hours ago
  • We need more star wars RP

    Governor GGovernor G19 hours ago
  • Is that Gary’s mod

    Liam SiriwatLiam Siriwat20 hours ago
  • lmao top 10 video of all time

    BruhBruh20 hours ago
  • the captions don't even know what the fuck they're saying

    Brandon JohnsonBrandon Johnson20 hours ago
  • 3:17 bottom left

    Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin20 hours ago
  • Please more I haven't laughed this much in so long

    Aidan CalvertAidan Calvert20 hours ago
  • Soup should have more subs and views than what he has

    Austin YeeterAustin Yeeter20 hours ago
  • 8:00 ahh hell nawwwaahhuawww best part

    Blake RajanBlake Rajan20 hours ago
  • Admin: *sees someone wrecking the server and pissing off squeekers* Also admin: "I'm gonna make him a fucking jedi"

    Av3ngedAv3nged21 hour ago
  • Your content is probably my favorite s*** to watch on USworlds

    Ethan MyersEthan Myers21 hour ago
  • The dislikes are just upset roleplayers

    bread managerbread manager22 hours ago
  • Honestly I like how the admin embraces RDM instead of banning

    Smyth legrandSmyth legrand22 hours ago
  • Im 4 minutes in and you got a new sub, i love you man.

    Charged IceCharged Ice22 hours ago
  • It's too good to be true another star wars rp Fuck yeah

    papa cuttypapa cutty23 hours ago
  • Everyone on that server has a lvl 900 vcard

    luc hayterluc hayterDay ago
  • I love this so much LMAO😂😂😂

    Jolie AcevedoJolie AcevedoDay ago
  • What do people actually fucking do when they play this game?

    unknownfilmsunknownfilmsDay ago
  • Is this gaming light?

    Sound BeatGamingSound BeatGamingDay ago
  • azzlicker sounds like eminem from the rust trolling video. Soup, he your home boy now?!?! He was hilarious!

    Jay GlawkJay GlawkDay ago
  • Lmaoo Tb to this server

    Zen _Zen _Day ago
  • Osama Bon Jovi 😂

    II Mariio IIII Mariio IIDay ago
  • Crewman Matthews was the funniest part of this whole video lmfao

    RølösRølösDay ago
  • I love this. This channel should be protected at all costs

    Phonk EquinoxPhonk EquinoxDay ago
  • Soups rp videos are golden

    Void VoidVoid VoidDay ago
  • This is the best RP video ever please do more

    lj pennywelllj pennywellDay ago
  • Dude, as a huge fan of star wars, I would simply love to know what the name of this server is

    Supertoaster64Supertoaster64Day ago
  • Fucking love it! 🤣🤣🤣

    P41NT3D F4C35P41NT3D F4C35Day ago
  • its 4 am and i have a test today and i left for a split second and my volume turned all the way up when you started screaming but i still enjoyed it

    toonbzatoonbzaDay ago
  • ive never laughed so much

    Jules WainJules WainDay ago
  • So no ones gonna talk about the other dudes annoying ass laugh every 30 seconds

    Will OrchardWill OrchardDay ago
    • no

      Tactless DrawingTactless DrawingDay ago
  • I cried laughing

    Broken CalculatorBroken CalculatorDay ago
  • Fuckin' Matthews, dude.

    DisT0rtedDisT0rtedDay ago
  • 30 minutes of pure fucking content. Hell yeah

    qArtzqArtzDay ago
  • What game is this?

    Mason MolaviMason MolaviDay ago
  • and just when i think there’s nothing better to watch, this appears. Thank you soup

    ReaperReaperDay ago
  • The best 30 minutes of my life

    Eliu Jaziel Felix CruzEliu Jaziel Felix CruzDay ago
  • Rp trolling is his best series

    deadly panda1236deadly panda1236Day ago
  • I loved this 😂😂😂

  • More pls

    Trey NorthTrey NorthDay ago
  • The fact that I deadass found this video and it’s too funny 😂😂

    Jason SanchezJason SanchezDay ago
  • The video was more than worth watching through till the end

    Christopher CastiglioniChristopher CastiglioniDay ago
  • 10/10 Content soup ROFL

    Connor WebbConnor WebbDay ago
  • Made me laugh till I cried

    Hunter CHunter CDay ago