Feb 19, 2021
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  • i ahve had middle school drama like this. its not rlly the same but i was really good friends with this girl and then all of a sudden she ignored me and i tried to talk to her but i gave up and she even made me go to the counselor or social worker thing and i didn't want to and then a week after school ended she texted me like we were besties and i just said I'm good and never texted her again.

    Eva WertzEva WertzDay ago
  • But that text is from 2017 and they started beefing in 2019 🥴

    Aubrey RoseAubrey RoseDay ago
  • People seriously don't know what gaslighting is anymore.

    Queen TorresQueen TorresDay ago
  • I love her videos but for how short they are why so many ads????

    Nicole CoxNicole Cox2 days ago
  • You can be friendly and polite with someone without being friends or feeling any closeness to them. Meaning you can speak often and even hang out a few times without being close. I have experienced both sides of this. It happens, people have different perspectives. It makes both parties uncomfortable when it’s realized and I think trish handled it as well as she could while still expressing her view.

    princess mimiprincess mimi2 days ago
  • Tbh trish and gabbie are both garbage in my opinion. Trish literally lied about a neurological disorder. Multiple times.

    Anthony RaymanAnthony Rayman2 days ago
  • gabbie looks like she is trying so hard to be friends with trisha

    milktearrific //milktearrific //2 days ago
  • I want 2021 to be the year we watch Trisha get her shit together.

    Katherine LachcikKatherine Lachcik2 days ago
  • I just want to say Trisha said before a situation and make a Cotto avocado that he thought they were friends and that she thought he was being creepy so she still does have a history of saying people are creepy because they think that they’re her friend

    alyssa dalyssa d2 days ago
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the issue of Trisha not remembering or having a different understanding of the relationship between her and Gabbie is a result of her BPD. I BPD and my memories with people I’m not that close with or see no value in the relationship I have a harder time remembering the contents and moments of interactions because I just... don’t care enough to. Plus a semi-rare symptom of BPD is memory loss and huge symptom is the ability or inability to attach to people.

    Jordan StevensJordan Stevens2 days ago
  • It’s so weird how Gabby sees Trisha as like a patient and not a person. Like she keeps talking about how she knows Trishas mind. It’s weird. Also the whole time Trisha was on the podcast Gabby kept giving vague “politician” responses. And she still barely took accountability for anything that she did or her perception of everything. She kept defending herself for no reason. it was embarrassing to watch

    Micaela OlsenMicaela Olsen3 days ago
  • Lets be honest, when is trish ever not in drama

    Stubborn PersonStubborn Person3 days ago
  • Trisha still follows Shane on Twitter

    Pickles BeautifulPickles Beautiful3 days ago
  • U a heavy trisha fan I've noticed that u go so easy on her

    TruCrimeWatcherTruCrimeWatcher3 days ago
  • gabi doesnt realize that by trying to make it seem that she was close friends with trisha.. like if you were such close friends it makes it way worse that gabi would tell jason that trish has herpes. like if you are such close friends then just go to trisha ?? obviously that just isnt the case.

    daniella kushdaniella kush3 days ago
  • Seems to me like they have different definitions for friendship. To Trisha friendship has a deeper meaning. And Gabbie assumes people are her friend if they are friendly with her.

    SetASparkSetASpark3 days ago
  • I hate that I’m even commenting about this but Gabbie comes off too strong. She does not give individuals a chance to decide to be her friend she just forces them.

    Oh maimaiOh maimai3 days ago
  • Gabbie, there's a difference between being friendly and being someone's friend. Stop being a conniving snake and maybe you'll attract more friends.

    sedona03sedona033 days ago
  • I feel like Gabbie just needs to read the room lol

    Sally WalshSally Walsh3 days ago
  • i mean just cuz u talk and sht doesnt mean ur CLOSE friends 😒

    Pocky SanPocky San3 days ago
  • "I can't believe she didn't watch the video." She was there. she didn't fucking need to lmao.

    Kawkaw57Kawkaw573 days ago
  • Jesus fucking christ. Cancel spill sesh.

    formaltalitiformaltaliti3 days ago
  • A couple of messages does not mean being close friends wtf?

    Mustafa EfeMustafa Efe3 days ago
  • I think people forget that just because someone said sorry doesn't mean you gotta be friends with the person.

    Shawna C.Shawna C.3 days ago
  • So Gabby Hannah boasted herself about not talking shit about people and blah blah then cut to talking shit before the interview started?

    Harald GatzaHarald Gatza3 days ago
  • Gaslighting Gabbie? Really? 🙄

    SammySammy3 days ago
  • yk i dont even watch them i just come here so i can get the short nice version

    Josh DominguezJosh Dominguez3 days ago
  • I said this on your last video, just because someone is friendly to you DOESNT MAKE THEM YOUR FRIEND. I've been in this situation myself where people thought we were super close just because I was nice to them.

    The Duchess OGThe Duchess OG3 days ago
  • Can we bring back the Trisha Paytas is over party please Of course now that people are calling Trisha out, she says "we didn't see what actually happened on most of the podcast". Why should we believe anything she says if she's constantly lying. Not to mention the things that Trisha lied about were petty. Like whether or not she sent a tweet about getting selfies with Gabbi when they hung out. Why lie about something so small? Again, on what basis does Trisha expect us to listen to her. She's also making videos that are directed towards her fans. I'm not a fan of Gabbi, I watched the podcast to see Trisha and was highly disappointed by her behavior. She needs to grow the fuck up. Trisha is the one who said she was upset by the "high school type of bullying" she received from the vlog squad and that is EXACTLY the type of vibe she gave off to Gabbi. Again the hypocrisy.

    Emily GohrEmily Gohr3 days ago
  • I think Trish is a bitch to everyone! But Gabbie was crazy herself to think things would go well with Trish. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Marie LauMarie Lau4 days ago
  • Gabbie should’ve not cut the Shane shit. That’s such important CONTEXT

    Kat KatssKat Katss4 days ago
  • i have a terrible memory and will straight up forget friendships and interactions so i see it as plausible that trisha forgot that she used to talk with gabby 💀💀💀

    MorganGMorganG4 days ago
  • During their time in the VS they never seemed close in any vlogs or on social media. I mean at the time, Trisha, was more relevant than Gabbie who was a bit of a social climber at the time so yeah, ofc she’s gonna think she was close with TrIsha. Trisha has the clearest agenda being with the vlogsquad.. Jason

    Cecilia AndersenCecilia Andersen4 days ago
  • One thing about Trisha is that she can definitely hold a grudge, she taken that ish to the graaave

    ChandelierChandelier4 days ago
  • A lot of things seem to escape Trisha’s memory when it fits her own narrative 🙃

    naesocoolnaesocool4 days ago
  • Nah. With peace and love girl ... Trish looked uncomfortable and Gabbie was gaslighting HER. Trisha said she listened to Gabbie ramble on about Lord knows what, stayed professional and even in her reply video, stayed professional. At least the drama is squashed, but I'm on Trisha's side on this one.

    Kirsty ThomasKirsty Thomas4 days ago

    J FJ F4 days ago
  • I think the whole scandal and heart break with Shane left Trisha guarded. I don't think any of us would be willing to make new friends after getting betrayed by one of your best friends like what has happened with her and shane.

    CC ImaniCC Imani4 days ago
  • as soon as you said the part abt grabbing drinks, i was like ‘is she a taurus?’ and she IS

    nissa knissa k4 days ago
  • i dont think trisha is holding onto the past i think gabbie is (perhaps unaware of what she is doing) but that oversharing thing about her mom is an emotional manipulation tactic that people use when they want sympathy or to create a "sense of closeness" its a huge turn off and i think trisha was right for feeling uncomfortable bc while gabbie may think its coming from a good place, trauma bonding aint it and not how you build real and authentic friendships.... if they even had a change

    Aeriel GaragelyAeriel Garagely4 days ago
  • being friendly is not the same as being friends!!!!!!!

    Vitoria AlvarezVitoria Alvarez4 days ago
  • Well there’s a difference between being friends or friendly with someone.. that moment was awkward though I felt 2nd hand embarrassed for gabby

    Kate BellKate Bell4 days ago
  • I mean I’m not a fan of Gabbie but Trisha ain’t no saint either

    Hailey KHailey K4 days ago
  • Them talking a bit in 2017 as you tubers doesn't mean they are close friends..

    MJ KesslerMJ Kessler4 days ago
  • I hope Trisha doesn't make any more videos about gabbie and the situation

    Toby vhqsqfan28Toby vhqsqfan284 days ago
  • Trisha needs to grow up and she should of been more nice to Gabbie

    Toby vhqsqfan28Toby vhqsqfan284 days ago
  • Trisha does not need to be friends with Gabbie.... and there is nothing wrong w that.

    Rosie NikitaraRosie Nikitara4 days ago
  • Trisha doesn't even remember what she bought after spending thousands of dollars on luxurious why are people surprised that she doesn't remember a conversation with Gabbie! 😂😂

    ResilienceResilience4 days ago
  • Hey spilly can you please talk about the MaximilianMus situation, he's truly the most disgusting person on youtube and I'm so glad he's been exposed but no action has been taken yet :(

    Ginger The cute DogGinger The cute Dog4 days ago
  • Gabbie Hanna needs help . I feel like she has a distorted view of the past and generally reality... tbh I feel like she still wants to talk about Trishas backs after the podcast. And generally Trisha should stay away .

    Irene TsIrene Ts4 days ago
  • I don’t think Trisha is stuck in the past, I think she just doesn’t really want to be friends with Gabby and has never considered her and Gabby friends like that. Hanging out, or the ‘planning’ to hang out, doesn’t make you Friends. Like I’m the same way. There are a bunch of people who I would consider myself friendly with, but I only have about 3 Friends. So I dunno lol I really empathize with Trisha in this whole thing tbh.

    Aeunax123Aeunax1234 days ago
  • trisha is just as problematic as gabbie, a liar, and a troublemaker.

    spyro115spyro1154 days ago
  • The difference between the two is Gabbie is always playing the victim card. Trisha can at least admit she can be toxic.

    lex johnsonlex johnson4 days ago
  • I don’t think Trisha is holding on to the past. Honestly it just seems like she’s moved on with her life and the people in it are enough for her and she knows how this whole feud started and instead of trying to be besties with gabby she’s being civil and keeping her at a distance.

    Taijha SilasTaijha Silas4 days ago
  • Listen though. I think in the way LA is and influencer culture, people that have more “clout” then you don’t treat you decently, which gabbie even alluded to in the podcast...and Trisha being nice to her and probably a way different vibe than she would normally be used to in that scene. So you can understand a bit more how that can be misconstrued for gab

    Bryan DidasBryan Didas4 days ago
  • leave it to Gabbie Hannah to try to cling to relevancy by any means necessary up to but not limited to trying to convince someone she's spread NASTY rumors about that they were BFFs. I swear this woman needs to stop clinging to her waning internet relevancy and get a job or something.

    tiagocosmostiagocosmos4 days ago
  • Not saying either person is wrong or right but I think it's interesting, Gabbie seems to connect to Trisha through shared life experiences - particularly her childhood, which is something that she has yet to discuss openly. This would obviously make it difficult for Trish to fully understand and reciprocate any perceived bond and/or friendship. Just my observation and thoughts!

    Christy GChristy G4 days ago
  • so this video is some sort of closure between them and i'm glad it somewhat worked out, but why are the fans from both sides still arguing who's right... this is some cold-ass tea and y'all still drinking it smh let's just move on and enjoy their stuff instead of putting one of them down 😪

    YURIalterΞgøYURIalterΞgø4 days ago
  • She really didn't need to respond. Hell, I would've been fine if they hadn't done the podcast. I will admit, I don't like Trisha. I don't like her personality, I don't like her actions and I genrally don't like her fans. But obviously, Gabby is emotional. She jumped at the chance to open up to someone who might be able to relate, or atleast sympathize. So while I get how Trisha was maybe made a lil uncomfy, but she'll live. I just don't care about her feelings enough to change my opinion on Gabby in any way because of any part of this.

    Tereasa WhitehawkTereasa Whitehawk4 days ago
  • the silence between them was good tbh 🤣

    Nikhil SonavaneNikhil Sonavane4 days ago
  • U guys are acting like this hasn’t happened before. She always claims to not remember things when there is proof in screen shoots etc.

    Mary BethMary Beth4 days ago
  • I think trisha really isnt trying to re live even more of the past she’s already dealing with shane and the vlog squad stuff, Gabbie’s trying to fish an appology out of trish and i think trish just didnt wanna talk about stuff thats already in the past

    Alexis T.Alexis T.4 days ago
  • Gabbie is a grown woman who made her own decision to further spread a rumour behind Trisha's back, no one forced her to, and Trisha doesn't need to be buddied up with her at all. Stop trying to make or believe that Trisha needs to forgive or 'be nice or considerate' to Gabbie because Gabbie cried to her on camera

    Kitty Spo0ksKitty Spo0ks4 days ago
  • I wouldn't remember her either. The amount of trauma I've experienced since 2017 is crazy. Only the most important and/or positive survived my memory.

    murfy murfmurfy murf4 days ago
  • Trisha doesn’t remember a lot of “things”, ethan always calls her out on the podcast, example trisha says she doesn’t know who someone is and in the past there’s always something where she’s calling that said person out

    jo mamijo mami4 days ago
  • I wouldn’t trust gabbie

    Magdalena AnnMagdalena Ann4 days ago
  • Why would shane feel the need to tell Gabbie Trish has herpes unless he wanted something like this to happen.

    ChaseChase4 days ago
  • I get using the term friends loosely for sure but obviously that’s not how gabbies describing it

    emily Mcbuttemily Mcbutt4 days ago
  • Please poor Trisha the victim and liar but as long as she pays off the right you tubers to support her. Trisha doesn’t forget she is a liar plain and simple. Funny she said the same things about nick? She is a grown woman gabby sent the edited version and she okayed it gif help Moses who said it was fine.. be an adult and watch. It before you ok it

    Binx 1931Binx 19314 days ago
  • An acquaintance and a friend are two different titles. It's the ignorance for me.

    BeverlynezraBeverlynezra4 days ago
  • Please, everyone with two eyes and ears know that trish has never been truly friendly with gabby..

    R AlexandraR Alexandra4 days ago
  • ❤️

    BeatriceBeatrice4 days ago
  • Trisha had no interest...she looked so over it. Gabbi with her sob stories and weird laugh... Awkward

    Poppy FlowerPoppy Flower4 days ago
  • I've been on both sides of this situation and although I can relate with Gabbie when someone is really nice to you and hangs out with you etc and then says they aren't your friend, which is hurtful and can be hard to wrap your head around. However have some self respect if she is not wanting to be friends with you then you need to just accept its not your issue and move on. So Trisha wasn't in the wrong with wanting to just move on.

    Christine HodgsonChristine Hodgson4 days ago
  • everyone in the comments talking about this "fake closeness" but does everyone forget the way she did nikacado years ago? saying she NEVER REMEBERED even messaging him back? ..... seems like a pattern to meeeeeee.

    kristen greenekristen greene4 days ago
  • no see trisha just deflects blame at any turn that she can, its not hard to see, she does it with literally anyone shes EVER had a problem with, like notice how trisha is NEVER in the wrong? and if she is its because she made a mistake or "didn't remember" she deflects any criticism so she doesn't have to acknowledge that she's wrong or did a bad thing. the entire internet continues to enable her.

    kristen greenekristen greene4 days ago
  • Honestly, I’ve been confused. Because at first it was “we weren’t really friends, that’s why I told your boyfriend you might have an std instead of telling you”.... To “we used to be friends”. She should’ve stuck to the first story 🤷‍♀️. But trish also seemed like douche. I couldn’t believe a word she said

    Kiara WilliamsKiara Williams4 days ago
  • Also normally I’d expect someone to watch something before commenting on it, but it’s only for context. In this case Trisha was actually there for the full conversation(s) so her not watching the podcast isn’t totally necessary, plus it would be really awkward to watch that back. The podcast was so cringy.

    smad ladsmad lad4 days ago
  • Gabbie is a typical mean girl and bully!

    tesscheertesscheer4 days ago
  • I mean the podcast was very weird on both sides, understandably. I didn’t really know what to expect from them “hashing it out” but this was probably the best outcome.

    smad ladsmad lad4 days ago
  • if someone tells you they never considered you a friend why would you sit there and debate that with them for hours ... maybe take that as a hint gabbie ... so weird to me

    Olivia ZOlivia Z4 days ago
  • Why does Gabby want to be Trisha's friend anyway lol

    Natasha ONatasha O4 days ago
  • to be honest ive been following trisha before this age i dont remember anything of them being friends

    pyokka 표카pyokka 표카4 days ago
  • Lie detector test?!?!?!?

    Rachel BarrettRachel Barrett4 days ago
  • trisha is known for not easily open up to ppl n trust them u guys saw how long it took for her to finally be able to call ethan her friend n they hand to have like 3 fallouts 1st to do so obvi shes gonna b cold to gabbie

    daisy gonzalezdaisy gonzalez4 days ago
  • I saw a comment on here that said gabbie thought they were close friends but when trish had an std she didnt go to her bc SHE DIDNT FEEL LIKE THEY WERE what.

    Brittany FabianBrittany Fabian5 days ago
  • I think Trisha has her own life to be concerned about. I don’t think that it has much to do w past fights between them, I just feel like Trisha has better things to worry about now.

    Julia WarnerJulia Warner5 days ago
  • I wouldn’t be bffs with someone who started a false rumors so I don’t blame Trisha

    BabyboyDwiinBabyboyDwiin5 days ago
  • i feel like this is just gabby trying to make herself a victim again lol

    Emily TEmily T5 days ago
  • If you want people to see the truth, you don't edit it.

    Irie RogueIrie Rogue5 days ago
  • They don’t need to be friends and in my opinion it’s more immature to act like they have to have a friendship to no longer have animosity

    Rosemary FryeRosemary Frye5 days ago
  • Honestly with Trisha's past drug use and her mental health issues, I'm not at all surprised if she actually forgot these things. I'm an ex addict and I'm also a borderline, I forget almost everything. Or I only remember like weird obscure parts of things. So I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Trisha just doesn't remember.

    KayKay5 days ago
  • watching this so i don’t have to watch trisha OR gabbies videos lol

    E HE H5 days ago
  • I think trish should see a doctor if everything makes her uncomfortable. Homegirl is triggered by the weather at this point.

    Theearlynovamber ;Theearlynovamber ;5 days ago
  • Team Trisha! She's been through enough emo crap lately. This wasn't a real a friendship. And even "real friendships" are obvs questionable.

    Flying Monkey TotesFlying Monkey Totes5 days ago
  • How does Gabbie still have fans and she is still making content?? Same for Trisha but I forgot Gabbie was actually on USworlds lmao

    AydanAydan5 days ago
  • Gaby overshares so much like.... if i was trisha and gaby was talking about her moms mental health with me likeeee i would need to be really close to someone before talking about my moms mental health but thats just me

    Nope Not for meNope Not for me5 days ago
  • just because your friendly over text doesn’t mean your friends.

    Linda AnnLinda Ann5 days ago
  • Both gabbie and trisha r bad people so idk who to believe here

    Sarah HarrisonSarah Harrison5 days ago
    • Like they both r probably lying lets be real

      Sarah HarrisonSarah Harrison5 days ago
  • Not sure why Gabbie is pushing this issue. The whole telling jason that Trisha has an std thing is even worse if she was "close friends" with Trisha...

    CJ BCJ B5 days ago