Trash Talkers Got PISSED & Told Us To LEAVE! Aquille Carr Broke Ankles & Went OFF at BIL East Run!

Apr 2, 2021
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It's OFFICIAL... Aquille Carr is Ballislife East Coast squad member! We pulled up to Red Bug court in Orlando with the Squad. A-Milly, Nick Briz, Zach Hodskins, Duke Skywaka and a special guest Aquille Carr who you'll be seeing a lot more of on the Ballislife East squad.
Song: Who Want Smoke
By: Nardo Wick
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  • Song: Who Want Smoke By: Nardo Wick

    BallislifeBallislife11 days ago
    • Big dummie with the white shirt , stupid hair annoying.

      Jerry CopelandJerry Copeland4 days ago
    • Damn Ball is Life hoopers really falling off.

      jawon mackjawon mack4 days ago
    • @Nicklaus Christofono none of these dudes are “nice”. I let my 3 yr ild watch these videos. I started reading the captions and watching. Smh. Damn shame how easy it is to be called a “hooper” nowadays. Millennials and this internet now, any and everybody a “hooper” its a damn shame.

      jawon mackjawon mack4 days ago
    • “Nardo put them guns up”

      MichaelMichael4 days ago
    • Can i have a shoes too please

      Franc roldan ToleroFranc roldan Tolero7 days ago
  • Buttnaked

    SOUL MUSIC NineSOUL MUSIC Nine3 hours ago
  • Merch they put that song in here😭😭😭

    JayJay3 hours ago
  • He needa start a USworlds channel

    It'sYaBoyNick /It'sYaBoyNick /5 hours ago
  • Idk why that dude at the end talking all that mess 😂... he suck and he wasn’t the reason at all that they won that game lol

    Trent AdamsTrent Adams6 hours ago
  • The randoms that talk into the camera are clowns

    Wabbly PopWabbly Pop10 hours ago
  • at 14:24 the guy dunked it and it went in twice

    Jacob LinvilleJacob Linville11 hours ago
  • Zack 🔥💨🌬💨

    jason smithjason smith14 hours ago
  • Aye moe tf u doing on the west coast u know they can’t hang with the beast coast Bmore was doing his thing

    Drew HamptonDrew Hampton14 hours ago
  • Bro im up all night living in your zone,it gets poppin,i love that gas! the name should be school boyz,you want to be underestimated,!🤓

    jason smithjason smith14 hours ago
  • Y'all gotta start playing real competition

    PercellPercell23 hours ago
  • That dude with the girls hair really acting like they didn’t just play 4 games in a row, you beat a team with players that had a Gatorade next to their name, congrats bud

    TribekaTribekaDay ago
  • They waited till Carr and them were tired to play them😩lames

    H0LLYW00D C0LEH0LLYW00D C0LEDay ago
  • scaaary

    anthony guidoanthony guidoDay ago
  • That kid that said ya gonna know him soon been on ya channel before nigga might be rank by his senior year

    L DaimyoL DaimyoDay ago
  • I needed this one mane s/o to aquille man stay blessed homie!!!!

    BranspecialistBranspecialistDay ago
  • dudes just wearing a suit on the sideline haha

    Genuine MRTGenuine MRTDay ago
  • Folks walking down the court smiling n shit play the game

    Joy CharlesJoy CharlesDay ago
  • I saw some carrying

    Joy CharlesJoy CharlesDay ago
  • 5:45 bruh so calm😂😂😂😂 “yea you’re pretty bad my friend, what have you done?”

    Naw FrNaw FrDay ago
  • Imagine if they got all these guys together and really started training and turned this into a league

    him3000him3000Day ago
  • Yall need to come to Lancaster CA

    Kijonte' NorrisKijonte' NorrisDay ago
  • “Big wins” they won one game

    kulxckulxcDay ago
  • Bruh he really crossed him 🤣🐐🐐

    MondoslimeyMondoslimeyDay ago
  • Mr zach one arm always crazy he’s nice with it

    kulxckulxcDay ago
  • Pause on 11:43 you can see he hacked the shit out his wrist

    Shizzle MyNizzleShizzle MyNizzleDay ago
  • "I move big weight. I don't hoooop." Bruh wasn't lying xD

    Ryan BrownRyan BrownDay ago
  • Nicks trash he shoulda played football he needs coordination like that fat boy needa bra

    loudpackalumni YTloudpackalumni YT2 days ago
  • Why mfs fake injuries when they miss Layups?? 😂😂

    Khayvonn BensonKhayvonn Benson2 days ago
  • Complete bullshit title as usual

    KyzoKyzo2 days ago
  • That dude at the end is trying so hard to be in the video. What a loser. Who cares that much about getting in a random youtube video

    BlueHundredBlueHundred2 days ago
  • Respect for that one did with one arm💯💪

    Carlos b710Carlos b7102 days ago
  • 5:45 “you’re pretty bad, what have you done?” 😭😭😭

    Kyle AlsberryKyle Alsberry2 days ago
  • They went to the c lower level. Should have went to Barnett park

    puttin inputtin in2 days ago
  • I wonder how many balls roll out on the street

    light em uplight em up2 days ago
  • Watching these “Ball is Life” clips making me wanna get back out on the courts. Ballin in Jackson, Toms River, Freehold, Howell and Lakewood N.J.

    Ben LeggBen Legg2 days ago
  • Where do I know the dude at 8:00 from

    Cullen PikeCullen Pike2 days ago
  • If you take to 16:36 they stole points

    Corey StokesCorey Stokes2 days ago
  • Nice to see Mr.Carr is doing well😇 an still playing...🏀🏀🏀.if you only would have taken that scholarship to life wo ui ld be different for sure...👍👍👍

    mike temike te3 days ago
  • Lol this red bug courts that’s crazy they not dangerous out there they just can’t compete

    1K TOOLY1K TOOLY3 days ago
  • "We drove around town until we found some little league teams to dunk on. We're insane at basketball."

    RandomAOKRandomAOK3 days ago
  • At the end of the day every body was cool and got along

    Adam StanleyAdam Stanley3 days ago

    4 Yoo4 Yoo3 days ago

    4 Yoo4 Yoo3 days ago
  • Good runs dude with tha black long sleeve was catching wrek

    Lew JudahLew Judah3 days ago
  • Big guy at the end is annoying lmao 😂😂 he hops on last game and doesn't do anything and acts like he carried the squad lol 😆😆 when his team had all fresh legs...

    Benjamin From The Tribe of JudahBenjamin From The Tribe of Judah3 days ago
  • The perfect neck laparoscopically support because clover proximately beg inside a obedient pike. daffy, wooden professor

    Clark LoefflerClark Loeffler3 days ago
  • That block was clean

    Eddie ChanoineEddie Chanoine3 days ago
  • 18:30 that oh hell naw oohhh was point lmao 😂😂😂

    Benjamin From The Tribe of JudahBenjamin From The Tribe of Judah3 days ago
  • We got Bam Adebayo's skinny little brother lol 🤣🤣

    Benjamin From The Tribe of JudahBenjamin From The Tribe of Judah3 days ago
  • This is where Friga needs to be at lol 😆😆

    Benjamin From The Tribe of JudahBenjamin From The Tribe of Judah3 days ago
  • 14:58 that pass tho from Zach

    MAKEOUTGINIA 5000MAKEOUTGINIA 50003 days ago
  • 12:12 isnt he a hooper frfr 😭

    Will RivasWill Rivas3 days ago
  • Its crazy they don't know who aquille carr is

    Marvin AnciroMarvin Anciro3 days ago
  • “Yeah, I’m different” yes Auqille yes you are

    Kendon FieldsKendon Fields4 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    TyJamarTyJamar4 days ago
  • Def the opposite of the NBA. These guys can't shoot worth S#***.

    Al NeriAl Neri4 days ago
  • Kid with the Afro talking shit but can’t shoot a three to save his life😂

    Noah MarshallNoah Marshall4 days ago
  • Who is this big loud nasty my that showed up3 games in to run his mouth? Lol

    Desmond SolomonDesmond Solomon4 days ago
  • What song name from 1:45-1:55?

    Noah TranNoah Tran4 days ago
  • How you gonna trash talk the one armed gentleman when he's BALLIN on you?

    Jordan GodJordan God4 days ago
  • big dude wasn't even nice he was kissing up talking then kissing up at the end lmao

    Miles OclarinMiles Oclarin4 days ago
  • 8:38 CLEAN!

    ProTool44ProTool444 days ago
  • When the whole squad nice widit including the editor😂😂😂

    Akeem RomanyAkeem Romany4 days ago
  • 18:33 "OoH hElL nAaH oOoOOhHh" 😭😭😭😭🤗

    Caloy CervoCaloy Cervo4 days ago
  • This vid gave my hops 5% boost

    Itz AlexItz Alex4 days ago
  • kid in red shirt played bronny i think

    Jaden HarperJaden Harper4 days ago
  • Man I can’t even play but ball is life

    juneous1990juneous19904 days ago
  • Eyyyyy that D'Friga shoutout baby

    BarontiBaronti4 days ago
  • 98% of basketballers can't fight

    Kyle JarrettKyle Jarrett4 days ago
  • Why all the misses cut out in the last game ..I wanna see who was sellin 🤣👀🤔

  • It was not 6-6, you down 5-7

    Jan ifrisonJan ifrison4 days ago
  • 19:14 can't judge a book by its cover man they can hoop

    Dh TjDh Tj4 days ago
  • “THEY USworldsRS !” All game🤣

  • I was here and the energy was amazing!

    OlajuwonOlajuwon4 days ago
  • Idgaf what any one says no one plays hard defense on cuz with the one arm and I get it cause it’s a lose lose situation. You play toohard and body him or make him go left they’ll say calm down he’s only got one arm or you play soft then they say you got worked. You can’t win.

    Deetr3y ReyesDeetr3y Reyes4 days ago
  • "I wakeup out the bed warm; I don't need to stretch." Cramps: 👀😈

    PuffsPuffs4 days ago
  • Zach with the dance moves 🥶🥶🥶

    2gritty2gritty4 days ago
  • Ay duke I use to work with him at dhl lmao

    Powerstrokin 6.7Powerstrokin 6.75 days ago
  • OK ONYX! 👀👀👍🏼

    SportsHiphopSportsHiphop5 days ago
  • The intro is edited to perfection

    Ro6nsRo6ns5 days ago
  • Ball is bailout hhahahahahahah 😐

    Ross_HendricksPS4Ross_HendricksPS45 days ago
  • 🔥

    Bailey GivenBailey Given5 days ago
  • Dude with the 1 arm I like his style nigga crazy

    Bensaiah GrayBensaiah Gray5 days ago
  • I move big weight I dont hoop

    ethan boagethan boag5 days ago
  • It was on his teammate were all good😂

    Treezy TreezyTreezy Treezy5 days ago

    jemel Chervinjemel Chervin5 days ago
  • There was one guy who looked like pewDiePie when he was skinny 🤔

    Slaptrap398Slaptrap3985 days ago
  • You’re supposed to let dude in the white shirt win... and when he talks shit, act clueless. It kills them inside when nobody argues back. I know reverse psychology al to well. Lol you let him shake you and everything and keep a D Wade face

    Christopher VaughnChristopher Vaughn5 days ago
  • Dude in red tank top is wild .. he runs full speed into people and want a call.

    LM _NYLM _NY5 days ago
  • Was that Bam?

    BigHomieWavezBigHomieWavez5 days ago
  • yooo they at fucking red bug.... iykyk

    11ktrae11ktrae5 days ago
  • Clean

    Kevin MeitzenheimerKevin Meitzenheimer5 days ago
  • Clean block

    VzixysVzixys5 days ago
  • Red bug go crazy with them hoopers don’t get it twisted

    Javier MierJavier Mier5 days ago

    grujgruj5 days ago
  • Skilz

    Kyle YoemansKyle Yoemans5 days ago
  • I was here! No lie. Red Bug Lake Park, Casselberry, FL about a week ago. 3:32 - guy on the sidelines with the white shirt/red shorts holding the basketball. 😂

    Dakari GrayDakari Gray5 days ago
  • Bruh same shit out here in Cali, they broke my ankle by pushing me... so I feel ur pain keep grinding

    Florida 83Florida 835 days ago
  • That 1 hand left ero gave it a like, but this alley oop 6:14 sub love folks